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Weather Forecasts 

victoria and vicinity — Wlndi moitly cast- 
•Mjr and southerly, I'hUfly cloudy with 
■howeni. not much chanisv In loinpKruture 

Liower Mainland — LJght to muderate wind*. 
moatly cloudy with ihowem, not muili 
ohiiit«« In t«mp«ralu>«. 


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BuBlness Office \\ 


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(l£tiTAklJ8ltKD IftSaJ 

VOL. evil., NO. 141 

ViCTORiA, B, C. 

•t- 1 1 r- r» r\ a v / 


» « * \/ 







Sbook X^aaUxiff 8«VMr»l B«oonda Palt at 
Toronto asd Haiiillto& 

Strategical Exercises on An 
Unprecedentedly Large 
Scale to Be Carried Out Next 
Month _ ,,^^___ . ^' 

EftlTiB£ FLEET 0N.„ 


'TJ't- ■'..•■»';. 


Prince Ijm||v^ Ifft^erg Is 
. Selected •to 1^16 Temfror- 
! 1^ Command of Assembled 

TORONTO, May 27. — A distinct 
tremor of the eerth was felt here about 
7.45 this morning and lasted several 
seconds. At the Weston- sanitarium for 
consumptives the shock was felt by 
several of the patients. 

HAMliLTON. Ont.. May 27.— This city 
experienced something of a miniature 
earthquake shortly before 8 o'clock this 
morning, the shock lasting about 20 
seconds. Solid brick housM W«r« shaken 
and dWlML'3VtM.::iCR«gl»<I °«- -iMfM'. 
and IVppr WiMWt'^'' the;^3*iifa.^ 

^'mF^muwb to. tvfisiu* MtA -mmm.. 

tkxati, it«port« «&ow tbit ^ P> 
«M tMSfmUa ewit M Kingirte tt. , 


' xroMU Jbttk»«a 



Unionist Members Propose Ab- 
olition of Lord Lieutenancy 
— Suggested Representa- 
tion of Ulst< 



WINNIPEG, May 27.— Th« 
south side of Socond Avenue, the 
tnislness section of Walnwrlght, 
Alberta, was swept by fire today 
with a loss of $100,000. The town 
hall and Union Bank, the fire 
hall and other buildings were de- 

IS Ai 

summer seoma lOtely to witne** un- 
usual activity i» ^<» fleets of t)te prin- 
cipal powers, it^ «f which will cwrry 

out manoeuv rtg;|M|'-% IfMr ge scale. 

The BritlsiflS&b-'wHn other yeafl^ 
will be placed on a war footing at the 
end of Juntj, and the strategical as 
well as the actual exercises in which it 
will be engaged will be particul^ fea- 
tures of exceptional interest5|j|||^^- 
portancc. • '''-'':■'■ 

The first official indication that the 
British naval manoeuvres thla summer 
are to be on an exceptionally largo 
scale Is to be found In the appoint- 
ment of Vlce-Adrairal Prince Louis of 
Battenberg to the temporary command 
of a fleet during the operations. I'rlnco 
Louis is one of the sea lords of tho 
Admiralty, and the appointment of an 
admiral for sea service while lie is stUl 
serving on the board Is quite without 
precedent. The step has therefore 
caused no small comment, as has the 
appointment of the first lord's naval 
secretary, Rear-Admiral David Beatty. 
to command a cruiser squadron In the 
manoeuvres, and the working of the 
ararngement in practise is eagerly 
awaited. With the exception of Sir 
William May, whose selection as um- 
pire In chief Is also announced. Prince 
Louis will be the senior of the 20 flag 
officers engaged In the manoeuvres. 
Xmatrlnangr War 
The last strategical manoeuvres on 
a large scale in the British navy were 
In 1906, when an Important scheme of 
commerce protection In which the 
mercantile marine was Invited to co- 
oierate was .set by the admiralty for 
elucidation. Its K«neral Idea was that 
war had started between a strong 
naval power and a weaker, but still 
formidable one. and all avallabla ships 
were dlvldp.1 into red and blue fleets, 
to represent these two imaginary 

Frou) the uppolntment of Sir William 
May and Prince Louis of Battenberg, 
It Is reasonable to assume that some- 
thing of a similar kind may again be 
done. Both those officers took a prom- 
inent part in the 1906 operations, Sir 
William May 'In command Of the blue 
battle squadron and Prince Louis in 
command of the principal blue cruiser 
squadron. It was Sir William May who 
caused a sensation by asserting that 
he had held command of the channel 
from Ushant to the North Sea for 56 
hours without moltstatlon, and to have 
made requisitions at Scarborough, 
Brlighton and other coast towns. The 
number of wflrshipp taking pari will 
almost certainly show an increase over 
the record total of 325 which were 
utlllted in- "1906, but the exact number 
will depend upon the supply of men. 
The principal effective warships from 
thfc- reserve can. of course, be manned 
by active service ratings from tho 
training schools, but older vessels re- 
quire a proportion of reservists to com- 
plbte their crewis. 

ST. JOHNS. NfliiL. May H7.— JTlie boftsf, 
of another of the tlitanlc dltraeter vto»- 
tUM. Jamea McGrady. of BaUsnd Inc 
landl, a Sresssiu has heea rtfl«*«t«d mjf.' 
tha vteamer Algertaia, a aealer wbloh t» 
und e r ehart e r h y *lw WMt e St a y Un a . 

Word to th»» effect waa sent bv wira 
less to Cape Bace yesterday, the AJ- 
nerlne at the time belns within 40 
ip^es of that stotlon. lantedtat^ ti^ 

1Sff""BehdIri8r- tht» llttf< 

(, set out on a ten day's cruise to 
search the seas in the vlpinlty 
oZ the scene of the disaster. In l^e 
hope of securlns more bodies.' 

^(^ Off Meas-I 

m\ mm 



JTunps Zato Water to Aasist in Xtasone 
of roar HKen 

ijOgnnfiTi May Wr-Tfttrg ntyg rt' 

msasm^ CaL.,May t7.«-Mls» M. 

. rSt^tlMm' «;^QMte«i4m yMDWiMtK. 

ftwikt n/m'^-^imm XUrtner. «hai tl»«y 
i lfM p m d ?^^My 'flwiit '^ijrijKt b(id jvitic^ 
I6K» tlia «at«r t« mtaxm b<riin« taken 
4p«a tnibi the yi^M Zttdfaa, wbiob 
fmajk tii^« miles irft the shore - 

Juit before the race for the Sweeti 
tro|>by :«as flQlshed.vthe Indian wae 
«»IHiteed. an<|i A. W. oMtVf, of Bolly^ 
irnofti, fial.i fanirt— ctralianii — C — A 

\m Sl'SM 

n. .1.-,,,, 


Muthorizing Change 


5^ in 

Existing Civic Electoral Div- 
isions is Passed by City 
Council— -Factory Area 



Tiotor in Oreat 

Opan Air 

Concert at 

PARIS, May 27.— Tho holiday today 
and the brilliant weather combined to 
make the culminating event of the 
musical festival one of the rhsst im- 
posing open air spectacles ever wlt- 
nesad In Paris. The proceedings opened 
with a choral and instrumental con- 
cert. The president then distributed the 
principal prl«eB, hla own prize of $2000 

(yv<.A*S •— fc»*w .-.•—-.-. — — -■ ..^.. ^^^^m**^ w*ao*a* 

Th« ceremcny concluded with a par- 
ade of all the competing societies. 

Ub«ral by Aodamation 

OA8PE, Que.. May 27. — Nomlnntlons 
for the deferred provincial olpctlon In 
Oaspe county took place today and re- 
aolted In O. Lomleux, Liberal, being 
elected by acclamation. 


J — Britain'* Naval Manopuvreg. Amend- 
manta to Home Rule Bill. Strike May 
B«aotn« 0«n«ral. Provinces and Mar- 
rlasa Imw. 

J — Foraatry Kxpart on Tire Patrol 

I — -y-letorla Qlvan Mora Baacball. 

4 — Editorial. 

t — B««tal and Personal. 

« — Nawa of the City. 

T — Uirht Docket at Sprint Aeetzet. 

(_In Woman's Realm. 

> — SportloK Newa 
10 — Want Decisions From Referres. 
11 — ^Amuseinents. 
IS— S«sl Bstate Advt*. 
It— Real Bstata AdvU. 
14 — Addltloaal Sport. 
11 — Sblpplng News. 
1$ — ClasairiAd Advertliomenta 
IT — Claaalflad Advertlsementa. 
}■ — ■Robinaon and Andre-ars" Adrl. 
l»-^lnaneial Mews. 
t l Miyeneers Advt. 

By the 'passing of the bylaw provid- 
ing for tho abolition of the ward sys- 
tem tho city council last night ac- 
quiesced In the wish of the majority 
of the electors of the city as •express- 
ed by referendum at the lest civic elec- 
tion, and at the next civic election al- 
dermen will be elected by tho votes of 
the people of the city at largo in the 
same manner as the mayor or members 
of the school board are now elected. 
But three members of the board. Alder- 
man Okell, Porter and Cuthbert, voted 
against the motion approving of the 
change. By Its action the council ter- 
n-iinat'cd a system of representation in 
force since the Incorporation of Vic- 
toria as a self-governing community. 

Alderman Stewart. who Introduced 
the bylaw, expressed the opinion- that 
many ratepayers desire the ward sys- 
tem abolished, but personally he believ- 
ed that it would be a serious mistake 
and tihat it would only be a short time 
before a return, to the existing sys- 
tem would be made. Most of the cities 
In the old land and in Canada had the 
ward system, which would Indicate that 
It Is a success. Wiith aldermen elected 
by the city at large it would 
likely result in a majority of 

them being selected from one particular 
section and naturally that particular 
section would be well looked after 
while others would bo neglected. But 
as the majority of the electors wiho 
voted upon the referendum were in 
favor of the change perhaps It would 
be better to let them have an oppor- 
tunity of trying out the new systrim. 
Alderman Beard argued In favor of 
the abolition of the existing system, 
claiming that if the proposed system 
worked well In the case of the mayor 
and sohool trustees it should work 
equally -well In the case of aldermen. 
Alderman Porter believed a change 
would be a mistake, while yVUlerman 
Baker could see good points In both 
systems but he was hardly ready to 
give an opinion until he had further 
considered the matter. 

T9W Pr ecedante 
Mayor Beckwlth personally believed 
that If the wards were abolished it 
would be but a short time before tho 
old 2"steni were again rRVTted to. The 
only city In Canada that he knew of 
which adoprted the system was i-tamil- 
ton, Ont.. and th^ro the ward system 
was returned to. But os the electors 
desired the change there did not ap- 
pear any other course than to meet 
tihelr wishes. 

Alderman Gleason pointed out that 
the present law did not prevent an in- 
dividual living In one ward from repre- 
senting another. Therefore the prvja- 
ost .system waa not strictly one of ward 
representation. Tho existing system of 
local improvements had no bearing 
upon ward representation. The argu- 
mervt had been iiunlc thai tc> abollBh 
wards would affect the Greater Vic- 
toria idea, but he could not see ho-w. 
If addition* to the city were made 
would these be formed into -wards 
necessitating a larger council when tha 
council at present Is too large and a 
smaller body most desirable? The peo- 
ple knew quite well what they were 
doing when they carried the referen- 
dum, quite as well as when they voted 
for the present aldermen. \Tho wishes 
of the people should b« carried out 

"How about that vote of the rate- 
payers for the new police station T" 
queried Alderman Okell, having rtjf^r- 
CoBllBiMd oa rase X, Col. 9 

ready been l«nA0 «o the eler|k, of tbs 
H»u8«' ei'lJlM^i^iiMi' 'MMMMments to"tii*. 

Hom:M»'Mi:M^: m m «i«»iy* 

titHi^. mmim m . ii p i ili ii i >'li.M* i »i|i ! t 'iofA 

It would 'nof'-ts^ the- ^l00^m 'Wmk- 
of them to make the bCR #il'i|pUNW 
the paper on which it Is prlii1|S)fc-'|3Phe 
extreme Radical members on fSs' tiifher 
hand aim at giving the Irish parlia- 
ment more powder and making it more 
democratic, while some of their Non- 
conformist colleagu&s would have Inserted to safe-guard their fel- 
low-religionists of Ulster. 

With the exception of Lawrence 
Glnnell, Nationalist, with independent 
leanings, the Irish members have not 
yet tabled any amendments. Mr. Gin- 
n^H'H iiiTif*ndmf^!il?i would enl&rRe the 
powers of the Irish parliament and like 
those of the radicals, make It more 
democratic. While a month will be 
spent on the committo.e stage of the 
bill, few of tho amendments will re- 
ceive a hearing. The chairman of the 
committee has the power to choose the 
amendments that shall ha considered, 
his decision, however, generally being 
made after consultation with the lead- 
ers of all parties. Were all thf-se al- 
ready handed in discussed It would take 
more than one ses.slon of the parlia- 
ment to dispose of lliem. 

TTnlonlsts' Ajnendments. 

While most of the amenaments pro- 
posed by Unionists aim at destroying 
the bill, there are some that will doubt- 
less receive con-slderatlon as tending to 
Improve the measure. It' Is strange to 
find two Unionist membera, Viscount 
Castlreagh and Lord Claude Hamilton, 
both sons of peers who have been lord 
lieutenants of Ireland, proposing the 

WDsey maA A, i. farkhnrst. of this 
«|t^, iMitlaf M tba QV«w, lumped to 
«ftvf tlistc itvss. 9(((4lltNitoii Jbiia Miss 

'111!^; fi^' amony- tbos#. '#bro«A 
jumped oy^T^oB T t k j_ i« H. 

Extreme Measures are Threat- 
ened if Government Persists 
in the Use of Soldiers and 


Ontario X.artslatlon to Ba of far Xasota- 
ln( Oliaracter 



VrtLUfTlEt^'^ WO'RK 


-.* -v- 

i mn^m 

Vesseljs Bound for Und0n.tHHi 
erted to Other Ports Wmm 
Trouble is Not Yet fn tvl^ 

TORONTO. May 27.— The antl-treat- 
Ing law which will be Introduced by 
the Ontario government at the next 
session will be far-reaching In its ef- 
fect. The liotelkeeper. the bartend tr. 
the man who buys the drink anil the 
man who is given the trtsat will be 
prosecuted under the ncn^' law. The ten- 
tative plans are designed to rfacli every 
person who may commit an ofC^ence un- 
der the law. The bartender will likely 
be fined to the amount of $100 to $200, 
ami the "treater" and "troatf*d" will bo 
with in a slmyar way, . , 
^'^'^'if^jfle. ^ — ^^ 


^, .. 

Patrick Z.0SSS roar of Har Com- 
plement During Sncoc8«H|(|S] 
Xerrlflc Storms j-^OZ- 

. , ■*|M' 

it* a voyats of iil^ 4tty«, durtac wtfleh 
tsrxtflo stoi^m* wiwi'siwoantered. Three 
jtnlnbers of 'tha orsir were swept over- 
board during a yale. and Cb* ehtef «f(t' 
cer died from heart diseasa. 

iMitiiiiE m 

Supreme Court of Can'ada is 
Hearing Appeal to Decide 
Rival Jurisdictions— Solem- 
nization Question Discussed 

suboeedeo in hauling the four struyi^UitS' 

men to safety. The Patricia lost what- 

'«|ar chance she had of Wljifc,: the 

HlGtie by going to the aid of .Wfelplan. 





XX9«P01f. May IT.— *he «ock strtk* 

to tbs ^mfiKi, 9»v*mA ^.^Ot^fSt^ 

,9M999t t«9iphi, ;\ijy-wilpw>i .,««,. »i-,s: -"-■ 


'" '" ' ' '|We of 




Hearing Arouses an Unusua| 
Amount of Interest — Con^" 
tention A4y» 
sel for Quebec 

..{Coroato's Patan , Bftatlffn 

wi mm\ 

Pnllino- ic^ Fiyod fnr Inno 00 . ^^^'^^'"^ ^ 

i •%yiii..Q iw (..•.<-»« :_i wuii- — •- ^^ SHilBUie carm 

First Appeal to the People'' 
Made by Hon, J. K. Fleming 


VliLiUtt UJL 



Ing a secretaryship of state a, cl&iTSe 
that has more often been associated 
with a radical policy. 

Contlnnpd on Page 2, Col. 4 


City Council Approves of Ex- 
penditure of $30,000 to 
Provide Greatly-Needed Ac- 

The order for the dissolution of the 
legislature of New RrunHwlck was 
signed at Sackville. N. B.. on Saturday 
by Lieutenant Governor Woods. Thurs- 
day. -June 20, Was named as polling day. 
with the nomination preceding a week 
earlier. The legislature Just dissolved 
Is the 32nd in the history of tho pr^i- 

The last gsneral election In New 
Brunswick was a memorable one. It 
occurred on March 3, 1908, w^en the 
old administration In power upwards of 
20 years, was defeated and lion. J. D. 
llazen was called upon to form a new 
government. Last October, when Mr. 

A..ij..H\^.. .^v.^.*.^*.. ......... b.- » Wh .a.£L. •!.•.. ^^•^ ^ 

fisheries at Ottawa, Hon. J. K. Flem- 
ing became premier of New Brunswick, 
and now makes his first appeal to the 


terests and warning the government 
that such repreaslve action -will provoke 
extreme measures by the strikers. The 
manifesto was due to the fact that 
throughout the day hundreds! of tons of 
meat were unloadexl by the volunteer 
worker.=i under police protection. 

It is reported that tlie strike com- 
mittee In secret session decided that if 
the government resorted to the employ- 
ment of troops the strikers would re-, 
tullate by stopping the Royal Mall ser- 
vice which ran uninterruptedly through- 
out the iitrlko of 1911. 

The probability of the strike becom- 
s Increased by the belief 
en's strike would bo it par- 
failure and because of the con- 
tinual diversion of London vessels to 
other points. Instructions were sent 
tonight by the transport workers' fed- 
eration to Liverpool, Manchester, Glas- 
gow, Southampton and other ports, 
orde-rlng the men to refuse to handle 
the cargoes of such vessels, no matter 
what sacrifices circumstances may im- 
pose upon them. 

Trafalgar Bq.nare Ueeting 

.\!thouy?h everything is quiet In the 
vicinity of the docks after yester- 
day's big demonstration, when more 
than 15,000 dock workers marched 
through the streets and held a meeting 
in Trafalgar square and after speeches 
by labor leaders adopted resolutions 
pledging themselves not to return to 
work until every grlenvance Is satis- 
factorily adjusted, the police took pre- 
cautions today to Insure tho removal of 
irirHi auii ^n'ov i^'i^jiia ironi Bicarri€r.s 
which had been tied up as a result of 
the strike of the laborers. truckmen 
and transport workers. As It was neces- 
sary to move large quantities of pro- 
Contlnnrd on Pase 8, Col. 6 

sJI^IMJiirro, ilay W.«-^Worlr-'W^ 1*» 

, jaHway viaduct and .T^fim . m^'^^fM^f^^' 

commence lmme<W|*#.i»-'|IWIiw4- 

minion 'l|«|n||y; CommVt0«k^/ f ,1^1^ 
plans of the Orank Truritc Railway, 
both for the station and tho viaduct, 
were approved in their entirety. 

OTTAWA. Ont^ MMfi^ ^?,r-The ivt^ 

vrma oavrt of riiniflt ,vrta'\'^'>f^ii J^" 

.■M>rob.ia«-.-tlta^«W|i||l» between the 

']^tM^^X^lll«>»Mm:>mmB.l and pro- 
«HrtWM|*--'|^Ilaments in respect to mar- 
SQr 4 ©'•clock this afternoon. 

Attend Many Important 
Ceremonies During Coming 
Month — Renovation of Pal- 
ace is Complete 




Early action will be taken by the city 
in regard to the alterations to tho pub- 
lic market building on Cormorant 
street, to provide more adequate quar- 
ters for the police department. The 
ratepayers last year voted |30,000 for 
tills purpose, hut the then mayor vetoed 
the resolutions calling for the expendi- 
ture of the amount voted. The polica 
commissioners recently requested the 
city council to proceed with the -work, 
o^j..^ *beir re^u^st wa?* ft"pr'*v»^ nt nt 
last night's meeting of the council. 

Alderman Gleason, who lauit year op- 
posed tho expenditure, was In favor of 
proceeding -with tho work, but -ho said 
he had been Informed it woald coat 
from 1-10,000 to $45,000, and there 
■would be the loss on the sale of the 
4cbenture>s and the architect's fees, so 
that 130,000 would not be sufficient. 

The mayor pointed out that tlie plans 
would be so drawn that the amount to 
be expended would be kept to the low- 
est possible limit. 

The tentative arrangement arrived at 
between the water comnilssioner and 
tho local officials of t^e Canadian 
Norfhern Pacific Railway, whereby It 
was proposed that the city should pay 
the company |B00O in fulUSettlement of 
the company's claim for damages to 
the amount of 125.000, was roundly 
criticised by Alderman Stewart, who de- 
clared the company's claim to be a 
"hold up." 

The company entered its claim be- 
cause, It alleged. It was forced to 
change Its route along the shore of 
Sooke Lake after the line as first aur- 
vayed had been cleared. The olty ex- 
propriated the land for watershed pur- 
C«atiaM« •■ rage •. OeL 4 

Hose -Wagon Overturns On Fender 
Street While Answering Call 

VANK^OUVBR, May 27.— .\ hr.«e 
wagon from No. 5 fire hall slipped on 
the wet iJlocks and wab capsized to- 
night on Pender street, while on its 
way to a call. Hoseman McPhadden 
wab thrown violently to the ground 
and a Chinaman was struclc. Mc- 
Phadden suffsred from shock while the 
Chinaman had his Jaw cut very bad'y. 
Sfveral stitches being put in at Ihe 
General hospital where both were 
taken. Captain De Graves was thrown 
through tho window of a. store but es- 
caped without injury. 





Findings of Soyal Ooxtunlsslon Appoint- 
ed by Australian aovemment 

Inoz-Jpniicipt/ nf ProcAirt Fa^^iH- 

ties Testified to by Secre- 
tary of Shipping Federation 
Conditions on St. Lawrence 

LONDON, May 27. — Next month a 
very heavy list of ceremonies Is on the 
royal programme. Opening with the 
celebration of the King's birthday on 
June 8rd, no fe-wer than twelve Import- 
ant engagements are Included in the 
list. The King will go to Cardiff to 
lay the foundation stone of the Welsh 
national museum, then to Bristol for 
the opening of the new King Edward 
memorial building, and to Winchester 
for a thanksgiving service for the re- 
storation of the cathedral. 

Among tho sporting events of June 
arc the Epsom and Ascot races, and 
both will be honored by the attendance 
of tiitlr iXaJuStlCs. 

The K'ny pTid OiiP<>n nrn «aM in he 
highly pleased with the work which 
has been so long In progress, but which 
Is now completed at Buckingham Pal- 
ace. This work was begun in the 
reign of King Edward, who was anxi- 
ous to bring the many o<ld-fashloned 
arrangements at the palace tip-to- 
date. Queen Victoria would never con- 
sent to the installation of electric 
lights, and Irwiisted on the retention of 
gas and even candles, but the place is 
now more in keeping with twentieth- 
century Ideas. 

;fa» court rose, the argument in 
Slipl^t of the Lancaster bill had betnt 
nearly completed. Wallace Nesbltt. 
K. C., concluded before tho noon ad- 
journment, and Eugene Lafleur, K. C, 
will conclude tomorrow. 

"The appeal l.s not being heard before 
a full court. The judges are Chief 
Justice Sir Charles I'ltsspatrlck and 
Justices Duff, Davies, Anglln and Wld- 

Justice Brodeur takes the position 
tliat lie ougiU: not to sit on the ques- 
tions in view of the fact that he wa» a 
colleague of Sir Alan Aylesworth when 
the latter, as minister of Justice, de- 
nied the right of the Dominion parlia- 
ment to enact a. marriage law. an opin- 
ion partially shared by Mr. Brodeur 
at the time. The hearing has aroused 
far more Interest than Is usually dis- 
played in the supreme court proceed- 
ings. A number of ladles were in at- 
tendance when the hearing began. 

Objection From Quebso 




T!, S. S«pre««at»tl¥* Coafemiig' 
SomiiUon Antliorltlea 




MELBOURNE, May 27. — The royal 
commission appolnlCTi 10 Inquire into 
the high cost of living reports that it 
finds that the tariffs, the pre.tent price 
of land, the Influence of monopolies 
and labor legislation have conduced to 
the Increased cost of living throughout 
the country. The higher standard of 
comfort demanded by the people has 
also something to do with it. 

£2,500,000 TO CHARITY 

Xing Oeorge'a Approola-tlon of Austral- 
ian Ziady's DonatiOaa 

MiBLBOURNE. May 27. — King George 
has cabled to Mrs. Hall, w'ho recently 
donated half of hpr estate, amounting 
to five millions sterling, to charity, his 
satisfaction and appreciation at so 
munificent a gift for mo worthy a 

MONTREAL, May 27. — How inade- 
quate the dry dock accommodation In 
Capada has become was testified to 
this morning by Thomas Robb, secre- 
tary of the Shipping Federation of 
Canada. Mr. Robb said that 23 steam- 
ers now using the St. Lawrence route 
were too large for the drydocks. He 
had received application for drydock 
facilities from four vessels. The facil- 
ities were not available for the boats, 
.u»...-w tv,«.«* wATA nAA/ltnr rAiThatra. And 
they had to be kept in comml«"lon. 

At the present time tho drydocks at 
Levis and Halifax are filled by govorn- 
nieiit eteameris. 

OTTAWA, May 2?. — John Hedges, 
the new United States representative 
on the International Fisheries Commis- 
sion, was In Ottawa today conferring 
with Professor Prince, the Canadian ex- 
pert, and with the government. Mr. 
Hedges comes with the object of 
smoothing over the difficulties arising 
out of the failure of tho United States 
to agree to the proposed food fishery 

Canada has taken the position that 
the present conditions ought not to con- 
tinue, and has talked of withdrawing 
from the treaty. It is believed that 
Mr. Hedges' mission Is likely to be suc- 

Dr. Mawson At Malbonme 

MELBOURNE, May 27, — ^Dr. Mawson, 
the Australian explorer, has returned 
from his exijedltlon to the sotith polar 

The promised objections from 
Quebec counsel, R, C. Smith, 
against the court dealing with 
question at all, did not prooeed 
far. Mr. Smith began but did„ not get 
the length of questioning the jurisdic- 
tion of the court His contention was 
rather that the court under existing cir- 
cumstances ought not to deal with the 
church at this time. He reserved his 
main argument on this point a* the 
suggestion of the chief justice. The 
reference was Introduced by lB. L. New- 
comb. K. C, deputy minister of Jus- 
tice. He offered no argument. Wallace 
Neabltt, K.C., contended that the Brit- 
ish North America aot giving the prov- 
inces no Jurisdiction except In regard 
to actual solemnization. The argum«nt 
from then on dealt with the history and 
legality of marriage as a civic contract 
and from its religious spirit and upon 
the meaning of "Marriage and solemirt- 

Mr. NesbHfs contention was that 
marriage was a contract apart from 
the "solemnization," th-e latter being in 
the nature of evidence, 

Mr. Lafleur's argument reviewed the 
Charboceau and Herbert cases and 
concluded that th-e Herbert civil con- 
tract was not affected by the religious 
solemnisation, tho legal po^wer of the 
clergy having regard only to the regis- 
tration of civil statutes. 

V, T. F. Helmuth, ICC. and P. B. 
Mlgnault, K.C., will begin the argu- 
ment against the bill tomorrow end 
the hearing may close on Wednesday. 
Kdward tiaylcs, iCC, is watching tho 
proceedings for Attorney-General of 
Ontario, and Mr. Lancaster is present, 
as the author of the marriage bill. 

A Bon's Oholca 
MISSOULA, Mont., May 27. — ^Unwill- 
ing to be a witness against his father, 
who is imder indictment on a charge 
of burglary, Arthur Shcilhorn, 11 years 
of age, shot and killed himself. Just 
before the arrival of a deputy sheriff 
with a subpoena, tho boy locked him- 
self In a bedroom with his brother. 4 
years of age, and shot himself through 
the heed with a revolver. The little 
brother, says Arthur, snapped the re^ 
Tolvor twice before the cartridge ea- 



MELBOURiNE, May 27.— Sir 
Joseph Ward, until quite recent- 
ly Prime .Minister of New Zea- 
land, and who )b at present a 
visitor in the Commonwealth, ad- 
vocates a closer trade relation- 
ship (between the dominions and 
this country. Sir Joseph states 
that Premier Fisher, in a con- 
versation told him that be was 
wllMng to enter Into a fre« trade 
agreemsnt with (New Zealand. 


Oonnoll of Women Disonsses the Bntry 
of Wires of Xindas 

LONDON, Ont. May 27.— During the 
reading of the reports of the local 
councils at this afternoon's session of 
the National Council of Women a rath- 
er interesting discussion relative to the 
admission of the wives of Hlndua to 
Canada took place. Mrs. Whyte assert- 
ed thftt the situation was understood 
by the women of the east A heated 
debatti followed afterward and ths at- 
mosphere was not cleared until Mnt 
Whyte ratraoted her statamsat Tbt 
report read by Mra Whyte was thai «f 
Mrs. MoCauiejr, ▼Ict-presldent o* «»• 
-VancouTer oounoll "And bad iMltlWllMr 
reference to a book by Miss Smitll ui 
Brltlah Columbia entlCMl "Is It jBgtT* 

Isidy Absrdssa, whoa* laCtin- ««• 

l£ to 

sonur days ago. saMsA bar 


Fiftv Years Ago Todaj) 

trtom the Colonist. el Msy >7. H6».) 

Anglo-American Hotel— The Brltlrtt-Amerlcan hotel has reoaatly 
under the above name, with Mr. Pruyn. a well-known caterer frosi 
mine host 

For Bentlnck Arm— The aebeoaer Antelove, with ataie pa a ae ng e w i ma* * 
of freight, sailed last evening (or Bantlnok Arm. 

Some few nontha age there was auita an eaeiumieat eaassd liy etj^ 
of eoppar on this lalasd and at Quean Charlotte, battfrly the 
out. The sprlns trade sad Cariboo have btok S MUi^y 
atteotlOB from farther pru^ooi proaeosnens orsuppsr 
of leads were reported dnrtnflr the wla'^ 
eaeept thre*. They ar* the Queen OkSirl 
Narrows, ahoat «• mUea from this town. *Bt. Of 
eoast. Wo boileve tkat tke eemMW wi» 
some time es a a e d ojbratMaa Tba • 
at preaoat oBgaged m w»9^''""" 

Tho ikaese .-Mr. BtaqtiSL "Itafi^ w«n tba 
"yet." the ki 
made aaest 

Awtval H t^ Og|iMHl*-<fk» m 


»~Mr. Bants* '*ihm^ w« 
iaadi«s» BUK aalauis 
sBsfMn ifena. 

'A .l^NM^lSSSd AWS*^^iftf. ^JVM 
Of tbS luirtlts fssa jBiaWrttaiy <M 
t« Ml|» Mfaf «lis IsMMagMt- 


Mr, Clyde Leavitt, Chief in- 
spector, to Confer With the 
B.C, Authodlifis — Welcomes 
New Department 


TMAsday, May 28, 1912 

Vli^ SELECt ■ "^ 

This large lot> J 26x175 feet, on Oakland Avenue, 
is an especially iDcautifnl homesite, clo«e to Oak 
Bay beach and little over a block from the car. It 
is beautifully treed with oaks. 

- $3,500 

Easy Terms. . 

James Bay, between two car lines, a nice 5-room 

^<^^c. on c<^|^^||»|ot, 60x120 feet. 

Easy Terms. ' If^'-if-r^ 


-(*' -i^ 

An attractive 5-roonT bungalow on Scott Stfefet. 
A splendid buv at 


Small cash payment, balance as rent. 


We are now located ai 
Six doors above ^Merchants" Baig^^j.^ 

Wallace & Clarke 

721 Vatcs -^Mcct . . Phone 471 

"British. Cohimhla Is more Imnifdl- 
atply Ponc(>l-neil with forestry prote<'- 
tlun ttian any of the other provinces 
of the Dominion for tht; simple Hnd 
obvious reason that she has more tim- 
ber than any of the others; and ac- 
cordlngrly 1 nm glad to learn that the 
govcnuKont has seen tit to inaiignrata 
a forestry dei)artnipnt to look after Its 
IntiTost.s In that respect." 

So .said Mr. Clyde L,eavltt, chief fire 
iiiBpeotor for (he Kallway CommlsBion 
and forester for the <''ninmis8ion of 
Conservation, who arrived in the city 
yestrrdnv to.. C9»X«t, ^UA.rtJ^e B. C. 
m^ " n „ nl jBL^^Mitiiei Jh:ifiir«ecedaity 

ttMn |iirt»irtn«ft 'mtu^^Wi^mv-UMm. ■ 

Mr, Z^eavltt t* sjft J^artoan forester 
who was draned Into the aenrlce ot 
Canada at the ba^liuUng (tt this year. 
HiB presence here In the province 
(tytKihroniaeM with ttsb Inauguratton of 
the foireBtryi*l6Kt»wAfc-attd wJ^lle. he^haa- 
no special oonni^lon with It I^e will 
meet with the members of the new 
staff and consider with them the prov- 
fnclftl situation In regard to adeauats 
flr« patrol. Mr. t.eavltt. who is a 
a:o»ng TPftn. li alrfBily a wall hnowft 

dimirlal concprn* it waa decided that 
k bpccKU'd aiea within which such con- 
ceriiK Hhould be permitted to locate 
Mliould be fixed. The unra« as adopted 
b>- the council last ovciilng; are: Jami-s 
Hay, west of O.sWi-go strei-l; the Miea 
fronllns i»ii Rotk Bay and Selkirk Wa- 
ter. wpKt of Koi-k Bay nv<:nu<- and 120 
feet west of GorRe road to Dunodla 
Kirf...t; <h- .j-ea within the boundaries 
commenilng: at tliu corner of Douglas 
stroot and Market Bireel thence norld- 
flrly alonK JJouglaa street to Tolmle 
avenue. thence alone Tolnile avenue 
eatterly to 310 feel east of the V. & S. 
railway track, thence aoiulierly alonn 
a line 2^0 feel from, and running 
parallel to the railway trjiok to Market 
street, thence westerly alonK .Market 
street to Douglas street; all that por- 
tion of Victoria West lying to the 
.Houth of a line drawn from llio Indlun 
reserve along the centre of Wilson 
street to a point 240 feet eti»i of the 
railway track, thence foUowinR a lino 
240 feet north of the said track to the 
city limits. 

The penalty for locating any factory 
outside of the alx)ve areas la fixed at 
a maximum of $100 and for using any 
existing nremlKOH ontxlde -the^ l!mlt« 
srt ."t. n, ,"i X 1 ni u m line of $50 per day is 
fi" I I'vlslln:; factories without the 
limits, ao long as used for the purpose 
ftt i.>r*senl uaed. shttU be-permittea to 


Tha' amendment to the Hired Vehiclea 
Bylaw was allowed to stand over, 'as 
tb» health and morals commi-ttes Is 
now eonsUlsnnK a scale of eharres to 

> be enforced for such vehicles. The by- 
lair will he eotiatdered at tits nest 
■sssloa of j<tli« oonnoli. - 

- To Make Sparkiing Drinks in Your Own n'ome 

Soda, Fotaah, Iiithia. Seltzer "Water or Any Other SpaT-kllng Drink B7 

the Use of a 


Voii not onl\- save T.") Per cent, of the ordinary cost, but are always 'snr, 
of a pure, fresh drink. DeUclous sparkling drinks can also bo made in 
the Oasogene with I^emon and Lime .Juices. .SIMPL«E, QUICK A.VD 
I.XKXPENSIVE. Call in and let us explain. 

Campbell's Prescription Store 

corner Fort and Douglas Streets 

We Publishe 
A List 

Of some of tlic great public 
funclions whieli have taken 
place recently, showing you, 
without exception, how^ 

G. H. Mumm & Co/s 

Were the choice of Kings and 
Connoisseurs, the one Cham- 
pagne that reigns supreme at 
every important l)an(juet. 
Thus "Ml'MM'S" the word al- 
w^ays when you require the best 
in Champagne. When ordering 
for home use or at your hotel, 
be careful and specify MUMM'S 
and accept no substitute. 


Wholesale Agents for B. C. 
Victoria Vancouver Nelson, B.C. 



forestry expert on both side* of tfc* 
line, and what he has to say on the 
eu'hject so far as it affects Srltish Co- 
lurabla should bel tiwttt with tnte|«lit>. 
In oonvor a atft i o wli li a Cotontrt r» " t 

prelNttt«»«y« tall' iiiibtt ^:tiii •tM ■miprm:, 
hot^f Mr; L-eavltt etat*i::'|Wrt;-'te.':i«fa^; 
to forestry the whole ailjitl&ft f*«lved 
itself round fire proteetldni •'tr there 
is no fire protection," hte said, "there 
nood be nothing else, for without it 
there will speedily be nothing else. 
iMircst consapvatlon without fire pro- 
tection is impossible, and It Is because 
the govei-nment of British Columbia 
recognizes that important truth that 
1 am here. I am the chief fire In- 
spector under the Railway Commission 
and my business is to enquire from 
voii' L' •rnment "hat protection is ii and to enforce it, as under 

the recent railway act the various 
conipaSles operating in this province 
• elsewhere must comi'l> ^^itli the 
: vgulalions specified. 

•'The new la\v, together with my 
presence hercj: signifies, that there has 
not been enough protection in the past, 
and with that I quit- i < e 

not yet seen the timhe; •. •■ '', 

but I -am told that they are the best 
in the world, !,^nd my eJiperlence teaches 
me that If that estimate Is any wlxiere 
near the truth they reriulre protection, 
for it is generally admUte<i tiiat timber 
is one Of the •b<?st n«''"'f!= •■*">' cnnntry 
Clin have. It Is the business of the 
country, not merely to \preserve it in 
the ordinary hut to protect it as 
Well. I am here to piotcct it. And 
while I am here I may say that B. C. 
which 1.S now the most important tlm- 
.ber-growlng province in the dominion, 
was, t-esponsible for the regulationti 
which govern tlie protection of forests 
throughout the country. In the yenr 
1909 Britlsii Columbia made an appli- 
cation to the severnment for flro pre- 
lection from the railway services, and 
while the matter has been under dis- 
cussion from time to time, it was only 
last year that action was taken in the 
form of . leglalHtlorn." 

Mr. Leavitt is a graduate of the Uni- 
versity of AT'"!;„'an. taking: his B. A. 
degree in shortly tlioreafler he 

entered the service of the V. S. jrov- 
ernnient In "the forestry department, 
.serving In varlou.s capacltlfs until 
year when he received an appointment 
under 'the Dominion government. He 
has served both In the department and 
in the field, and conscfiilently his ex- 
iiorlence Is wide and comprehensive. 
Hi; la a close lituueUl of his work and 
while he has never been in the province 
hcforo he is confident that his consul- 
tations with the grovernment officials 
win re-sult In the more adequate pro- 
tection of the forests of BritLsh Co- 



Continued Krom Tnite 1 

cncc to Alderman Gleason's objections 
ti the expenditure of the $30,000 voted 
iRst year to remodel the market build- 
ing for police purposes. But Alderman 
Gleason did not deign to reply. 

The bylaw termed the ".Vholltton of 
Wards Bylaw, 1912" was then jiut 
through ItB various stages. It pro- 
vided that the new measure will he 
brought into^ rtTfri at the next civic 
election and for cerraln changes In the 
form of ballots to be used. The neces- 
sary legislation permitting the council 
tf? pass the bylav.- wan :;ccurr,-l at thr 
last -session of the provincial IcKii^Ia- 

Xiarg-e F6iialtl«B 

An amendment to tlu- I'lre Prevention 
Bylaw, provldinfi for the Increase Jn 
the penalty for turning in false alarms, 
was made. The present bylaw calls 
for a fllne of not more than |50, but 
as amended this Is raised to $100 as 
a minimum and $200 as a maximum, 
and In default of payment to a prison 
term of three months. 

The Ijiquor License Regulation Bylaw 
was also amended, fixing the number of 
rooms in hotels at a minimum of 
thirty. The existing bylaw called for 
forty rooms, but an the provincial .sta- 
tute requires but thirty as a minimum 
the bylaw was amended to comply with 
the Act. 

Another important measure ptit 
through Its various stages was that 
defining the area wlthhi which factorl*?« 
may hereafter be located. The bylaw 
waa introduced to put an end to the 
objections which are repeatedly being 
made by retiidenls of so-called residen- 
tial sections against the location there* 
In of Industrial concerns of a manu- 
facturing character. With the growtlv 
of the city and the Influx ot new A- 


"!****. *Hp*' ?' 

poses, snd. had th<i company's lins been 
todaied virhere first surveyed. It would 
have been floodM whfo the Spoke Ifaks 
developuteni aohams |» pimpHmUA. tit* 
sity h a s s p ot fAief aipafnat t ho cs m p afay 

''1Bfl*'^mii^. of approximately fll^t<N^ 
leaviair' aotrie HGOOO difterence, bn^ the 
company consented to accept $5000, pro- 
vided the officials In the east agreed. 

..^.ci^r..;*,...:- .Wonia right Clalm '. ,-:..,.i,,,... 

^- jj'|li||tpan Stewart pointed to nnjf|j|^ 
ill "the fcompany's cliilm, that of |200d 
for moving Mr. Molony's'^house. He 
declared it would have been cheaper to 
have burned the liouse down and erect- 
ed two or three of similar design and 
character. The c-lty was first on the 
land where the company later located 
its first line, and the company could 
tiicrefore put in no claim. Personally, 
he would fight the case through to the 
privy coyncjl, ; 

The inatter was referred to the 
special committee composed of Alder- 
men Stewart. Okell and Porter, to act 
with the city solicitor and water com- 
missioner and report back. 

The suggestion of the finance com- 
mittee that an honorarium of $500 be 
granted to ilr. An^us Srnlth, retiring 
city engineer, who is severing his two 
years' service with the city, was, after 
a somewhat acrimonious debate, defeat- 
ed by a vote of six to five. The sum of 
?lu0 was passed as a grant towards 
the expenses of the trip of the Vic- 
toria Football club to Winnipeg and 
$3.i0 towards the expenses of jthe two 
Victoria candidates to the Olympic 
elimination trials at Montreal. The 
salary of the purchasing agent. Mr. 
Wm. Gait, was fixed at $150 per month. 



rnnttniied From rage 1 

Want ITlater Excluded 

Several members wouM lia\e the bill 
submitted to the people of the United 
Kingdom before being ratified or post- 
poned for four years or until the gov- 
ernment had carried out the promised 
reconstruction of the house of lords. A 
sly slap is taken at T. P. O'Connor by 
the suggestion of one member that the 
Scotland division of Liverpool, wlilcli 
Is represented in the house of commons 
by Mr. O'Connor, and the electors of 
wlilcli come from across the chanijcl, 
should, for the purposes of the bill, be 
considered a part of ireland. Others, 
again, would have Ulster excluded from 
the bill, and some would propose thai 
• it shall ai*iily to tiUgland, Wales and 
Scotland as well as Ireland, thus bring- 
ing about that federal home rule which 
was for a few days the policy of some 
Conservatives in 1010. 

The second clause of the bill which 
defines the legislative powers of the 
Irish parliament with imiiortant limita- 
tions, Is attacked from all sides. If all 
the amendments to' this clause were 
carried, the Irish parliament would 
have nothing to do, for enough Union- 
ist amendments have been tablet! \'< 
take cvcrythinjc out of Us hands. 

Sir John Barron would give Ulster N 
members in the Senate and all the rest 
of Ireland 26. The list at present clpscs 
with two amendments by Mr. (51nnell, 
in one of which he would have the bill 
declared a "money bill," the only kind 
of a bill that the Lords, under the par- 
llnmen't act, have not the power to de- 
lay or interfere witli 'n any manner. 
The speaker alone !ins the power to so 
de.-lare a bill, so there Is not niucli 
iliani'e of the sitjrgestlon bolnsf adopted. 


Three Men from Terminal City Are 

Winner* of Canadian Boxing 


TORONTO, May 27.— .\ succession of 
excellent bouts marked tlie semi-finals 
and the finals of the I'anadlan bo.xing 
champions decided tonight. The Out- 
side men showed up well. Oil Ma'rtln. 
Frank ISarrieau :int! Cliarlea Patton. of 
Vancouver, took the 158 pounds. 1 45 
poundii and I2r> pounds finals respect- 
ively, but Martin was beaten by Jfanna^ 
of Toronto, In the helghwolght cla^is. 
Beverldge, of Montreal, got Into the 
finals, but was beaten by Patton. The 
Iffli", 115 and 1S5 pound finals went to 

Toronto men. 

e ^ 

Oranff* Xiodr* Xeetlnf 

KRKDERICTON. N. B.. May 27.— 
Delegate** from all over Canada arrived 
today for the annual meeting of the 
Sovereign Grand Orange !..fKlge of Brlt- 
lah North America and affUlatnd bodies 
this week. Upwards of SOO delagates 
are akpected. 


FIT* Beata Were Coataated Tastarday 

and Slftaa aoTammaat Ba t al n ad 

at Xiaaat roar of Tham 

Kl>MONTON, Alta,, May 27.— Tho 
electors in five provincial constituencies 
were called upon today to vote In by- 
elections. All were for seats held by 
Liberal members, four of the vacancita 
being caused by appolntmenls to cab- 
inet positiuns and the other by the 
ictdgnatloii of Mr. .1. W. Woolf, who 
leaves Cardston to return to the Unltei.l 

The chief interest centred about the 
re-election of lion. C. W. Cro«s, who 
iiuH been taken Into the Slfton govern- 
ment as attorney-general, the portfolio 
which he originally held in the Ruther- 
ford government from the Incorporation 
of the province. His re-entry Into tho 
cabinet to servo under lion. A. L. Sifvon, 
l.s looked upon as a final patching up 
of the difficulties wliicu have exiBte<J 
between two sections of the Liberal 
paity ever since former I'remler Ruth- 
erford resigned office over the Alberta 
and Great, Waterways railway matter. 
Mr. Croas has been the clty'a rQproBcn- 
tailve In tho legislature since 190b, 
holding hlB seat despite the influ-n. . 
of Hon. Frank. OUvor. an.) lodaj •.• 
was re-elected by a mstoiity of over 
flv^'-hUhdred. ^ ' 

Hon. J. R. Bolrli^ .-la Sturgeon. Hon. 
Cftarles Stewart, ji» 8ed«awick. andl the 
^v«mm«nt pA»Mi^i» in t:an|ipSB, "sy« 
reported lat« tonight to be Isadliia and 
ti^V wm. pnbMr be elected. 

Hon. M. :^cKenzie. In Clavesholw, Is 
ttadsrstood to be leading, but by a' very 
sUiOtt malority, and ht« personal ua- 
poiwtMFlty la IfktHy (o lesd to his d*. 
ft*t, ^ . ■ ■ * . 



la &os AavrtM^tposM 


LOB Ait«ma», 4kay tyvyTli«i '^: 
•nwB. ttlCTWr,- tMe xrt»«««© 4?tf#ney 

now on trial, accused of having con- 
nived at the bribery of George K. 
Lockwood when the latter was a juror 
In the McNamara case, -was w^alking to- 
ward Bert H. Kranklin when the latter 
was arrested for bribery, was the as- 
sertion made today on the witness 
stand by Lockwood, the star witness 
lor the prosecution. Franklin was ar- 
rested a few minutes after he had given 
to Lockwood. the first Installmf-nt of 
the payment for hl« vote in the trial 
of J. B. McNamara. 

The day in court was one of excite- 
ment from the time of convening un- 
til adjournment. Sensational clashes 
between attorneys, the exchange of 
charges of attempting to influence the 
jury an important ruling for the prose- 
cution on the admiasabllity of evidence 
lObjfected to by the defense, and the 
i;eappearance of Lockwood on the 
stand for the resumption of his story 
of the alleged trapping of Bert Frank- 
lin, kept the atmosphere of the court 
room at fever heat throughout the three 
hour session. The exciting events of 
the day also Included a repudiation by 
District-Attorney Frederick, Detective 
Roliert J. Foster and the Xational 
Krectors Association which employs the 
latter, as participants in the prosecu- 
tion of the Darrow case. 


Slraet Znporters of XarUah Ooods 

A '20th Century 

For The Man 
Or Young Man 

Tliere i.s an air oi individu- 
ality abotit our , establish- 
ment which strongly appeaJs 
to men and young men who 
like to choose their clothes 

HertiftJl on "one' flo'o'f, Tree" 
from 'suggestions of hurry 
and bu.«itle, may be tMmmi 
at moderate prices^ the most 
exclusive apparel |pr m^ 
and yoVi$g ii^^tt. T ' 

<n» ^ f\ 

Oovemment Grant to Help In the Fur- 
chase of TTuiforma 

I'ETERBORO, Ont, May 27.— Hon. 
Sam fiugnes. minister of militia, ad- 
dressing the collegiate Institute cadets, 
announced tluit the government had de- 
cided to make a grant of one dollar per 
year to each cadet In Canada to assist 
in getting uniforms. 

Election Blots In Peru 
LIMA, Peru. May 27.— Further dis- 
turbances occurred here today in con- 
ne<-,tlon with tlie presidential elections 
which yesterday, was declared ended by 
the government. Attempts were mail.! 
by adherents of Senor Aspillaga ti 
place voting tables In some of the 
squares, but soldiers charged with 
drawn .swords and dispersed the crowds. 
.Sevtral persons were killed or wounded. 

Ur. Burrell Cdmluf West 

OTTAWA, .May 27. — Hon. Martin 
i:?urrell and Mrs. Burrell will spend a 
«hort time in Quebec before leaving for 
the maritime provinces, and expect to 
fr'pond at their own home In 
British Coluriibla, 

Walters on Strike 

NEW YORK, Mny 27. — Upon the pre- 
arranged algnnl of a shrill wUstle 
more than two hundrtd waiter.«i walked 
out of the restaurants and grill rooms 
at tbn Hotel r<nlekerbor'k''r tonight 
durinig the dinner hour. The strike is 
one of the largest of q few spasmodic 
onfeB for blglier wase.s and better work- 
ing conditions. 



f:oisS!aard Frotn Faxr- I 

visions to replenish the Bui>ply. detach- 
ments of police reserves were sent to_ 
tlie landing wharves. 

By the adoption of nian>- ruses, rc- 
trtller.s obtained supolies. .soiyie of Ibetn 
conveying the meat and vtU-etablos in 
eabs from the docks to theirXsliops. 

The officials of the transport workers" 
orgonlzation have not gone beyond the 
"peaceful picketing" allflwed by law in 
their endeavors to bring out every man 
employed In transport work. The men 
are responding generally to the appeals 
of their -striking comrades It join them. 

aonie of the sr>eakpr8 at yesterday's 
drrntiiistrntron hintrd at the probability 
of o national strike because of vessels 
being diverted from the Thames to 
other points, and Harry Ctoellng. lender 
of th«. men, announced that the elec- 
tricians of London were considering the 
advisability of Joining the strike. 
Xeia Up by Btrike 

MONTRKAL. May 27.— A cshle mes- 
sage to the Allan line offices today 
staled it was doubtful if the steamer 
Ionian would sail from I^ndon • for 
Montreal this week In consequence of 
tht London dockers' strike. Her paaa- 
engers win probably l»*ve from Llver^ 
pool, on May 30 by the stesmsr Cor- 
Btcan of the «s«)ie Ha«^ 

W.* J. Wilson 

The Uon'e Clothing Centra 


and TrouBAA Xveuna 


Broadwalks are the best tu ue luiu for children, for ihcy 
possess those qualities so much desired, such as comfort, style 
and service. We have them in Black or Tan Russia Calf and 
Smoked Horse Boots, Smoked IJorse or Tan Calf Barefoot 
Sandals. Tan Russia or Smoked Hors-e Angle-strap Pumps, 
and all st3'les have that Goodyear welted-^sole which inakes 
them verv flexible. 

Bring- the kiddies in and we will fit their feet, arm^case 
the boys with a kite and the girls witli a blow ball. 

Mail Orders Promptly Filled 


Sole Agents Broadwalk Sk.ufrerS for Children 

Hanan ft Sow. N. T. Wlchert & Gardiner. X. T. 

JPemberton Bnlldlng, 631 Tort Street 

We Have The Coal, Also The Delivery 



018 "^'alcs ."Street and Itsqnimalt Road. 

Phones 212-139. 

We Offer For a 
Few Days 

Just out.side lA mile circle — northeast corner 

120x120 feet, with T2-room modern house, for 




820 Fort Btrcet 



Water Front Pro|iiei*ty 

For Sale By Tendeir 


Tenders are invited by the undersigned U]> to and iltclttd' 
ing the 28th day of May ihst. for the purchase of LqI i^Blocle 
"L' Harbour Estate, formerly known aS theCIyd* Slll^lii^ 
with a water frontag^c on Victoria Harbor and ft^lrfi^ii^ fi^p^^ 
ileges appurtenant thereto. 

Tenders must be for net cash. 

The higliest or any tender not necas^rily accepted. 

Dated this 2i»t day of May 191a* '' * 


■ M 

Of uia Langley Stt^^U XTiotprti^ B. C 
SoUdtoi^ for (1* Titi»l««i 

iini n lYffl 

Tuvkday, M«y 28, 19i. 


That Woman 

Is to be pitied who has no Electric Iron, and is compelled to 
do her ironing- the old-fashiuned way — over a hot, cranky 
stove. But, happily, there are few women in X'ictoria in lhi> 
sad plight today, judging by the way in which the splendid 
irons we handle are selling. 

B.C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd 

Light and Power Dept. 

Phone 1609 

Your Straw Hfl 

.iS.^l€an be made lil<*^f|(|part<?>v i"iii"tcs by^ihcw^o^©^ 

::' .■It is quickly .^ppliei|^Wpl»^,;J^trf^^ cieanscs, 

arid will not rough the Ipi^W. v'^. 

PBK5E iM^if ?1R PACKEtli 

' U . iil f ) ;»w— <»<l»«W*Wf»i''— f 


PhnnftB 485 WA ^ 1228 Government Street. 

Tacoma's Franchise in North- 
western League Will Be 
Awarded Highest Bidder — 
Two Games Here Tomorrow 


The Atlas Co. ate now making- a pure wiiiie Ccmi'nt. Equal in 
strength to the gray. Just the thing for outside finish- Wd also tCarry 
the Monterey White Sand. Ask for prices. ' 

Struck At Last 

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May 15, 19ia. 
Mr. ntzpatrick, 

I am wrlt.'.nsr a fe-w lin«» to 
you In reffard to your Herb 
Asthiurt Cure. Well, I mu»t say 
that I have trlert all sorts of 
madloine for pnoiunoula and for 
bronchial trovibleo with but very 
little benefit until I took your 
cure, which I am thankful to say 
has Quite cured nie and I will 
irlaflly recommentl U to all suf- 
fering- -with the same. 

Sincerely yours, 


Old Esquimalt Boad. 

1335 Sunnyalde Ave. 
Victoria West, 

"Victoria, B. C. 
Teb. 9, 1912. 
J. r. Pltlspatrick, 

■Victoria., B. O. 
Dear Sir: — RcRardlnK your 
Asthma cure I have taken 6 bot- 
tles and pleftsed to inform you 
that the remedy has done me 
rood. I shall feci most happy 
to reoommend -tie medicine to 
any sufferer that I may hear of 
or come in contact with. Wlshlnar 
you every success and wish that 
many may reap the benefit of 
your wonderful discovery. Tours 
very truly and well wisher. 

K. 8. STEFHEirS. 

Just the Thing for Camping 


Latest Improved Model 

Victrola HORNLESS 


Look for 



In order to be sure of the most complete stock, go opposite 
the post office, 809 Government Street. 

Hicks & Lovick Piano Co., Ltd. 


Now is the time to have a full .-supply "f "^'•'" before your birds 
makes hard shell on the esK and builds up the bird. Per 100 lbs flJS 

Tiitoiua b baseball club is no more. 

A I a inuellng ut the North wostcrn 
leuguo directors at Seattle yesterday it 
was decided to offer the franchise to 
the lilghest bidder, which means that 
IL will go to one o( several smaller 
Washington cities whch are eager to 
get baseball. 

More ball for Victoria this season, 
in fact just about twice as much as 
was allowed by the original schedule, 
l.s the direct ettect of this aecifeiun on 
Lhc local situation. Jfot only will Hi'- | 
gi\e the fans yfJBg^iJ^y have 1)6^» 
imnting for, ba(j^WP#in rclieV)i!fc-"|W| 
'B«es of the tremeri'aamlMi^a^ci!^^ '^'M^'^ 
wWch they have be#*'1|iiklili|. ji .^ 

rMi tbpB far. for M M^ idek Ifc mm 

.p«|i««lKtage of lU 4M9M <» 1>» V^M^ 
»AA tft (n»lB«idil $, ti^nf >l«ce Is a 
mai wbtete ^ itux '«3t^ e)>^ sot re«t' 
aonably be «]tp»oted to accdseq^jl. 

Oi^ of tlM anrt resttlUi It «M •&> 
tieiui««i»«»t, r«oc^«a iiqr wire from 
^AOMwr- U Aj. ' Wattelet la«t atght; 
tlMt tonaorrpw^ Portland-Victoria 
i came wlS start «t the usual time, 
naimetjr. A p> m. He adds that there 
will he a do'ublehteaer here o» TbuiK- 
a »yi Jae i wh a t airtrangewi i nt ft Afl bo 
made for theee la«t«>r iatoM eouW not 
be leiarned at ttoa tlnifF of wrttiat but 
tan pafiMiiim, wttisb* av#|iaMe on 
^r, Wattolara ifHvaj mm: Seattle 

lit^SilM^l^llP^i^iNgdaler; Seattle's 
iiianagcsr. stated that he was satisileil 
with the outcome of the dlrectovlgi, 
meeting and with the decision regard- 
ing the Tacoma situation. He said 
that there -vv-ould be no diiflculty in 
.satisfactorily disposing ot the fi^n- 
chlsc for there were more than one 
bona fide application from centres 
where the game would be given the 
.support necessary to keep it going. 
One of these was from Ballard, just 
outside Seattle. The Ballardites are 
enthusiastic boosters of their own 
particular part of the community and 
may be depended upon to accord their 
nine, it they are Rivt-n a place in tii-- 
Northwestern league, whole-heart^H 
.support In Its competition with other 
city's representatives for the coveted 
rag. ■■ - . 

.That Victorians arc only getting that 
to which the showing of their team 
and the loyalty of its fans entitles them 
Is -Mr. Dugdale's opinion. He is glad 
to see last year's tallenders going so 
wejl and declares that all the direc- 
tors are feeling in high spirits over 
the closeness of the race up to the 
present. Diigdale thinks that the 
Xorthwestera league. If the competi- 
tors maintain the pace they have set, 
is going to be the most exciting on 
the American continent. 

In Prealdent'i Hands 

TACOM.\, AVash., May 27.~Tacoma 
wa.s dropped fr^m the Northwestern 
league today at a meeting of the 
league directors here. The chib will j 
be taken over by the league, the b:uk | 
salaries of players paid by It.! i! ; 
will llniah out its games, those sched- 
uled for the home, grounds being shift- 
ed to Seattle. 

Fielder Jones, president of the 
le.igue, was empowered to dispose of 
the club to some other city, and th^- 
team -wlU be -taken as the Tacoma 
team until suCh time. A. Rothermel, 
owner of the club, has been In financial 
diflicultles practically since th^ season 

The league offered to return the 
$1,000 forfeit money and to assume all 
past debts in return for transfermont 
of the franchise to other Tacoma men. 
Rolhcrnial insisted on $1,500 for his 
pcr.sonal interest In the club and this 
the league refused to consider. vVs th.- 
ruifeit agreement protected the owner 
in his territory for one year, the dl- 
rcotor.s says the league cannot now 
turn the club over to other local men 
unless they will guarantee it again?; 
the e.xpenses of any legal action that 
might be brought by Roihermei inidir 
the forfeiture agreement. 

The club was turned over to Rother- 
mel by its former owner, George 
Shreeder. without money con.'tidera- 
lloii, Shreeder, who had already i>iit 
up the forfeit, being anxious to tran.s- 
fer it to anyone who would carry 11 
through the season. In addition to 
the forfeit money, Shreeder al.«o ad- 
\ancpd the money on which a numbc! 
of players were purchased. , 

bTseball games 

Revieed Schedule of I.ooal Intermediate 

X>eaffue — Withdrawal of Y.M.C.A. 

Makes CUanr*s Necessary 


Every day now we 
arc .^luiwJM^^i^ftethinpr 
new in JH^l-'^^^uiu-. 
Novel clSfeJlfe; ll^^d^l 
patterns, thjtt ^pptt\ to 
the man >s^;is not sat- 
isfied wfdi.^ ordinary, 

I Angus C ampbell & Co., Ltd, 1008-10 Gooernm^t Street 

Beautiful Scarfs 

Regular Up to $16.50 
Special Tomorrow . . . 



Yates St.. at Broad 





Geary Street, above Union Square 
European Plan $1.60 a day up 
American Plan $3.00 a day up 
New steel and brick structur.-^. 
Every comfort and convenience. 
A high class hotel at very moderate 
rates. In the center of theatre and 
retail district. On carAines trans- 
f erring to al 1 parts of ci4y. Electric 
omnibus meets ail trains and 


Uiu!oul)le(lly tliis is iln- lii.i^ge^i Scarf Harg-ain we 
liavi- ever offered. Lovely thinj^s in Silk. Net and Crepe 
(le Chcnei Some arc triumied witli llic new fashionable 
silk fringes, others with prcu.v- Paisley borders. Colors 
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fanc\' shades. 

The Loveliest of 



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Exposition of 

afternoon and scmt-eveaiiw Dresses (<Mh^^xner N\oar 
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and i>«e<mrif^ styles. You'd har41y think tK^p|j|^i7 5° 
we have some ^weet little dresse^ for I!k|iss<^i^^yi^4|: 
$19.00 foulard dresses for ladies, but we W-** Thi!^ri^*vr 
shot taffetas of conrse are here. 




The best Oak or Mahogany, $12 per foot 

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691 Dufferln St., ▼ancouver, B. C. 

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You Can Keep 
Your Skin 

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Hairs Curina Cream 

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;..•■ .line such > ' ' " ^' 

with ladles fur it is .-^o lueasms 
to use end so dcllgrhtfully . hrai- 
ing. Free from grease or in- 
jurious materials, -^t• this store 
only. Prict. r,0o ui.l ;;5c pur 

20c and 2Sc specials in 

Ladies' Summer Un- 

Hall's Drug Store 

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Nelson's French 

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SoU everrwhero. 

In boxes, 25c. 


Dealer In 

Coal and General Teaming 

Orders prornptiy attended to. 
Old Eedxnmait Boaa_ Phonee". P8993 

The Victoria 

Book& Stationery 

Co., Ltd, 

1004 Government Street 

Rest place in H. C. for new 



t^onw 413. 

709 TatM Btrcet 

*. .-.scond revision of i.h'' inuTmtilittt,' 
city bttppball leagnn lia.s been necessary of the wllliflrawal or the V. At. 
('. .\. The new schedule follows: 
May SI — CapltalH vs. A. B. C. 
June .1— Beacon Hill v.s. A. B. C*. 
June &— Capital.*! vs. Beacon Hill. 
,-)uno 7— A. B. C. vs. Capitals. 
June 10 — A. H. C v3..Bpaco[i Hill. 
June 12 — Beaoon Hill vs. Capltal.H. 
.liuic 14 — r'apltals vs. .\. B. C. 
,lyne 17— Beacon Hill v.-<. A. B. C. 
.Tune 19— -Capitals vs. Beacon Mill, 
.lune 21— A. B. C. vs. Capitals, 
.lune i'i—.K. B. C. v«. Beacon Hill. 

June 26 Beacon IIIM vs. Capitals. 

•Jiinc l'8— Capitals v.a. A. B. C. 
j,ily 3 — Beacon Hill vs. A. B. <\ 
j,,]y 5 — (;npitals vs. B<«ii.-un Hill. 
July g_A. B. C. vs. Caplt.ll.'!. 
.July 10 — A. B. C. vs. Beacon HIH. 
ju,y ii—Beacon HIU vs. Capitals, 
.luly 15 — Capitals vs. 
July 1>— Capitals V8. 
July 1:2- .\. "Bi -C. vs. 
July 24— A. B.' C. VS. 
.luly 28 — Beacon HIU 
July 2» — Capitals vs. A. B. C. 
July 31-i-Beacon Hill vs A. B. C. 
j^ug 2 — Capitals vs. Beacon HIU. 
Aug. f. — A. B. C. VF. CapltiilK. 

Note — Oi'-me Is on grounds of team 
f'rst urtnlloned. 

A. B. C. 
Beacon Hill. 

Beacon Hills. 

vs. Capitals. 



Located in c|uict waters, just otT the nxite of steamer travel in 
the (luir of Georgia, twenlv minutes l)y launch from Sidney. En- 
tire island subdivided int()'4l generous lots, almost all of which 
have waterfrontage. Reasonable building restrictions imposed 
to insure desirable character of homes. Well equipped hotel 
just ncaring completion, will be opened for guests about mid- 
lulv This hotel will be oj)erated on the lines of a large country 
house with the freedom of a hotel and will provide a i)leasant 
meetinn- place for residents and visitors. Store, ranch, dairy 
and poriltry farm will supply necessities for residents and lor 
hotel Climate almost perfect; telephone connections with 
main svstem; mail service twice daily. This propertij is being 
taken iip rapidhj and those Interested are advised to act at once. 
Prim, run frnm ^1.500 ujK Dctaits on application at \ictoria, 
Vancoiwer or Sidneij offices of the agents. 

Western Dominion Land and Investment Co. 


Phone 2470— P^ort and Broad Streets. 
With which is incorporated Bevan, Gore & Eliot 
(Branch Office at Sidney) 


■i m i M iOW 


I ucaway, mny iM, \^i*. 

'Wit J9atlB ( gjalxrnigi> 

Th* Coii>iii»t Prlntlnr *n<l Publ!lhin« 

Company, I.imlted Lmhllity. 

1I11-U15 Uioad Street. Vlclorla. B. C. 



Ijfiiivrr'd uy i.irf!*r »«• JO CCBU per month 
(' paid In advanuo; «0 cent* per month If 
. *i^ z't—i" '::r T^th f^f aarh month. M&iled 
loBtpaiU," to any put of Canada, except 
111:; clly or'' »uburban dUtrtcla, which are 
luvercj by uur carrlera. or the United 
Kii.i< at liio loUon-laj ratei: 

One Y*ur »5.0O 

;;ix Moiiih* S'>? 

Tnreu Aloiithi ^■•' 

Londtiu omce: »0-9J Fleet Street. 

Manuscript oftered tor eaie to The Uoio- 
t.:it mum be aUdrewed to the builaeee 
.jillce oilun-wlse the fompany \vU! not a«- 
tjiiie ihu naponeiblUly of th« relu:n of 
iiine to tbu author. M.rf.S. accapied by 
uUu;r ibau iha bu»lUL>»» manager will not 
1. I imiJ (or. ^ 


Tj ln»ura puUncatlon or advertl.iliis ">">'- 
•.r la the Uailv ColonUt. all copy must 
be Wtl at iht. onicfl b.fore 3 l>. >"• '■''« ^^^^ 
>iri^\iouii to publication. No CHANCIE of 
copv wiil bn rruolved alter that lime, t^opy 

-»,-. -w * .:r.._^^.. .})^^t}if*^> iM4i}M lUilat hid ill not 

rlMcr""ihui' Friday .'"a p." m.. earlier It pot- 
'..blc urns.': want a-J. fJi-i. '.n«w. will 
hu MceivuU until 'J V- '"• l'> order thil 
cur patrons »ii*il not be disappointed iv * 
vteU to uollly ttdvtrtlB«.ra mat thU ru.a 
A.JII nui be . brolteuL ._ ^i,„,_ - 


«ionx th« Shore line is stated on tlie 
ituthorlty of a centleman who la in a 
position to know the facts. We sug- 
seat thst some one niisht be «ent out 
by the Department of Public Works to 
look into the duestlon of coat and feae- 
Ibllltj'. Our iHformant lias had manv 
opportunities for oliaerving condittonN 
in British Columbia, and what ht saya 
is very likely to be quite correct, but 
of course iic does not profqs.s to be able 
to speak in any treat detail of this 
particular .shore liuj,, thai is alon« itb 
whole extent. 


28, 1912 

cau U-? "uJe th'ij;'l®iir'"Tonacr. 

Drive In the tvorhl is tj^f' 

<.a!ifet-nne Usl^etn Jordan river and 

' -i^KfiniMVA TltH»JC« Is now a road 

talila ftSe'motil*"«*«i, a» far as Jor- 

toritti'^ It'tiioTvery i>Ictttr«Bittte mnd »,%• 
1 1 ucUlf « jj^ttiumy* )^«t It Is not on ocean 

^^We'^wenh It! but Stom 

.l,r on.' our intonnatlon is -thai 

sit higinviiy ^-^i" Lie easily made uloiug tlie 
to;i of the cliff for the whole dlstancu 
I !• twenty miles or mort. Along this 
: ctich of coastline tt.nre are only two 
i.tndins plac«s, one at tire mouth of the 
.-^.r.nb^io iuiil the other at rrovidencc 
1 .(, anrl nciitiier of, these Is anything 
i i brag' about. The shore is a con- 
i,:.uoua cliff varying- hot«\een forty 
a-id scvcrily-fivc l'< ; u-. hcighi r.nd 
.'- .insi this the sJa break.'s at high thle. 
' ! >..,•(; places the wal'T Mt Ion- tUIr 

., to U:e-l>aie «x .i.- ;;.;';". ..; 
oiiier;H there are exposed rouKs wiien the 
tide, is out and beaches wUV. great 
pools. At some points there is detp 
\ iier a £ tone's throw from the cliff, 
ill others, and particularly in the vl- 
tJiiHy of i-;(>nibrio, there Is a long 
;-:. lying heuch up which ilic w.aves roll 
111 liu^i: bieak'.rs. Hair ac-iils and sea 
l^oiia :ue found in many places, and 
the \'urlety of inarino animal and plant is very great. The Biologicnl 
tchtjol. maintained by the . University 
. ; .Minnesota, j.s iiiluuloil on this sliuio 

' 'orl San Juan. 
\'> >. ale told Hint the consuucLiou of 
;i load uloHig tills shore would noi be 
< .:'t;r.;:iv c. The shore line consists for 
i.t; iiiList pail of Jiori^ontal strata of 
.•^.iiilialggitt^cgVtred^ wltli sravel, and lo 
I' aMnHHHHHK;^ only be necos^ui v 

,IJ 'THWprTTti"'^ra'vel dver the side of 
th«? cliff. It i.- said thai the biiusea to 
i I would oitli: be short. 

'. / bd.ii\i a. ustful highway anywhere 


The local branch of the Navy League 
Is going lo meet for the purpose of 
imi;."^ini; a rcao!utioa asking lln' Du- 
iiiinion so^enmveut lo disclose its 
naval pulley inviiwdiHt'.'ly, We thin!< It 
wnulii ii' a mislako to do aiiylhing 
of tlie kltid. sjucu a resolution could 
only ho JMhtlflcd If there were reason 
I.' . 1 ilip K<'v«niiniiit. Iiad 

C. ■'■ ■ ,. , 'icy, uud we »13 kuow, 

t;: ■■- -.:„.:;■ to kno-R', that this 

i.'^- iioi tile case, individual members 
of the cabinet may have their own 
views on the subject; but it Is very 
well understood that no plan will be 
decided upon until after' consultution 
with the Admiralty. ITnder th*iKft rlrrum- 
stances to aak for a disclosure of plans 
*!yyw»^Wr MH l| # l fel ^^liBr th© least. 
- ft l|fMri^*«|4^f«k»#Ml« Uukt an 

should fikc an; step savoring In the 
oUK^iteet degree vi a, poUbtcta cbar&c- 
ter. It BWinK fcs .if the raaa purpoae 

i>£ tJuit body would hm tmVtmt mrtnM 
by a lt«# ot aotJoa. calculated to de- 

VC^V.- > I V«l0p^ta,tt*puhllft mlud a Just ap- 

f^r^Stm^if^r,^^'^^^ <. U^k ol ilic ;;reat importanro of 

' defence; and that when It under- 

^o lo diiect any government as to 

what it should do. It is impairing its 
usefulness very «criouBly. The gov- 
ernment must always be the judge of 
matters of policy, and if any person 
ti.lcks thc-4ecislons arrived at are not 
wise there are the regular constitu- 
tional, methods oOprolesting, and, as 
^^•e understand the matter, such pro- 
tista would not come within the prov- 
ing .:• of the; League. 


The statement iss made that tlie pro- 
geny of one feniali: fly in one i,B;ison 
will amount to about 8,000,000,000. iiatl- 
matlng that a cubic inch of space will 
contain 250 a'lult live flies, and asauni- 
ing thai Victoria starts out of the ai-a- 
son with one femule fly for each In- 
habitant of the city and suburbs, 
wiiieii, wu Uiintv, la an undereBtimato, 
we find that by September 16th there 
will be, or will have been, a aufftclent 
number of flies produced from this par- 
ent stock lo carpet six square inllcH 
>vith files one inch deep. .\» the pro- 
babllUy is that we begin the .season 
with a \ery inticii jarser s.toi k, we produce enough flies to m.ike the 
possible eaipet over the whole niiini- 
cipal aica many inches lliiek. .\n\\, ij 
look at the matter in another wa.v, lot 
us assume that a fully developed fly 
hi a quarter of an Inoli long. 11" the 
season's progeny from one fly were 
placed end to end thoy would inaUc a 
Hue 3,000,000,000 inches long, wlilch 
may bo roughly stated at 30,000 mllos; 
we throw In a few miles for good meas- 
ure, and this "would mean thftt the pro- 
geny of our local files during thei sea- 
aott would be sufficient to make albeit 
around the ttorld several milea wide, 
nut other place's are br«)i||pir^||H||)r also, 
and you will readily see ftl><fe^'j||fariin bo 
demqiu>tratcd that enough ffil&rlli^ pro- 
'^"<MN|\,'>4J|l9eit;?ye^>' ^o cover the whole 
earth mij^ 4ft'^,p|ntJie .^^^i^MW «m^^«»» 

overy disposition not to'ttodemte th* 
fWJOUl^m r ^lUllW i^. W WW »» tui " 
a»U||iA to qjuMtlon wte moeuracy «f the 
M*U|rtics, or else demand a degree of 
infant mortalltv 1 

in thle paper a» a vUght upon Duncan, 
w-' iiiuai have been very unhappy in 
Li-r choice o( 'an/t-uge. Our reenllec- 
llon of what we said i» that it was to 
tiio effect that the question of increa**- 
Ing the number of land registry offices 
was one that required very careful con- 
f-Uleralion. We may add now that, in 
uur opinion, the increase should be as 
rapid as the Increasing [loptilatlon of 
the province JustlClc.<i, and that tliis 
can only be determined after in- 
QUiiy. Public CDiiveiileiKe Is the chief 
(.•on.sldcralion to be taken Into account. 



Boat Built At roUook k Soss Yards 

ror/ Xiof -towlaf In British Co- 

InmkU "Waters 



escetdingly expensive, and tit* best 

. i,.adi that could be got would be very 

t.ji:,;i;:sfactorj-: bin out on the shore 

id would '.jc I'liictlcally level. 

The view froni- such a road would bfe 

.' oniiJatablt. The sinuosities of the 

■1 would open many Ktriking plc- 

ilong it; across the Strait Cape 

ii^.y and a part of the State of 

' ishington would be Visible, with a 

\ icw of the western slopes of the Ol- 

Viiplcs; E<.awaid would be the '"open 

■ ' an. and it would be seen from an 

.;.>:!,,.!, >.r aevcnty-fivc leei above 

i.if 111 i.akers, which liurl theniBcl\ca 

ngainat the base of the cliffs. In the 

I lifts are eave.s iiLei;sKiblc at low tiflc. 

It is said that 11. e explosions caused 

by till, rush of air from .voiiip of these 

e.vvts, wlun the tide is full and a 

Ktroiig wind i.s forcinj,' the waves into 

tl:eni, explosions cau.sed by t'ne oui- 

\vard of thfc compressed air, are 

u\ve-l;ispirlng. .Such a road would add 

a unique ftature to the scenic attrac- 

Our evening contemporary declares 
Its intention of acting upon our re- 
quest to make suggestions whereljy \he 
admlnlfstiQtion .of the Crown Lands 
department can be so i mprov^(J so'"^ 
that intending settlers may obta4tt suoh 
information as they may reasonably ask 
for; but Its ^rst article must be in- 
troductory only, for it does not touch 
upon the subject matter of the request. 
It i.s an arraignment of the govern- 
ment for permitting the vxlaieueo of an 
ailegccl condition of things in respect 
to ; the acquisition of land by '•specula- 
tors,' Its allegations are very serious, 
and if they are founded on facts, we 
submit it to bo the duty of our c6n- 
tcmporary to place the Minister of 
X^nJs in possession of those facts. 
They "are aUoscther too serious to be 
dis.'iissed In general terms in the 
columns of newspapers. AVe think we 
can assure the evening paper that, it 

ling to conirmplato. 

But if wc cut the estimate? in Ivmj 
and again divide them and divide them 
ohce more, there tvlU yet be very much 
too many fltes-^that is, if half tha 
things said about them is true. 'Indeed 
one fly is on© too many, if we are to 
believe everything that is told us. 
us by aU means "swat the flies," but 
do not let us get In a : n. 

They undoubtedly dis; ■ . 

but we must not forget that they have 
alwMx.s done so, and that they are 
lioi more dangerous now than ever they 
were, .;iiot-impra&al3le.-tliat i-;-- 
prevalenco of minor epidemics may be 
traceable In a large degree to flies. By 
all means let us get rid of them by 
destroying tliclr breeding places. Tills 
is a ittatter aljout which 'we ought to be 
especially particular In a country like 
this, where we have so little freezing 
weather. At the same time, we do not 
think it can bo said that files are hi 
all exceptionally numerous here. "We 
are inclined to think the truth Is lii the 
other direction. Nevertheleas, let as 
have an anti-fly campaign, not so mucli 
to kill files, as to prevent them from 
being born. The presence of files is an 
Indication of filth somewhere, and filth 
Is objectionable on its own accoiint. Get 
rid of the filth and we need not worry 
about the files. 

"The British tn\PBtor Is no longer 
.siKsplCious of i; pi ! rent. in\ e8inients.' 
So said a financial writer in an Ifiiiglisli 
paper recently. This is a very import- 
ant fact, I'ur li Indicates tlu' end of 
the era of cheap British money. Kx- 
imilnatlon of the riuotaliona of consols 
and leading securities at low rates of 
interest will show tluit they are priced 
at values, which will realize- from i 
to G per cent, on the actual money paid 
fui Hum. With the best securities held 
at this rate, it Is easy to see that 
others, which, though of unquestioned 
merit may not be placed abs^lutel^ in 
the flrsl class, can only he expected to 
eelV at prices that mean a higher rc- 
lutn. The explanation of this is that 
the isjpi^My of «ood Investment^ 
Ing hiff'Vii'y greatly mcrcased in ■ 

years, Thf demand for British moaey 

ifst. an m^:nm»'ii^wim''^'tooci. 


trji i iiiii i i iii i i iiaiir i 

I afcri( i r ii i « W 


" ^^*-^'*^ 'M-';j . PRESS IS SAYING 

.to. > . ~ '^ 

The tug Lireadful. which has just 
left the Thaniea for Victoria, con- 
structed by James I'ollock Sons & Co. 
for a Vancou\er lumber firm, la an 
up-to-date powcrftit T(.:i=e!, acuutdlns 
10 the description recc-l\>il from the 
builders. The dlinenslons of IIik 

Ureadful arc: l,engtt, i:ii)lt.. Iiriadth 
moulded 25 ft., and dinu.i<lit aft l^'fl., 
having eiiglrifs trlple-ckpansloii, j-ur- 
face condensing, and a boiler of the 
marine return tube typt, of largo sly,c, 
nnd a working pri"!'.'<iiif of ISOUi^. per 
Rquaie Inch. 

Bunkers have b<:cii ariuiiged foi' oar- 
lylus 100 tons, but for Uif.; vo^age out. 
of course, a large ainount of coal will 
bo "baRi;cd," owln,? to the loitg dia- 
lanco between sonie of the ports "1 
which she will- cull. Lloyd'* lOO.M 
clastitfication has been jirovlded for. 
nnd the vt.'isel has been bulU under 
I.,Ioyd's special survey. Seven water-. 

tigiU coUiparlmciils "h'lii i;ivc bl|i pro- 
tection to th« «hlp Iw a-vi^nt of c.olllslim. 
etc. All ma.terlal for the hull Is 81eme« 
Martin steel, best ship.s iiuallty, and all 
woodwork ha.<« been spnclally ss^lt-cted. 
The Dreadful has been designed spe- 
cially for towing large rafts of timber, 
and to achieve this purpose to the full- 
est advantage. Pollocks" patent stc-rn 
frSinc has been fitttd, which, cor.slder- 
obly lncrea^'> i i towing efHclcncy of 
the tug. As icparde accommodation, 
this is unusuallj spacious for th<^ size 

PI Ini- 

ii(*dlately aft of the pilot i > the 

captain's cabin, followed by a store, and 
Hnlshln,g UP with a smalLJUiJobn for 
pasronsers. On the injpllilife, Inim)- 
fHaUnV^ JMBdsrnin Ui tlvfj 


Apathy Towards BoUrlos tbowit By 
W(UmM» of V. M. A. 

SKATTI.,K. May :7. -The United 
Proa'oyicrian gtnoral uys'uibly tonight 
dlscti-sscd the report of Henry Wallo-co 
of Des Moines, la., chairman of tlio 
Htandliig committee on rules of churcliCH 
_.).^,.,. frr'jnd th!*> f*>rin*>>'a aauui-jillv do 
not attend clnirch, but may be lii<la'cd 
to d.) MO. The report auyn; ■Ttiiriii is 
little, If any difference in Uio rural 
BtiitiKi or aiiv of the deiiuinlnoiifjn.'i. 
! The i.'aiii • > ■ '"ctr own l» the 

opcr#' couiiii > «.ii.i I..'.' cminlry I'^-^n* o'l 
bettf-r than tjip Unlwtd i'r«nb;.ivr'.ant' 

\il<i ftXnHMl III 
1,1' Mii< rllHt 


rfOIlOteiW^ by the galley, itSfC 


Roosevelt's toUcy 
A form of crltleism which is success- 
fully pressed against State Courts to- 
day, will almost invariably be pressed, 
some day and Jn some particular, ag- 
ainst the Supreme Court of tlie United 
States If the i>ollt!cal power derived 
by State Courts from their present 
rights of interpreting the law be an of- 
fence to domocnxcy, will not" the time 
come when the political power con- 
ferred by the Federal Constitution pn 
the Supreme Court will also seem an 
offence? Mr Roosevelt's polley Is 
t-alculatod to rfli-HiC these specula i i'lns. 
nnd thoy explain the horror >\,;;i 
whcih it is met. On such a subject for- 
eign opinion is little worth, but In it.i 
elements the movement wbic.i Mr 
Roosevelt's policy seem to lnlrodui« is 
so much akin to obvious proeo.^.-ses in 
contemporary British thought that wr 
slMiil watch its fortunes with the iie.?p- 
ast Interest. — 'London Times. 

it has evidence to establish what it 
■e except along the very shore w^jjuld p alleges, it will not have to ask Mr. 

r.osd In vain to prevent the continuance 
of the abuses of which it complains. 
The allegations made involve tlie repu- 
tation of men of respeccabllity and 
responsibility and are stated in such 
general lurni . * to cast very severe 
reflections u,.oii a very honorable pro- 
fession. We cannot dipcuss such allega- 

ti;-".^ ;i;; less the 3' f- - '. ■■■.lr.« i)y evi- 
denoe and not bascii merely upon in- 

Thrt Er'tlisli naval manoeuvres ililr' 
year are to lie on an exceptionally 
large scale; but In the six years that 
have elapsed since' the last occasion of 
this kind, the lleet has been made ex- 
ceptionally powerful. 

Our Liberal friends are yet in 
ecstacies over the success of Sir Lomer 
Gouiii in Quebec. .S;:.<c- (hr Diiieh eaiilur- 
ed Holland tliore ^ ■ ; . .,r-,»t"r 

victory. The glee of our friends indl- 
cate.s what they expected. 

The ;r ' . ;-!;:)i.Mit t'^'cy in rei!;i'."jt lo 
th<?,,snj.e .f 1' '. ■. n Lands has ah-.'ad." 
formed a subject of dlscu.Hsion in Die 
press and In the Legislature. The 
ground lias 'oeen very fully to\ered. 
Differences of opinion as lo whal 
is the besl poli*y to adopt in this mat- 
ter. V,'c have ourselves argued In favor 
of the sale of Crown Lands to coloniza- 
tion companies, and so also has our 
contemporary, if our memory serves us 
aright. Uecently, that is wlihln a year 

j or so, the government in lla wisdom 

tioiis of the rejiion dt which VlciorU I .,,,<-, , 

I iiss seen fit lo reserve very targe areas 

i.s the centre. A half chiy's run In a 

motor would easily take a pleasure 
iieeker from Victoria to San .Juan, tr 
it was so desired, tut journey out and 
uncle couid Op easily made In daylight 
on a summer dux. 

Tile utilitarian value of road 
would likely be great. It would af- 
ford the residents of I'ort Ktnfrew a 
means of reaching the clly; they arc 
now dependent upon water communica- 
tion. This would lead to the settlc- 
nitnt of the land In that vicinity. There 
wre vast forestg of the finest timber 
directly tributary lo Port fan Juan, and 
there hi certain to be a very cxlenBiv>: 
taw mill plant tiiere. in 11. at tvent a 
considerable town would spring -ip and 
A would need road communication with 
Victoria. We have recently seen that 
ft la the Intention of the salmon can- 
iiTu to tiikk fish at the outlet of the 
»itralt. The proposed highway wc*uld 
he of the greatest use to them. 

AVe confidently expect this whol« 
country to be O^entd by railway before 
long, but we want tl.« highway In any 
event "What has been natd above as tn 
tl:e|| feasibility of road construction 

for pre-emption. "We may not all be of 
the opinion that this was whoUy ^i»e. 
'out ^\ .• o'l Miti^t admit, if we would be 
fair. 1,1,1, .lie administration of the 
frriivn i.tinfiw jo (something that must 
be developed from daj' to day, that In a 
vast area like Bi»itlsh Columbia it is 
linpol'sUile to lay down any Inflexible 
rule of asllon of g'>neral application. We 
think If we say of the various minis- 
ters, who have had charge of the Crown 
Lanils, that they have sought at all 
times to carry out such policies as 
seemed most In the public inlorest, wc 
shall only do tiiem .Instice. and if we 
fidtl Mm I on tiic >^iio'ie thrir ptriicir.T 
have proved advantageous to the prov- 
ince. Wo cannot be charged with being 
unduly favorable to the several admin- 
istrations, up to and Including that of 
Mr. MoBrlde. Taking the Iftnd policy 
of the present government as a whole, 
we think It can fairly be characterized 
• 8 one calculated to promote the wel- 
fare ot British Columbia. The Crown 
Lands present a dlfHcuU problem, but 
th« general opinion Is tha; th«y have 
hecn well anC honestly administered. 

Indications point to a productive 
yr-ar for fruit!-, hoth lars-e and small. 
Vegetable grov ; , • ; apui at pres- 

ent. The whole moniii of May has been 
favorable, rather exceptionally so. we 
think;' iTrTntB-part-of" ' tlie v o t tniry. 

the starboard sUlo of . the main .c}< 
v> \ i ^ nie'.;sro9i 

I > .\ uuiommodation la in the'fofr- 
i-<ii'-, and suitable for nine men, and 
Is fitted up with tht usual tables, 
lockers, etc. Immediately oft of the 
machinery space are berthed the chief 
and second englnters, with saloon, etc. 
The fUeerlng g'ar la of the comhinM 
steam .ind hand type, fitted with teak 
hand whefds. .\ large st«uni wlndlas.s 
Is fitted forw.rird for raising and lower- 
ing the anchor. The propeller Is of the 
four-blnded typf. Pollocks' .special de- 
sign. A steani capstan, steam radiat- 
frs, electric light, ttc. Will enable the 
Dreadful to he included amongst one Of 
the up-to-date tugs In commission. 

Th*. trial trip of tills xessel was run 
u frw d«.Vf< ftgo. w'r.rn t'ne ^ntii'fartoi^" 
speed of over 11 knots was obtained, 
although the weatiier conditions were 
not at all fnvornlde for the trial, thert 
being a stronig nortiiwest brenre mid 
choppy sea 

"The docllnt; 
other KpctloiiM 
south Ia ii\)'> 
liayo led t'l ' 

pupull'lh'ii I 

tha ilcti'lli. 
see ma fi< 

to Be 

congi ' I.' 
terlan uh'-' 


11,1 ; but '. 

Which It. 

Ahou ■ 


of a* 

ding. ..: ; . - :.. 

part speak our 

childrea go tc ^: - 

children. To 

population the bo*p«.; 

In the terms of farm 

must be a veritable gospel, '( 

cannot be reached by a gosp' 

lives. He cannot be touchiid by a man 

.'!aturft^>*'-?ifHh the "llifiner Critlclifm." 

so-caJjW^iaioir v.ith a gospel of Ifo and 



aiUsUng' ■•!« IB T. U.^. A. l^aat Bv»- 

tnr to Boar Oslc^&tos rron 

British Body 

After listening to an explanation of 
the oliJeelM and alnis of the British 
llrntjif .'huod the audience «hich had 
.iHS»;mtJl<"d in the ». .vi. i '. A. last even- 
Ine 111 hear leaders ol the inoveinent 
ijct-tdi^d tu form a branch here. 

R«V. Thomas \N'. (Ilad^^toiie took the 

:l)Jlr and IntrwUuced tli-! three d»le- 

gatos -.Mr. W. Ward, iron) Lond'in, 

Ilcv. li. W . f..lnflBay, a Presbyterian 

iKlliUler fio'.u IJKi^gow. and Mr. 

1 MiiJitt Hav.cll. of the .MeihorfUt 

1/ 1 > li in Turontii iind Me-eretary of ih(? 

."•nt iti <'8nnda, who liave .'ame 

.11 r((«i» <"i«niidu fur the purp mw 

|/.<"iiM)tlng Ihi' Hi'otherhiiod nove- 

, , ii Till', /itiiridf:d recently '•' large 

I, ! J nto, whf-re 142 deie- 

' ' isriirjin were presept 

/ |)rf;«C'»iliii.f T-.OOi.' 


III: i.H-i I" i in 

.)!id (llh-d churrh.B 




Xmpresslve Ceremony at Halifax At- 
tracts Great Concourse 

J. It V 

by K# wmk tbie«e '- 

)e4 ioaKl(t»«w}edc 

Ood- >Tii* work <H 

1t>««n «xt«n<led to th* contlneni, wheipe 

tber had loufid »^'' r>-opip in tfaf^r 

'!i.>i.i;Uiy'->ti!>'-:t&e!'' f 
jaat«(4, hating ^lU 


brok^-n do 


Tiie efforts of a number of the pub- 
lic men of Great Britain and Ocrniany 
to pave the way to a better understand- 
ing between the^ two lonntries by 
wrying contributions i • ■• in-rnian 
inagazine. Is very commendable, and we 
hope will prove successfulT but It" looks 
ft littl-c like the time-honored practice 
of .voiing people tn af;ree t" !■ ' ' i-h 
others' faults, wlilcli general l.\ erid.-j in 
a row. 

Tho London Kree pren-* t«nys: "11 
still l-.olds true tiial the Dominion is 

f !i \ :iioi r' p; M.iii I ■' r i1,mi ill'- repul)- 

Uc. Under the Xalional Policy of 
moderate protection the average' work- 
ing man and his family enjoy iniuh 
more of the- good things i>r life tlian 
under the extreme high in riff of tlie 
United States or the spurious and 
sulridal free trade system of Great 
Britain." We agree with all this, but 
may we be allowed to ask our contem- 
porary what in thi' denomination of 
"The worn and ufjly bank note," which 
II has been usinf; sear In and year out? 
A\"hal does it do with it? Do. s ;i lake 
li out, look at It and put il back again"; 

A Dangerous Seadloclc. 
Great Britain, who Is the friend of 
Italy, is equally the friend of Turkc.v. 
and has large Mohammedan Interests, 
which cannot bo treated l!g-htly In 
a conjuncture of this kind. The policy 
of Russia remains a little doubtful, 
even? after the satisfactory assurances 
of .M. Sazoijirfr, and there Is some sus- 
picion £T»road^ of possible Itusslan de- 
signs. Assuredly the great 'Xort hern 
Empire, with her ancient and well un- 
derstood ambition to get her fleet out 
of 'lie Black ^iea into the warmer wa- 
ters of fh<> Aeglfln, CRn hardl<' be im^- 
mune from the temptation of using the 
present op.pd. tunity to facilitate her ob- 
jects. We can only hope that Sir Ed- 
ward Oreyinay find some key to the 
final solution of the grave enigma pre- 
sented by tho Italo-Turkish. struggle, 
if ho be the Oedlpu.". destined to solve 
the riddle of the Sphinx, he will un- 
doubtedly earn the gratltuda not only 
of his countrymen, but of Kurope at 
large. Kveryone Is conscious that tho 
present deadlock. Is no longer, endur- 
able — especially under the Inflam- 
mable conditions of the Near Kast, 
where so many niitionallties would like 
to secure their immediate ends b.v 
passing the fiery crosa mIoHk tiie Bal- 
kans — London Dally Telegraph 

Canada's ZTaval Policy 

Mr. '\\'insioii Churchill, the J-'ir.-st 
L*rd-of— t'ri«- -Admli'tiityi -has anticipated 
the conference that Mr. Borden's gov- 
ernment has arranged to have with his 
departmcnl to advise as to the b.e.'t 
naval polie.\- for Canada, by .i.sltlng 
fortli his own views on the subject' in 
genriftl lin^s Ills policy Is in accord 
wlih I'll I Lord Charles Beivsford 
and otlii 1 e.\po!lenDod a.nd pronoan'Ccd i 
liuperlall.sts. namely, that the "su- 
prem,V' navy of the world should be 
concentrated, and that the o\erjiea« 
dominions should have navlc« of their 
own. lo ii ' n: iheli' own dlspo.'jal In 
iiiii. , but coptlnscnt forces 

of til iMiijiiic in time of war. This is 
a irtoie explicit s'.a.omtnt perhaps tiiaa 
tliD Lauricr "over m.-,dc oT 
Its naval r"!iry, but It is hard lo 
dh-jtlngii .! ir.iin ;!mt policy. Cap- 

iniir N".i-.i, il 1. i . ■ ! (1 ■' II. •-..rn tiie im- 
ptrri,i, i nstjt'Uit', iitiperiai 

idea n little fintiur In pi .>p i.' thnt 
thp dominion nHv!'.:.s idiof.ld In some 
Wtiy bo ticcoiintsd a distlnet squadion 
of the navy. Th^s notion Is said to have 
ha'.l- the appro of Lord Grey, u hii 
presided. It Is hard to -"ee how i, cnil.l 
amount to miich mor* than the ri.\ing 
of similar colors of some son. :in«i .muiJi 
fiaterni/.ini; as would be natural under 
the ( iri-iinistanres. — Montreal Witness. 

XfSrge O-ang Employed On Eastern Half 
of Bmlth'a Hill Seservoir — Bet- 
ter "Water Supply 

V.itli aooul rive feet of v.aler in llie 
recently repaired westerly half of the 
.Smith's Hill reservoir, the supply of 
water for domestic purposes has shown 
considerable Improvement within the 
past few days. Work on the repair of 
the easterly half of the receptacle is 
being rnsiiod Hhead as fast as 11. "i men 
can do it. 

By the end of tho week It is expect- 
ed that three-/ourths of the wall and 
one-half of the floor area will be con- 
creted, and with good weax'n'er condi- 
llonp the whole work will, it is expect- 
ed, be completed by .lunc 20 next, when 
the Iong-dela>'ed work of putting the 
whole redcrvoir Into a state of good 
repair and making it watertlsht will 
have been finished. 

Ever since the big receptacle has 
been built it has proved . a fruitful 
source of trouble and criticism. and 
delay after delay has been experienced 
in undertaking the necessary repairs. 
.Vot until "the present council engaged 
Mr. R. H. Thomson to report upon the 
defects and prepare plans and apccl- 
ftcations for He adeqi;ate repair has any 
dertnlte and dclormincd attempt been 
made to undertake tiie necessary work 
to rchablUialC' the reservoir. These 
plans hovo hp-jn followed out to the let- 
ter nnd win, it i" eonlidently hoped, 
pro\e cfl'ect,»ve. ."so si.gns of leakage. It 
Is said; have so far been disrempd from 
the now completed western portion of 
the reservoir, from' which the present 
v.atcr supply Is being drawn. 

HALIFAX, K. S., May 27.— The fu- 
neral of Lady Tupper this afternoon 
was a notable event. The weather was 
bright and the concourse ot citizens in 
carriages was one of the greatest rtcen 
In yearg. The services at the form-r 
Halifax home of Sir Charles was con- 
ducted by the Venerable Archdeacon 
ArmllKge. rector of St. Paul's Church. 
Three favorite iiymns of the deceaecd 
were sung as suggeated by Sir Charles. 

•During the service Sir Charles .sat at 
the head of the casket. Occasionally 
the aged statesman displayed keen emo- 
tion, particularly during the brief rc- 
inarivr< Ttntde by ihe ttrdidraoon. His 
ryes were bright and his manner alert, 
but he was evidently feeble and after 
the body was removed to the h<a';itc, 
Sir Charles had to bo ass'.stc.l to !•.« 
(•irriage by his sons, who v.crc m 
constant attendance on ih;lr latiui. 
At the grave Sir Charles '^are the ord-*ul 
well and tpok part in the rj^ponsrfs to 
11)0 service in a distinct, but quiet 
voice. Sir Charles sat far nuar'y nn 
hour at the grave, surrounjod by a few 
intimate friend.s who meanwliile j?i/r.-»ad 
a great profusion of beau'.i'ul flowtis 
jover the mound. 

The Prime Minister and the i>oiiiiuion 
government were represented rcsiicc- 
tlvoly by Sir Joseph Pope and Hon. J. 
D. HaZtjn. Sir Charles and Sir Ilibbort 
leave for Vancouver tomorrow morning. 


';.:i.H t (Ties.- 

n— '.'.'■:■ .. - '. ije- 

ginn;,', tl-.t*, 

Ilev. . in a witty and 

amusifi 1, pointed out that never 

had the es of Scotland been doing 

better work, but there were thousands 
of men wh-'--i ''^•'- churches were not 
reaching . • -e the Brotherhood 

movement specially striving to 
touch. As the BIsliop of London had 
remarked. "Tho church never had had 
the cities."' There was a race of men 
city-bred, growing up who knew nothing 
of an upbringing on "parrltch ai>d the 
.shorter catechism." There was an 
enemy but the -church could not locate 
him. The Brotherhood had done so. 
Democracy was (.'wakening and, under 
God, this movement wa.s being promoted 
to guide them to apply the gospel pre- 
cepts to social, civic and municipal life. 

Rev. I. W. Williams, Vancouver, sec- 
retary of the Sunday Schools associa- 
tion of B. C, described the organisation 
of the Vancouver brancli and the elec- 
tion of officers for the pn.n incc. 

Afttr considerable discussion a reso- 
lution was passed that the movement 
should be adopted in Victoria, and Mr. 
.1. Knight was appointed as temporary 
secretary to arrange for meetings to 
effect organization. 


Mnrderar'i: Callons Behavior During 
Zuqucat on Hla Tictluia 



Banko Co-operating "With Dominion 

O-overiunent To Recall "Worn 


OTT.VWA. May il,7.— -Hon. W . T. 
White sometime ago requested l^hat the 
bankjj help ^n the effort which the 
linancial dcpartmenit is making to eitll in 
the worn, defaced and soiled Dominion 
not-3s and issue fresh ones. The head 
offices of the banks have responded 
cordially and are Instructing their 
branches to return all such notes wl-.lch 
come into tneir hands to th.i rped/tr 
gencril. taking fresh bills 'n exchange. 

Still Four aKlsai&g 
HALIFAX, N. S.. May :J7. 
the crew 

■Two of 
of the Harpwell fishing Kva and Mildred, Joseph Bass 
and Daniel Dooley, astray from their 
vessel on the Lc- Havre bank.-? since 
last I^rlday. were picked up last night 
18 miles off Liverpool in a benumbed 
condition. The vessel is at Liverpool 
with her flag at half-mast for six men 
astray, which includes those picked up. 

Choir Concert In i'.ie F-Sap-isl mis- 
sion. Douslas street north, this ovenlng 
the choir of Fii'.it BnpllPt oliurch. num- 
berin,5 twpnt\-flvc, will give a con- 

I.adieK' Sewing 

Aid s.iclety of ;hi 
(hurch will meet 
in ihs 

Claaa- -T'.ie Ladles' 
I'ii'St ' 'ongregational 
this*rnoori nt 


» fnr 

We are told that in a recent i.«:iwe nf 
the Cowichnn Leadt^n a statement v<n:< 
ttiade to the effect that the Colonist hail 
spoken slightingly of the requeat eman- 
ating from that thriving community for 
n land registry office. We, unfortun- 
ately, overlooked the Issue of our con- 
temporary in which the statement m«de 
Is aald t* have occurred; but If the 
Leader construed anything appea^if 

$500,000 LIBRARY 

Kr. CartiSgla Will Bo Azked To Assist 
XontrWara 2V«w Zaatltntlon 

•VlO.VTRilAL. May 27.— Thp control- 
lers today passed a rcBoliilion to tho 
council to spend half a million dolla);^ 
on a library and to ack Andrew Car- 
negie to keep him promise itiado yeora 
ago to give money toward.«i the build- 
ing. If the resolution go<»s through It 
will m^an the collapsp oT the conten- 
tion that the flotnati CAtholIc authori- 
ties should have censorship ov«r all 
books placed on the shelves of the 

:;.;1D o'cic^k 

AlUaaca rrancalaa — 'I'he niemhers of 
the .\ili;tnfe 1-"; aiieal-ie are cIo.oiinK their 
meetings for ihe "ummsr wltli a short 
play tomorrow evening r^i ..he .^I.:xaii- 
dra eiuU. Mombcrrt and friends are cor- 
(i'nii.\ invited to at It ml. 

S. •. Oradad TJ'alon - "I'iils season's 
final meeting of me elty Sunda>' 
School Oraded Union takes place this 
evenlnf; at i o'clock In the Y.M.t^.A. 
biilldlnit. A full attendance of all tlicie 
who lave Itt?en in atiy V'/vy idetiCifled 
tvlth Itil:- organisation is requested as 
H ni' St InlPi'esiltift »e.«s!on will be 

Olrl Ouldas' Entertainmant- .\ unique 
and ex 'Optional I. V aimifti%f entertain- 
ment is anu.ianted to take place at 
First (^ongresa. lonal cliiirc'ri, PandOia 
avenu?. 'omorrow evening under th* 
auspices ^<f tioop 'A. " G'rl Gu;dcs. Thifr 
programme, which has hfti-n In couni* 
of preparatlort for i-.'erk.s. 'rtclude.* a 
Maypole dam/e, phyiiiral drill aiid 
fancy marching, intereirersfd w(th in- 
8tii-umant«l and voc«l music, conjurln*. 
etc., by talented artinti«. It will atart 
at > o'clock sharp, T:ev. Hcrmoa "A. 
Carton oecupytnc tht ehalr. 

Conservative Victory 

QUKBKC, May 27. — The official 
counting of the votes in the last pro- 
vincial election in Dorchester county 
resulted in the election of Dr. Moris- 
Ecll. Liberal, by a majority of 26. Tho' 
recount In Berthier changed the victory 
of M. Lafonlalne, Liberal, Into a vic- 
tory for Dr. Caboury, Conservative, by 
a majority of one. 

SAN DiKGO, Cal., :May 27. — The cor- 
oner's Jury at the Inquest today over 
the remains of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. 
Tollivcr returned a verdict that tha 
death of tlie Toliivers had been caused 
by ten gunshot wounds and a knife 
wound, that 'Mrs. ToUlver had died 
from two gun:?hot wounds, and that the 
deaths were committed by Bert IJ. 
Lewis. Several witnesses were exam- 
ined, though none was able to Identify 
the murderer. LeT«-is. the coolest and 
apparently least moved of tho."iC pres- 
ent, listened attentively to such evid- 
ence as was introduced and leaned over 
in his chair to get a better view as 
the two revolvers and dagger with 
W'hich ho committed the crime were 
identified. When i:)r. A. Morgan ex- 
liibitcd the i.liree flattened bullets tak- 
en from the brain of ToUiver, IjCwIs 
gajicd-at the missiles. He had the pri- 

\ iie^,.' Ol larxii.^ .»»<; «..«►.. U IJl ...o t/^ .. 

behalf, but refused. 

As he was being shackled to be led 
back to jell, he asked that hla wife be 
spared as much publicity as possible. 

Lewis, formerly private secretary to 
the v>ealthy inventor, yesterday con- 
fessed tire crime and said he would 
plead the unwritten law In defense. 

Falsifylsr 'ay Z*!"*" 

MOXTRKAL, May 27.— rTwo city pay- 
masters are being sought for by the 
pollcfe for the falsifying of pay lists in 
one of the divisions of the roads de- 
partmrni. _Thrs»- liiiVc bef-n wtoin^ on 
for .«:evpral months and the amount of 
the defalcations Is between $1200 and 
J1900. No higher officials are Impllo- 

z>«ath of Maatfoal Bapkox 

MUNTP.KAL. May 27 —A. .1. A. PiWft- 
dergast, general manager of the Bank 
ofJ>Hochelaf?a for the last 25 y^ra, died 
this morning, H« was born In Quebec 
City »n m4. Ma wan vio«>pre«ia«int of 
the Canadian bjinlctra'' aiaoctatlon for 
many year*. i . 

I I I " ■' ---^ — r- ' ' ' 

iirlsoner to eoma iMrCoyw tb* locaKcourfi 
in a long ffmr. ^titipMirW 1>*r«r« Hi* 
vOr;Ier |!>uput» this" rti«riiiat. , Siklina 
itoy, US Y&itrtii at a«». w«» eh«r*«il #ltr 
b«iririnr and pUadcd iru£tjl:f. lB)»« WM 
allowdd to ,'tO'On''f)M^M|tttf'*d 0*a.(m^' 

i«,.. .ii i »ti j > >n ^ i i i iii| ^ mi i 

Comor la Mojfm 

SAXT.\ ROSA. Cal., May 27.— Throe 
thousand bales of hops, the entire visi- 
ble supply of Sonoma county and near- , 
ly two thirds of the visible aupply of 
the entire coast were sold today to , 
William Ullman & Co.. of New Tork 
City, the buyera to find thi^ market. 

BapnbUoan OonTaattom 
JKFFKRSON CITY. Mo., May 27.— 
In a letter received by Governor Her- 
bert Hadiey here today. Cotonal Rooae* 
velt asked him to be temporary cbalT' 
man of the Kepubilcan national wmfmy^ 
tlsa to be held in ChlMi^n IC.tha tt6fly« 
velt forces succeed in mttinc Mllttol 
of the" convenuoa. 

lUaMa at te. Uttif 

Nicw yoBK, May t?.— ©r. I^B***/ 
W. "VS^iley la seriously 1)1 at ht« '|t*HM» 

at WaahlBstoa. atic«rdlnc t« a .tdiSlrjIlM 
r«!«4ved «o»i«H« *y ^^ yi nl ' rty f ;-« 
fK« Fha^iniiocuihMl-eoetAbv ,lM| AM 

to hav«'b««!ii''«)tt4ir<ra««f 
by Or. m0*», U ttia 
'MTiiar'* 'alKji^tJify ##11*- 
a^uaty Ut His t»| 

i H <*«i| »l 'i, . « >i L i|> l » >| i ll l »Jl i|l« ^ l t#n j 


HAN ntJWfcia^o, * 

K«nli*y. f»H»k«rlr' < 

(M«t«iMii« -WNiur t* \m|£ . , _ 

•immb' iaHatte''tit flUii* 







. '■■*-.. 


.. •. , . .,_.*. tf, .j».;*. ^4^4«,',(f. *..A««i. 'l»--if-y*-i_ 

*lt.■•;.-»-I»,.f^w*^■^■'<^l^l«t■>-^-••■-r-■*'--^■# -■':-;' ''■,•-■"' 

■•:-.,.,.■, ...,.,.. .^. ',,.,■. ..j..;.,,^,.^ 

TuMday, May 28, 1912 


The Store of Satisfaction 








Irawford Ma^f^ 
on Scandal 
O. U. Ust 


e of Good Shoes 

,,F^How^* Block 


Mr. W. Bl«.kemore went over to the 

mainland' last night. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Coperley. of Van- 
couver, were visitors in Victoria last 


Mrs. A. MalpasB. of Vancouvej. is 
vlMltinJ Mra. Walter Dtsher, Rock 
Hay ttvcnua. 

Mr. C. H. Rust, the new cUy fn- 
(flneer. Ivaa taken ui>'hls resiidi^nce al 
the Olenshlel Inn. l>ouKla« Btreet. 

MrK ('harle« A. Steele. Savoy Man- 
uions. will not receive again unlll af- 
tei the Bummer months. 

Mrs. Albert R. Baker, of Vancouver, 
is a Kuest at the home of Capl. W. 1>. 
Mol)ouf?all. 640 Hillside avenue. 

Mrs. K. C. Hart 1» convalescent at 
St. .Joseph's ho.spltal. following a 
serlou.s Ulnpss. 

Miss ReddinK left yesterday by th« 
Northern Pacific for a short visit t6 
Portland. Ore. 

Mr. and Mrs. Williuni iuibertaon left 
yesterday by the Korth"^ Coau-t Limited 
find the Cunard liner Ausonla for a 
yhurl IrliJ to England .and Scotland. 

Mr. n. Vates left yeaterilay by the 
North Coast Limited and the Empress 

sal I^W^ J^s week^KW» Vlctoi«a 

'' Mr. K M. 'TluHakMBOIl, ^mmtH MC- 

day AftMtoib*-mJ#iiinlperJliri«iPf- 

now beintr built for u^ on the Paciftc. 
the mall route to the Far WeBt would 
b« coivBlderably reduced In time, und 
time is, of cOuree, the great coii.sidera- 
tlon with the Kovesnmeuts concerned 
and with all of us." 


raJlnre "f TUliiBr Party To Koturn 

JLrouiad. F*arB Tor Their 


''The Shrine of Fashion* 

Our Guarantee of Satisfaction Protects You 
In AH Your Transactions Here i 

s« ,■ 

Held up by the strong wind which 
blew across the slrailH on Siinday, 
Truant ofUcpr W. .1. -Edwards and two 
friends, Messrs. .GeorKe and Charles 
Sims, who on Sunday mornlnff rowed 
tj Trim! Island to flsh, wer'. forced tn 
remain all day and until ye.sterday 
mornlnK on the Island as guests of the 
llehl-hou.Me keeper. Their failure to 
leturn In the afternoon as they hud 
promised to do croatcMl great anxiii' 
to their friend.*. Search parties \v.'ii- 
organlvied while mounted poli<;e patroll- 
ed the beach. The reappearance of tlio 
three missing men. however, relicvud 
all doiiiiis of their safety. 

Mr. Kdv.-ardM is R''eiistn>ne4a^njflU.. 

nsbinK excursions on ^"«lflPil|'*!R'"' 
riwlth the SlihB brotlii.s i.ft'hla home 
^Xpoot'lner to. return jit u. fe*t' houfiL 

A8 they failed to pm^^f'jNpbp^Mice 

\'^kttm and nfiimm'imm^ of i^^'- 

tttimit yiTfMrtWiNl"- «l«Mns the vup- 
tri^^M^M 'vm^miK'i^, Mr. V. i; 
PttO. Mi' owt if 90 tMk Bay' , m a 

Anotliar Jtiil#h *»*» pahtnad tm wan 
about to B«t out ttota Id^rvttt'a nirtiarf 
wlym tba aew»/ of .O^e safe retxlrn of 
the mJap^ ??«» r«)Mf}'<'«*. 
t%e yaacty «ta»t«<l twit Bqwiw •^fe^^ 

An Important Offering of: 

Women's Stylish Suits 

$25.00 for J?18.75 I I'RICI'S $50.00 for .. : J^lf*.^? 

$30 no for S22.50 $40.00 for 5^30.00 $55.00 for r.i'^^)^ 

$35.00 for ^26.25 I $45.00 for $33.75 I $60.00 for $45.0U 

Tlierc is a splendid assortment of Tweed, Ser-e an>l Whipcord, Chevi-i and Hwnicspun 
Suits, in all the nn)st fashionable colors, includi'i - n and black, l^ach suit is representative 
of this sprinK^a^llii^WlBifefimartest styles and •In -iu- : crrade tailorinir. 

Silk & Lace Coats 


^t:?Miti'r<L4^2*^^::.^yj.jj(,h^vve .-ire oflerin.u lo our customers at a riduni- 

■ l:!eautiful Vpp|^j|P?U^, 

stock -E' laliiJH^'^WwI^CTWl*''*^^ *Trmv.i> *yv. ..... .... . v,. . . ..^ - -- -- 

^louslylow'i^c^i^. Ire -distinctive a ^''-"'^'lo^'^ 
^t^J, -^^twiiMi^ "'^ahti-LAAi^: PRICE.'. .■ . :.'.■. .■..■-....•. *37.50 

a^om- ■»)»•». '•M n9<Mi 40 t«tvm to «^HH^ )>ttt the nH^lll 

■ '" "" ' ' ■ ■■ water, ,««0pi|l|rl^4|ii.: #i. .wrlftHp^irii' 

tide, ifo)rigi|i 


\V« 1^ 4laci»^m kt^^ift W'MUUiiitrv^ £^^ beaatifiilHiat^.^: Our very latest raodels an, ; 
newest styles, Rc^^^ ^^'^^^f "^ j^ ^^^^^^'*'" .f^^^*^; j^^lj^^^ last. ...«>. .^| g.O<> 

Z 'i *L '■■■■• ■' '' e • '• V ■'' I '■■■ ''*■-■, • ^i^ r^''f^^w^\^ 

, ■ . Aua-^iO'Oo, TOif' * iVif * f..K • * * •"«>♦♦» «,,» %♦■«,• i^0^:^*^ ..,,♦• • 

•''.,i J l i lli ll'li i 'lH i i'n;,i"#'^ 


1 1 1 .} yj.M' 

Garden Hose, Barrows, Garden Tools 

Screen Doors 

Garden \\o>c in 50-fbot Icnglhs \vuh cor 

foot ub. . 


From one of the best makers on the continent Priced from 

$1.25 up. ■ Barrows of all sizes. 

B. C. HARDWARE CO., Limited 


Phone 82 825 Fort Street P. 0. Box 683 

Have You A 


For the holidays? Just received 
a full line from $i.oo to $i50-oo 

Jos. Sommer & Sons 

loiJ Go\ eminent St. 

Eastman Kodaks 
and Supplies 

Srownlea, $1.00 to 
Kodaks, up to . . . . 

.. .910.00 


Oi* Is ypur hair getting thin '.' 

Mile. Berge 

who has made the care of the hviman 
hair her life's work and through ex- 
periments with chnnilcals and herbs 
shf has dlscovererl wonderful rcmo- 
fllr-s for the hair anil scalp. 

I atop hair falling alnu)«t Imme- 
dintnl.v. I banish danilrnff after tC 
fpw treatments. I grow the h«lr 
raplfily, ant! give to U a lustre antl 
beautiful color (no dye used). Give 
me a trial and I will prove my slate- 

Roiini JM, .Siiyward BldK-. I>'nigla.s Ht. 
Hours: Id to 1::, 1 to ,',. 7 I" 11 p m. 

Ivel's Pharmacy 


■Westholmo Hotel Building 

Phone 8963. "W* ScUvar. 

The Home of the Soda Fountain 

That Is Different. 

Konk and Olass Coffa* or Oboc- 
olata Konld, 'J packel.s for 2So 

Moak and aiaaa Trtnaa, Rasp- 
berry, S^lsH or Chocolate 

. Russc, 2 packets 36c 

Monk and O-laaa Cuatard Powdar, 

per packaKe lOo 

All lilgh claaa and desirable for 



Cor. Johnson and Quadra 
Phone io6 



All $35 and $40 suits made 

to your order this week 



Latest patterns to select 
from. Style, fit and work- 
tnanshio euaranteed. 

Herman & Goodrich 

848 Yates Street 

Dr. Humphry Anger and The New 

Art Bell 

".Vilow nic, a- a nieniber of 
the iimsical profession to con- 
gratulate you upon the hiRli 
class and up-to-date p.iano 
\Nhich you arc now placing be- 
fiire the nni-iral public of Can- 

\\ (• arc c.\<"lu-.ivc rcpr^cnta- 
tivc< fur thi.- beautiful in.stru- 
mcnt which wc will ))lace in 
vmir home on ra>y terms 

Montelius Piano House 

1 104 Government Street Corner of Fort Street 

Pianos to Rent. J. F. GALLERY, Mgr. Piano Tuning 

■litvA 0mm»mmm «i»»w««fiitt«i>t to 


of work*,, ^^_^ 

The c*Ii||||^|PP||||§^||iiMipien''' 
in the Domlninri -service! Mr: «ieorge 
T. Ros3, I. S. 0., Toronto, was in the 
city yesterday on his \^•ay east from an 
inspection trij) which extendcil to 
Prince Pwupcrt and Stewart. Ycstcrd.iy 
he looked into the reciuirements of iho 
Victori.a office, in company with Mr. 
E. H. Fletcher, the local Inspector. 

Mr. S: St. John Martin and wife left 
yesterday hy the North Coa.'it Limited 
and ll:-e Cuna.rd ,Uner Cauronla for a 
shflrl trip tij Knglatid and . the Contin- 

Mr. /George L. Courtney left yester- 
day hy {•,,- '■N'orthcjii Paclflc for Port- 
land, I 'I' , where- he will meet Mrs. 
Courtney and children, who have been 
spending the winter In California. 

On Tuesday evening, at 1452 Pan- 
dora street; Miss Stella Baynttin wan 
hostess at a linen shower given In 
honor of Miss Loretto XevUle, -whos" 
marrlase .takes i>!ace shortly- to Mr. S. 
.r. .Slianks. A-\-ery enjoyable evening 
wa.s spent. .\mong the guest.s were: 
Mrs. Ha.vntim. Mrs. Steele, Mrs. Mc- 
Lean, Misses Kiihftil. Monteith.' Stew- 
art. Neelaiid.e. Trowsdale, McCreath, 
Steenson and S. Bayntun. 

Amonsr the large numlxr of gm-mn 
who spent the twenty-tmirtli and week 
Olid at the Klverside Inn. t":ow!than 
Lake, were: Mr. and Mry. W. H. P. 
.Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs. .lameson. Mr. 
T. G. Proctor, Mr. £.■ Townsley, >Tr. 
H Sehl, Mr. Bcchtcl, Dr. F. G. Moody. 
Mr. Andrew Linton. Mr. H. S. I>ott, 
Mr. A. H. Lauder, of Victoria, and Mr. 
Gordon McNairn, mi ticotiand. Vic- 
toria, m^lorlyts who spent tb» boiidavK 
at the Inn included Mr. and Mr.x. 
Smith, .Mr. and Mr.". Champion. Mr. and 
Mr.s. C. Baxter, Mr. and Mr?;, Charles 
WiLson. Mr!, and T^rs. N. T. Burdick. 
Mrs. Cooper, Mr. F. Ltieus, Mi8.>« McB. 
Smith. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Powell. Mr. 
and Mrs. W. Glvens, Mr. .lohn Haifger- 
ly, Mr. A. Anderson and Mr. J. U. 
Taylor. ' 

A quiet hut pretty weddinR took 
plfxe at Grace Knglisli Lutheran church 
parsonage, when Ml«s Lena BugslaK. 
eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. _ P, 
BuRslaK. Hatley Park. Colwood, was 
united In marriage to Mr, William Prid- 
more. only son of Mr. Pridmore, Burn- 
fjldo road. Miss TUlle Bupslat; acted as 
bridesmaid, while Mr. Blrhard Lohr 
performed the dutlea of best man. Af- 
ter the ceremony the happy couple left 
for the sound cities, and on their re- 
turn they will re.sldr- In this city. 

Tile wedding took place on iiaturdjy 
of Mr. AValter .Maycock and Mi.«8 Con- 
stance .Mi.lw.-trd, both of England. Uev. 
C. R. Lit > i>r St. .Mark's chtirch. of- 
ficiated. Mi-s^es Ruby and Kdith Wei « 
were the hifdrf'smaids and .Mr. .\lliert 
Kerjoy was' I est man. The bride w.),--} 
a. costum.e of pongee silk, with white 
hat, trimm«!u with willow plume i nd 
oranKe b'jf-'oniB. She carried a boj- 
quet of white roses and white carna- 
tions. Th^ hrioesmalda wore becor.i- 
ing jfowns of pongee silk and carried 
liouqiieta o*' pinK cnrnationa- .\fter 
the ceremony >i wadding 1)roaktast was 
served at t*ie new home of the younir 
couple on ft ley road. .Many han.l-., 
some pr^.-ientrf were received by Mr. 

and Mrs. Mayiock. 

t . — . 



fir Thom«a ■hanrhnaaay Submlta Fr<^ 

poa»l To Build Taaaala Which Can 

Ba TTaad Aa Annorad Omia*n 

;■.«•, iff' •■< 4 •,•;■'• •,»•■'»• R •'' 

I »-,f-M.9 t * • * ' 

$5 00 

was calm enouKii i' p rmlt them to re 
turn 111 the lig-ht keeper's boat. • ' 
phone mossaRe apprising Mrs. 1 
or their safe return. 



rmcn oc 

Sir Thomas SliauRhnessy, who Is In 
Enjfland Interviewing hlKh administra- 
tion authorities. In an Interview, said: 

*•[ am not yet In a position to mak» 
a definite aiinouncemeni rrffardlng the 
Canadian f'acine's plan for bulldinK 
fast rranBa.t.!«-nt^r. liiners* Tou know 
of our nroposal to the government that 
these boots, which will have a speed 
of 22 ',4 or 2S knots per hour, should 
be fitted so as to make them Rvallal)le 
as armored crtilsers In eaae of war? 

"This would he a. practical contrlbu- 
tlon#to the Kmplre navy scheme siig- 
Kested. The nrmnmer.fs would not In 
the .Mlighest manner ile-tract from the 
lioids, for passenger s-rvtce, wo\ild not. 
Indeed, be visible in usual rtrciim- 
utances. The mattw 1« ntlll under dl.^- 

"I hope to bo' able to aay aomethlng 
dennlto In another month or two. 
With thesf! three llnera In the Atlantic 
and the two elghteen-knot 8te«mera 


klCTURED here is the batt«ry of Otis-Fensom Passenger Elevators in the Traders Bank 
Building, Toronto, situated in the heart of the business district. Traffic here is tremendous. 
All day long from 8.30 a.m. until 6.30 p.m. a continuous flow of people ascend and descend 
from the first to the fifteenth floors. 

Perhaps no more convincing illustration of the efficiency of an elevator system exists anywhere. 
As in the Traders Bank Building, so in al! the notable commercial and financial structures through- 
out the country. Everywhere the story of Otis-Fcnsom service is told day after day, in suststined 
efficiency, freedom from repairs, unfatling reliability, and strength and beauty of construction. 
These same principles that make the Otis-Fensom Elevator admired and appreciated in its mora 
elegant sphere, also render it indispensable when it appears in its work-day capacity aa a freight 
elevator in the warehouse. 

Otis-Fensom Passenger Elevators are buik in a wide range of types to meet every pOMOkls rM|air». 
ment— large and small. The widest latitude is given in choice of design, equipment and coa al fUcUim. 

look for the Olis-Fcnsom name plate on, an elevalor. 
identifies the best elevator service. Judge for yfounelf. 





TuMday, May 23, 1912 

The Truest Fis 

Vou ever heard is ihc "iic w c aic telling alJOuL. 

Crippzn's Famous Boneless 
Fillets of Herrings 

Kverycne who has tried them pronounces them most delicious. 
They will keep indefinitely and can be served just as they are 
or warmed and served with butter. Try a box, if they are not 
ail we clEim, we will gladly return the money. Price 50c box. 
Vvc quickly sold out our first consignment and now a new 
chipmcnt has just arrived, and would advise you to order a 
box or tvvo at once. 

XOKL'S POTTED FISH. Bloaters. Shrimp, Lob.->tcr. 

Sardir.cs. etc., larjje gla<s dish 25f^ 

Smaller size . . . . ...... . . . . .' . . , 20^ 

XoKI.-s I'< iTT!'.!) Mi-:.\TS WD CAME, large gfals 

dish ;., ..A.....;..25<^ 

Smalier .sii:c ' . . .20<^ 

XOELS \\ll()LH ROLLED O:?^ TONGUES, per iar^ 
$1.50 and . . . ..«..,. . . ...... . .^1.25 

XOEL'vS SARDI.X'ES. in glass with tomatoes or truf- 


fled, eacli 




MLXCED CLAMS, per tin ....... ...... .20^ 

]!•■ IT CO.MES i-'Ri ).M K ! RK 1 1 A.M'S— TTS THE BEST 



■parka IfBit* Baof — a roof nre (lid 
cumpai'utiveiy ■iiiall daAwKe on Siin- 
tlay afternoon at 2.30 o'cloc!; to the 
lealrtenco owned by the B. C. I-und A 
liTiproveinent Co., at lift? N'ancouver 
slrt<'t. Sparks from the chlniiipy were 
llic caitBe of the trouble. The ditparl- 
ment guiuUly aubduoi^ the bluzo. 

^I** Hall Xmi>roT«in*Bta — ln)!>r<>v»'- 
nienta are belrijj made to the heuii- 
tliiartera lire hall. Cormorant .street, a 
neiV floor bjjlns 'aid antl other needed 
alteratlona made. As soon us the new 
motor apparutUB arrives and the pros- 
ei\i horse-drawn iileces at headnuarters 
ate turned into motor vcliUles Chief 
Uyvls will have n parade of all th« 
sil'Paratus lo rIvc Ihc pc iplo an up- 
(jbrtunlt.N- of wlliu-.s.sluK the motor brl- 
Rade In aclloii. 

XlUttd ,at Cumbarlfciid — The provincial 
li.iillce lia'.f received Information that 
WlUlatii l.oKan was killi'd on Thursday 
Uijtht ai ("Cumberland in mine Ko. 6, by 
a hf'Kvy fall of rock. iJcceiiHed, who 
waf a native of BallUeaton, Scotland. 
kgQil ' thirty-tlirer. leaves a wlfn .and 
twn children, wlio |_iail only rocoiitiy 
Ivft th«j old ti^uiiii.v to JuSit lilin .. ; 
Cviniberland, Logan was hltflvly !• ■ 
spcctert In the community, having: gono 
UifeUuh-j-ihe Buer wttr. n«d- becu, ft 
fc^trlotlc citizen, An Inuuest w;(8 to 
bfr tield yeaterUay. 

la»py AppllcatloBB — Thirty-four 


'^^llce, of > : 
day y\ I'll iiil; '.'x I lit- ii' 
of liiai City. 1 '■ • " 
Victorians, a.s 
lor of police, a. 1.. 
Taylor . A'nsworth. 
fiknU Jor 

Grocery Dept. 
Tels. 17S, 179 

Butcher's Dcpt. 
Tel. 2678 

Liquor Dept. | 
Tel. 2677 j 

741, 743. 745 i^ort Street 

.1 of chief of 

n on Satur- 

■ ri were from 
>rmcr lospt-' 

. ' : 
' I'hHpnian. 
1' \mph 
i.iiii H Bax- 

XlBir'a BlrtMfty— Monday next. June 
3, will be the klnc'a birthday and a 
Htaiulory holiday. All government of- 
ficer win be closed throuKhoul the pro- 
vince. ' 

BnUdlaf In 0»k Bay — .\ building per- 
mit has been l.ssued by ihe Oak 13ay 
uuthorllloa to Mr. l'". l". KnewHtuble for 
a .seven-roomed house on Cowan avenue 
at a cost of |.^500. 

vS.imue! Watt, 
charscd v.'it.n 

Sog- C»«« KamftudAd- 

^"^^M ^ m » ' oy ' gv- ^ ^ ' 



\\*e liold a very coiupiete stock of every (lcscrii)tion, of Packini; 
i(jy c\ t-ry )><'>shihlc purpose. Undcrnotcd are ^onic of the well 

1 1 ",. .. I .. i.:..i, .. . I ;.. .. 1 1 : . - . 

f\ 1 1 ' I \\ 1 1 r» i rt m I r^ \\ i j ll ll \> i - - r r ti cu i r-ir \ -. 


M IC.\-.\Sr.i:S'rOS F'.\CR1.\G in ,ill -i/-c>. in this packiiiR the 
.Mica acts as ;i^P/';fcit. very cool luhricant. "SVVARTS," "LlON" 
anil "I'AIAIKTTO" arc other very liigh grafic steam packin^.s 
of which \vc have a full ran^c. ^- 



••SW.ARTS" I'lf.MP I'ACiviXC. i-r hut and cohj water, and 
".\lIC.-\ T'T.AX" ininip p.u-kinj?. 


".\shesto--," "Waikeritc," "KlinK<'rit." "F.vcrtight" and "Rain- 

We have als^ a huge sUick of .\sl)c-ios Tape, \V«cking, Hand- 
hole aild Manhole (jaskcls. 

E. e. MAIVHN ^ CO. 


iJOJ Wharf Street 

Phone 15 


Port Albcrnt vi»lu«a ha7« tncreasea 100 per cent. In th* fmat tl 
Oiontha. Th* Albcrat l.anil Company' hava btili a BumlMr of l>ta tvt 
■Al« »( »>!•'« rtffinal pilcea. 

«« f«>t Jo'.k Cion 98S0 

M foot ^ota : roir. %Sfa 

Terms 1-4 csi^ and baUne* over 2 1-2 yeara at < p«r oodl 


Ajmt* Port ^Iberni Land Cr., lAA. 
M1>>0S Sajrwwrd Bttiidtnc Victoria. Port Albami. B. C 

t Member* Victoria' Rmi Batate CXcbano 

^^.. -mmi; Frank 
Jrftttl«it tJrqUhart. 'in. ooard di - 
fcrred action until .Tun« 5th, in order 
t,, Inv. s! iKiilv ihf- H|ipHvatlons. 

sea Wall Completed The l«sl work 
on . the Dallas road sea wall ha» beon 
dnT''> !..• tiiP Pacinc Coast Construction 
»" . Old the work Is now flnUheii. 

It practically comideted two 
months \aKo, but there ronmlned some 
»\\\\i.\\ details which had to be linishcd 
bcfofc the City took dyer lite work 
frtjin the contractors. The fllUnK In be- 
hind the wall has been completed, and 
(S.BOon as It .sctllcs sufndentiy pftv-. 
inat work cian bo proceeded Avlth on 
Dallas road at that point. The work 
cost approxltiKitely $112,000, plus some 
JCSOO for extr.i.s on account of changes 
authorized ufu-r the contract was let. 

Op»a Air Service — A very ini«reiiitln» 
s' I vi( 1.' was hrld on Sunday afterooon 
on the W'illow.s Meach, by the company 
of Christian people who meet In the 
hall ,ovcr ChaUoner & Mitchell's, and 
who use the Majestic Theatre on Sun- 
day evenings for religious services. 
.V .larsfe company gathered on the 
iieaeli to wltnefis the baptlBm of a 
lumiber of younp nirn and women. 
Kloven persons were imnuM-.sed by Mr. 
tJ. O. Hcnner, EvanBilist. Hymns 
Were suns: by the company on the 
shore, dwrintr the baptisms. Mr. S. I. 
Ittilie, Xcw WeatmJnster. gave a brief 
address at the commencement of the, 
sfi\ he on Immersion. 

Steal a Motor Car— Some persons 
bent uiion (5ttJo\;ng themselves at an- 
oUior's expense purloined the motor 
car owned by Mr. aidaon Hicks from 
In front of thp Jitter's residence on 
•Suhday- evenl;iiLv :inil. despite the fact 
tliat Mr. Hlck'^ lui.l taken tlio i>!—au- 
tlon to removr tin- sinrk p!iik. -^-nh- 

dLscovofed yesterday at noon by .Jailer 
Macdonald, of the local poltc)(w>.depart- 
irt6rti. In the ditch on the .Oadboro bay 
Dvtld. near Cadboro bay. The car was 
lltUe dam«;:;ed. Mr. Flicks on Sunday 
evening; repoited the theft to the police 
and under the Impression tliat the 
thleve.s would probably inaUn iii> the 
Island, intermediate point-' i :,; .ir* 

.N'flt-aitlio \vprr> notlflod. 

Death Duo To Accident — •■.\ 
Jealli" w«.s tile verdict returned by tliu 
(.oroncrs jury which sat yesterday 
mornlnK at the city hall to InvPStlg-.-vto 
tlie clrcumsiiiiKcs siirroundlns: iho 
dfiiUh of Llm Vii-n. the younp Chln.i- 
maii, who, while altemptlnff to alight 
from a mnvlns slrfct car at noon on 
the ^Itii, si;«talned a fracture of 
the skull. :\nd dioil at the Uoyal JuMI.'- 
ho.^liit.ii thn f. hotird later. In thr ab- 
J-tnL-e fio'i! the t.-ity of the coroner, i>r. 
Ilari, the actlnsf coroner. Dr. Haply, 
presided and testified that death 
hAd been raufscd by ft fracture at the 
base of the .«kull. Kvideni c w,is given 
by Conductor tieorRe .Norsworthy that 
the ni.-ui had attempted to get off the 
ear vvliii: It wa.-i moving: but had been 
ordered to stand buck until it stopped. 
The jt^i!n-.iiiian, however, a few seeonds 
hiter disobeyed the oi-iler nntl while the 
ear was still In motion ait'>mpted to 
alight. RPttInK off hackw.'ird.M and be- 
liiR tlirown violently to the hard i).ivo- 
ment. The jury exonerated the ooni- 
imny's employees from any blame In 
lUe miitlfr." lion. .\. V,. Mrr^iiillipn, IC, • 
C, sollelior for the ('oiMt);iny, repre- 
sented It at tlie )ie<iring 

rioranea Nlrbtlnffala Obaptar — There 
v« aH a very lar^f a Iteiiihinie of mem- 
bers at the third mertinK of the Fltir> 
enco XlqhtlnBrnle Chapter of the DauRh- 
ter« of the ICmpIre, which was held 
yv.«.|erday afternoon at the Alexandra 
Oluh I'omtnlttee room. In the ahseriee 
of the reffent, Mrs. Masell. the vicc- 
regent, Mrs. Home, presided, openUig 
the meeting with prayer for the KlnK. 
After the minutes were read, the 
new member.'! were introduced and 
welcomed. They were: Mesdames .1. I.. 
Hrekwitii. Alex. Iloblnson, CaMerall. 
ahephcard, P'raser; Misses 12. K. Carr, 
Huxtable. Gordon. Munroe and Hen- 
neay, all '"members of Mr, Houjfhton'."* 
ela.<ia in First Ala to the Wounded; Mrs, 
Pehdriiy and Miss Green. A discuaslcn 
io'ok tilnee as to which would i>e tho 
beii means of raising funds for the 
cbi^titr, A summer tea was suKmested 
Artrt Mrs. W. A. Jameson ofrer«^d her 
li«tn« for ai>y afternoon chosen. This 
o#ar Whs accepted and Wednesday af- 
ternoon. June IHb. from 3 to • waa 
decided upon. Committeea ware form- 
ej ^o make arranirementa for mualcal 
iJi'o^ramme, refreshmenta and decora- 
lli^nit for that date. It waa decided to 
\\»\h n cnndy booth and have cut llow- 
oj^ii.'for *ail«. 

oa >'>ctor*tt V« t-st, "WHO 
being owne]' of a vicious doK. wau 
again remandeil In the police court ye»- 
tcrduy morning. .ludgment In thlsj lase 
will be si\cn today. 

Oak Bax Aaaeaameut Soil — The Oak 

Hay court of revlsiun was iield yester- 
day afternoon to consider appeals 
ajrainst the. a-sxcHsm. nt roll. Thi-re 
was only .one ai)p('al. in which the orlK- 
inul a«KeM«ment was ui)l\>Ui, and the 
roll uas aicordlnifl.v I'HSSud as presciil- 

Itred Boyal Salute — A royal salutu 
of. L'l gun.s was fired from the salutln;; 
battery at Work I'olnt yesterday by 
the Itoyal Canadian Artillery forces, 
under .Major .Mills, officer commandinB, 
In honor of the birthday of her maj- 
eat\- Ouecn Marv. Her majesty's birtU- 
dny occurred mi Suniiay. but tlie flrini; 
of the salul. • > .■!':! a hiilil nuou 

Daug'Uters of rity Meeting — The 

regular nioiiilily meeting of the DauKh- 
ters of I'ity was lield yesterday after- 
noon at the .\iexandra Club. With the 
president. Miss lltscocks, in the chair. 
Ther.- «as ;. ; attendance of menl- 

bi !v i-;i ., :.,,,i.j, uiu llems_ of business 
up for consideration \viiK 
ill. qu.NUoti of •■ ' 't- T funds for the 
fr.rtluominjr ent* • ut, aiid the ox- 

i of thanka lo those members 

. (■ bi.-en taken part in the iiospl- 

,ktU.i caniDitlcn., T,r.,>v»H flet-iiicd, that the, 

WnuE-hter.^ of Pity Uhould hold their 
'.i*-! iiH lore the summer lioU- 

1 'i .... I i'>n xvith the VV, .\. , lo 

, ' i i.ti ^^ '.i!i. J in. in .1 line. 

Iilbrary Improvement* — A; Kuii 

lUfetiii^ uf tiu: cominjs^slone:.- •■: Liic 
public library it was decided in maUt 
certain structural alterutionii to the 
building: which will greatly conduce to 
the convenience of the readers. Th^ 
reference room on tlie Kround floor 
will be partitioned off. from the entry 
and entered from a door by the front^ 
desk, thus- ensuring sreatcr <iulet. Up- 
stairs a small office will be thrown 
Into tlie room once used by the Xatirral 
History society, and this is to be a 
magaxine paoxw for both women and 
men. Here magazines will be kept ou 
tile,, and the readers will be separate 
from the Kcneral public in the lario 
reading room. 

Uquor Selling- Case— Charged with 

having .sold linuor to Capt. Moses and 
his brotlier, ICuper I.= land Indians, who 
brought him seaAveed, Ah Kee, a Chin- 
ese, was broutcht b.jfore Police Magis- 
trate Prior \esterda.v morning. The 
two Indians gave evidence that they 
had sold seaweed to the Chinese, wlio 
asked them If they wanted whiskey, and 
offered to .<(ell them a bottle 
for %\.th. Ivach paid him H.iT, a-.d 
he Rave them t^^o liollles of sin, 
wrapped In the sack In which they had 
brought the iicaweed. When the In- 
dlnna left the place Constable Turner 
met Uiem and took them and the gin to 
the police station. ^Ir. I-'rank lUggina 
appeared for the defense. The case 
was remanded until today. The licen- 
sees of the Wcstholme h«iiN^were fined 
llO'i or conviction of sellAig ll(|uor to 
a minor. Tlie case will )<e ajipealedi. 

rannara' Znatltute — .\t the foliowing 
me^Llngii of r;irm^rs' Ijidtltutes* Mr. A. 
Ijoiighecd BowUcn. .\lbcrta, will dellvoi: 
addresses In the place of Mr. George 
Hareouri, whose absence in the east 
will prevent his atlendahlje: Arrow 
Lake-f, .\«kusp. May 'i: .Stock Kalsing; 
Arrow Lakes, tlrouHc, June I, Stock 
Ualsing: Arrow Park, Jiiiu ;(, I'armlng; 
Burton City, Burton, June 4, i'armlng; 
l-'lre Valley and Lake tShore, Kdgewood, 
June 6, Karnilng; Ne«^ Denver, Bo.sun 
Hall, New Denver, Juno T, Farm Stock; 
Kootenay Lake, Ka.slo, June S, .Agricult- 
ure; Kootenay, Thruiiiii, June 11, 
Lil\e Sloik; Itobsou, .June 11', The Sui;- 
cessful [•'armer; Uolisoii, Iteruito, June 
13, Farming; .South ICootonay, VVaneta, 
June H, Soil Cultivation; South Koot- 
eimy, l'"rultvale, June li, ]''arming. 

.^^),illdlur Permlta— Uuilding jiermiis 
were |s.-jued jcKterday by llie buildijig 
inspector to Mr. WlUlam Harris, dwell- 
ing on l''ifth street, to' lo.'it ^•-'000; to 
Mr, II. 1 liidgkinsoii, adUJiioii to dwell- 
ing on St, Charles street, 
$)7.'i; lo .Mr. .\. A. Sears, dwell- 
ing on llillKlde avenue, li'SoO; to Mr. 
A. H. Godfrey, dwelling on Uobertson 
street, JJ900; to Mr. A. L. KliiJiel, 
dwelUng on King's road, $3r)()0; to Mr. 
'1''. Uanisaj-, dwelling on ilamlllon 
.itreet, $l-.'iO; to Mr. J. T. McDonald, 
garage on MitJregor street, $2r>0; to Mr. 
.\., dwelling on Hprlr.gftcld 
avenue, JUfiO: to Mr. N. Hertrucci, ad- 
dition to dwelling on .Mason siroet, 
J.TOO; to Mr. George .\ger, garage on 
Trulcli strccL. $l.'iO; to Messrs. John- 
ston (t Odin, dwelling on Home street, 
$tOO0; to ^^■ood .Motor C'o., frame stor- 
age room on Rockland avenue, near 
Wiucouvcr street, |ri,500; to Mr. Will- 
lain Clark, dwelH.'ig on Princtss avenue. 
"lL'800; to Mr. <J. It. Hughes, garage on 
Government street, $150. 



MflP'ii-.VnKlr.-il Orricr. \'lt;iir!«, I!. C. al 
8 II ni.. .May JTIIi ,1U1:'. 


Tlip ImriMitelf r la r<iiniJiir«li\ ely low ov«^r 

this provlnijfl mid nhnwery weather In liecom- 

Inu K<" wi-nt of (lin CanciKie*. Hoavy 

rdliiB aif r<>.iorted tliroughout the I'rulrh" 



.MIn, ,Mnx. 

Vlftorld 10 e:j 

VatirijuviM f,i) 62 

Kaniloopn JO 7i) 

I'rince Hupen f;4 h% 

*tlln \{\ Kl 

Calgary, Alia 4X fii) 

Wlnnlpe»t, -Msn so 70 

I'orllttnd. Ore to «2 

Han Franolsro, r'm 54 ns 

SU.SD.W. MAT 24th. 

IHglieKt ' (!4 

t.ow cat ; 5t 

Aver^KO ; 67 

nrlRht »un«hlne — 5 lioura and 24 minutes. 
n«ln— .0« In. 

mondat; may Jtth. 

HiKhMt sn 

rrf>flrei: ; , . , . . 4 H 

Avei-4»e tS 

nriaiit «uniitiin«— 2 houra and 34 Miaiiiaft 
14»lu — A irfcto. . ■, 

> •• •■»•••• 

Blouses . 

Witli ricljly cinbroiti- 
ored troiits special value. 

At $1.50 ahd $1.75 

They slu:>ul(l sell ciuickly 
a I these priees. 

G. A. Richardson & Co. 

Victoria lli",i,';e 

O3O Yates St. 

Agents for Butterick 


Plate Or 
Nickel Silver 

Wear.s a lifetime ami aUvays 
loi^iks well. 

(Icsigns of ciiafiing' flishes, 
entree ili.shcs, cn^'^crole 
(Ii.she.>^, imilfin cli-I.L .md 
IHTn il;iturs. 

Guaranteed With 

Every Piece 

Our pcr.^ona! guarantee 
goes with every piece of this 

Chafini; I )i:-Iio>. Si 7.50 t^ 


Knirtc Dislio.^. .S-'.S to $8.00 
Muffin IJitilies, •'ry-.^o to $7.00 
Coffee l^ercolator, ^17.75 

tt) $11.50 

Casserolc.■^, S16.50 to.. $7.00 
llqt\\'ater Kettle. $37 

Call Today and Sec Otu" 

W. H. Wiikerson 

The Jcwalsr 

Phone 1606 
tl5 OoTanunant Bt. Tlctorla 

Canton Linens 

Importers of Chinese and .lapan- 
ese Silks of every des'-riptlon. 
Call and sea our st'X-k liefore pur- 
eiiHslng el«»*whHre, 


IT 15 (.ii>\ crnnicut Street 


I0>\2 Acres 


Terms -Vri-anged. 


Member Victoria Iloai r^siaio 

n»om 13. McCirrgor Itlmk 
«;t- Alcw St. riioiii' 2'i01. 


Strang"c, btit will be 
foij/id true at 

The Tea Kettle 

1119 Soufflas St., Opp. Tlotorla 

The Cost 
Of Using 
An Electric 


The Howard Watch 

Is small as compared with the 
upkeep of a roarlns fire for sev- 
eral iiour«. Cotic-ct'itralion of 
heat just when and where you 
want it meann economy. Tiren, 
think of the convenience and 
comfort, loo, ^ 
Our prices rtin from $4.50. 
, Come in and talk it over. l,«t 
us show you our fans and fix- 
tures, alsOi 


fflS Oormoraat St. Wast rir* XaU 

rmomu n« 

SPEX:iAL ^55.00 

This "sf)ecial" is the regular 17-jewel Howard movement 

in a solid 14 karat gold case. Tlie (|uality of ••lioward ' 

\»'.,. .u _ ,,_„-i ., - ^._„u_ ,.;-,;«,.■ .,,> <1tj» fii/> xmIih- 111 tliic in- 

v\ aiciic.-i iiCms iiu c nipnaiii/.>>i j,. -••-' »••",> -••v •---- --• ..u- u. 

.stance is cxceulional. 

Summer Special 


Full Alcmbcr.^Iii]) in Y.M.C..\., . includi,n,q' 
all privileges, $5.00. ' ".ood until Septcmher 
].st, 1912. Activities: Swimming- Fool, Cym- 
naj:itim, Canoe Club, Camp, Baseball, Cricket, 
Athletics, Football, Camera Club and all sum- 
mer .<pQrts. Boys, $3.00. 

Remember that there's some 
thing in iilver ior tverybody. 
To be sure of giving silver that 
Is perfect in design and Vnlsh 
see that the trade mark 


It stamped on spoons, forks, 
knives and fancy serving pieces. 
"Silver flate that Wears" 
Icsl \ti itfi, dishet, waittr$, 

etc. , arc stamped 


When Buying GiftsJ i \ yj^g Roof Above 

Your Head 


Quality »nd Quantity is ou: 

Hall & Walker 

:23a OoT«rnja»a: St. V^on» i 

May, and often does, cause 
endless trouble. If ysur 
builder uses j 


}'Ou arc .safe. A 25-ycar te.^t 
lias proved its merits, 

Always ^specify ".A'.aUhoid."' 

P. & B. Waterproof Build- 
ing Paper 

Odorless and clean ; gives 
real satisfaction. 


1105 U'harf St. I'hone 1 1(4 

Clothes Line 

Wire and Linen Clothes 

Washing Machines, Wring- 
ers, Clothes Airers, Baskets 
and Dryers. 



riumbing- and 1 lealinij Co., 


726 Fort Street 

opposite Kirkhanis. 





Kwong Tai Yune 

Lee Block, 
1622 Govercmcra St. 


And ^ 



Willi fine hairline .stripe 
of blue or lilaek, makes a 
charming- .suit that any 
lady would be proud ol. 
We iiave also the plain 


1432 Government St. 


More Heat Iiesc Soot 

XiesB Afk, to 


Try a ton today and boi convinced. 


riione 53(| , 
ortli n - 604 Government St. 


What niaehitie <:aii-be4t 


Ladies' and Gent's 

Summer Suits 

Can bf ma'de bv u.s at a 
very inoderatc price. 
We keep all kinds of 
elolh. including white 
flannel for cricketers. 


1434 Government .Srtfcet 
Victoria, B. C^ 



For Tii|» 


72S Fort St, 

. "liJ' ii' wHiH i 


v.. W »lii ' .<fc) ifc ii»W»W,i-.i»*!.»> 

Tu*«day, May 28, 1912 



Cotton Voiles — Fine thread weave in good weight. They 
come in plain colors of a large variety, also in white 
grounds with blue, black and pink stripes. Per yard. . .35^ 

Marquisettes — Dainty sheer, fine thread weave, in plain or 
cord stripes in all one color effect, also in cross-bars. 54 
inches wide. Per yard ^^^ 

Bordered Batiste — Fine sheer weave, 40 inches wide, in cross- 
bar or dotted patterns. They come in plain or bordered ef- 
fects. Per yard . . .^u^^^mk* 25^ 


with -neat flol 
Per yard . 

l( fcAl ^ »V«lB: ^-^wity stripe 
-nra good range of iiokftBk 



McChlV iPattenxs. ^49 "^ates Street. 



(Irr^nA Tnrw Fc+ahlkhmir g Rft- 

cord for Expeditious De- 
spatcli of Its Business — 
Acquittal for Parelli 


Big SMpment Just Arrived 

We have jost unpacked a large shipment of beautiliil 

In alH cc^a^ bttt^iluny hand- Worked, 
Prices, J?40 to $6.00 ' 

An extremely Ug^t (locket and an a.b- 
Scnce of serious offences had the effect 
of lessening public Intorcst in the pro- 
cet-ilingB at the spriau absizes, which 
opened yesterday In the supreme court 
before Mr. Justice Morrison, and the 
grand Jury set a new record for expedi- 
tion m performing lt« duties as well as 
for the brevity of Its presentment. This 
document, w-hlch previously had been 

llJ<ll,^lly of Hnrrm lnn_iftli, lieallnjC wtth 

all matieis of public concern which 
tnlght be conbidered suitable for some 
r*J»»nce by this august body, yester- 
(taar Jlwr«ly,<IJQnsistSd of a couple of. 

g the court upon 

|jjj"i A'##Wii^r*^8*'"^>W^'**^% .■WwBPft-jV '^^ff*'-',- ' TJf" 

,t w«us so Ugbt> 

to |h* &dt ttii): It WM » n«tt«r f«r 
cmtnXMkMam tMM; impnirpimKif* w•)^e 
4* «• It^mmu^Xtf-mmam «• tha irtU wd 
the provincial hOBpital. 
Tile gp»n4 Ju^y con«l«t«S of MoMtf. 

pUm, F. % <i^9Hn» Vlo^ A- <jt. 91to|. 
H. iCw;k»n,~B««fA i>ot«^ aM»# ?• 
Jouintrot; Wi J. JUMoNien. tfftnMi Bsk- 
■» i BM J ifc n i l w ( CT i ntni i wi . Joinw Omirl i ^ 


B«o*lT«dl ana rU«<U^A. lencthy latter 
from Alderman Cuthbert on the Bi"b- 
jeci of the .Soyniour Narrow'* bridge 
committee was read at last night's 
council meeting and tabled without 

X. ML O. A> Boctal — On W<!«Jnci»^y 
next a i»o«Wil will be held at ' the 
Y. M. C. A. at which -His Honor the 
Lieut. -Governor liaa conaonttMl to pre- 
ooiil the Uoyal Life-saving certificates 
and me'dals which have been gained by 
members during the seaaon. 

B««ks OlTlo Onuit — The commanding 
officer of the Fifth Regiment has ap- 
plied to the city council for a grant 
of. J200 to be devoted towards paying 
the expenses of the men who will at- 
tend the Dominion Rifle Association 
meet at Ottawa this year. The request 
will be considered by the finance com- 

▲saiatast SoUoitor Xaairns — Mr. J. 
y. Copi-'inan, assistant city solicitor, 
who hua l.'oen In the city's service for 
the past year, tendered his resignation 
to the city council last evening, stating 
that lie hae decided to enter private 
practice. The resignation wtus aO( 
with regret. Mr. Copeman wlljifll 



Z&t«r*attBff A««o«B« of th* ZBtemfttlonM 

SxUblttoa at Oraadaa OiTas 

My Jtx. Soma 

1601-3 Government Street, Cor. Cormorant. 

Phone 2862 

Inside Property 


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TOT TOMT WT. (BMt Twrry-B) 

an^ T. N. Hlbben. Mr. W. X. UvtwW 
Is acUni; as crowa proaeoutor. 

jury Mtitea ana shortly aft«MmK» 
presented true bills against Alfred Mor- 
ris, common assault; Joe ParelU, un- 
lawful wounding; Nicholas, attempted 
carnal knowledge, and against Willy 
Bill, an Indian, attempted rape. N» 
bill wa.s found against Wm. Hansen, 
charged with the theft of ?20 and a 
luiir of spectacles, and the prisoner was 
iinniedlately discharged, the court hav- 
ing previously remarked that such 
cases should have been dlapoBed of In a 
lower court. 

The Jury, without leaving the box, in 
the Morris case, found a verdict of 
guilty, and the prisoner was remanded 
for sentence. During the course of his 
evidence Morris said that after his as- 
sault upon the public prosecutor In the 
police court he had been roughly 
handled by the police, but, on being 
asked by his lordship If he could pro- 
duce witnesses, said he could not. 

The case of Parelli. charged with 
wounding, the offence having been com- 
mltied on the 10th of February in 
front of Ship Inn saloon on Wharf 
street, and a razor being used, was 
taken up at the opening of the after- 
noon session. The*'fonowing jury was 
empanelled: Messrs. Alex. Ingraham 
(foreman), A. D. Plnsdale, W. S. Bart- 
Ictt. V. M. Irwln,«=C. F. Oliver, Edward 
Kean, Wm. Bradley, Robert Heather, 
H. K. Colwell, Wm. Gill, John Halkett, 
S. A. Watson. 

The prisoner was represented by Mr. 
J. A. Alkman, who entered e plea of 
not guilty. As the proceedings had to 
be carried on with the aid of an Inter- 
pretor, the hearing: occupied consider- 
able time. No new evidence was ad- 
adaucea oeyond -wiiat had boon TSOOfuSv* 
in. the preliminary hearings In the pol- 
ice court. 

Mr. Alkman relied much on the evid- 
ence of prisoner himself, and. having 
placed him In the box, and hl.«i utory 
being told. In his address to the jury 
contended that It was clear that prison- 
er had simply been defondiiig himself 
from assault with Intent to commit 
robbery, and should be found not guilty. 
The jury took this view of the case 
also, though they deprecated the use 
of a razor under such circumstances. 
On making such presentation as a fii-st 
finding, his lordship sent them out 
again with Instructions to bring in a 
verdict of gu'-t" or not guilty, and thi^y 
ci>n«e the latter after again deliberating 
ror"^«m6 time. Prisoner was Immed- 
iately discharged. 

The charge agaln.«it Slmone, shooting 
at a fellow countryman on Broad street 
on Ist February, was next proceeded 
with, the following jury being empan- 
elled: Messrs. X^. J. Jones (foreman). 
S. F. Sharp, C. A. Goodwin, D. Fisher, 
J. A. Klei<, Goo. Ive.s, F. Shopland, 
Itnrry Brown, H. M. Gibson, J. M. Ma- 
son. Geo. Christie, J. Tribe. 
Lowe appeared for the prisoner, 

The various witnesses who had testi- 
fied at th" preliminary hearings In the 
police court were again examined, the 
case occupying considerable time owing 
to the necessity for an interpreter, 
and his lordahlp, desiring to conclude 
last evening ratlier than take up part 
of another day, an adjournment was 
taken at 5.45 until 8 p.m. 

At the evening pitting the case for 
the defence was heard, a large amount 
of evidence being put in, and the 
case olu nOv C«**c;fc*«v aui.ix ..j.^^. u -i.-^-- « 

The Jury was cu-t hut a short time and 
returned with n verdict ot guilty. Sen- 
t<-nce will be pronounced at the con- 
clusion of the asslzo. 

■ llUberle. #iiJ«Dplll9» — Attorney 
a^vai Bowwtar lUUl' id' mm ooneuUa- 
tlM With Mt. F. n. CiiiuiMttlftn. nom- 
lolon lttip«etor of fUHevlfMii jMtarMx 
In connMStlon vltti' tb» llrinilM^ <tf 
Ueuum tut th« emt^mt y«wr. fttttf aiw 
la ooWMetkni «ti«i iif «r«> ttuttUM of 
«ep«rtni*i»tal l«p«rt*ne«.' Vk, pommvf 
$tM,UA that ,|ilM «*«*■ ot ' «*• ww» 
ItBWMM ww»Wl* «»**UkM9 «horU».'. 

fuinrtf vt wrtrtM . 

Um reacrvolr, IkewwiftaldwMI «i^, «!»• l>l*h 

l«v«l0 OQ Topftl •VMitt* ^U h»r* to fo 

wtux<;»ut « supply. «i ispMi^Mof « >*- 

guwt ot m^ » !i^~-m»,;ii^p«» >V' 

ported at last «t«htfr laHMrttet ot *T» 
city council that until there are nine 
feet of water In the reservoir the water 
will not be on a level with the floor of 
Mr. Talt^s residence, and hence, under 
existing conditions no supply can be 
furnished him. There are but about 
five feet of water In the western, half 
of the reservoir at present. 

Mora Bulldlnga Condemned — In view 
of tho fai-t that lliv; owner.-^ or their 
representatives were not present last 
evening the city council, which had left 
over two case« where buildings had 
been condemned by the medical health 
ofHcer and sanitary inspector in order 
that the nwners .should have an op- 
portunity of presei»ting their arguments 
why the structures should not be con- 
demned, ordered their demolition. Medi- 
cal Health Officer Hall reported that 
two stables on the list could not be 
condemned, provided proper drainage 
facilities were Installed, and as the 
owners agreed to do this work the 
stables will be allowed to remain. 

Advertl«inff That P»y« — The mall at 
the office of the Vancouver Island Do- 
vclopmemt League yesterday was large, 
jind testifies to the fruitfulness of their 
advprtlslng placed in the press of the 
British Isles and Canada as well as 
other British countries. A retail store- 
keeper from Clie.shlre wishes to know 
what he can do with a capital of 
JIO.OOO. Tho secretary of a business 
house In Capo Town wishes to come 
hero with his family. A Femie store- 
keeper wlsheis particulars about Lady- 
smith and Nanalmo. A photographer 
fram Chc.<?h!ro, and a commercial trav- 
eller from Bradftird want a place whero 
their children will have a better chance 
than m England to grow up In a healthy 
outdoor life. Some twenty other letters 
from the prairies. South Africa and 
England make enftuiries -for Informa- 
tion chiefly In regard to poultry and 
.»maU- farms. 

The memh^rn nt th« Natural HUtory 
Boclety held their fllnal meeting hetcre 
the suninier holtdayB last evening in 
the Friends" hall. Vice President Tllley 
presided In the abeence of the presi- 
dent, Mr. W. J. Sutton, and the fea- 
ture of the evenlngr was the very In- 
teresting and deecrlptlve paper given 
by Dr. «ome on "The International 
Expoeltlon of Hygiene at Dreeden," 
which was held there last year. Dr. 
Home made a thorough tour of the 
exposition, and his graphic word pic- 
ture was much appreciated. 

The International exhibition of hy- 
giene, which was hfild at Dresden from 
JNIay till October of last year, said the 
speaker, was undertaken with the defi- 
nite Intention of displaying the science 
of hygiene In all Its branches in the 
most complete manner possible. Its | 
endeavur was to orova that hygiene I 
was not a far oft science for experts | 
and professors but a live problem that 
.concerned Itself closely with every 
day of life. The exhibition had been 
planned fur el«ht years, the master 
mind and guanintorB being In Dresden, 
but help came from everywhere In 
Germany and Sxoff). »a9^ loselCA Jl&ndA* 
It occupl94,|W^|rMite'iMf|ji^ 

w aasw m the p«W|'amte>W waa 
mmA m 72 bu»««i*«t jWfii^ viB- 

'Itaa H ftt tl^ m^ ot July, -mnn the 
/] acl^ool )u»04i|M>^'Vere just bcErlnning, 

^*»*^'>!if^^^^'^^'^^*^^^ went 

tb9 cvatMI' f tat«t» iwl»» ' t lMi txmt 

Nate iNur tb* tUrty-fllii Mttl«ntlflo S6e» 

tlona, showing all the best and "latest 
wogfc^to Vfwy braaKJ» ot hyititna, 1»- 

iikJIni -Wfttri^tn /Ittirilit^ fiJTt. ^ % 

They Never Saw 
Harry Lauder 

But they can hear him sing-^t his best— twenty times a day 
if they desire. They can hear the finest music the world pro- 
duces and just when they feel like it. 


Mr. R. 

Ora 8440. 

Anotlxer Bulldlar — Mr. Robert Kelly, 
of Vancouver, head of the firm ot 
Kelly. Douglas and Co., was a visitor 
to the city ycstprday, and It la under- 
stood that hla trip was connected with 
the plon-w for an extension of business 
which Is stated to be In contemplation 
by his firm. The Kelly. Douglas Co. la 
already identified with Vancouver and 
Prince Rupert, and It Is understood that 
the advantages of Victoria are now be- 
ing considered. 

Weeds Vault Aooommodatioa — City 
Engineer Rust has called the attention 
of the city council to the neceselty of 
better provision for the Bafe-keeplng of 
a large number of valuable maps and 
plans In dally use In the surveying de- 
partments on the third floor of the city 
hall. The loss of such plans, the en- 
gineer stated In a communication to 
the coimcll last evening, would be most 
Inconvenient and entail great d<>lfty 
end confusion. The bulMlng^ inspector 
win report upon what vault accommo- 
dation can be provided either In the 
tlty- hall or elsewhere. 

V Porter — The funeral of the late Mr. 
John Porter took place on Sunday at 
2:30 p. m., from the Salvation Army 
barracks, where service was conducted 
by Major and Mrs. Greene, divisional 
officers, of Vancouver, assisted by En- 
nlgn and Mrs. Macdonnld, in the pres- 
ence of a large oongregalion. The 
army band was In attendance and 
played appropriate selections. several 
hymns being tutig. .'The pallbearers 
were: Messrs. A. Croghan, W. McNeill, 
G. Wateon, A?*" Arnold, W. Iloughian 
and D. Bandeld. 

Bunnell — The death occurred on 
Sunday night at the rosUlence of Mr. 
J. W. Flotcher. 1705 Byron street, Oak 
Bay, of Miss Christina Barr Bunnell, 
aged IG years. The deceased was a' 
native of Glasgow, but had resided 
for several years at Moose Jaw, Bask. 
She was vlaltlng th« coast for the bene- 
fit of her health, which had been im- 
paired by ■ pneumonia. Beside her 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bunnell, 
she leaves several brO'thers and slaters. 
The remains were sent to Moose Jaw 
last evening by the B. C. funeral 
parlors. —.^^ 

Yuen — The funeral of the late Llm 
Yuen, who was kijitvi isiat Friday by 
a fall tj^m a street car. will take 
plflc^ today at 1:30 p. m.. to the 
Chlnnse cemctcrj'. 

Bunnett — The funeral of the late 
Mrs. Bunnett took place yesterday af- 
ternoon from the B. C. funeral parlors 
to Christ Church Cathedral, where 
service was road by Rev. William Bar- 
ton. There was a large attendance of 
friends of tho deceeaed, and many beau- 
tiful floral tributes covered the bier. 
The pallbearers were: Messrs. 8. Mac- 
lure, Paul Edmonds, E. F. Hill, 8. T. 
Fleming, H. Orlmason and William 

Johnsonf* — Tiie ftmeral of the late 
Mr. Thomas .Tohnson will take place 
this afternoon at 2:30 p. m., from the 
B. C funeral parlors, Rev. W. Leslie 
Clay ofTlclatlng, 

Births, Marriages, Deaths 


JONHB — To Mr. ^nd Mrs. B. A. Jones, et 
St. Jo««ph'« HoapHsl, on Tueadsy. 
tut Inirt.. a daughter 

fants. "housliig, araliilnft',' eT6t1*l1iig, etc. 
Ihlrdly, there was the international 
pavilions of the different nations, 
anxious to show what each had dune 
to make themselves healthy and how 
they had fouglvt against their own spe- 
cial diseases. Then, fourthly, ther^''was 
'the amusements section, which 'includ- 
ed bands, cafes, an Abyssinian village, 
beer gardens. 

The section of ancient clvlUzetlonH 
was the flrst to claim attention on en- 
tering the grounds. This showed tho 
devices used in Home, Egypt and 
Babylon, their water supply, drains, 
cooking utensils and modes of burial. 
But t!!c sreati'St crO'Wd v/rh always in 
the popular section, that dedicated to 
Der Mensch. The essence of the teach- 
ing was to impress on the German na- 
tion that in order to secure Germany Vt 
was the duty of every oltir^h to pay 
the greatest attention to hygiene. 
There was also a caravaji or traveling 
museum to Instruct people on tubercul- 

The speaker said he had been Invit- 
ed In the previous year to serve on a 
committee of the section on naval and 
ndlitary medicine. They had lilso had an 
English section, but without govern- 
ment support, got up by private sub- 
scriptions and the directors had said 
very nice things about it. The only ex- 
hibit from the Paclflc Goaet was one in 
connection with infectious disease form 

StatlKtIcs were also shown, pointing 
out that while of 1000 children bom in 
England every year 128 die, 260 per 
amiuiii la liie eaiiiy averagt' died In 

The exposition was a great success 
and tho idea of Dr. Linggner, the 
founder, was much appreciated by his 

A hearty vote of thanks to the 
speaker was moved hy Mr. Carl Loe- 
wenherg, who thought that the next 
agricultural exhibition held here should 
Include a department of hygiene. The 
vote was seconded by Captain Curtis, 
Mr. Wallace also speaking and ^aa 
passed unanimously. The members aft- 
erwards adjourned until September. 

aph Docb It 


vrinnera of Prizes aaa Those Making 

Kigh Scores Xn SAtujrday's Slfle 


The Civilian Rifle club iield their 
weekly button shoot on Saturday after- 
noon. A tricky wind spoiled some good 
scores. Capt, D, Mcintosh won the 
gold button. E. H. Beaney the sliver 
button and J. W. Sanderson the bronze 

The scores In detail: 

Class A— 200 500 600 

Capt. D. Mcintosh 31 29 29 

Capt. B. J. Gollop 30 80 28 

W. H. Bailey 27 30 28 

a Wlliiams 80 23^ 29 

Class B— 20iO 500 UOO 

13. H. Beaney 31 33 24 

R. V. Harvey 29 30 26 

T. G. Thomas 29 26 26 

J. Wlcks 29 

C. A. Goodwin »8 




Class C — 

200 BOO 600 








Mrs. J. Porter and family. 603 
Frances avenue, wish to thank their 
many friends for floral tributes and 
many acts of kindness and sympathy 
during their recent bereavement 

J. W. Sanderson 25 26 30 

J. H. Drewry *" 28 2S 

A. P. Galger 22 27 26 

a. Sheldon Williams . . . z* i* zz 

J. H. Hlckford 'i 2i 15 

B. Holmes 15 18 17 

Amerions vs. CH>toh 

BALTIMORK, Md., May 27. — Ous 
Schoenlein (Amoricus), champion light 
heavyweight wrestler, announced to- 
night that Frank Qotch had signed a 
contract to wrestle him for the cham- 
pionship on June 14 In this city. The 
match was originally made for May 
30 th. 

Trsaais Welab XatoUea 

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 27. — Freddie 
Welsh, English lightweight champion, 
will meet Orover Hayes of the United 
States, here June 13 in a ten-round 

Wothlnjir i^tka tlw Wast— Mr. E. Rant, 
who has been in the east for the past 
few weaks, returned to Victoria yester- 
day aha repotted that even Montreal, 
where lie spent some of his time, could 
not boast of the wonderful activity «f 
thu west. He found everybody curious 
about British Columbia, and ha thlnkt 
that as a result of hli« staiementa of 
f.ict not a few friends will migrata to 
;h« tar wast during t<>« ooauliig mamt- 

lion, it 4gkui^im^y-%^ «^ °^ ^^^^' ^^i 

Fletcher Bros. 

Western Canada's Largest Music House. 
1231 Government Street Phone 885 

The Westholme Grill 

Victoria, B. G. 

Visitors passing through Victoria should not miss a visit tc^ this 
Gril! You car. be assured of a hearty welcome. The best of cooking 
rnd""liquors,~Pleasant and obliging waiters. A high ^lass musical 
entertainment, both vocal and instrumental music from 6:30 to 8 and 
10:30 to I p. m. JIMMY MORGAN, Manager. 

A Snap in Acreage 


-per acre $20^0 


40 acres- 

40 acres — per acre 

Can he s£)ld separately or en bloc. This land is 
situate 7 miles from Courtney, and is only three miles 
from C. P. R. right-of-way, already Cicarcvi. 

Don't let a chance like this pass you. The terms 
are easy. < 

Law, Butler & Bayly 

1009 Government Street 

Putting A Handicap 
On Quality 

OF two commodities, one higher in qti&lity than 
the other, and showing a smaller profit to th« 
dealer, hut. BOTH by trade tuagesoldat the 
same price to the consumer, which do you think 
would be offered you imless you demand the best by 
name? It is only human nature after all to seek 
big profits. 

That is why the sale of 


**Special Selected 
Rye Whisky 

"Th* Try ioUt Wh^" 

is occasionally "held back." 

' It b the costHest whuky hi Canada to'proddea 
because it is the best The trade price is necessarilf 
higher than on ordinary whiskies. It b to die deaki^f 
advantage to sell you soroeduBf «]m Umt pays a 
bagger profiL 

It b to YOUR wAnaita^ to iw|bt mi l>«^|i 
Corby's "SPCaAL 




^^ i C Jkj^i 



TuMday, M«y 28, 1912 


Were You in the 

Crowd Here Last 


Saturday ? 

There was literally a raid in 
due to our huge reductions. We 
had an extra big stock of Boys' 
Summer Suits and there's 
many^ bargains left, but don't 

^^^^ ""^ ^L felji^ gone and 
then wisfiE""""" 
boy one. 

^ouglit the 


REMEMER— 'We are going 
out of the Boys' Clothing busi- 
ness and the sale is gradually 
neai^Ol^ its end. 







Among the many advantages of a new 
couiUi> ia the iitnesiB, pLiysicai and 
mental, of Its people. As a rule, It Is 
only the strong and the enterprising 
who can leave their old homes. The 
children burn In a new country inherit 
th« strength and vigor ol' their parents. 
But a clly or a country will, In the 
course of time, have the problem of 
the feeble-minded to face. That the 
growth of the evM shall, as far as pos- 
Iblc. be jirevented Is vital to the coni- 
muMily. This i.s a matter about which 
no province can afford to he apathetic. 
The government of Ontario has Issued 
a report on the feeble-minded which 
.sets out in the clearest light the dan- 
gers of neglect, and points out the ne- 
cessity of taking measures to safe- 
suurd the unfortunate beings who ars 
quite unable to care for themselves. 

Th« rtsport is' prepared by Lir. Helen 
.Maemurchy, and is full or^Tsuggestlons 
gathered from many 80urt;es for the 
cure or alleviation of an evil which in 
that province hft^-^HBjmft to- alarmlnj.' 
proportions. It 'Jt^j^K" too Boon for 
British Columbia to 'l«am from the ex- 
piarlence of others how to checlt en 
evil whiol|^|t|||«j^|(i|^<4^|||ttn: TWi; 
18 the mow we w ww ry -'tm m ipWffOt »•; 
-.hoped that with the lncri(Mt||..«f'jgy[||i; 
'npi<t traaaportfttlon ptopi* ehn ptAvsht 
^JgHtentm from the oMer provinces 
^totoftaar with them oPUpwi who bi- 
J«n» to this elass. ]P»rttu^tely, how- 
ever, it Is with children or with verjr 
vovng J>««ple .that the province is o«t)- 

,fei upoq ^9 ^i, ua ttift mimbir !■ 

done. Housekeepers cannot be too 
*;*refui to gather up every scrap of 
refuse from their yards. Their cellars 
cannot be too cl*«in and they should 
curefuUy cover all their food. Doors 
and wlndow.s ahould be screened and 
every precaution taken to destroy the 
tiles which have entered "Siie house. 
People need not tolerate the fly. Uuc 
when they hav6 done all they can to 
get rid of the pfxts, t'lry mnr^X remem- 
ber that there are sick and nervous 
people whose peace of mind may be 
destroyed or their recovery hindered by 
too great dread of files. In this, as in 
the case of bacteria, people do well 
to remember that the human system 
has a gr*it power of resistance and 
that InuigiiiHtlon has Immense Influ- 
ence over health. It ma\- be old-fashion- 
ed to say so, hut there ni-e in every 
country today, many thousands of 
healthy people who have been e.\posed 
to danger from Hies all their lives. 
Sun and air are great germ killers and 
healthy bodies and sound minds, are 
Immune to many dangers. 

children of feeling that tb<Sr future 
Is a matter of concern to the most 
Iproinlnent men in the city a« well as 
to thfir parents and teachers will be 
a great improvement not only material- 
ly hut morally and Intellectually. 


S, y. C. A. cases ot cruelty. Phona. 
Inspector Ruaaell, 1921 aecratary;j.'pbona 
L1738. • 

Bulldors, Notice. — Ijoora, windowa, 
glass, etc., in stock. Get our estimate; 
phone K1998, 1037 Fisguard Street. R. 
A Oreen and Co. • 

Yverdon Kindergarten and 
Prepara.ory ichool 


Bummer term commMnct* Monday. April 
15th. Tho principal. MIm Gulland. N. F. U. 
win b« free to Iriiwrvlew parent* and (uar- 
d!«n» from 10 «.m. lo 8 p.m. on Friday, 
April 12th. 



A Hinton 
Flat Iron 

.\raiie especial! y^Wffff a view to long service, so that with 
ordinary care it will last many years., 




911 Government Street 

Phone 2242 


Lunclies put up for picnics — everything fresh," Take 

some of our Grape Juice with you. 

After the sports, drop into Clay's for refreshments. 


Breakfast 7:30. 

61Q Fort Street. 

Victoria West 

Near West Ha}, with close lu 150 led i'mniagc, on car 
line (6) lots — 

PRICE NOW ^20,000 

This is a sure good bu\-. Tcnn.s arranjj^cd o\cr i.\\u years. 

Shaw Real Estate Co. 

Phone 109.].. 

302 Pemberton Block. 

P. O. Box 709. 

Hollywood Crescent 

LOT 31, BLOCK 1 

A Ajcautifu! Watcifioni Lot wiiii a fine hay fur boathoilse. 

Size 50.47ft. x i5r)ft. Price $2350 

^^ e have the exclusive sale. 



109 Pemberton Building 



Pender Island— 65 acres, house, outbuildin.s^s, 10 acres in 
crop, fruit trees, etc. ?;iooo cash, balance in . two years. 

^'•''^^ •••; : $5750 

North Saanich~io acres near Union Bav, five minute.s from 
B. C. Electric Ry. .Ml cleared. Terms to be arranged. 
Per acre f-oo 



■-I — • — — :^ 


smaiL A aumlMr ot tAo ablest m«n 
ami «roo9«n of oar time have devoted 
llwtf^elveii to the pro6lem of training 
c^klidtwn whooe minds are weak to 
: -JWwpOrt themsflves. It has 'Tjcen^ found 

POffirlble to teach many of them to work 
ana to be happ.v. On the «thcr hand, 
the report states that there are few of 
these who can be trusted to cure for 
thmselves. They never become more 
than children who, If left to theiuselve.s 
nili come to grief. The most hojieful 
feature of the report tells of the e.\- 
piyrlenee ■of the city ' of M.inchestcr, 
Knsland, The writer aays; 

"We made up our minds In Manche.-i- 
ter to try what a life Ions contlnuou's 
system of care would do for these 
poor bi-othren of ours. \Vc con.slderfd 
their comlitiou very carefully before we 
began, and came to the conclusion that 
ainc« weakness of will power was the 
defect that was common to all feeble- 
minded persons, tliat since it Is because 
of this dfcffcct that they are alway.s in 
trouble, always suffering themselves 
and a cause of suffering in others, the 
pnly rational plan was to place them-' 
in such circunistiances that aJl the In- 
fluences to which they are subject are 
good, instead of leaving them in clr- 
cirmstances which Insure that all the 
influences about them are evil. It 
seemed to us that since It la so easy 
to persuade the feeble minded to any- 
thing, wo might as well try to persuade 
hlin to enjoy life in an imiustriai col- 
ony whore everything: should be arranb'- 
ed for his happiness end well-being. 
We were quite determined that w— 
■should have no loaf'Ts in our colony: 
except a boy or girl was 111, he or she 
must be oeeupicd every day and all day 
long. With such people. It Is only by 
a continuance of wholesome occupation 
that bad habltii! can be avoided. Wt 
knew beforehand that It Is very diffi- 
cult to reclaim people who have be- 
come the victims of evil clrcumsvanccs, 
and therefore, as it was only possible 
to care for a limited number, we de- 
termined to begin with children and 
grow our colonists up. It meant a 
long and patient waiting; but, from the 
beginning, we never let our ohildren 
or ourselves lose sight of what 
to be the ultimate reward of ihr-.|i 
labor ana ours. It wa.s to be that tlu-y 
f>liouI'l stay on as workers where they 
had been trained as sohool children. 
That was held out to them until It 
became an ambition with them to be 
allowed to leave school and go to work. 
It is really surprising how well our 
iiieone.s have worked out; acting upon 
the .'jii;t.JoH!tion that the Feeble- JliiuUd 
have no plans but such as are made for 
tiicm. and that they are exceedingly 
sii.«c<'ptibio to their surroundings, we 
imve .succeeded In building up a colony 
of 230 boys and girls and men and 
«'f)men, not one of whom would Icavr; 
us of their own choice. N'oi many do 
leave us,_ as will be seen whpn it is 
remembered tliat all must come to us 
before the ago of 13, and that wo now 
have seventy over thp age of 16, thirty 
of whom are between the ages oi 18 
and 2:1. Our scliool still gops on, of 
course, preparing our .';cho!ar« for iJic- 
after-care which we provide for them. 
With the utmost contentment they pass 
from the srhooiroom to the farmer or 
the gardener, the plumber or the car- 
penter, tu tlie sewing tenrher or the 
laundry matron, all of whom patiently 
carry on the teaching which has been 
well begun. The result is that our 
colonL-its do a good deal towards th»lr 
own support. Kach year sees them 
mere capable b£ca> each yenr add.i 
to thflr littlfr store! of experience. It. 
is very .xlov,- work; the Inemclcnt mus- 
cles must he trHlned; the wandering cyt 
learn to dwell upon itn work: the slow. 
Inert body musl be strengthened and 
made more active. It can be done. 
Boys «nd girls now bring In a sub- 
stantial sum towards their own main- 
tenance. It Is, however, to the other 
side of the plciiirc that wb must turn 
in order to realize the whole of what 
we are doing. Where would our chil- 
dren be if they were not with us? Al- 
most ,tI1 would be in the hands of the 
'-i»JS;,. «" paupers or criminals; not one 
con irt have R full find happy life. Al- 
most all of those wlio have reached 
early manhood' and womanhood would 
be •parents, and we should be building 
special schools to accommodate their 

If. In an overcrowded city . where, 
for generations, there had been pov- 
erty and with Its attendant evils, such 
happy results could be achieved, there 
Is no need to loave the few feeble- 
minded of a new country to perish for 
viaut of care. 

Tbe Qn*«n'B Birthday 

ilave woman's ideals changed Since 

the Urat Queen's birthday w«b eolphrat- 

ed, and has that change been for the 

better? It Is now three quarters of a 

century since the £lrl Queeo i\hiiue 

name the dAy perpetuates, n^- > i i- i i 

British throne and became rulei m j. 

realm which, during her Jong reign, in- 

.(([[imMlAi^.^tcm, m rlchti,tWMI,Jfr.-JMaif 

^.'Spff^i of eighteen.: 

•wo^ titiit If iMCoM Hair,. ^lliP^iif^- ! 

leartUair. But sbe did possess a senae 
Of 4uty, deep rellirlous feellns, and an 
affectionate nature. In this she did not 
differ, except j(^4|e«r<(ie, from mnitons 
of tbe women oitnr wlioin she was cali- 
•d upon W rata, '^b t^Iaco ana 4n ettn, 
Im ^ t tf f a mt 4 lu wiaU e . m tli p wW 
world and In tbe new, freitiSu: df tl|a. 
«arly years of the nioetMn^ otatoty 
were taught that goodaClUl 'tKaa the 
greatest thmg In the wo'rfd." 'The wife 
muBt"-1Je~fttithful t . .i>-L Inisband, the 
maiden pure, the chiiaren obedient. In- 
dustry was exalted to a high place 
aniong the virtues. 

It was not only ^the young c(iicen !l.«l- 
ening to despatches whose contents .she 
was determined to understand, talking 
t.; learned ambassadors, dictating or 
writing letters whoso compo.sition need- 
ed knowledge and tact, and fulfilling 
wearLsome state duties, who lived a 
lift- full of work. The greatest of la- 
dies, felt it her duty to know her ser- 
vants and to be able to direct their la- 
bors. The embroidery frame was an ar- 
ticle of drawing roopa furniture and 
the highborn girl must be prottcient In 
music and ijalrting The needs of the 
nelghborliood concerned all gentlewo- 
men and thf, poor on the estates were 
personally ministered to. In the col- 
onies, w-jinf n accomplisbed tasks which 
are the wondeiv->of their great grand- 
children. And these were done without 
complaint, tl-e only limit to their num- 
ber bei.i.; I'.i.- strength of the worker. 
In a very short time the young queen 
imirrled. She, herself, has told the story 
of the life of the royal family. We see 
her as a devoted wife and a conscient- 
ious mother, loving husband and chil- 
dren with "jKiasionate fondness whicli 
did not blind her io faults or lead her 
t'.. rot get that tliey, to, had duties to 
perform. It was a narrow path that the 
women of those days walked. Dutj' must 
iMsi be fulfilled, and pleasures must 
ii'- in its path. To wander In searcli 
of thcin not permitted to women. 
W-re titey unhappy, these grandmoth- 
ers cf 'he present generation of wo- 
r.ien? There are a few old portraits of 
reaceful faces that ^ell another story. 

t.^1 • I. In A«*« n A»Mv.%..l ... u ......._ J «_ .4^.. ««. . 

--•-•— --f «,* .II-* »>.-« !..> ♦ ilOayttektlKy, Ititi^U 

even lowly homes with good cheer and 
linppincs-. Industry and thrift did not 
prevent the forming of fricndshipH 
which lasted for more than a genera- 
tion. Every neighborhood was full of 
stories of per.sonal service rendered by 
women to each other in limes of trouble 
OI- distress. 

To be a loving obedient daughter, a 
true wife, a wise tender motlier, thf.Kp 
were the alms of a Brlti.^h girl of the 
tlrat half of the last century. Queen 
VMctorta .showed iliat it wa.s ».iossihle 
to reach this ideal<%na to be the itead, 
in far more than name, of a great na- 
tion. De we not do well to honor her 
memory? If in this city that hears her 
name. Victoria women ree^ill from year 
to year the virtues of Engliuurs nine- 
teenth century nueen In this opening 
month or .summer, when nature is fair- 
est, we cannot but be better for our 

Corrig College 

Beacon nitt I'ltrL. Vii-furia. B. O. 

.Select HIgh-(irade LKiy and 
Bearding ColleKo f c r Bovi of 7 to 
IC year*. RcAnements of ■well-ap- 
UOinted jrentlamoji'» l;om« in l..vj.iy 
Ueacon Hill Park. Number lliiiUwl. 
Outdoor siJortB. I'repaied for IJusl- 
nesB Life or Proteasloiial examliia- 
tlons. Fec» Inclimlvo and strictly 
. ^B»otleraie. Thrao vauancles. Summer 

CniiRCH, -M. A, 

'■^j»ir>K April aljth. 
"■ Xrl(.^ Simi. J. W. 

Glove Day Tomorrow 


See details on page 18 

RoBiNson & Andrews 

There is a little danger that {he 
campaign against (lies may be over- 

Z>«otur«a to Boye 

WInnljieg has grown to be an import- 
ant Industrial centre as well as a big 
commercial city. Thi.s is recognized by 
-some of its leading citizens in a way 
that is likely to promote Its future 
greatness. A number of these have or- 
ga.nlstpd an tndoatria! bureau. The 

members cf this bureau, who are the 
leading men In trades and Industries, 
have undertaken to give talks to the 
pupils of the higher grades on lheli|< 
work. The.'se talks will aftorwarrls be 
printed and distributed among ihe lads. 
It is hard to over-estimate the good 
thflt may result from tlils work. It is 
not alone that these gentlemen will give 
the lads valuable information which 
their teachers jranr.ot, Ir. thr majority 
of case-, be expected to possess. The 
greater value is in the personal contact 
with men of hig'ner character and of 
great personal nbllliy. ij.irls are horo- 
worshlppers ami it is a fine thing for 
them to learn, while they are yOung, 
what are the things most worth while 
attempting and who arc the men whose 
achievements they ought to admire, if 
more men in every city took a real in- 
terest In the boys of our schools, there 
would be fewer wasted lives among 
the youtii of our country. These talks 
are likely to help the Ijoys In their 
choice of their life's work. This will 
be belter understoori when It Is seen 
that the speakers Include such practi- 
cal men as Vice-prosldcnt Bury and 
Foreman Wield of the Canadian raclllc 
Railway gtaff, Mr. W. J. Bulman of 
an engraving firm, Mr. J. G. Walker of 
the Sprague Lumber company, and Mr. 
A. I.,. Struthera of the Business Science 
club. The bureau has also provided a 
fund to be u*ed in securing lectures by 
men aelected for that purpose by the 
employer^ and employees of each In- 
dustry a,nd nIgJit classee in tectinlcaV 
education are to be formed by tbe school 
board. These are experiments In modern 
methods that will be valuable in thair 
way. But tba effect on the sohool 

$500 Reward 

ra and 

Bay* la th« elty «if«yic*prtt^: 

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Blancliard.,,;P M!,-^fr ont' foot. .f«80 ' 

Johnson StMMHlinMW .-fill 
Bl an ch arit^|i^^^i|l|||| ' 

Idnden Ave. — Horner of Oxford 
sireet, 47x112. Easy terms 
Price 98200 

rairneld — Fully modern, eight- 
room house. Easy terms. .9S7S0 

The best buying outside the city 
of Victoria are townsito. lots in 
Port Albernl Townslte. »aoo per 
lot, 110 monthly. 

Guy & Company 

1008 Oovernment St. Victoria, B. C. 
Phone 1987 

i VATcssr. 





Where Everything is Always Freat^SS^^A^ 


tfdme-Made Grape Fruit 

ftA^erWne know.> how beneficial to health fruit is, es- 
pecially wholesome and delicious is Grape Fruit Marmalade — 
made from carefully selected fruit — a delightful change to the 
nrdinary marmalades. 

25c Per Jar 

Chas. R. Scrjcantson 

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Five good lots on Har- 
riet, close to Burnside. 
For three days only — 


Only $1,150, Iml- 
ance arrange. 

STOWER'S LIME JUICE, per bottle 35f^ 

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RENNET TABLETS. 2 bottles for 25^ 

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A Neat Tailored Suit 

Nothing is admired more 
on a lady than a tailored 
.suit. If yon have not got 
one let u.«; make you one at 
a moderate price and a fit 
that is guaranteed to be per- 

Charlie Bo 

Ladies' and Gents' Tailor 

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For Resident and Day Women 

Btudenta prepared for deitreea in 
Arts. P\ir« Science aiwl Musla 
Scholarships ar* awarded annual- 
ly. For all infi^rmatlon apply to 
tha Warden. 


Worth $11, 000 


in face of the rapid development of everything in the 
locality of Fairfield : 

We have seven lots on Fairfield Terrace, the 
choicest Honiesites in the city. All these are 55 feet 
by 132 feet deep. One-quarter cash and the balance 
6, 12 and 18 months, at 7 per cent. 

Only $2,000 Each Complete 

MOSS STREET— Finest view in the city, beau- 
tifully situated with a westerly aspect. Less than 
one mile froin the post office with road car facilities. 
This is no feet deep and will be divided at $50 per 
front foot on good terms. 

Under market value and sure to go. 

The a\lmoure Agency 

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,irm iiii .i.i i [|i i n iii| 
■ri,iii|iiiiiiiii.;iiii II ^ Till. 



Tuesday, May 28, 1912 



The Sporting World 

Bumbles Cause Anguish in the 
Opening Frames But Hit 
Plentifully When They Get 
Going— Scoie Was 11 to 8 

\ 1 toria, 1 1 'r^ffH^'^^' ^"^7^ 

" — ^J>_7jJ;|; Seattle. 7; t«pofc«ii«» i. 



Vancouver •■ 
\ l< torlii . . > 

j[-Viiiny !di«tloltul»be4 cUtaens gatbereA 
kt 44i4^\b«31 yacd yesterday to watch 
tlie^Jtyti|»ft»faig of 'Mr. l<amllno. The looa) 
\> arm" 'took the firat game from thiji 
I ippins un the local biv^« by a scoro 
of 8. Mr, J. Pluvlua bad threat- 

en«« iit fnierfere with the proceedinga, 

but rorebare. A« may be Imagined the 

rtll was abutted. Our Mr. MaCfeery wa» 

. iirojectUe bea^vcr. an)). wb))« Ha bad 

In icuponii* to the »i>;illc»tlon of 
111" 15. C. A. A. r. the city fuuni-ll 
.u»t tilchl giaiiied »360 luvviiril* rU- 
frHvUiK lliK fxpf-nnei! of JiiUlith I'ol- 
umbla'n Hihlelli' teiim etiternl In tliw 
('Biiaillan OlvmiiU- Irluls Bt Moiurebl. 
TheBe com i><*i Klo"'' IhW** plfuf on .Unix 
S. Tlif team has lift, thf \lilorlu 
and \'anrouvtT randlilatc* ha\liir mut 
lit the Terminal City on -Sutuiday. 
tttklnis tho same r'.ay'» (rnln. TIik 
party Includes Me«sr«. Gallon aii'l 
Ueaslpy. Victoria: and Duncan, Mo- 
ConncH and Chandler, Vancouver. 
They will cornpoto firat In the Baton 
Kaiups at Toronto. 

by Uoty, »: by McCreery. (. Baaeii on ballii 
— O?? T.aii!!!!!". r: nff I>"ty, l; att MeCre«ry, 
6. Wild pltcliea — Uoty. MrCreery i"). Tlm« 
of s'LOX! — 1 hour and 65 minuiea. Lmplre - 
Van Haltren. 

Btaauia eot" a wgpSi ICMiMy '»'* *"'* ^^ 

enough, fpii-y jP SiiJl j Mllll^fe'^r ^ y ^ ^^ 

iw* "wn^ vH'^^a ^l^'jr'*'* Afttu 
oausing Mntota mngiilbib t» th» 
«atftcrt»s. they failed tO'«»t BY*f. 

Tba Heaa UUtcd three mere In tbeir 
part Qt the fUtk. Merrltt Mt 'tlia ball 
ov«s tha f e»iie f»r. ona. and altar Mb- 
Craary got hla tbird hit for twofbfga,' 
?l<ennaD atso lifted one out of tbe lot, 
acoriQt McCreery In front of btm. 

o mttcl^. on th n p el tet yaatB xa toy. jtwartabedr- WlW ii y ji ltW1>t 'r i yte a fli 

Poi^tland took a couple In tbe aiztn, 
Crttijtahanll 4oubled, Frtea «lnffl«4. an<| 
when McCreery got in Bra|sa«n'« -wax 

on Smith's scratch the t|ir*i iMMn* «•*"• 



SI'OK .VNH, May 27. — Bunched hli« on ilii- 
Spokatiw pitchera gave Seattle the llr»i 
same of the i<!rie.i. I'ochrano wa« wild and 
Ineffectual from Ihp start and was relieved 
by l.eonird. who started well hult fell when 
Ills puxzles began to cei ea»y. Kraft fin- 
ished In good form. For Seattle, .lames 
■.>Ucliea a nplendtd game. ' He weakened 
slightly In the eighth when the homo team 
(joi iheir onlv scores. lUiyniond was chased 
flora the pounds lu the fliat 1 miiK f »■ 
disputing Moran a decisions bco' 

y,lmmeim*a.' I.f. . . . »i-^fi1 .M&'JlMaisgKii&^JOa.' 

Melcholr. ,f WWf^lfWS 

Johnson, c f, ; iJMh* 4 *- *■* •"■ • 

CartwrHht, 1h^. » » « » ; J 

JJilftW, ''3b ,, — ^--i" i S T 

||:ra|l4;f*?.-'Xf* ••♦••♦•' » • » » 

*^ , * * «,«« «^ MtKf <ir"» 

would be here before the team stHfts 
on the road again. 

aioux riry. la., May ;;7.— The 
Sioux City baaebali club has «ocepteii 
an offer from Fresident Diigtlule, of 
Seattle, for lliir releaiio ot U. Brooks, 
one of the beet «U-round players In 
the Weelfrn Vef^Kne- 

NE5\V VORK, May "JT. dt-rl Juliii- 
aori, of iiie I'jiIvcioU^ o* C>c:uii4l«i, blx 
feet one IrK'h in his ulocklug feel, and 
holding a Btjlke-oui record of 22 out ot 
27 men at bat at regular nine game, 
has bfeii altachetj to the pitching staff 
of the New York Amerlcane, U was 
announced tfKlay. He will reptjrt in a 
few (lays. 


City Counc'irs Appropriation In- 
sufficient to Take Victoria 
Soccer Eleven to Winnipeg i 
for Championship Game 


\\c are the hcudquafters for 





Send for calalogues and 

E. G. PRIOR 4 CO. 
Ltd. Ly. 

■•ljj»r }»i.'j-««*'yi'k*«« • • 

gtlW.*'^ ••"••• ^ 

Uraetai) %%• *<•>••>•• I 

tf Iff.f. f «■»•.«•*«»* 9 

CblcdCf aa> > ti><'i< •.•>«• I 

SeMttlwa, »'. ..«.-.. » 

batiiw. 9, ...' J 











.n T 

ir IT ^B I 

> » • « 












Klgb School Ju&iora X>oa* I^cague Baaa- 
Ijall Oame By a Single Bun 

In the ba.sclpnll mntcti uf the 
Junior Icagui?. which wa.s plHypd last 
fvenlnK between the Heitton >llll h'uI 
illKh Hchool Juniors, the former wore 
BiKct'Sstul b> d store of 10-9 Onlv 
se'> on JtiiiliiKS will" j)la\pil and up to 
the M-"! 'r'n'itp tl"> IIK'ri «< hot)l Ia(l.'< 
were II 111 ' ' 'I b<' gani' 'b 

featurt 3 JJRMLJ^p oattius ,ind fiekllng 
of McUrailB^pllb dioM> in nio.-it of the 
ilUla runs TYed Brown acted as um- 
pire »nd sa,\e aajLtfJa^iiy^K, '^h® teams 

HSfi» Ad&qoU Htekty; lb.t WeoA. p.: 
lIvniK^M*, <r.: WMtiMiM. cf,; Robert*. 
«i*^' Sb.; MeXHttfiftiiWr ««.: trvtii«, tbi) 
Htylimd* tti\ OMtfra. if. 


Illl.. to 

. . ^^,i'. sotfiatitcter. vm* tftMV ttp;'lia 

gat three hits. Sft ,, 
event happened. It wonlw 
tins -were It not fjr the affidavits of 
ine vast audience — ^Meek beat a bunt. 
sun other feature."* were catches qf a 
si/.zler by.Ilawllngs and long runnliig 
spcaiij by .Smith In right, for Mr. AA'ill- 
iains. . 

.\.lthoush the Bumbles took honors in 
the Bwalfest it seemed for a spac^ that 
the di.stingulshed citizens would wend 
their liome\vard wtiy sad and alck at 
heart, and JVlCreory might have had a 
Sreat grief consuming his 'proud sjilrlt. 
tjoon after the contest started Speas 
alt for two bass, an'l rruickshank 
druvf a liner Insltlc .'i ring hlni. 

Then Mr. Keller jugyici liie pill long 
enough to give Fries a life, and Nick 
Williams hit to the. palings, scoring 
both Cruik and Fries. Three runs. 

There was Winter on the wold when 
th* BcpR went in to beKln their ef- 
forts, and when two succumbed quick 
the throng wished that .1. X'luvlus might 
let go a downpour and .stop tlie pro- 
ucodlngs. llowevc! iinedy grasped 

the lilckorv flniil' r.ed out a two- 

sacker |in Meek did, liis best, but 

he couldnu .^u ,i,.,Uten out his long foul 
Hies ^nd Siiiilli go-t, o,ne , of them in 
i-iglit with a lino running catch. / 

Nick WiUiam.s' warriors, unsatisfled, 
took one' more run in the second, Colt- 
rln hit, Lamlinc sacrificed and a wild 
i'itch piitColtrln on third, from where 
he squeezed home on Spca's bunt, while 
MoCreery clung lovingly to the ball and 
never realized that it could have beeti 
_thrown to the plate. 
pWith the tally standing »l 4 lu nil 
Ic temperature seemed low behind the 
netting — but tlio Bu/.zcrs Were only late 
in getting started. That was all. With 
one 'departed Keller beat an Infleld one, 
Alerrltt got a walk, and Rawlings drove 
one to Williams for a sure out. The 
i)lond(; manager let Rawllngs to the 
ixjg and hurled to catch Merritt go- 
ing to second, the pill landing on the 
young man's spine and l)ounding away, 
letting Keller to the plate. 

McCreery came up with two on the 
bags. "Get a hit, Mac," suggested the 
spc(,tKtor.s. He did. He walloped oiie to 
ihe outii' ' ring two, Merritt and 

llawlini,-.;. c runs. 

In the liiird the Boos took three 
more. Cordial tiianiv."j arc due ro the 
energetic third ImsenLtn. >ir. Kibble, for 
his kindly assistance. Kennedy hi^, 
Meek's out jiaased him and Weed's two 
bags'cr scored iTim. '"'■•■•<.'. Kslltrr who 
licgged liiird and hit;:) Williams to 

tlie fence and bolli Weed and Keller 
scored before Wlliiains got bacls from 
his long journoy. 

Mr. riftwiinss killed tlie Pippin's op- 
portunities in the fourth when hfl 
cauglit Sinitli'a hot dilve with Frle.x 

In the fourtli McCreery. just to .<<ho\v 

Vnnlage of th« '«c«^*». PG» f«r«ii<| 
, ..Jttkot)i«r I'cftuncshank at the plate. *»!» «aHTto| 
^IGtt'7to ^ett f flew out. and being attgisrMl ''tMO^ 

hurled his club »wa>. Kibble's hit •«*». 
ed Fries and Smith. f 

In their half of the period Victoria 
tallied one more, Kennedy walked, arid 
Meek laid ' down* a bunt to saorlflce — i 
and beat it! Kennedy got to third on 
the effort to tag *lm. Then Weed drove 
a liard one which Mr, Doty, who was 
now doing the hurling for the Pippins, 
failed to hold, Kennedy scoring while 
Meek was put out, and then a fast 
double play ended the proceedings. \ 

The fftaturo of the seventh was that 
StadUle made a circus ..tat ' ' "-" 
Tiicre was no score in this 
the eighth, while in the ninth the Pip- 
pins fought valiantly to make up the 
long lead. Kibble was safe on the um- 
pire's error— he made more than a^y 
player— and ho stole. Coltrln tvolked, 
and Doty hit, fllUng the bags. I'ruiu- 
shank drove high up on the palings 
scoring two^ — but this was not enough, 
and the contest closed with the score 
standing at 11 to S. 

The struggle today at the R^y.qi .\tli- 
letlc park "VIU start at i i' m. ini 
I Mr. ^' .; • ' i.s to do the iwlrlini;. 
M ' .10 Js a n-.ce peVfbrmei> 

with the slick, made his debut oh the 
home hive-"at first, and the absence of 
Mr. James, Adams Was noted. The roll- 
ers have been put under the former 
centre fielder. 

A subscription Is being taken up to 
provide a pair ' of blnocular.s for Mr. 
Van Haltr'cn. the umps. who nnds it 
hard to guess when standing behind tlie 
pitcher. He is not so bad when close 
enough to see them. 

The official log follows: 

■ Portland— ' A.K. it. ii. i 

Spea.i. I.r. . ti 1 J 

Crulckshank, ib. .;. 8 z t 

t''rles, c.f ., . G :; 3 

Hmlth, r.f. .« o I 1 

Williams, lb 5 1 \Z 1 

Karris. «; .'• i' < 

Kibble, 3J>. :i l J 1 I 

Coltrln, 8.8. 
]..amllnc, p. 
Uoty, p. • • 

•.Moore . 

2!«««*i« ••• JJfiJ.iiS:;! 

iiitti* •■«- "• ♦♦l*"l*v "^T 

fuMMnr: 7IUM-b«y|i»i bttr^Msnb- .^*S* 

tfiMMi •» bam— By *ivgm^f\ 

-'^^■"Ibrano, 1; by tMVKVm, tH bv Kraft, 
James, E. Hit by pit. hcd 'ji" 
Strait by Leonnid, Strait l>j Kiait 
Double plays— Melcholr to Meyers; James 
to McMullen to Brooks. Wild pitch — 
Leonard. Katk— Hochrane. itlts — Off t-jicli- 
rane, 3 In 2 InnlnRs; off I.«onard. 3 In 3 1-.1 
Innin?.'; off Kraft. 1 In $ :-S Innlmigs. 
Time of Rame — S hours and S minutes. 
Umpire — Moran. , 

flftuniawt iMiygM, 




















TotalB <3 8 IS 24 13 

'Batted Cor Lamllne In the fifth Inning. 

Victoria— AH. n 

Brennan, 8b 4 i 

jltaniiie, l.f < " 

Kennedy, r.f < 

-Meek, c 4 o 

Weed, lb ' ; 

Kellar, 2b i 

Merrill. '■ f :; 

HawHiisB. « ■" I I 

ilcCrecry. ;: y 

Tom ■ 
Score by 
Portland . 
X'ictoria . . 


.■! 1 
» % i 

1 3 

P.O. A. E. 

.! M :; — s 

1 (0 • — 11 















Summary: Stolen bases — Kibble, Kennedy. 
Sacrifice hits — t..amHne, Brennan. Two-hasa 
hits — SpeaK, Crulckahank (21, Kennedy. 
Home runs— Brennan, Merritt. Double. 

plav — Crulckshank to Coltrln to Williams. 
Innlnm plich'd bv r.nmllne, 4. Hlls off 
i.nniliMc 7 Sliii.k •»it--Hy L.smllne. 1; 


li at* 

4^^ i '»' ^ 

_ , ■**i'a^^.^^^-,. 

Ti . v»" < ■■•'- 

MENLOW— Owner M. Gouge 

t>n» of tho best Known of hx-al thoroughbreds, whose records n- 
fl«ct credit on Victoria as a stock-raising centre. 

With the slim grant of Sir.O in 
place of the Jl, 000 a.skeil f(.>r thcrt' I.'' ; 
small rhaiico that the Victoria .senior ; 
footbHlI club will be able to send it.s i 
champion eleven to take part In tho ( 
People's Shield competitions at Winni- 
neg. These are scheduled to he played 
in .Tulv and those buck of the move- 
ment to ha\o the local representatives 
make a try for the I'anadlan cham^ 
plonship were c'>n'ld'»rf thst then 
1.1 ds uoiild be able to ahow the wa\ i > 
all othei pdrtlfipants It was llgii ' 
that to finance the excursion v n n i ! 
cost in the neighborhood of ^- "n'l 

With h»" of t'lK I'lm 1 1' •' 11 ' 1 < 

the rest \^ as m lo i.n-' ' ^ puijli.. i 
subscription. It Is explained that, ijtej 
would be M6c«|g,ry~ tp t«Msfl *l»ilpJ|'t 

|u^ fn^-Mk Bdv«rtislas 1110 cttr 
mw nmti f*4iini (f>« ont|«y r«4tt«i|^ 

tli* Vtetorteii* to tttk* part in th« 
In TMoMt ttt <1t* -gm>y< 'WM»Id gote* 



SE.^TTl.B. Wash.. May 27. — Taconia hit 
Belford hard In 'hrce !n<ilni;B, whllo Crlger 
hoid Vn-v •••.. - - ,«a air.KU. - i 

Tacomn ■ > CriKc \ ' 

given perfect siippoi ! ~iuie 

Tacoma— A B R II. 1\0. A. B 

Yohe, '3b. J t*,i.i* 'Ai'ai«ilb);'Aj' '^ 

Abbott. l.t, 4r*i9*WSfW^W' 

Neighbors, r.f. ... I 2 © 

Morse, a.s. " * " 

r.j-nrh, c.f. 1 "1 6 

t.'ameron, lb. 4 1 2 10 A 

i.alonge, c ....4 1 1 1 1 fl 

C'rlger, p 4 n 1 2 

Totals ... ...JS » 11 2T 13 

Vancouver — A.B. B. H. P.O. A. B. 

nemagglo. I.r. ....... 1 « 1 rt 

Bonnett, 3b. .. ..4 1 4 1 

p.rashcar. lb. ....... 4 1 S 2 1 

Kri?k. r.f. .....4 n 1 no 

Kippert, r,f. ;..; SO 1 1 

Jamca, 3b. 3 1 I 2 

Scbnrnweber, s.s. .,.4 3 4 

Lewis, c. . ... 1 2 n fl 

Spulda, c 8 O' » \ n 

Belford, p. Op 1 

Totals ;../r. .30 4 24 11 ^ 

Si ore by Inninga: 
Tiicoma i 4 n n n .i ■ — ;i 

Vancouver ............ fi — u 

Summary: Two-baae hlia— Nlll, Abbint. 
Home runs— I.alonge, Xeiehbors. .Sacrifice 
hlt-T— Morse. Stolen haso — ^^Xeigbbors. Stnick 
out — By Criger, 1; by Belford, 6. Base.i on 
balls — Off Criger, 4; oTT'tlelford. 4. Hit by 
pitched bali^ — James by Criger. Woiible 
p)aj-g — Mors« to XIU to Cameron; Hraahear 
to Scharnweber. Time of game — 1 hour and 
35 minutes. Vmplre — 'J'oman. 

Snnday's Game* 

At Tacoma^ — 

r.. Ti. E. 
1-,, , :■ ^ 1 

\liiuria 1 - - 

Bntieriea: Itfelkle and Lalonge; Kauffmsn 
and Week. 

At Portland — 

Score. R- '|_ ^'■■ 

Portland 3 7 1 

Spokane • • 3 " ' 

Batteries: Bostley. Tonneson and Harris; 
Xoyea.'Cadreau and Ostdiek and Devogt. 

At Seattle — 

Hoorc. V 1: 11 K. 

Seattle •' '•'> n 

Vancouver 1* 1* * 

Batteries: Schneider, FAiIlerton and James, 
Wlialing; Hmlth, Seaton and Lewis. 


GaTnc starts today at i (x;lock at 
Ri).\al .\thletic .Park. 

There arc to be two games on 
Thursday between the Bees and the 
Pippins. Times of starting and other 
particulars will be announced later. 

The fans should foel satisfied. They 
have gut that for which they agitated. 
The number of local games will be 
almost doubled In the revision of the 
.schedule consetiuent on 'l'.".<'<Miia's rc- 

Yesterday's game was thn first gen- 
uine swalfest the home fans have seen. 
Sixteen hits on one side and eluven on 
t!;c other. Six two bafrgers and two 
home runs, both of the latter for Vic- 
toria in tho fifth, gives an idea of Ihe | 

.<<liigging (lone. 

Take a look at Kennedx's l>attiiig av- 
erage fur tlie day and tlien pay there is 
nothing in a new. carFftillx- chosen, well 
balani'cd bnt tf you dare. He got three 
lilts for four times at l>Ht. one ot them 
a two bagegr. 

Pitcher McCreery was In a peculiar 
mood. He wasnf at all right In his 
pitching. Ordinarilj- It would be put 
down as an off da>- and the fans would 
have gonn home mourning a defeat. 
But he hit so hard and often as to 
make tho wrak e.^<l <>f the 'oattlng or- 
der the stronger, which helpetl a lot. 

Looking back on yesterdays game 
it will have to be admitted that tlie 
tide really tu^:;ne<l decisively In Vic- 
toria's favor not b^ause of the Bees' 
hc4ivy hitting, although that was larg- 
ly responsible, but when KIbbie. third 
base, heaved Kellers easy ground hit 
away over- NMck William's head. Thrf 
three runs whl<jh' followed took the 
gjtn«rer out of the Pippins. 

FftiK^y Meek's beating out a bunt! 

On account of the uncertainty of 
getting McDowell, N'lck Wllllatn'S has 
wired for Hap Smith to Join the team. 
Hap tg in Van Jose at tirestnt, and 

On Saturday afternoon, at Work 
Point bn' 1 '^~ the Uarrison, assisted 
o> (l.iec I I navy, defeated f>ak Bay 

C. C. by IJT to uT. The '' ' ■ • : 
t;ie game w»re Q. M. S. M i • ' 1 : - 
io»ttii.g and Askcy and Doe's bowling. 
The hitter took tliree wickets in the 
last four ball* bowled. Milne, for Oak 
Bay, bowled well. I'ho .score: 

Gnr. Xee<lham, c Greenhlil, b Burn 17 
ti. M. S. Askc.x', cBarclay.bMllne. . 5 

.^gt. Wyndham, h Milne 4 

i... S. Greatorlx, U Milne 6 

U S. Sales, Ibw b Milne 20 

Htiv, rtssii?, r n!ii! '■ ''-'"^ 4 

r. I.;. Due, b Ml • a 

Unr. Kelly, run out • • • •. 12 

Gnr. Stevens, b -Milne 1.3 

Q. .\1. S. MacdonaU!, not out ...i.. i'i 

M. I.;, \\arrior, b Tunnard ......... 3 

ICxtras fi 

R. C. Cooper, h .-i. vcn 1 

A. O. Spencer, not out 17 

T. Barclay, b Askey 1 

J A. Groenhill, b .Vskey y 

D. W. Milne, c Wyndham, b .Askey 

C. C. Tunnard, b Askey to 

E." F. Burn, b Askey 4 

C. M. Blandy, b Doe a 

C ,A.' Forsyth, c Kelly, b Doe i 

A. r:. Haynes, c Greatorix, b Doe . . 

11 I". Hewitt, c Greatorix, b Doc .. 

i-;>.iiHS !• • • •■ J 

:^^^^^3Bowlliig AEalysla 

Garrli*«s* _, l.nnipgs : 

o. M, R. \y. 

Greentiill .-. 21 1 ai; 

Milne 21 5 40 7 

Burn 8 36 1 

Blandy ' .3 13 1 

Tunnard .. .j; 2.1 9 

Oak Bay Innings: 

O. .M. M. W. 

Askey .it i :.':; ■"> 

Steven s 1; jn 1 

Wyndham 3 K , 

Doe 2.(1 2 4 

Other High ScCras 

To the Sporting Editor: 

9\r, — In your paper of today Is a 
cable from Halifax recording the re- 
markable shoot of l.^leut. W. li. Wempie, 
in v.hich 'he made 10! out of a possible 
!().> at ranges ."iOO, r.OO and COO yards, 
end claiming same I0 be a world's re- 
cord. For the Inforrnatloii of shooting 
enthusiasts T may tell you of three 
other soldiers who have made this same 
acore a-t these same ranges, possibly, 
however, the two possibles obtained 
might not have been made at llie same 
two ranges as that at which .Semple 
made ills. They are as follows: At 
Trenlham, N.Z., on tlie occasion of the 
lanual king's prize meeting, 190(1, Rifle- 
man .Vlasefield, 101, when firing In one 
of tl-.o matches sub.iiidSary to tlis king's 
prize match. .\t Uandwlck, Sydney, 
N. S. W., 1007 (or 1908, I am not sure 
\vhlch», Hergt. .lames, In the N. S. W. 
annual meeting. And the writer of 
tblx letter, in the regimental challenge 
shield, as an officer in the .\ustralnsian 
forces. I'.no. 


t^»t a CMsiMT paper nag a ratner 
amusing aixount of a visit pa14<to that 
alty recently iby Mr. a A. (Parker, ^e 
ibtmSm «C the cwfiQpwtttlons. SQ«e«r 
^nthu^Mti THmjpmTBm J^^ '^,1 
I'ai kor^p5S*onSoi05*»rrwa^ 

ago and, in Intervtews with the local 
1)1 ess, stated that he was going to run 
the forthcoming touinainent, that he 
would not stand foi the B. C .V. A. X'. 
amateur ruling applying to It, and 
that he was going to cause trouble 
when he got in touch with the football 
people at <"'a!gary. 

Couldn't Oot Shield 

Here is the gtory of his meeting with 
the Hillhurst club officials in that city 
as given by one of that city's news- 

"Mr. Parker's chief object for the 
visit was to get the People's shield. 
Early In the day he had visited Alex. 
Martin's athletic outfitting store, 
where the trophy Is on exhibition, and 
tried to obtain possession. But he 
was turned over to iMr. Stanley Jack- 
son, the secretary of the Hillhurst club, 
who. In turn, took him to Mr. Frank 
Riley. But he was turned down by 
all. and when he made a similar re- 
quest to Mr. Dave Jenkyn, the presi- 
dent of the club, in the presence of 
some of the committee and club mem- 
bers, he was given to understand 
clearly that he was not to have the 
shield. Mr. Riley has been requested j 
by Dr. Inps not to hand the shield 
over until he lias received back a ?400 
bond posted a few years ago for the 
safe custody of the shield. 

"However, Hillhurst made a sugges- 
tion that the shield be competed fo;- in 
Calgary, stating they had quite as 
much right to fix the venue of the 
competition as G. A. This did not fall 
in with 'Mr. 'Parkcr's views. 

"Getting no satisfaction in that di- 
rection, Mr. Parker then tried another 
scheme. He almost begged iHlllhurst 
.to go and compete at Winnipeg for tht=! 
shield. He pointed out that there 
would ibe some difflcuUy in their doing 
that, seeing that they were profession- 
alized on account of their old country 
trip. However, ho would sec that they 
were put all right. He would arrange 
the mtitter for them. How grateful 
Hillhurst would be to him for his 
fatherly attitude in the matter! ' 

"But all the time the ungrateful foot- 
ball boys were smiling, and Parker 
wondered why. We will unbosom tlie 
secret. The question of the profes- 
sionaii'/ing of the Hillhurst club or j 
otherwise, was left in the hands of the 
.Mberta. Football Association, who at 
their annual meeting decided they were 
still amateurs. 

Xiangford ▼ictorloua 
.MEi.BOl'H.XK. Au.«trallii, May 27.— 
Sam Langford, the heavyweight negro 
boxer of Boeluii, dffrntPd P.-.rky Flynn, 
uliso of Boston, here today. Kiynn was 
being so severel.\- hammered that the 
referee stopped the fight in the four- 
teenth round. 

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When Patsy Haley, referee at. the 
.Vailonal .Sporting olub. grabbeil lieavj- 
wetglU .Jim Stewart by the right "duke" 
and rained suit! nioniber In Ihu stneral 
direction of the rafters, he surely siart- 
ed sumetliinK- AVhile the elevation of 
the clephantlac Sttwarl's trusty right 
Sinn was of no special Importance to 
the lay brother, to the Initialed, .or 1 
might .say "talent.;' tlic dood was 
fraught with Hignincance In that it de- 
noted the intomion or the NaiiuUnl pco- ■ 
pie to take the buU by the horns and 
give the sports what they have been 
crylnjj for — decisions by refc'rce.-5 at the- 
conclusion of boxlug conteeta. 

For be It understood referees' decis- 
ions have been strictly on the taboo 
list since professional boxing has been 
In bloom uii'i r i" Frawley law and 
the supervisi- i state commission. 

Thl? atato of affairs naturally created 
con.>Jlderable dissatisfaction among sup- 
porters -of bjoxlng, and the National 
Sportlnis dub in instructing its referee 
to indicate the winner was bowing to 
the wiahea of the people who contribute 
tlu i r cash to the support of th e game. 
'^: Commissioner O Neil I haa gone bii rec- 
>*rd aa being In favor of permitting the 
decision thing. H. league, Maior 

Dixon, is «trenu^.-i i«.)osed to chang- 
ing the presen^ysteni, and there you 
,irp. There is ftathlng in the Prawley 
i.iw that prohibits rqferees' verdicts; it 
is optional with the members of the 
"commlsh" whether they be permitted 
or no. 

WIU Oo to Appeal 

As Messrs. O'.Vell and Dixon fram- 
ed the ruling against decisions it is ex- 
pected that those who violate such rul- 
ing will be forced to suffer the conse- 
quences, which means their licenses will 
be revoked. But the matter will not 
end there. It is a cinch that tlie Na- 
tional club for one, will appeal from 
t^iich judgment and ask the oirtnlon of 
the lilgiier courts on the c|, if 
nccofisary. The rule against decisions 
appjifs tn prDie»?<ionn:t cwnlesla tiionc; 
Mjrdii'ta in amateur bouts are allowed. 
It appears to me that this dlscrlnvina- 
li'in against profes.sionals Is decidedly 
i;!i:air to promoters inid boxers, as well 
HH the public, and it ..seems only reason- 
able to c-xpect that the courts will take 
the same view of the mnttcr. The re- 
grettable Vnrt of the affair Is the fact 
that the agitation wi)f do ths game lit- 
tle good, too much publicity Ik always 
bad medicine for professional sports 
;i.n'i iTflTticularly boxintc. 

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I have been an advocate of jecislons 
since the Frawley law has been in '3'p- 
eratlon, ' and have contended that the 
prohibitory ruling is a knock Insteed of 
a boost for the pastime of swat and 
duck. Those who argue that oflJcial de- 
cisions encourage gambling on contests 
are of the pessimistic kind who never 
see good In anybody or anything, and 
who daure that all men are crooked. It 
Is extremely doubtful if there would 
ha any rnd;-c betting if referees sclcclci 
winners than there la under existing 

The argument that referees would 
fall for "proposlilons" from gamblers 
and render decisions accordingly i.s ab- 
surd, .K r<?fer^e might get *R'ay with the 
rough work once, but that would be 
about all. The law gives the boxlns 
commission authority to issue and re- 
voke licenses of referees at their own 
sweet will anj It would be up tu thai 
body to keep the. arbiters on the strnlglit 
and narrow path, .\nd for tliat matlLr 
1 do not know of any man who ofhcldvcs 
in local rings who would stoop to dis- 
honest methods. The majority have es- 
tablislied reputatiort.s for hpuesty and 
capability by ycar.s of good and faith- 
ful service. Such men as Tim Hurst, 
Charley 'VVUSte, Palay UmIcv, Blily Joii 
and Sam Austin have enviable records; 
these are tl)^ sort of men wlio presldi: 
at the «;'r!!!'!int; 'ir'tivi'i. viabS.; v 
Boxing- Xefereea 

Give the public that supports pro- 
fessional boxing what they v\ant, com- 
jMl.<»siounrti, aK long aa you can ilo iui 
within the letter of' the Jaw, If you 
have any doubts: conpopjpi|^,|tie Irtteg- 
rlty ; of your ' rarerees,-||||:^tti|;''in' , your 
powfi- to reduce the pwWraHlty of. evil 
lit tliat direction to a minimum. A. very 
good plan w-ould be as suggested in this 
ioluiTin. roonthsj ago. to assign boxing 

plmniMM^ili^iM^ an: exceeding- 

ly difficult Job for unscrupulous per- 
sons to ."get to" the right man, inas- 
much as assignments will not be made 
public until the last moment. 

Jim Flynn and his retinue of trainers 
have settled down to t)ie her.i work of 
training and reports emanating from 
the little town of Las Vagas tall of a 
spirit of confidence' 'hat pervad-^.T th'.' 
camp of the white challenger for inc 
championshltp. The opposition to the 
fight that fSr a time tlircaiened to de- 
velop into serious trouble nas been 
smoothed over and everything indlcat.'S 
that the big holiday event will take 
place as originally planned. 

Jack Curley, acting in the double 
capacity of manager of one of the con- 
testants and promoter of the battle, 'b 
very conlldent the sttraction will draw 
Immense crowds, and that I^lynti will 
•lefeat the negro Johnson. As for Klyrn 
himself I'll say I have never '.allied 
with a man with more confidence in iiis 
ability to win a fight than the r>f?blo 
fireman manifested dvirinB: our rpci r. t 
conversation. If courage and bell ;f '.n 
one's own powers Is half the hn-Mlc. fip 
many profess to bplie\"e. then Flynn or- 
tainly has a grand chance. 

That Flynn and Curley are not trybi^ 
to kid the public Is made plain by their 
offer to bet on the result. Flynn hr.s 
>7,'>00 of his hard-earned coin Viat l-'^ 
will risk at odd.i of i 1-2 to 1, and Clur- 
{'■y iias already placed several th'ni- 
sands with Tom O'Rourke at these odds, 
rp to date I have not hcprd of any 
rush to ir.ih the "easy" money these 
guileless gentlemen have offered at 
the odds mentioned. JIra is a legitimate 
3 or 4 to 4 shot on the records of tliii 
men. I suggest to those who are al- 
w.-iy.s trying' to beat the price that this 
looks like one opportunity to get "some- 
thing for nothing." 

Later on the weight of monej- that 
is always on tap to back a champion 
will make Flynn's price lengthen, and 
in view of that fact Messrs. Curley and 
FTynn's proposition to accdVt the short- 
er price has a sporting ring to it that 
must appeal to who admire "game 

Znternatlonal Oonteeta 

Tt is the intention of the Garden .\th- 
letlc club, of this cltj', to feature in- 
ternational contests throughout the 
.summer season. Of course, this does 
not mean that the home boys will not 
be paired now and then: in fact, tlie 
garden folks hava several corking bouts 
in view in which the principals are 
.Americans. But the officials are convlnc- 
pd that New Yorkers like to see our 
best hoys pitted agalnvt the pick of 
Kurope and will work along those lines 
whenever opportunity offers. 

Efforts are being made to induce 
Carpentler, the French sensation, to 
visit thi.s side, but to date ha\e not 
been successful, Gt-'orges is a big card 
in his own country and it will tako con- 
siderable persuasion and mighty big 
offers to land the P^uropean champion. 

An attractive match local promoter* 
ere striving for calls for Johnny Kil- 
bane and Jem Drlscoll. f'-atherweight 
clinri |,->lon of England, end the boy who 
oij^polnted Ahe Attell on the occasion 
of his first visit to this country two 
years ago. Jem is to box Poesy, the 
French champion, early In J\inc and if 
successfiil in that engagement will sign 
to take on the Anierican provided the 
latter will permit him to come !n at 
the Kngllsh featherweight weight limit 
or 126 pounas. .lonnny couion and Dig- 
ger Stanley are also, dickering for a 
bout for the world's bantam champion- 
ship. The former has expressed his wil- 
lingness to sign articles, and the buck^ 
has been passed to the Briton. 

New Yorkers have lived in the hope 
of seeing Ad Wolgast in action w4tb 
some good boy at one of the local ot^ba 
before hta bout with Jo« Rivers, but ft 
looks as if tiiey: mn doomsd to dlMij^ 
pointment on that Hoo^ti I rather fMkcy 
the showlnr be nade.^ltfa ^tj^leitlt^lito'' 
did not encourage Ad tn th« b'dtif tjUit. 
he could: step ten rdUUda yttith J, JtMf 
man at to» speed as 'iMi«it|' MCttf bT* {<i|4r 
siege of td]«B«M. J^ :tW iU(W '^Vi/A -^m- 
of the prMtratll««*Jptift!»IO:f^^|M|(^J^ 
Matt W«it.' drMmtliSmmf^'irik 
to be bis if»»*mm. 3»« '«|WU# d^ 

elded ut't0M\mt^i^.itm'^.^itikam 
bein*. ■ ."• " . '»Afc ip ooiiism- 

pnicjc iJuiIi.''liijr 
diggtnr in ii*ti>ei>(»t 

artemooiik |Uyr , 



ered J^Wf* 

ond ettVarW ''HI* iiMi. 

Too Late to 

victoria We.! — Cloie to Gorre water 
mill car; nit* modern 6 roomed 
IiuiikaIuw ultli evoiy oonvenlsr.cs, 
and very well flnUhed; price J3300; 
:crm« iii;ri;ntiii:ia!!y ta«y ; £300 cash, 
balance >30 monthly including In- 
tercut. HrillHti i.'nnndlan Home 
HulldBra. »):'-3)i Sajward building; 

, pliui>o 1030. 

Stunlry .^ve. — Flni»»moc1ern 6 roujne^l 
liousf on lot dO.^IJ:' street pavoil und 
biiulevi-iUed anil \i-i.v i-Bntrul. I'llce 
S.5L'60; ItiiTis 5500 i a»li .and ih.- bal- 
aii'.B at $tu monthly Inclnilliii!! Intei- 
em, •rhls Is a snap for uomeone, 
nrlllali Canarllan Iloim- Uulldei*. 
:;i',;-*'lu tjayrtiiiU liulUliin;; iJiiono 

?.ear liouKiQ" Kd, ■: roomed shack n.i 
loi 41xl:c.' clohj to car and school, 
I'lice JiioO; terms *300 cash, bumuce 
J^O n.ontiily. firitlsli ("annOlan 

Home Uulldor.', X12-3Ii Sayivurd 
bulldins; phone 1030. 

V.*a have a fCT\- largo lotslcft at Port- 
PBi' Inlet >i acren at »;iOO; terms U 
casn. «. r.', iji and '.ii iiiunliia; Bi ii - 
CniiaUian Home Builders. 31"J-3lu 
^^aywa'•d building; phono 1030, 

Prior St. — Xf-ar Hlll^lrlo 
roomed b' 
tMl. Prl- 

iialBrtc* :■■■-. 
Honii- Hiilhleri 
-iiuit'ttiit^; phon 

.\vp. ; new 1 
'^ery de- 
■ 00 cash 
.,1 ii.iiM-i II 

Knott Bros. 


Brown, Ltd. 

ratoa an4 Blanchard. Fhon. 3873 

Menzles St.— On car line; good level 
lot 60x1)0; this is a splendid Invest- 
ment at $3500; terms third cash bal- 
ance 6. 12 and 18 months. British 
Canadian Home' Builders." 812-31J 
Sayward building; phdne lOJO. 

If you are looking for a qidck profit 

— }«l uti- s'auw you Uxc L.a.adi^du'.vuu 
subdivision. Fine large. grassy, lotn 
inhere developments will rapidly 
take place at from $600;. terms 
quarter cash, balance over 2 years. 
British Canadian Homo Builders. 
812-315 Sayward Bldg,; phone lOao. 

Onk Bay — >Ielchoi,ln street — Nice lev- 
el lot, oOjUO 111 a lane, Frlte $1000, 
baloiiCB exceptionally easy. British 
Canadian Home Builders, 3I--31i> 
Bayward Bldg. Phone 1U30. 

Suuud Investment — Purchase shares 
In Urltlsh Canadian Home Build- 
ers, L,td,, while you can at fl.lO 
per share. In addition to profits 
from our building department the 
P.eal Bstate and Insurance depart- 
ments contribute to the dividends 
on Hume Builders nharas. Send 
for prospectus it will Interest you. 

Don't forget to call for free Indexed 
M«p of City. 



Beat Estate "Department. 
Members Victoria Real Estate Ex- 
Agents: . Royal Insurance Company. 

Third Floor. Sayv.ard Bldg. 

Phone 1030. 

Krnfst Kennedy, Managing Director. 


Cordova Bay— -6.i acres, cleared, 
11 inlle."! from town, 40 1-2 rods 
seafront, slopes to sea, would 
make a nice subdivision Into 5- 
aore lots. Per acre ^500 

Ziong Beacb — 15 2 acres, good 
land, iialf a mile front on 
beach flO,0O0 

Quatsino— 10 acres with 165 feet 
waterfront on north shore of 
Soun^.-juet- west o£ Heeite 
Cove, half i:ash. Per acre 1^150 

Quat^lno — 21-2 acres with exten- 
sive waterfront on east shore 
nf A'llnlir Il.irlxir. i'rice, per 
mre ^1150 

Grogan & Crook 

las Femb.rton Bldg. Pboae 1666. 

Buy One of 
These and 
Get Ahead 
of The Other 

Oxford and Howe, corner, 83 x 110. suitable for cottage^. One- 
third casli, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price . . .$3,500 

May Street, double corner, suitable for store and flats. One- 
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price . . .^4,500 

Bumside Road, near Francis. 5-roonied Cottage, on full-sized 
lot. .*f;75o cash, balance easy. Price ^3,500 

Kings and Roseberry, double corner. Terms: One-third 
cash, balance 6. 12 and 18 month.*;. Price, for quick sale, 
is ...., f2,000 

Bank Street, corner of Cowan, 120 x 130. Good for thrfte 
houses. Price 93«500 

Bank Street, 60 x lio. with nice grove of small trees. Price 
is f 1,500 

Amphion Street, lot. 53 x 113, with street improvements Jn, 
fenced and planted in fruit trees and berries, close, to ^r," 
4i une-tnifd cash, baianceo, 12 And ismomhs.' Fr^'fjar^iwr 

Beachway Avenue^Jacing the sea, dne'h^ilf acre^ with ■wtkint- 
frontage. One-third cash^ balance 6, la and 18 
Prj<ic : , , . . 

Wc have eome yery .pretty ftn^ eotiVefii<(»il ]|*M|6j»K»r 
lows jj,u9> bfttf btock Irom the Buro^Me Rdii^. cii^ 
lots, for.>«le on easy tei-in». Atiyoflnk w«|itijnj^ li^^ 

ea»y .{MQmi«iit» s)uM^4oipk 1^ ^^—jn 'Y-Trij' -TiiljilliBiTIf" - 
tft the ^teaUr fattif fc^jfeA. handiftflte'-' j>m«^:- ' Tt 



Tuasday, May 2&, 1913 



Corner Lot Arnold Avenue 
and Brooke Street 

This is a good cleared lot in a location which is coming rapidly to the front as 
a residential district. Street paving, etc., is now under way. This lot would 
make a splendid building site. 

Price $1500 

Terms one-third cash, balance 6, 12, 18 months. 


We are revismg our iibcb 01 pioperty in aii ^^aico oi v-ilj, ^^^u. v.v^...-- 

you to list any property you might have for sale. If your price and terms are 
right we can effect a quick sale for ypu£ J)roperty, Why not list it today? 


■ .■.,■-'■ ,■ ■■"'1. '1 •■>-,.■'.< !■ ^ ■ . .-.- .-i.e,,....^ L_j^.— 


8 AR.m mil/CCV 

SAYWAilD BLOCK ^HajJ^E 1494 

Branch Office 4^r Horcwjr St., Vancouver, B. C. 
Agents Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Co. . . 

: ' ''" ' MPNSY TO LOAN >. 

^ ^* 

// You Get It At 



It's All Right 


Was Built 
for You 

If you liave the same hisli ideals of most people before bnyinj^ a car, Amonp^ the world's first 
rankers, the Russell has no superiors and few ecjuak There is solid comfort in every arrange- 
ment and beautiful distinction in every line. TIkmiA iyoS, arrange for a trial spin and prove 
these statemEuls. 


Complete with Kni.c^ht Engine and Self-Starter, 60 horse power, s-passenger, 

passengers. Very complete equipment. * Plimley's * 






Kuight Engine and self-starter, 5-passenger, 45.h, p. Plimley's price ? 1,1.50 


Knight engine and self-starter. Lowest price car on th^^^arket with a Kni,!^vt_ 
mottjr. 40 h. p. 5-passcnger. Plimley's price/. . .t'. . . . ^3,175 

A leader among Poppet valve engines. 

Plimlc}''s price 


Model R. is fitted for 7 passenger^, but i- 


.•^o h. p. 

. .$2,550 

ni; I > . 

1 llllllC V s 

Liie same general lined as above. 



Stovo and 
7C0 Yat?« 



f Moa fliml; 



and Show- 
727 Johnaon 


Canada Expects Every Man To Do His Duty 


Establishment of the Fifth Regiment 3/3 

Today's strength is • 33^ 

Wanting to conijilcte ■ 43 

\\> 8]ipe;il lo ilic citi/.ens of Victoria Id help lis wipe otit this deficiency be- 
fore June 17th next, the rlatc on which the regiment marches :o camp for its 
annual training. 

oFinri-: is hkt;i) e\I',r\" Wednesday . night at the driel 



.A rcDiipKiio clili.'kfn raiiiii with nioc lii)u.'«f- .ui-l 1^0 iirrcs hptwccn 
Cobble inn ;inil Shawnisun Lake, ai ,a vpiy ]jw prli.e. Tlils proprrty 
worUs out to about $:;<). 00 per acr^ ud.iolnlng land offered at pvosent at 
J.'iO.OO ptr III re. 


J»:iOao 33C9. P. O. Box 1333. 

Boom 3 SSoCaUum Block. 

X.R.— Wc arc brlnglrn.; out a l.:il:r'-front .siibdtvlsion next week, see us 
about tiiis -It iini'o, as already seviral lots are bc.'spoken. 

Builders' Hardware 





Drake Hardware Go. 


VttiKlftillf Hiiti rirliirn rroKmininc 
.Mondn.v and Tiii'sd.Tj 
Warrrn WootWon. fun with I'laihrred anri 
furry anlnmls; Kvlth nn<l Law. muitlcal. 
ulnstiiK and lalklnj; novolly; Hl« First 

Commlfinlon, tOdlsan drnina; I'riwills'* Rn- 
rncenipnt Kl««, Mlosraph comedy; The 
Electrlr Npork, cducatlonBl; The Dog; Catrh- 
er, r"ai'h»? tlramu; Her t;oole (lohn, I.ubin 
oomfdj ; Hoodoiied, Liibln comedy. 

Majestic Theatre 

I*roKramin« .Monda.v and Tue^day 

"The Trail of Gold." a western gem; 
"Siinset." or "Her Only Romance," Vltlgrap!i 
headlinor; "i*Bih<" Weekly." lo>](;Aj; "Their 
""Ir*! Klfliiapplng C«»c." a detoctlve bur- 
I'fctjur; ".Help! Help.'" It'll a »f:re»ni. 


The DUtlngulbhed Character Comedian 


Laio Star of "Wine, Women and Song" 


In "4lmiAy flakortoa'a Firat C;«ae" . 

«r WIft'M. Creaay 


Frnk— LCCB * LCCK— M«jr 

Miiaical Odditis* 

The with the Chelra 

' . HARH\ THItn.l.KR 


Bmp**** TlMAtM— Ak^ cnUrUinmant 
far above the aver«ce la tb*t. offarcU 
at Die Kmn^reaa thaatr« this w«ek for 
vaudeville patrona. The brilliant little 
playlet. 'Jimmy Plukerton'a Flrat Case," 
1» «. Creasy sketch, which la enough to 
say to Indlfaie that It offers mu'.-h to,- 
amuse the aiiUleiice. It U produced by 
two experienced playera ^^ iio navi- liciu 
Stellar roles for years, Kddle llerron 
and Miss Madge Douglas, both noted 
utage people. The playlet Is full of 
liuman interest and comedy and pathos 
cleverly Intermingled. Mr. Herron 
takes the role of a country lad who ha-s 
found the lure of New York too strong 
to resist, and has become a detective In 
the big city, and Miss Dpuglas takea 
the role of a Kentucky girl, who comes 
penniless to New York after IosIuk a 
fortune on a horse race. Nat Cair, who 
presents a, splendid act, in which wit- 
ticisms, songs, drolleries In t-haraetev 
ilellncatlon and all round good comedy 
are tnlxeil, is making finite a hit with 
the audiences at the Kmpress. He Is a 
Canadian, a Winnlpegger. who has 
iiiude a name on liie American stage, 
anc;. like- many olhor well known 5>!ay 
cr.-,, he was i uUiccxl to enter vaudeville'. 
Ho has a splendid act, Frank and 

-May l.ti.-ip, wrho havo bflpn Kfien here bn- 
inrc. (iifur a Clever mu.«lcal number. 
I'lii-y are both good Instrumentalists 
and do some .splendid work. Their re- 
pertoire Is a very good one, Including 
everything" from tvhUusical numbers to 
classical 3.,Ml|^|j|^;jB|j^^ ■ and 

vVlUiam 3fiHwHfe'''w» "oSNranMp^iniriatrci 

men. who followed the "banner* of Dock- 

.HU4«r. liftvprly and Primrose ,§cros8 

tJ^^tgSSf^iittl^'laiB amusing ^ blackfact 

^ fiil^^hmk^tuM*, It i« a minstrel first 

-'-)!>»% -irftS -<»►- sooa sinslns. dancing 

«W| )l^»1y''•tfMaa«t|i• of Old «nd-mon, 

■ ajiifift»i|HWHt.WP » >Uift ffialure. ' Hnvvy 

acb .^Ifir-^HWl* 6n a pyramid of' tUmm 
:.«a isble* and does some seABfttlbnttl 
feats. ■■;■.■:- • , ' ■ - :;'.-■_; .„■-■ 

Blanche Bates Coming •>^BIfinche 
Bates' appearance in a new play is al- 
ways an event of importance to the 
tlieatre-golng public, and It insures a 
performance of e.vceptlonal merit and a 
production as perfect as the genius of 
David Bolasco can create. Her latest 
triumph, "Nobodj'a Widow," from the 
pen of .\very Ilopwood, Is designated as 
a farcical romance, disclosing an or- 
iginality of construction and a scries 
of novel complication, embroidered by 
brilliantly written dialogue tliat has re- 
ceived the most glowing tributes of 
approval wherever presented. JIlss 
Bates has alway.s been admired for ber 
cunpumniatc art Jind earnestnes.s in any- 
tiiiiiK she uiRicria'Kcs. and her sucre?"3 
as the widow Una been attained solely 
by her wonderful personal charm, In- 
itUectuality and histrionic ability. Her 
supporting company Includes BrUcc 
McRac, Adelaide Trince, Edith Camp- 
bell, .\lico Claire Klllott and Minor S. 
"Watson. The cng-asrpmcnt at the Vic- 
toria Theatre Ik limited to one night, 
Monday, .Tune 3rd. 

101 Sasch ■Wild ■wrest Show -Around 
i t'lp show they call him "t'rsu."," n 1th 
j'a reminiscent referencp to a certnln 
] wort-hy i!i "Quo Vadis," but on the pay 
' roll.>5 he is re.trl.i-tered pimply and plnln- 
I !y as "BiU" Pickett. "Urfiu.s" Pickett 
I has the rather unusual reputation of 
beins: tlic onl.v cowboy ivlio ha?< ever 
.succeeded in throwing a steer In a filr 
wrc.ftling nifltch. tVlien I'iokctt, who 
will e.\lilbit hl.s pix) in tlm big ID! 
Rancii arena at the Hoyoi Athletic 
park next Friday and Saturday, May 
••'•1 and Juno 1, wftrits ti^^.tackle a wib! 
steer, he disdains," it is «ald. to Jiave 
the animal, lield until he can get tf go'id 
grip on the animal's head. His favorite 
me.thod is to pursue tha steer on the 
bu-k i.f a pony, watch for a favorable 
opportunity, vault from the pony to 
the steer, rido around the arena sev- 
eral times on the back of the angry 
animal, and then twist the steer's 
horns until it rolls over and admltj it- 
self beaten. Pickett is credited with 
many narrow escapes from Injurv/ and 
even dealli by ills daring reckle-fiines? 
in handling wild steers, in Mexico, 
several years ago, when he threw a 
wild steer that had defied all the bull 
fighters of the Me.xicen capital, the mob 
resented his bravery and tried to kill 
him. I/o»t season, durlns: a stampede 
of cattle on the Miller Brothers' rancl'. 
At Bllris, Oi<lf.homa. he was cau.sht witli 
ills pony in a .swirling mass of steers, 
and escaped, «ltli only e few brui.ies, 
by springing from the back of ons 
.steer to another until 'he had rci'j;u-.d 
the edge of the herd fcnd was a'l!? to 
run for slieltcr. The pony was gvrn-l 
and crushed by the angry cflttle. Pickett 
Is Bald to ride a steer liko most cow- 
boys ride a bucking- broncho. Ope of 
the interesting features announced for 
the 101 Bancii iierformance is a repro- 
duction of a genuin.-- vound-iip. ."-liow- 
Inpr the range nr-Jthod of roping and 
controlling the wild steers. This feature 
of the show afCoi-ds opportunities for 
some remarkably clever work with IJu-, 
luaso by expert roperji from all parts 
of the west. Including the cliamplons 
from the famous round-tips at Bliss, 
Cheyenne and Pendleton. In this e.xcit- 
■ ins SO"''* cowgirl"! exhibit as much skill 
I and daring as the cowboys. .los. C. 
Miller, the- well known ranchman, and 
one of the owners of the 101 Ranch at 
Bliss, Oklalionia, after whlcli the sliow 
was named, will appear at every per- 
formance with a big company of cow- 
boys, cowgirls', Indi-ans, iMexican vac- 
uueros and other interesting Wild West 
people. Mr. Miller will alfio lead the 
parade whlcli Inaugurates the engage- 
ment Friday morning. 

amateurs. Commencing Thuraday, the 
bl«»e8t act yet brought to this * city 
will be the change, Cullagan'a Xaah- 
vllle Students. ThlH act has ten peo- 
ple in it and is « full minstrel ahow. 
While this act la here we will sftiow 
but two reels of pictures, allowing the 
act one hour. They put on the cua- 
tomary circles aa well as the after- 
I>art, embracing a liooproliinK lui.i 
which baJi never had any equal. Thl.s 
act, as a rule, plays opera houses only, 
and, on account of the summer, are 
playing vaudeville. This will be -a 
treat to the C'rystal patrons, and, al- 
though it costs three times as mucli as 
the regular acts, you will havo the op- 
portunity of seeing it for the same 
price, as well as the pictures. Take 
advantage of the matinees In order to 
get a good seat. Vaudeville from 3 to 
4; night from 7.30 to 11. * 



Glenshiel Inn 

late CrltariOB 


Under entirely new management. 
Suites and rooms up-to-date In 
every way. Terms moderate. 
First n.Kss cook and coinpetent 
■ taff. 

Table S'Eota Ulnner, 6 to 8 75^ 

Special Slnnar Sunday Sven- 

lara « ^l.OO 

Miss Jean ^lolliaon. 

Mr. Fred Canceller, 


Steamer Burin Xnga.g*eL On Beg-ular 

Schedulo Leave* O.T.P. "Wliaif 

Thii Morning' 

The freighter Burin, Capt. .Tolin 1{"1>- 
trtson, It.X.n., leaves the G.T.P. wlia i r 
this morning at 6 o'clock for Miw 
Westminster In her regular serviie l" - 
tween this port a.nd the Frasor Itn- r 
city. The Burin, a freighter with ca- 
pacltv for 75 tons of freigiit, is op- 
JSX^^^A^-^^ a regular schedule between 
""■"'" ■'■ iyjf.iv w. -stmlnst^ir, leavlns 
:«|:S>..> m>. "very Ttie8<J«jr .m^ ■. 

tirday."'''°'°*'''''>""r"'''^ " 

The HhihA^m.iltmit'io. this service 
in conseqTienoirJa^«*he clTorts of 
victorj* aja4.W0'W^^ro\natcv 
of laaSMM^'JMwff''idtmiiLib restore tho 

tirn pnrf ^WWJ'fllii ft r Tt tnftVW 

After the liolidays you 
ill be Rooking ior snaps. 


ii^9 •t«mr|i^|i|«r.'^' R. BUhet, wfttch 
^-■to" iHW|t> jMg' !»"■ <UBO WM used 
In this MrVteAi' , 

Tile senriM' ^ operated by Measrs. 
Robertson unik^-^ffp^f^lgT. and the -local 
agents are Mettiilirik«Klni; Bros, customs 
brolser*, of 1/angley street. 

ridalgo Repairing 

The steam freighter J'idalgp, which 
was damaged by collision with a scow 
towed alongside the tug Sadie on Fri- 
day morning-, and beaclied at Clover 
point, from where she was rtoated on 
t»aturday after temporary repairs and 
taken to Seattle, has been hauled out 
on the slip of King & Winge, at West 
Seattle for repairs. 

Now is tlie time to get rid of your 
rheumatism. You can do it by apply- 
ing Chamberlain's I^iniment and mas- 
nnKiriK itir fm-rts ireei.y ai e»i-ii Hitp'i- 

catlou. For sale by all dfialer.«. 


SUte of Ohio 

City of Toleao, 




Frank J. Ch 

eney makes oath 




is senior partner of 

the firm 




Cheney & Co. 

, doing 




City of Toledo, C^ounty and St«.tR, afore- 
said, and that said firm will pay the 
<um of O.NTJi; HU.N-DUEp DOUt^ARS 
for each and every of Catarrh 
that canntjt be cured by the use of 
Hall's Catarrh Cure. 


.Sworn to before me and subscribed 
in my presence, this 6th day of De- 
t^ember. A.D., 18S6. 

(Seal) A. W. Gt-EASON, 

Notary Public. 

Mall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter- 
nally, and acts directly on the blood 
md niuicous surfaces of the system. 
Rend for te.«:tlmonlals free. 

F. J. CHENEY & CO. Toledo, O. 

Sold by all Druggists. 75c. 

T»»ke Hall's Family Pills for const!-, 

You can deposit your money at 4 per 
cent, interest with the B. C. Permanent 
Loan Company and be able to withdraw 
the total amount or any portion thereof 
without notice. Ciieques are supplied 
tri each depositor. Paid-up capital over 
?J,000,000, as.<?ots over <3, 000, 000. Branch 
office, 1210 Government street, Victoria 
B. C. 

Oryatal Theatre — Warren Woodsen, 
in Fun with Feathered and P'urry 
Things, is a big hit this part of the 
week. He docs imitations of birds and 
animals, beautifully illustrated. This 
is not only a very entertaining act, but 
'highly educational as well, and yoi> 
could do nothing better than to bring 
the children to see hitn. This is thr 
only act of its kind in the world. Keith 
and I-*lr, In a "Sing Shop," is a novelty 
musical and singing act. introdirc'lng 
all the latest «n^ popular songa. The 
picture programme la an tnccaptionally 
.good one. "Ul« Firat Commlaaion," by 
the Ekltaon con^pattxt "BJIectrlc Spark," 
educational: "iThe Dog ' Catcher," a 
Piithe drama: "Priallla'a Engagement 
Kiss," a Blograph comey: "Her UBole 
Jtfhn," a LiUbln comedy, .as ia alao 'Hoo- 
dooed," by tlio Same company. Wed' 
r.osdey there ~lfl. the uetwl grrod ^Sei-oiv 

During Sleep 
Nature Repairs 

the Human Engine 

If you are one of the 
"Sleepless Squad," let us 
suggest that you avoid 
coffee and tea, and have a 
cup of steaming hot 


before retiring. 

It has soothed the tired 
nerves and brought peaceful, 
refreshing sleep in many, 
many cases. 

The activities of the day 
cause more or less waste of 
tissues which is repaired at 
night during sleep. 

The man or woman who 
sleeps well at night is sure of 
the necessary repairs, other 
things being right, to make 
each day a time of useful- 
ness and living a joy. 

"There's a Reason" 


Canadian Posnim Cereal Co.. I^td. 
Windsor. Ont.. Canada. 

TaKe a Chance 


Look Over the 

"'^^^ens Ave., 53x132. $2,000 
Cook St. close to Bay, $1,250 
Bank St., corner, . . . .$1,200 

Avebury S*- $800 

Avebur"s 01.. (.uiner, $1,050 

Cf flat m H^Yi t ,4i%il^'^ 


A Public Meeting 

Cnder the auspices of the, 
Branches of the Navy I.e*gue 
throughout B.C. will be haia In 

Victoria Theatre 


May 30th, at 8.30 p. m. 

When a re.nolutlon in favor of 
prompt action in the matter of 
Imperial Defence will be sub- 
mitted. Cllve PhlUlpps AVolley, 
president of the Navy I^eague, 
will pre.sldo and the speakers wiii 

Blout.-Col. Hall 
. . H. C. Brewster, XIaa- 

•W. M. Ixani^lay, Buq. 

■W. Blaian-.crc, Esri. 
The Fifth llcKinient Danl will be 
in attendance 



New, six rooms, Amphinn 

street .„^A^»-**«>j"^^- •$4.1°° 
New. se^ii^litefifeaview, 

price $4,000 

New, six rooms, King^ and 

Vancouver, $5,200 

Good Terms Arranged 

Capital City 

Phone 2162 618 Yates St. 



Kills moss and weeds, 
sa-fres new seeding. Its a val- 
uable fertilizer. 

One trial wi^h convince 


Gorge Pavilon — Every night and Sat- 
urday afternoon 3 to B. Miss Thaln's 

A. O. U. W. hall to r^nt; apply Mrs. 
.Simpson, phone 1570; 


lb. tin, 40^, 7 11^' ?1 

A. J.Woodward 

6i6 Fort St. Victoria, B. C. 
Sole Agent for B. C 

Wc are in touch with se^ eral Old Coun- 
try and Prairie Investors. Let us have your 
Hstings at your best prices, and we can 
assure 3^ou prompt results. 

loaa <^ 

Phone 3347 


615 Fort St. 

A Home Site With a 

Double Corner Seal And Orchard Street, near <'»ak Bay Hotel. 300 feet 
from beach, commands excellent view, a most desirable neighborhood 
and -n'ell built up on all .'-.laes. On easy terms, price 9^500 

3 rine Lota, 50x130, on Monterey Avenue, beautiful .section, lowest pricea 
on the street. Terms arranged to .-iult purchaser. Tlie two for f2500 

2 Xiota On Pleasant Aireane, ;iOxl20 to lane, term?. a.rransed. Pr!c« for the 
two 92600 

Corner Boundary and MoWell Streeta, .50x15]. Easy terms. "Price ^llOO 
Madiaon Street, an exceptional buy. Thl.'s price lasts for a few days only. 

Ask to Fee the lot. Price flOSO 

Beautiful Corner of Brook and Stannard Streeta. Splendid building site. 
Tcrm.«, one-third cash, balance fi, 12 and 18. Price ^1200 

R. H. DUe^E 

Phone 304. 

704 Port Street, Oor. Boaffla*. 

If die bkMd h POST Mi fMi nmk 

poisoM ftoivJhMt(Wlfci 

Stiom :4m ■*» 


Dr. tierce's jQuieii 


Mm MMrvss.isijiMi,- 

»■;■**■ "^ --•.-■?. V.A -■ 

('Tf?4i»=»>'iSs..*«' -5 ■■'-.»■ 


km-i,i:M:iiiu.)Ma!c..,. y.;-,,- -^ rf.-^i:...,;/;.j.. 






Tu«»<««y, May 28, 1912 


Chestnut Ave. 

Tn«t nfi' l*'i>rt street, two lot-S. each 57X120- One-(iuartcr 
rash. Price, caeli 8X500 

Mitchell Street 

\ice huilcling lot 83x1 -'O. One-quarter ca'h. Price 
only S1900 

Cordova Bay 

Several blocks of land, sizes from 2 1-3 acres ^^^^l^ 
Prices from, per acre, $600 to S&OV 

Thai at $6(X) is nearly all under cultivation, hcantiful 
building site and close to sea. One-quarter cash, bal- 
ance t. 1-' and 18 months. 

;inirne strcet.^close tQ comcr of OsweKO. ,«;q-6xi23.2. On?- 
third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. Price.. $3900 

. j ii ii i aiiiii i M i lil li MttW 

Cook Street Corner 

Between I'airiield road and the sea, . -n.-i i-mimSu. 0,ii- 
third cash, balance arranRcK at 7 per > cm $13,500 

B. G. Land and Wtlilmeiit 



;M«--tj*rtr]t«»* i* 

9 2i!iiiiVERNMENT 

l^ncy i-.imite 

PHONE 125 

■■■.,■. Ty. I... Aw.. 


mm MM mm J 




2^ Acres Close to Douglas Street 

Two and a half acres with sl>lendid ten-ro.)med house, thoroughly modern with every conven- 
ience, rooms all large with a fireplace in each room. Garden beautifully laid out. Over three 
hundred feet frontage on car line— the whole property will subdivide splen-^idly .into lots, with a 
large p i^6lM; p urchaser. Single lots in same locality have sold fnr $4,000. 

WilfsefTthe whole estate for $21,000 or house with 80 teci ironiage b) k 
nil improvements, for , 'feS*^' ■*A' j^ 

» $10,000 

'#.^C*^,^ Good.terms on application. 


Money To Loan 

In laroc or small amounts at current rate of interest. 

Prompt reply — no delay. 



t'lre tnsurance^Wr 

■W^ "1^ t^ 

Hember Vi^l>|^%»l;J%tate Exchange 


'i ■ ' 

Are Yon 

For A 


Moss Street, 55_x> 120, spletldid view, nicely treqd, cheapest lot in the 'i 


ally large. 

vcrv casv 

[1 60 X 120; no rock, fine building sites. Price 
,... $700 

DP easy terms S550 to 

Avebury Street, 50 x 120. Price on your own terms $750 

Fairfield Estate Excellent location, 8-room hou-c c- .ncrcte foundation, cement floor, pan- 
elled, burlapped and tinted throughout, good sidewalks. Price on easy terms $5,750 

Ask to see this house. , ' 

Within the ii/^-mile circle, six-room house, modern in every respect, every convenience, on 
full sized lot. Cash 750, balance easy. This price is good for a few days only. Price $4,000 

Alvo von Alvensleben, Ltd. 

Phone 2445. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

636 View Street P. O. Box 618 




on Cedar Hm Hoed, 2% miles out, a {rood autdlvlslon. aU ^^^^^^^^ 
with 5 roomed house, per acre, on good ten.iB . .•••■ •-• 

Water fro^t, Cordova Bay. lota 40x800 

Third cash, good beach, level land, a nice summer home. 

On B C. Electric opposite station. 6 mUea out, % acre lots ... $350 
Good land, and easy terms. 

North West Real Estate 


751 Tatei Street 

▼ilctorla, B. C. 

Choice Homes and Good Value 

I'enibroke Street, 7 room."!, lot 50.xlll. sood view SSZ.'iO 

(Jrant Stieet, 7 rooms, lot 50x145, near new High School If5000 

.Mnold Street, S rooms, lot 50x1 20, hardwood finish )i(5500 

'vne above housraimve tt» bo ««*« -to t-* appreciated and can be had 

on terms to suit your pocket. 

Members Victoria Real Estate EzchanK*. 
Baywara Block. OrooBd Floor. »1>ob» 9»S<, 


Fairfield District — Lot .ioxi20 
to lane, .s-roomed buiigainw, 

cncrstc foundstio". a^nlialt 
afreet: ino'lern: half block 
from car; ?700 casli, balance 
monthly. Price $4,000 

Fernwood District — I^ot 50x105, 
fi\ e rooms, modern; concrete 
foiindation. piped for furnace; 
well-built; $1,300 cash, bal- 
ance monthly. Price.. .$3,500 

Pembroke Street— Lot 55xii5. 
six rooms, cement cellar, con- 
crete foundation, fruit tree-^ 
and garden. Terms $800 ca,«h, 
balance arranged. Price 

Heinekey & Shaw 

"The Home Finders" 
.110-320 Say ward Building. 

Buy Your Ov^n 




BroURhtnn Mt. — 60x120. npxt to cor- 
nier nianrhard and directly oDpoalto 

now tli"atrp «lf »30,0<M) 

BrntiKhton St. — ;ni1 lot. rrnm mrnBr 
of nianrhard fJS.OOO 

Blanrhard and Cormorant — Knrthw.'it 

lorncr, SOxl'Jn. ri-vmup iiroduolnu 
r>!'lce $S2,000 

Vatee St.— Between Quadra nnd Vnn- 
couver, «»xi;», with goud h<)U»«. 
j.,.|pe $»3,(»00 

A. W. Bridgman 

Prldkman Bldg., in07 Oovi. 81. 

Real Estate 



Why Waata Tlrna?-"*oni« "fool" away 
thalr time by trying to maater Pltman'a 
•horthand according to copybook. Wa 
h»y« got tham foolad. Wa t««ch "Pit- 
man's BlmpUfiaA" EMy. «« writing 
lengtend. Come atid »«e. Tha Royal 
atmegrapblo CoAipany. 4i« iaywAMl 



Avenbtir.v Ave. — Flnp build ing lot, 10 

x13p leVrl ^ifri i.V.. fir,.? .".AK St.^.'.C 

ire(>», l-S cRiih, balance 6, 12, IS 
inuniiiH. Frtt'r ^!t3" 

Inlrt Avf — "At thp GoiR'-." two aood 
'i acre Ints ab.xit llio feet from 
I ho wHter. will Kf-li toRvllier or 
»i-l.nrB!elv. 1-3 cosh, bnlnnce n. IX 
l<i nnd H motithi. Prln- eai n SIOOO 

r.llliBn Ave. — Comer of Irvine. Iftrga 
loi, (iOxlSU, pnved etreetn nnd 
houlevardn. »«50 cRiih, balance «, 
1», IS monthi. Price 11875 

Vera*. Terr»e<" — F'lne lot. iOxlSS, with 
•pleiidld vlo»- »f ll'i- Onrge which 
cannot Ym Interrupted. 1-3 ceih, K, 
12 and II n>onth«. Prfce ...•I.OOO 

Eureka Realty 

8s2 Yates Street. 
rtiM« tsts. 

Working Man s 

Three lol» nn Mara atre«», between 
Flnlayion street and Tolmle aveKliie. 
rimt rlaos lol», aultablo for buUd- 
Inn a home, a few minutes from 
lar. rinlayson street li belnic pa.'rd 
and bowlevarcloj, water And sewe •. 
J 100 cash, balance three y,!ai-|. I i ti 
adJolnlnK are held at JU*'). frli;* 
per lot ,^W^ MOO 

«-Room Collare nnd I/«t, 60x200 feet, 
Hampton road, off. Douglas^ car, 
$350 ra»h. balance arranned. 
1.-1-; ■1800 

41 Arrea on Mill Hsy road. 1» acrea 

parity cleared, house, atahle, etc. 
»lono cash, balance easy, PrlcefflBOO 

If yo\i want anythlnr. w» can k''1 
It for you, t'tll on u». 

And don't pay rent. 

You can get a new 4-roomed cottage, near car, for $2,400 


.\ good thrcc-ronmcd dwelling on lot 50x110, near car, for 
$1,400 on very easy terms. See us at once about these. 

A. von Girsewald 

Member of Real Estate Exchange 
P. O. Box gqc Corner Fort and Quadra. Phone 2926. 

A Modern Home On A 
Corner Lot 

Foul Ray Road, near Bourchicr street, lot 6oxiOo, nicely fenced 
,-tnd 'cfdet! for biwn, witb 7-room hotisc, mo<lern in every way, ba'^e- 
incnt, floored, extra toilet, wasbfubs, pipeil for furnace. _ Downstairs: 
Reception hall, parlor, dining room, ail burlapped and with beam 
ceilings; buffet built in. cosy den, fitted book case, pantry, scullery 
and kitchen. Upstnir-: Three bedrooms, .•separate toilet. 


Let Us Show You This House and Arrange Terms. 

Brubaker & Meharey 

Phone 3308 

Merchants Bank Building 

Eagles & Co 

Room 1. imperial Bank Chamber! 

Corner Tates and Oovernmant 8l«. 

Phona 1412. 

BaatI Ave.— Lot, ««E)iS, !•• otah, r 13 

and It 4.-. ........ ,fl««« 

Coraar HmivIvw Avd, »nd Jonaa It., lot (0 

xii3. i-»c«ti}, I, n Md II $i«M 

Cammr Ktmgit IM. Mid Cook atrtot, lot « 

jclJO. 1-a «i«b. «, ta and it •«•• 

EmprwM Av*. Utt <«xlM, l-t WMh. i. 12 

and II •• W**** 


OJMtw flUx«lt 

1(31 OovM-omoat »i. P1I9M SSS7. 

Fine Residential 

On Queen's .\ven\\c, to 
Vancoovcr .*«trcet and the 
park, 50 X 150. 

PRICE f 2,850 


ntai JD»ta.t« and 0«&«r*t . 
tre Miutiw M. 

If you arc looking Tor a NICE HOME or a 
LOT to build a NICE HOME on, call and sec 


MemberB Victoria Real Kstat" Exchange 118-119 Pembarton Block. 


1 r\^i> 

Fruit and poultry farm, V4 acrcf, all fenced, :i Rcron In fruit and ves:i»tablee. 
balance paiiurc. Well luillt lioime, 6 large riroma,' bflthrocjm, flrcnlncf, good well. 
■ table, poultry house, etc., U. minutes from new rar lino. •12,500; quarter rufh, 
balance very eaay. 

C. F. de Salis, Roberts & Co.. Ltd. 

tl»jrn«« Block, Fort 8t. 

rhone HSd. 

9 1-3 Acres at Saanichton 

a few minutes' walk from Victoria & .Sidney Railway and new 
car line, on inain road, near the .sea. The property is beauti- 
fully situated, with splendid .-^oil. Practically cleared, if you 
are'looking for an ideal counrty place, a few miles from town, 
do not fail to .sec thi.s one. We will be pleased to show it to 
you. Price $5000. 



Real Estate, Stock Brokers, Insurance and Financial Agents. 
Offices, 101-102 Pemberton Block. Phone 1381. Victoria, B. C 

Oak Bay, Near Car, for $1500 

Lot 50 X 120, amid delightful .surroundings, on Oliver street 
and near Oak Bay avenue. Only $1,500. ^ 


Fhon« 304 704 Fort St, Corner Douglfti. 


m ' H 

Tolmie Aysaas, couble csrner. 
SOxlOfi, one-thUia cash, iJalancs 
easy fieW 

Tonl Bay Boaa, 1 acrn, IHe ftn«iit 
liuMdinif site on the road. Eaty 
terms ftOOtt 

OnUvmillM ATtmaa, Jnst off 
Quadra Street, 8 ' loU each 
62x198, tuUlvatert and In fruit 
treen, one-quarter caah, balance 

Vver 2 yeart. Each , . . . v .flOO* 

BonurtAa Bo«d, ]130xa?l..oti^llilrd 
oaah, balaiioe over II moipitli*, 
Prlca .,..».,* .,,,...■.. ^mWb 


. i - -A 

Fairfield S 

* - •t * ^ 

The Bc«t HokiM Buy OB^j^ 
Market in Victoria Toiiijf 

A new 8-room biitiftk)W» 
cement floor, f urnact,,, bttf- 
lap. pan^ned hall smd dii^ng 
room, buffet, tinted wtJtti 
Price ts*|50. Terttw|' , 
cufh, bsianoB w oik.' 
will like It;' 


> y.i. 


t»^J»*U ^ <li4t^U*'U M ll ^ '-* 


TuMday, May 28, 19tl 




Lot, 95 X I20, View Street, between 
Blanchard and Quadra, suitable ior 
business block. Price ^35,000 

Lot, 58 X lao, Douglas Street, near Bay 
Street. Price, per front foot . . .^700 


Cor. Douglas and Francis Streets, 120 x 
120. Price, [)er foot ^300 

Double Comer, Fort and Richmond. 
Price ?10,000 

Residential Property 

Corner Wildwood and Fairfield, I'/S x 
115. Price ?5,000 


'"^^"•620 Fort Street 

.^^^^^^^^'"'US^r'Real Estate Exchange '^^'^^^^^^'^-, 



Lot 21, Block 22. Price . . .. 1^425 

Lots 3 and 4, Block 2. Price, 
each $375 

Lots 23 and 24, Block 2. Price 
for the pair $L000 

Terms arranged. 


Close to Deep Gove 

2- Acre Blocks 

Waterfront Lots 

" - ' :;! ! f^ ' l l «i' ' »' ' ;!'Hi' iffi'lfM !'. .>*.u ^ 'i ;iig i' 




fiiM>iiC», tote dps« to a»e townslte. low price and easy 
s; dpod thing to get in on if you want to make a Uttle 
«J€>jyey quickly. - 

,,^e#i^aco Valley Landifil^iM* 

620 Broughton Street ^ . .Victolffeli^ B.'.^. 

Reference— The Union Bank of Canada, Victoria, B.C. 

Doudas Street 


Tnst outside mile circle. Lot-W*T3^ «^v..§£i§aM.^ ^^^ 

iiess site. 

vf "a. 


Perms ti cash, balance 6, 12, 18 months at 7 p( 


Phone 2()12 

Fairfield Special 

Double Corner,>Vancouver and Sutlej. I 'rice lor a few da> s 
only, on long terms ... * . .$5,800 


' 40.3-404 Sayward Block Telephone 2772 

Branch Office, Duncan, V. L 


Near Cook — 60x120 

With well kept 6-room bungalow, stone foundation, stone 
wall fence, nice garden and lawn. Will rent easily at $40 per 
iHontb. Good buy — on terms. 


1214 Government Street 

Brock St., two lots, .size 60 
x wo cnrh. I'ricc $1550 

Walton St., size 60 x 120. 
Price $1575- 

Stannard Ave., -izc Go x uo. 
Price $1250. 

Durban St., size 60 x 120. 

I'ricc $1550- 
Sutlej St., 47 X 125. near 

Cook St. Price $2300. 

Queen City Realty 

1413 Douglas Street 

VhOB* 2774. 

How's This? 

Six-room fully moilcrn lumsc, 
right off car. Lot i.'- 50-"^ UO lo 
ianc: two fireplaces, cement 
bascincnt and sidewalk.^, also 
furnace. '' 

PRICE 84400 

Balance to suit purchaser. Lot 

alone i.s worth ?f..Joo. 

Phone 1741 841 I"'ort vStrcet 


841 Fort 

Phone 1741 

Two Large 



.Also having frontage on 
Vcrnc Terrace, close to the 
Gorge car line. Price for the 
two $10,000. Terms. 


Members Real Estate Exchange 
733 I'ort St. Phone 2690, 

Thirteen Acres 
In Happy Valley 

Lot.s 7 and 8. Block B. lai'ge 
Q-room liour'c JO htariiig fruit 
tree.*. 300 small fruit trees, barn 
50x26, room for six horses, two 
horses, one new mower, set of 
harness, one new wagon, one 
disc, one plow, .nnc harrow; all 
new $200 worth of furniture; 
all under cultivation, good 
water, just ten miles from 
Victoria, and faces the railway. 

Price $ia,50o; $6,0011 cash, bal- 
ance easy terms. 


•43 r»a«on Stnat. 

frlnce Oeorc* Hot«l Block. 


. Members y»ctori?i Stock Exchange 
Metnbeirs Victoitia 



Grant & Lineham 

■ l^lliox 307. G33 Yates Street Phone 664. 



' ■. ' :.'IIIHilW4^^-.v:^' ' - 

i • \ . ■■■•■ ;■■ . ;c\ 

■ .«.....-'rfj;,5«>iS" .■ 

■mil I i . iiii»ii |u.i... I ' , ' .;;'! 

; l i I • ri' " |l "i | L., l J .. ! ..; . ' :.-..-. iv- 

At Ciirretit Rates 

On First-Class 



General Agents 
Victoria, B. C. 

All kinds of Insurance writ- 
ten at lowest rates. 

Good Money 

Stannard Avenue — One \>A. 
50 .X 120. i'ricc... $1,350 

Metchosin Street — One lot, 
50 .X 125. Price, .,,.. .$1,000 

Victoria Avenue. do e to 
Cowan, one lot. Pricn- $1,250 

Cook Street, close to Kinj;- 
road, one lot. Price $2,000 


643 View Street, Phone 2307 



10 chains waterfront, 40 acres 
under cultivation, class 
«oll, no rock. 

PER ACRE f 425 

J. F. Belbin 

Office Phone.-? 1166. Res. n-26S4. 
617 Cormorant St., Tiotorl*, 

A Home For 


Bloh«rd«on St.. coniplot''rl 7- 
ronm, fully modern, with 
g-ftn. •tc, ?ta1>lo in the rci!". 
Lot BOxlOO. $2000 Tlu- 
lificB ta .$7000 

Aldar St., new 7-room tannKttlow. 
with every ronvenlonoe. I,iit 
48x15-'?, five minutes walk from 
car. Iinoo Price ...93800 

B*«oh Bo»d, lot .5,'<.\108 91260 

TanfcouTct St., between Kings and 
Bey, 50x120. One-third eH5<li. 
Price 9a000 

B. C. Sales Go. 

1411 CK>v*riiiii«nt 8tr««t 

Phone 2662 


Good sea frontage. Im- 
proved farms. Acreage. 

Robert F. Hickey 

Parksville. V- 1. 

Listings in OaW Bay^ -also:: c#«*i^ lots. ^^^ 

■'-'■■**■" ■■■-■•■ ■' "■' —*■» » ' '■■' ■ '■■'*■**__ 

street, King's Road and Ry^n street. / 

ARTHUR COLES accident insurance 

ite. Insi 

1205 Broad Street, Next to Colonist Office 


. ^r^- t /-..-.,^ \A/e.<;t T ife Real Estate. Insurance and Financial Agent 

Manager Branch Office of Great West i.iic 

P. O. Box 167 

Gordon Head 

For sale about 24 acres land with good wa.terfrontage and beautiful 
Handy b^lweU adapted for residential subdivision, eaay terms. 


Members of the Victoria Koal Estate Exchanse. 
Member, of the R«U E»tat* Stecnanr. 

Victor!*. B.C. 

lOOa Bro»d Street 


Prominently located office in a modern building, for 
a professional gentleman. 


In a class by Itself for a nonie site ui &" v* »- snoO 

and ,15 per month. Prices •••-•••••• I' I"; ' i'::::::: i;; ;; i! ijleoo 

to ••• ...•••«• ••••••<••••••• ..•••• * 

Cecil Str«t, ? lots, clear *hd high, «ach 50xU0. Price, each .. .flOOO 


Beautiful half acre, wooded, J3'.:xi6i, for SP3600 

Waterfrontage-Most beautiful, near the city, only 3 acres at ..jpj)00O 


., ,1*1, .iwoHiiiir Terms J3500 cash, balance 1. 2, 3 
7 1-5 acres, improved, with d\seUu.K. tcims,„ SIT -KH* 

and 4 years at 7 per cent Irlce St<l.,iuu 

Flnlayson and Stevenson, clear unl l.iKh ?1000 




Glasgow atreet. Price 

McPherson & Fullerton Bros. 



X Fire, Life and Accident 

Rooms 5-7-9-1 1 Mahon Bldg. Victoria, B. C. 

X Phone 1462 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 

Flion* 1888. 

618 Trounce Avenue. 

Quadra OrcharSs 

Uiilv .•islu lots Ion in this bciiulirul 
fiilMlivlRlon. 2'.* miles from city hall 
en Quadra street. 15 fruit bearInK 
nyies on every lot, city water. I Hco 
for thin week only »"00 each; »100 
taah, 10 per cent qualterly. 
^ Our auto at your Bervlce at' nny 

Gordon Burdick 

r.20 Broughton St. 

Fhon" "SIR. Fomberton Blnok. 

All kltulR nr liiBUninie written. 

1 Lot 60x120, on Arthur Htroet. 
near R>.-scrvoir. Price ..$1050 

2 Lots on Chestnut Avenue, close 
to Fort Htreet, &7xl20 each. 
Price, each flBOO 

1 Lot, corner of Bell and Bow- 
ker Avenue, Oak Bay, 75.6x120. 
I'rice fieoo 

Kapy tcrin.s on nil these. 


Room 10, Mataon Block 
p. O. Box 7 SB Phon* 11 IS 

Inside Ihe Mile 

New scini-bung-alow. five rooms downstairs, room for 
three more upstairs which is floored but not parti- 
tioned, stairway completed, full size basement, fur- 
nace and all modern conveniences. 

This liuuse is situated in the Fairfield district and 
is within a minute's walk of the car line. 

PRICE $5500 

$1,500 will handle. 

Hayne & Wilkinson 



p. O. Box 60 



Corner HllUIdo and Qroivcnor Road, alie 111x180. Pr>c« .... 
Corner of Blackwood and K^nfa Road, »l»e 102xl»». Price . 
XlanchcBter Hoad, near BurniTcn, one lot, aUe »OxllO. Price 





R. V. WINCH & Go. 


5JI Fort Street. Phone 145. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Shawnigan Lake 

S m«reii of partly clearci] land, 
on the waterfront. Five roomed 
hotiPP, new, well. etc. Tlio land 
Is hlffh and slopes to the water. 
Xo rock, .easUy cultivated— taCOO 

Five additional acre.'j couUi. be 
eeoured— fSOOO the wliole. 


•04 TfttM 



For Auto To 


BBBT aim 

Between Bl«nchard and Qasdra, 
60x112, revenue bearliiK > —.< » • 

Between Quadr« and Vancouver, 
60x113. vacant fSl,iM 

Between V/aneouver and Cook, 

Nrick Ri 






rut4my. May 28, 1912 


Montrealer in Fine Sliape — 
Will Meet Westerners in 
Toronto Field Trials June 1 
— Olympic Notes 

MONTREAL, May ^7. — During the 
past few days, several of the M.A.A. 
and National A.A.A. athletes have 
been setting: down to work and both 
assoolatlonK have turned la th« names 
of aever«U Olympic trial men to Secre- 
tary Will Stewart to b6 forwarded to 
Secretary Crow. ' , , v, j . 

' The M.A.A.A. ha» forWftMed the fol- 
hiwiriL-: nnmw to S^f*^U^ BtAwArt for 
..sthe sprint«i,J^ i.: 'PJitM^- jf;.;'<i^ 

«• -w. QA,im0»''''«^'^''^mm%-''^- 

:a ^litorel and 'K: ID. 1- doutnfeiikpilt for 

the niidaie dlAtance. J. CEL IMkhar. W. 

A. M<3i|li^ W. B. BoiUBhton and .Wi^ 

HtLy; --i^f, A. tL Coat«a and W. Ma,yi 

' hmim'^. iHappenny and K. W. Do^rt*: 

%*!C ». J. Cable. 

The Xattona! A.AJL bas «ta,irtA M^ 
Hetwrt la tbe mUe, tba bait and tb* 
l^nartttr: F. A. Breln, tbe Mazatbon and 
iCaranda in the Jumps. 

BVank Lukenuan haa been tralatiur 

probably more oonalatently tbaa any 

jOf tbe oth«r local atbletea. Lukeman 

Satenda enterlnir in botii tbe P«BtatM«R 

■ %jiA Deoatblon and ezjiects to compete 


in the Ontario provincial triaia on June 
18. These games are to be run In con- 
junction with the Saton A.A.A. «ames 
and here tbe Quebec athlete will meet 
■jarobably' tha beat men in fianada. .gji^ 
^i' jjbtaa excfliptlon, of a couple of good onea 
jCrom the extreme weat. who are not 
expected to come «api ^tll Jnn« t tor 
the (flnal srames In Montreal. 

Canadahi Obaaoa 

MONTREAL,. May 27< — Cfanada baa a 
sood chance to win the Dlanjtond GfeuHa 
this year. This la tl^iopAttlpn of Mr. 
iSmlth. honorary cfMHpi)'' iMT «* lAChlne 
Boatlns: and Canoeing Club. I^he man 
whom he calls to win the honor again 
■for theDomlnlon la Butler •of the Ar- 
gonauts, Toronto/ Mr. Smith was for- 
merly connected with the Argos him- 
self and says that Butler is a natural 
born sculler. He .Is In the very best of 
condition and If nolhlhg happens he 
will 'compete not only at Henley, but 
at Stockholm, the national cham- 
pionships of the ITnited States and at 
the Canadian Henley. Mr. Smith seema 
to think that he has a good opportunity 
to come out winner In them all. In 
this he Is to a certain extent backed 
up by Nlcholls. the coach of the Detroit 
Rowing club for some years and a man 
who is thoroughly j>osted on rowing 
matters both on this aide and the other 
of the Atlantic. : , 

Nlcholls does not see anyotte In inter- 
national rowing circles, ho told Mr. 
Smith, whom Butler should not be able 
i'> beat 
tKlnnear, has held the sculls for two 

irs now, and a.lthough there la one 
Han in the United States-— Fuessel, 
who ha» done some wonderful work, 
he naturally is not getting any bet- 
ter wUh age. 

■ JUrrangemeats Por Trip 

TORONTO. May 27. — ^Final arranee- 
ments have been completed for the 
departure of the Canadian Olympic 
team for the Stockholm galmes. The 
team, after its selection, will assemble 
at Montreal on Saturday, June 15th, 
sailing from that city on the White 

Star steamer Teutonic, arriving at 
LlveriMOl on 8aturd«y. June 22nd. Thu 
team will so right to Crystal Palace, 
while the oarsmen will continue on to 
Henley. Both squada will go into train- 
ing at those places the track and IVeld 
entries tramtng with the Brltlah oom- 
petltiors at Uirper Norworth for ten 

11.) U V^.^1 V...O &Ul V.^.. i#\.<.-* V. ,.4 UVr 

made by boat from Harwich, the chan- 
nel cpOBslng taking forty hours, an all 
night ride to Stockholm, landing them 
at the Stadium, The »ch«dijl« g1v«« 
them a week In Htockholm before the 
samea. which will take place on the 
13th, 14th and IBth of July. - ne oars- 
men will compete on July 18th. The 
Canuck rowing entries will also take 
part In the big Henley reg«tta for 
the Grand Challenge shield. 


The Men's Own C. C. and St. George's 
Lodae teams met on tho ground of lh« 
former club at James Bay on Saturday, ths 

former winning. 

Tilt? Si-oie; 

St. Ueorge'a, 
H. «ahone?. b. Attwe^ 
T. Howl&nd, c. Collins,'- 

j. ironouoy, " fa. Sc«rf< 

O. iiudd, b. AUw'all .^>.>«^iiiV 

F... CSblsltt, 'ta^;,^IMHNM^> •«••*«•-• <k'»iii^^*>* 

f. q^^^ H. ,b, 'ji M (i Hi; :'.%. .... '^0m*" 

.H. ,/,IMPt?1|i ..'iMSiilii': V. ».« . • • . •«:ii'W»»il5'«» 


aa a «••'« *#•' a 


. U 



Ax JfttlWll • *a^»a« • *««••.«>«••" m. 

SL 8e«rff: ..y<.*c ..i.t 

n^ Kahaaar. b. WmA .....".... 
T. Bnnlandi e. Callua, bw X^oek 
J. laaKMMy, b. s.wi3t 

a ROAd. e. BearCt. ^ U 

V. euuttai* a. •qnfikr'CMk'TTT*' 

p. QaUH*. Ma auk •• 

B. Piktm b. £a«k,...w 

R. Lalcbt^B, bb, sMok .......... 

S9M«lllip.; % ;aa« K &mK >*••• 

-Mr — n^(Bjair-ar-*4wiipiaa .. .. i^.**^* 

ttattaa .»«»«« ••f.*»>«..«.«^.....' 

9atal *»-«•••«••••...««...... 



4 f 

5 4 

.... • 

> • • • V 



a a • • a' • 

• a a a •• 
«•*» *a 

• •••«.« 



. . . S.5 


<^frn, 1st loninaa 

■.iiaacr, b. Howland" . 

IL tfitik .... 
X Henab . 

D. Hughe* 

K. Ding. 

I>. Hughw-. 

£. Savage. ^- QuiUle 

A. Aitwal). run out • 

B. Lock. e. HowlaaO. b. QuiUie 
X. CoIltauK. e. Bacs*. b. Rowland 

H. Semrtf. b. Quillie - ". 

P. Xormatk. c Chlalet, b. QuUUe 
J. HoHab, b. H^wlasd .....^.. 
W. Jantes, not out -•■ 

E. RiggB, b. Howlaad . 
Extras , 

. « . • . I 



a ^ a a **' 

» T 

U - 1 








Itowllsg Analysis 

QulUla ...... 10 . . 

Howland .».5 1 

Men's Own, Sad XbbIb^ 
E. Dingle, 'L. B. "W.. b. Baggs .... 

D. Hughes, b. Baggs ....... 

E. Savage, b. Baggs . . . .........••• 

A. Attwell, run out --- 

Xi. IJock, c. HowUnd. b. I<«tabtMi . 

N. Collins, b. Leighton 

H. Bcartf, b. Bagga .............. 

F. Norman, c. QuiUla, b. BaggS ... 
J. Hough, run out ^;.... .....•.••.• 

W. James, not oiit' ............... 

E. Htggs, b. telghtpn 

Extras ••• 

O. JI. B. W. 



Baggs .. 






Bowling Analrala 

H. R. W, 

IS 4 

1 10 4 

DJrlglbla'B Beoora 

PARIS, , May 27.— A dlriglhle bah 
loon performed the remarkable feat of 
ascending to a height of 9860 feet, 
part or th* ascension being made In a 
driving snowstorm. L. Bruil, in a new 
Clement Bayard dirigible, made the 
trip last week. The record altitude for 
an aeroplane is 13,948 feet, and dirig- 
ibles were supposed to be unable to 
reach any great height, owing to their 



At Phlladelphltt — 

(Fl:»t Game) 

Score. R. H. E 

Boston * '■> - 

i-hlladtilDhla 6 f I 

Baiterlec Tyler, Hogg. Donnelly ami 
KllitK; Ureiuiuu and Douln. 
(Second Uame) 

Score. R' H- E 

Uoston • . ' * '■* 

f nuadoipnia 3 - i 

BatterU>»; lliuwn, lei. In.- <iiid Gowdy, 
Curtis; Alexander and Moran, Dooln. 

At ClUcago — 




Buttcrlts; Reubuch an! 

Froinme and McLean. 

At Brooklyn — 


New York 

Brooklyn ■•• 2 II 4 

Batteries: Ames and Meyers; KneltBer, 
Burgar and Phelpa _ , 

At Plttsburg-r 

Score. ,,.. .:S...;H. E 

Plttaburg ••....•.. »»*ff 

St. Louis .. 
.J. J'lBatteriea: Ai 
'**"li», Steol »ual 

R. H. E. 
4 9 


R. H. E. 
6 6 



/-*a a'^ai »••»'* a^aaa* •■*• 

XbewM,' ' ■'■ ■' '^ ' \'" -■ ^^~ "'^ 
■ 4it H*w Toi*— 

Score. 'B* K> & 

Woahlagtan ..,,,.,.,..»-...'••.'" '8 "•• f 
NawTiark M.U « 

Bat^aa: Qagbea and Raair; OaMwM 
aat B»amar.r- 

^ i;^ 

I '. ^ «i7 'ift|pMa:'Bias. ' '?«)tea"tff*. 


>a^ mirm A •' 

■!. j ii ) l! .J.UI»l<j fc 

i llW I I I H l , II , J . 1111 

- i ff .I 'l i i .. i .Uiiiijff 

. l >J I I > . l , I J 


Wellington, next to Dallas, 
50x116. One-third cash. 
For $1,950 

Dallas, next to Wellington, 
62 feet frontage on Dallas. 
One-t4iir4 cash. For $2,550 

Double Corner, liinden and 
Fairfield. One-third cash. 
For ..... .... ..... $5,000 





r> - 







* Annandale ' 



Is $15 Your Price 


or a 

Smart Summer Suit? 

■^'Ve liave on display in our windows a sample of 
what we consider to be the STRONGEST VALUES 
in two and three-piece suits that have ever been of- 
fered at 


Summer Tweeds, Fancy Worsteds and Blue Serges, 
some of which sold as high as $20, but the sizes are not 
complete and must be cleared out. 

We are desirous of increasing our sales for the clos- 
ing days of May to wind up a most successful clothing 
month. Let us save you money on a business suit for 
summer wear. "You'll like our tlothes" because they 
are absolutely reliable and will give you genuine satis- 


811-813 Government St., Opp. Post Offipc. 

lity in Merchandise 
Character in Values 


' lutwhat yt9 ARE aiudous to imj^rMs u|Km your miiidi»^it^ goods— the |?)0^c^ 

of them artd the low pricep at which we areoffcring them. It is <»^^ifef to! h« A^^ to talk store--^^ an^ 
other to talk good goodte, reaaofiably ^riced--we have the whol« c<;Mli»«<i Don't put off buying, ot^^lll tiD- 

"- l::." V '■ . 1 ■ - .1 ■ I I. ■! I ~ii I. ..I ' liii 

da(y. You are welco^ne at any tiaif. 

:h. f 

r • >'V' 


The above line is what you will think about when you get your ice bill, 
but it is not our fault if it brings such an exclamation' from you, because had 
you bought one of our Refrigerators, you would only smile. The real merit in 
modern Refrigerators lies as much in saving ice as in preserving the food. All 
our big stock, at any price you pay, have every latest device for covering both 
important points of saving in fact, a saving in price besides. 

Dainty Vases 


Summer Flowers 


The beaifflW^iFs of the early summer inake the interior of the home delightful. They brighten up the 
home in a wonderful manner, but they deserve holders worthy of their beauty. , 

Flower Holders are so low in price nowadays that there is no excuse for using various^ pieces of Table- 
ware as receptacles for the flowers. Come in and choose a stylish vase from our offerings. A great variety of 
sizes and styles are shown and the price range is also varied. We start as low as lOit 


Do Up Your Lace Curtains in the 

New Way 

The old-fashioned way of stretching and drying 
curtains was to lay them flat on the carpet. This 
liard work made your back and your thumbs sore, 
often curtains, after being ^^.^ashed. wcre^ soUed all 
over by this clumsy way of drying them. Now*a new 
way has been found that lets you have fresh, clean curtains all the ti^ne. You will know how easy it is -when 


It's frame of clean white basswood, made so that it will take any size of curtains. You can put a curtain 
on it in no time simply and easily. It dries the most delicate lace curtains without kinks and wrinkles. What 
you .save on laundry bills in these months will pay for the stretcher. Makes your lace curtains last almost 
three times as long. You need this stretcher. Come in today and .see it. Price is easy. It will last for years. 

Three styles, priced at ^1,75, $2.50 and $3.50 


Every Man 

Likes to Save 











MmpfM Tk/mt^ I'ngrmmm 
t. C. WM« t«*aw 




Lit jn, XAHOLi TOUn Airvzmisnrfli 

W* mmk* >. •^•«1*1^ of Brosp«otua«a, gu»rMit«*lnB th«lr 
««nsMrtBM» tifmm a l«c*i atAndpolnt, und«r Th« CeapanlM 
Act, MM their a^vartltliic v«iu«. Wlin, CALL OA 'MOIU 

roK otm iiKvrcs looxucT. soKsrxnift «M3V vavixo ir tov 
vsi AwaxTitiM or Mir kind 

..I. I.. I. Ill 1,111,111.. h I I-" -.l i -''-*}- i i-' i "fii ii I ' ii ' 








A? ' 




Every Artfde 
Here is a 

» ' i»*iii | i<ii m i m mmmlimiUili* 






TuMday, May 28, 1912 



Canadian Austi-'alian Liner to 
Dock at the Outer Wharf 
Soon After Daylight This 



■Japanese Liner Reports From 
Sea by Wireless— Frank- 
tnount to Tsake Next 
Leaf Sailing - ; ' 

On the Waterfront 

sill;) 111' ubDui :!,'pOii I'iM.s ult'li ncioiiimo- 
dations'for l:;Ci fmsscngers. She is an 
oil Inirner und will run from Seattle to 
Cordova. Seward and ValJeJ!, Altt.ska." 

Mr. l^coU's vvfnt on to say that the 
>larij)Osa purchiisod from the Spi'eck- 
clH intert'sts In .San Frnni-lsco, had been 
delivered uboiit four wueUs ojjo. iSlio 
Is a sister ship gf tliu AUinieda, i>iii-- 
c-htiBed two ytars uao. for the nurtU- 
ui'Stern s.ervlc<?. She has been' thor- 
uiifijily oVerliiiulvd and new enKlucs lu- 
stulltd. The Victoria has betn over- 
haulMl and lii.i ik- a in^iin-s are nearly 

T'ni: froiiThl stecmerH. 'oiioho, 

which wiia a new sship ! • h, and 

the Seward, were also In Hi'st class 
Ml- lOrcleii said;; ,a\fte»(' ^'"i- 

j .\ J lie and St. Micifia«ls. ?' 

The two steam^fs, Jefferson «ina 
Dolphin,. wlU serve between Juneau, 

SkiKWay;;;pid''viac4l-' P^^ 

*'VVe hiyi? twa ^r tljree other local 
boats whltiijj «r» ,; U«<i« tor flpecJat 
Ui|»»," tiaia Mr. asofilmii "on the wholjj, 
i saM betojr«). therteet lii in b*tt«r 

nier excursion huslntua, betwtfn Sf- 
altle and Victoria. The keel will he 
laid within a month. The steel has 
bt-en ordered In the East and work will 
be hurried. H being intentt-d to have 
the Bteamor ready for delivery In less 
than a year.' The Tiicoina Is to have a 
pii^senger currying fapuflly of SdO peo- 
ple. Her Lsailijoi) ai-eom moduli on and 
ji^Mw^n^^r* #*Hiilnnit^nt^ hii'liid f nif ^ ft b'.K' 
DUldiKir inulii defU ur iibsorvutlun eabln 
art, WTO be denlKiied to riieiH tTie'V'e- 
(liilremerit of siiinmer tourl»t travel. 

Grand Trunl< Pacific Liner, 
Whicii Brought Ninety-three 
Passengers South, Sailed 
for Prince Rupert 'Yesterday 

of itumberfl, \h»n ever before." 

' '-' on 


Tiie Bieatner l?rhice Gtor^;. 
McKenale, ■ reaehetl the G.T. ! 
tiunday mornlnu, brlnKintr i* 
gers, ttCter u flne tias.saKe. The arrivals 

Jnelii.l. .1 .Vfr. (U.irg-.-'Uns.«, chief post 
oflk-i iii.siiiiliir, i'; and JudgU 
younjf, 0(5 the coupty I'Ourt .at PrHi«;<^ 
Ktiijpert. Among those who • Went north 
#«tjfe a number of surv^yoiw boimd tp^^ 

JJImpe ana' 'arft;1»J|flher "standard' H^eW^'i't^^ >*"* 

SyrUlde from Inoreasea.rtwi^' ^3«i^il*«l;''l^^ 

^e«r»ttath,5^Jfei'Jfi CaWert, J. M. MUU- 

ar j W l " I I- '' . 

K .M s Miictira, Capt, Johii Olbb, of 
'•'■• Ortiirtd|iiii:'AuBtrttUfta '■ Ite^ -flrl'tii a ■ 
' ' ' ' -jtifei^iiiriteaMiCit^.-of'' paAen ifBra and a 

^ '.■mmi^MSMrim ' tonk ' of, general 
, including; #fe usual shipments 
ii .... Xi'rtiand Gutter, frosen nttitton 
from Au.suiiiia and 3srew SSealandv, 

the outer wharf 'c«riy -itrlK niorning, «c- 
cordlns to wli'elcs ra^.ysugeM roceived 
by local agents front the red-fiinn 
liner. The Makura loft Sj-dnc;. 
.M;l.\- 1), AucUlaiuJ on :.l:iy 10 and Suva 
■ ■n .\liiy 11. , 

lii^'und from llie oiient with SOU 
Lous of general frds'lit fo;- .r ' ,' 
and many Ohineae stceras' ;.i 
III disembark, the Jtipune.s.j .stoaiuer 
'lucoriia Maru. of the Osaka Shcsen 
kal.sha is expected to rca<.. the outer 
wharf this ar'i,erno.on, according to nies- 
MH^'es reccivyd by wlreley.'s from Capt. 
Yamamoto. The Tacoma Maru Is l- 
iliys behind her aeheikiie, liav.;i;,' iic.-ii 

ll' .^ '. .' 1' , ■ ' . .... 

lioiii luiUuulc i)la.v;ut:. ; 'riiL' l-'aiumia 
.\l.i!i:, which Is following' the Tacom.i 
Alaru, and whb sel.cdnled to arrive on 
Thuisd.iy, was also iiuaru:it!ned on ac- 
I'liiii '■'' biihonie platiiio at tlic Japan- 
' •■ !"■; 1, and will reach he] c about two 
- t'rk.'i hiM\ci'. 

Has IMCttny Passer gfors 

Willi a pu.s^itn.uer list of ;J!7, of 
whom 17y ure for this eiti. the Nippon 
Yusen kalsha liii ■!■ Sado aiaru" is steam- 
ing; for this p'i II Ypkohanin. The 
vesser left the Oimw last \^■ed!10sday, 
.•ind Is expected at the outer wli.tii .June 
.', T!i" S.'.ilu M:uu Ikis abovit in cabin 
I'! •:.,!., II , sliipnients asKregato 
:;uOU Uina of raw i^llk. silk Rootl.s, mat- 
tins and othor products of the. Far 
Kast. "^ ' 

The .si<>:inislilp JliiuioKota, i|if the 
lireat XOrthein Steamship company, it; 
i'l'^" bound acros.s the X'aoific for 
.'..;:.■. and is expectcd.nt the . GiLa^ 
Ni>rtiiern dock .Inne 1. Both the Sado 
.^jariiaihltne'Krn- liner -will steum inr 
I j-^ Oriiiii .11) June 18, the Sado ^larii 
iMlUns 111 10 a.m. and the MInne.sot.i 
at iionn. 

Franlunonnt Coming 

The British .steamer Kranknnnint ban 
been cliartcrod by the Maple I^etif line 
to take the jjlace of tlie steamer ?anta 
Ito.salin. for the .nine, sailing from New- 
York, for this port, and the Krank- 
!H)ijnt is now taking cargft and will be 
! 'ady to leave the eastern city about 
.l:ine 10 for Victorirt ;iiiil Vancouver. 
The Franknioiiht will liriui; the bis 
phlpmenis of steel from Pittsburg 
which wore to have beets carried by the 
."-Jrinta Kosalia for the IJ.~ C. Marine 
Kjill Way i-v.>Urj>uny of K«<nrmiiiit for iiso 

ill the construction of tlie new steel 
i.,.rew steamer being built there foi- the 
I '. P. It. for service on the west coast 
I'l' \'i;H..!ivor Islund from Victoria. 
Orteric Prom InrM.-v 

Tli<' .>-! 'I 111' r I irl ■■: I ; > . 

Krlcs In the trauspaciric trade — Is to 
leave IFongkonK en route from Bombay 
i;irly )ii.'xt month after a loni? break in 
the J.Ja,nk line service. Tite olh."' 
stennierfj of A»i<lr«»\v W«)r wnrt Co.,, WH 

Opluza On Xygja 
(.'ustoms' Offlcer A. U Hamer nf Se- 
attle, wlicn the .NorwenlMti yleannr 
RyuJa docked there on yund«i>, asked 
Chin IvCP, a Chinese sailor, If he Imd 
any opium for sale, and the Chlnaiiuin 
brought from his tuiartois ten flve-tael 
tins whiph were promptly seized and 
tli,e Chinese Was arrested. Under recent 
nilings of the U.^i?. customs department 
Capt. K. . Meyer, master of tlie ves-sel. 
Is liable to a line equal "to the value 
of the opium sel'/jed. After the arrest 
Capt. Meyer called the, Chinese crew 
out on deck and warned them against 
any niore traffic In opium, pulntini,' mit 
to them that he was liable to a li ii c 

-Of 'IWOO, ,.--\-^'.- .■-:■■■,■:::;-;,.:;■- 

BleuiiiurH \> 
Grace IJolhi 



Htcanihlilp .HoveincDtH 

fl! \ \'i 'i.-;! •■ 1 M ,■.• '7 

Diakc, Imri 

.Cmtral'ta; '.«r«|»rjjaarbw: Hfrntr. AipOuti. 

:«B«WI,ft \ tvaitt.. Mar ST.— Arrived! 
Btntl^li^ ;^4^dent. Buclunah, San Pran> 
etmsnt iAAmtki »»iu^MMa. .T{iconi4, Sailed: 

Si«ftiili»n )iii>>cti.U|i£citB.; fiiiiiliNi cirti«, via ma 
FraiMtiM»{,^iiii4^iMM,i Vaitoma; Bditb, tiady* 

^yOSt . AHttisJLmif, SmL, ' ifsv SL—ArrtiiAtl) 

. Ge6ri»; -^.•;'|lJ4j»r, ' Bor^'wij ^Ittwhath.- eSj^ 
iiTOWa yii'<iiti Tlrnnnri frorfHTi'jIi fHiniig> W 



Monterey Are. — Well built 7- 
rnnm<»d mrulcrn house, two fire- 
places, den. This Is cheap at 
11500 cash, balance arrunjccd. 
Price »«>00 

Klchmo&a »o»d — "-rooms, fur- 

nac«, three open fireplaces. Cash 

.one-third, balance 6, 12 -and 18 

muntbs. Lot 60x1:18. Price $6600 

Cook, irear DaUas MA. — .'lOxlin, 
new 8-roomed house, basement, 
furnace, 4 bedrooms, well built. 
Cash one-third. Price . . .$9000 

Fell St. — lOOxlSL', 8-roomed house 
i bedrooms, furnace, KaraKC. 
Cu.'^.ii I'JOOO. A ^:uod bi;y at $7500 

BecKdt, Major & Co.. Ltd. 

1 '"■' 


1- on >^i. 

i. t: 

llih V 



renVlcK,' Portland, Salted: o«or«» W. 
KJiuiuilki^';'««9.'tHi>eini.; -v 

oitnif'SS.SSj B3. 
y; bolm: 30.0': i-- 
y; S. \V. liHlu: 
poke tw<)-mi8ti . ■ ii'T 

111. tJtflck fniiiu'l. white band, i.uii i>.m.. 
I'liuiid; Ti'iK Hheiini :; n.m.. southbound; 
. luft ivtnt Heufrew at T.liS a.m. 

ringle iBlund — Cloudy; H.'E. 5 nillcn; 
.;■..;:; 15: mo-.!-- •'•• 

Frlnco Bujii : 
binoiitli. C)ut, I '"•. 


Esli'vjiii— :'Iriir; \\ . : J'.t..".l: ! :i ; llnht swell. 

Spoke Tacoma M;irii. i; ii in. ; priri"— \".i" 

X.. 134.-*.SAV., .107 nilP'S fvoiii IC:\ ^i- 

bound. 1 a.m.. xpoke M.ikur» ." ; i" 

lM>«ltloi). 4ri.43N'.. 131.10 W.. n'^rtbULuml. 

Ikcdn-^.\!l!>'.y : clpur; 29. SO; CO: mnoolh. 

Dead Tni- i''ilMl— ()\ i-n;ist ; S. E. Ushl- 


Yachts for Sale 

Before -.■buying ■ -see:. o;i»r,-f^|« 
ilBta of boatB for ■•ale^ Inoludlng 
''t^nsdi;^ 7Floriini»e," etc. 


. Yacht »^ Brokers 



Grand Trunk System 


Vancouver and Prince Rupert 


Mondays, o a. m. Thursday*. lo a. m. 

Connecting for Connecting for 

Granby Bay and Stewart I Queen Charlotte Island Polnti 

To Seattle, Sundays and V/ednesdays 


10 A. M. 


City Passr. an<l Tb Uct A^t. Tel. \2\'l. Dock and KrelKhl AkI. Tel. 2131 

Canadian Pacific Railway Co 

Special Excursions to Eastern Destinations 

R. M. S. Makura which reaches Outer Wharf this morning 

from the Antipodes. 

• "unmy ; 

1 . 



Mr. Ecclea denies the report tluit ?.hc 
GuKgenholms Intend to spend $1,000,000 
in cslabniiliins, a steramshSp service be- 
tween Victoria. Vancouver, Seattle and 
other points to rival tliat of the Cann- 
ilian PaclHc railway. Ue was positive 
that the Guggcnhelms w-ero not soing 
to establish the steamship line in ques- 


Two ShlpmasterB Wrecked In South 

Seas Twanty-clght Yeara Ago Have 

rii*8t Meeting Since 

Twenty-eight years after ili« y wore 
{.hipwrecked tosethcr in the South Seas 
on the ship Rainier, Capt. Omar .1. 
Humphrey,, now head of the .Ma.-iKa 
Commercial Comp;uiy. and Capt. Ben (>. 
ICrcckson, lately master Of the barken- 
tine John Smith, have just met in Se- 
attle, Tliey ta.lkea over the thrilling 
events of 1883 and 1884, wlien they 
spent four months together with a 
ship-wrecked crew on a desert island, 
undergoiuK ntany stiango adventures 
of the Koldnson Crusoe variety. Cap- 
tain ISreclison came to Seattle in search 
of Captain Humphrey, whom he had 
..,,1 w... II -In,., t'.ip two were nmone 
,. ■ i 1 , ..!!.• nf I hi- 
ali Islands by the Iniled Slates ftnn- 
boat ICsBex. and landed at San Francis- 
co In July, 1881. 

• '••ptain llunipnrcy w.i:, mate, 
Ereckson wiia a sailor before the 
the exception of the Oceano, which left i mast, on the full rigged ship Bainier, 

Ban, V. Wjood, L. S. ^Sproule, J. H«m- 
mond, Fred ! iLv. .1. II. Kalor. 
\Km«!cy K;i ' . 

Miss ' Klla i.'iin-. .Wt::---!.-. Ji.Miii JJ.i.;i., 

AViUiam .Lorimer «nd W. M. Law. 

Examination of tliv th«? steam- 
er prince John after the vtsn^el was 
Jiauled out nt ICsiiulmalt that 

the damuse suslaiiicii :i- t of 

(jtHUlng . tbn b;ir ;i t .^ not 

.serious and it is exiiv.i, . .,,<i. the 
steamer win be 'able to leave for tlie 
north to r,; . : : r days,. 

The Prlnr , the 

I'rlnce John on the rouvc between 
Prince Uupert and Queen t^hariotte is- 
land.s. • 

20 miles; 30.05: 
lit at 9!.ir> •m.; 
I , . a.m., lowliiK. 

; I iiena -iUlaliie; 2'J.i^'J: 4S: aca raoder- 

K.siinan— rB!i!>tnc sbowors; 29.5S; 01!; «oia 
I ni'irteratp. ... 

T,i:iiii:li--C!iiiii!.. ; S. E. t" mMM:' iS.itS; 
i uKi; Spoke Prlneesn Hoyal, due 

! ;u 1 ii.m., southbound. 
K-ar; .S. E, stronK; 20.60; 66: »en 

1,111. nupert— Overcaiit; . S- E. fresh; 
"J 7'j; riJ; Boa smooth. Out. Prince .Ituporl 
at y tt.m, southbound. In. Capllano at WAo 

s m '.*■''""■ 

' Heart Tree Point— Cti.uUy: P. r: frc.ih; 
Bfi. Miioolb. In. Prince Albrri 1. 1 \'\or, a.m. 


0'Bficnlte« DlBnatiafie<t -With Financial 

ProvlBions of Home Knle 


iMUK I.I .1. .May 27.— At the con- 
v<i.i:oii oi iiu: Ail For Ireland LeaKi"?. 
V.'iHiam O'Brien^ . l*»» founder, declared 
on Saturday that he and his friends 
were! ready to force the government to 
make the Homo Rule bIM a measure ac- 
ceptable to Ireland. 

Timothy llealy stipmatl/.ed the 
financial provisions of the l>ill as false 
and fraudulent. 


for the Orient on May 12 last, hnVe 
bi^en withdrawn from the Oriental trade. 
i'iie r)rter;c Went t" Bombay rr4>m liio 
Orient, and Is comint;. from the Indian 
port via HonKkonjj and way port<». The 
Impression prevails on this coast that 
tile -xtenmer will brlns: a large number 
cf Hlndiis from U!>mb:!y. l.'nder the 
Immigration resulatUms. . Immigrants 
cannot be lemleil who do not como from 
their country by direct stpamer, and 
no llnerB itly rogillnrly I»Btwp<»n Indfa 
uuil this coast 

St. Michael Clicrtered 

Wii I ''riioii,*!. Miiil I'l'. \'. il: ■i'-.'-.iiU li'b the 
•* British sicamor St. Michael to Aus- 
tralia next month, ai cordlns to an- 
nomKement on th.'lr wcelily frciglit 
circular. The str«uner Is ft vessel of 
24 IS net tons, and is now en route from 
liolio til Spn Krancisco. 

.\ftcr ilisrhHrgins- at Sni Pranclscn, 
the St. MIchac-l will conic Ui Puri^i. 
Sound and will h>ad j;''ne!'al fr^.-lulit 
hi're In the AuslralVin .«jrvice. The 
Hrltlsh steamer Lord Derby, now • at 
\iancoiiver with sii.itar from Java, is lo join till' \V;iterhoUHC line aftir 
illscharglngr her cargo. 



.XBW yOUK. M;iy -7.- ..Mr. .'^, \V, 
Ecclesi vlce-pr«^ldcni of the OuRsen- 
heim company. speokioK of their Pa- 
cltio Co«mt service, «tatos that the fleet 
is In the best shap'^ Hint it over hn.'< 
'"•en, and they have made some n^cent 

•'About a month asfn w.- i.i.rfhased 
from Harlan & Hollingsworlh. ..f Wil- 
mington, Del., the ro!d 'vn, n r;i:ii;i- 

When she left Philadelphia for Kobe. 
Japan, via the Cape of Good Mope. It 
was her maiden voyage. 6he had a 
cargo of oil. After a fair pas.sage, t)i€ 
Bhip ran onto a coral reef In the Mar- 
shall Islands on January 1, 188i. Capt. 
James Morrison and the Ihirty-thrcc 
men on the Rutniur got (ishore with 
four of the ship's long boats, and 
ii-acued some provisions lief ore the ves- 
sel broke up 

Tbe captain wa.^i sick, and iiiimpnroy 
tnr.Jt olinrge of the offortu In reacJi a. 
nns.sjinir vi's.«!el, two crews stiirtlng out 
from the island in the I'lnn boats, 
l-fiimphrey's orcw found no help, and 
Veturni'd to the lf«laild. liut the second 
crew sailed a thousand miles, and was picked up by a British vessel 
and taken to llong Kong, whence the 

I l.;<sc\ set out t" r,.ucn.. (he .i^ll ip-wreck- 


Tulton ExtinflH Callo To Powell Biver 

To Cnviy Pnrt of Ontpiit of 

Palp Milla 

The sleain frelshler l-'ulton, operated j 
between Pugr-t Kound and Victoria and 
nuilnland pin-l!«. Is now extendluR her 
call;; lo induile l^owell Rlvcr, urranRe- 
iiientN ha\lnK bci-n mode for the p+itp- 
ment of 2000 tonn of paper a month by 
the Powell River pulp mills to .Seattle. 
When completed It Is •■xpccted the mills 
will turn oua 400 tons of paper a day. 
The Powtil Iflver mills will ship by tbf. 
Fulton ^very five da>'s, and the coast 
newspapers across the border wlll»'bo 
large customi-rs. Of the first shl]>ment 
abou; a hundred ions went lo tlie 
Ht:ittle Timf>^. 

VA.NCOUVEK, May 27.— Inside of a 
barnacle-encrusted bottle which was 
fished out of the sea off tb- AV;is:iintr- 
ton coast the followin.; 

scrawled on a dirty pii , ■, 

was found: 

"To Whoever rindd ll^ia uulllc, Wc 
wish to state that we have been lost 
.it scu near Cape Klottery. — (Signed) 
John Graham, Robert Brink. Angus 
McKay. * 

/••Vnv ■_■ ( !•.- . . V.i:,. ...iv .-v, B r." 

Siiuriii l'a>i-ilt.-. iM t Lii-ii.wi.-^ i>i.inly, 
Washington, to Chief of Police Cham- 
berlin, asking whether the above-men- 
tioned persons were known in the city 
of Vancouver. The sheriff states that 
the bottle was found at West Port 
Beach on .Vprll 29 after having appari 
rntly been in tlie water, for several 
ycais. (jwlng to the fact that a good 
part of the paper was faded, it was im- 
possible to accurately decipher the date 
of the letter. 

Chief Chamherlln handed iln letter 
over to tlie ilctCctive d»;partmenl, and 
investigations will be made by tiiem. 


HOl;rnt^^.^ cAi.iioKM.i 

From \lctorVa • a. m. every \Vrdne«Uay 
10 a. m. every Friday. In-m Koaule. a. i~ 

For Bniitheiistoni Alaska, ,Iune 1, 7, 19, 
.tulv Ir 3, S. .^. fll-OKA.NE or CITY OF SE- 
,\TTLiE l.aved Seattle at 'J p. m. 

Ocean and rail tickets lo .N'e* VorK and 
all oilier cities via San Francisco. 

Freltflu and Ticket Otrices. 1117 WUart 

K. r. RITIIKT S. CO., General A«;rntii. 
( l,.\l l)K A. SOI.l V. I-Bsscnjer .\s;ent, 1003 

tiovrrniiicnl Street. 

' '. r 



Oak Trees 


For Infants and Children, 

The Kind You Have Always Bought 

Signature of C^^^g^^^y^-CcZc^^^ 

Sealing Schooners 
For Sale 

The X'ictoria Scnling Co., 
Ltd.. announce that tlicir 
entire \, 

I J3 (if liritibii anil 1_' .\HK-ri- 

lijiviiifr a tonnage rangin,!.; 
from 40 to 130 tons, is now 
for sale. 
Inspection of the vessels 
and prices asked can he '>lv- 
tained upon application to 
tlie Managing Direct'ir — 


Victoria, B.C. 


•|'ii..' boilers from tlie steamship Col- 
tagi! City, wrecked off Ca-nc Muddfi'. 
VKncouver island, two years ago, have 
been soItJ' throiigh Capt. Harry t'rosby. 
of vbc Washi.'inion Tug and ISarge com- 
pany-, to the Xorth Pacific Steamship 
company, of San l-'ranclseo. Tliu holl- 
ers were new "Tit the time of the wreck 
ot the trottugo City. The wreck was 
bought by the Vancouver .Salvage com- 
pany, and Captain Crosby made the sale 
(or that company. It is understood 
that the luirchascrs will Install inc 
boilers on the steamship George W. 
I'^ldcr. whicli opesates betw 1 n .< m 
l'"ranclscu and Portland. 

is guaranteed 
give you greater 
cooking efpciencp 
for less money 
than any other 

range you can buy. 



Made especially to barn B. C. fuel. 
Bepaira whan nacessary always In stock 
i at Tan^onver. 

Are you one of those to whom 
every meal is. another source of 
suffering ? 

Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets 

will help your disordered stomach to 
digest any reasonable meals, and will 
soon restore it to such perfect con- 
dition that you'll never feel that you 
have a stomach. Take one after 
each meal. 50c. a Box at your 
Druggist's. Made by the National 
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada, 
Limited. tso 


Inland HRVlgat^on Company Orders 

Vessels To !!»▼• ^poed of SO 

ICnctl ^ Vonr 

The contrnel has been nwanled to 
the Moran yards by the Inland Navl- 
Katlon Company for a steel acrew pass- 
tnjs'er sfamfrr the Tacoma, ' to cost 
$265,000. The new vessel, which is to 
make 20 knot.>« an hour on her trial is 
to be placed on tht SeattU-Tacoma 
route tirill 1814, when It Is the Inten- 
- lion to place the stcanier In tht sum- 





Ptywrtti-Ca»i>»an Seslfc— ifHa 

^ Atlantic Transport Line 

New Tarii— leMM Mrect 


Hew T#rk Pflvfir AflCwct^ r&tw 


flew Tertt"— ^sfceeleww— Uvecjeei 
Mew Terli— Ptriwatt— CkotaanK- 

- AtMCMlw**— U«<erfeel 

k>_..toB — .UMlit <*muM«n 
' I eiei^i «*iuea. ■l>\.i.« "B** Badllcjr 

1^",; JUNE 15th 

'^'EW jtji.Y «_JILV ST 

YORK ^^.y n— sErx. 7 


MsDlral — ^wtoc — Lhwr^Ml 


Only Four Days at Sea 

TO Kuaors lit oowronr at ■onoutb 

Baitaee Wn<*e< tkrMtck taMauMr la BeML 
nbn-k itl^l bHnte eslirac Re taMt er tnaiiv 

Ticket* Will Be On Sale Por the Above On the roUowing Datee* 

.May 29. 

June 1, 6. 7. 8, 1^1 14,. 15. 17. 15, 19. 2% -M, 21. 25. 27. Js, 29. ^ 

MlY^h^h,^' 7. 11. 12. 15. 16. 20. 22. 23. 26. 29, 30. 31." ___# 

Ammi^X-3..6, 7. 12. .IS, 16. 22. 23. 29, 30. :!1. j M^f 

■ lj?;te;-6.:«, 7, 8.--ii.,.-i2.-ao. - ,, rSSSSs^:- 

-JSfii^Jinlt October 31. 1912. Stopovers In both diroctlbns. 

Winnipeg ...... 

.Glilc«.so ,,.,.. 


B u ff«Io* ;,,.,.,. * 91.B6 

ItOCliBilttJr':'..,....^, . ..,.,:... ;.99?r3a 
III JJQintlTififli 'ill o'liitiii'* « III *isi> tiiiiit III I weWJBi 


iir'!^ f", Toronto-. .... . . *;*^*^^.;. • 

Atlantic City . , . ...... . . fXlMW 

St. Ifaul,.- 

(ipiBSi-.:>', . 



And 'all bthefbrlttcJpai points In the BaiBt. Tor reservations and fur- 
ther particulars apply: 

Ii. ». CHETHAM, OJty Passenger Agent. 

1^; ivernment Street. 

Victoria, P. C 

The Union Steamship Co., Ltd. of B. C. 

S.S. CAMOSUN— For Prince Ilupert and Stewart every Tuesday, 

•.a. CHElvOHSIX— For Skoena Kiver, Prince Itupert, Naaa Kiver, Fort 
Simpson and Goose Bay every Saturday. 


S.S. VENTURE — For Canipijell P.iver, Hardy Bay, Plveru Inlat. Kama. 
Ocean Fall, Bella Coola. Bella Bella, every V. ednisday. 

a.s. VADSO — For Skeena River, Prince Rupert, Xaas, every two weeks. 

Phone 1925 


' 534 Yatea Street. 

Victoria Fuel Go. 

Agents for the famous ( 


Phone 1377 - 

622 Trounce Avenue 

fw LOCAL RAILWAY ufb wnuu*a MiWKn 


To East and South 

Ohlcaffo $ 72.50 

St. Iiouie 70.00 

St. Paul and Minneapolis . . 60.00 

Omaha and Xaneas City . , . 60.00 

Boston 110.00 

Toronto ■/■■•• 91.50 

Baltimore ... ..^^. 107.S0 

uetrolt f. . ....... 88,50 

Montreal ...,.''. 105.00 

Wew York $108.50 

Philadelphia 108.50 

Portland, Me 110.00 

Buffalo 91.50 

Waehlnffton . ., 107.50 

Denver. Colorado Spring's 55.00 

Xondon 89.30 

Sarnia 85.80 

Brantford 91.60 



May -I'i. 

June i. 6. 7, 8, 13, 14. 15. 17, IS, 19. 20, 21. 24, 25, 27, 28 and 29. 
July 2. 3, 6, 7, 11, 12, 15. ]fi. 20, 22. 2.H, 2K, 2n. HO ond 31. 
Aujrust 1, 2, 3, 6, 7. 12, 16, 16, 22, 23, 2». 30 and 31. 
September 4. 5, 6. 7. 8, 11, 12 and 30. 

- Ivimit 15 days on Rolng trlii. October .'M, ]!)12, for return. 

,,TO PO*TIiAWD, OBEOOK — ^Kor Annual Rose FcsUval. Ti' kets on sale 
June 9, 10 and 11. Oood until .lunp 17. 

TO TSXOiOWSTOirs PAKK. ilally after June II. 
TO BAWPP, AI.BEBTA, dally utUer June 1. 

For reservation.^! and tickets call on 


General Affent, Victoria, P. C. 

1334 aovemment Street 

A. D. Charlton, .\ Oencial Passenger ^i?eht, Portland. 




ntoat Ai>i. POZHTs nr the paoifzc kobthwzbt 

Boston, Maas. .... 
Brantf ord, Ont. . . 



araw Tork, M. T. . 
Philadelphia, Pana. 

Bnf f alo, V. T. ... 


Plttaburr, Pmui. . . 

OUeafo, Ilia 


Quabea p. Q. ... 

Satrolt, Mloli 


Bocheatarvv V. T. 

Snlatb. Minn. 


■t. John. W. B. .. 

Xaallton, Ont. . . . 


■t. VaiO, Mtsa. .. 

XaUf ax, ir. > 


■t. •nwauw. Oatt. . 

London, Ont. .... 


mrtmmt. f- •• ••■ 

XUwatttcaa. Wla. . 


VttHijpA*^ Oat .... 

lUnaaapoUa, Mian. 


Montreal, P. Q. . . 


'''"^■hM*, >tofc . . 

* And 

many other polnti 

1 ttif^ttflKrai ^^fSMs. 

May 29. 

June 1, 6. 7. 8. 

13, H, U. 17, IS. 

}9. %% %M ^%:wm 






■.jf. 'i<S-Bj K-t,' s,,~~ 

July 2, 3. «, 7. 11, U, Ifr. 16, 21, S?, J«rr1l^^ 
Auirust 1. 2, r ». T. IS. 16. It. 14, tC », 
September .4. i, i^ % f,,,lj, t. 
All ttcketa vXwHi f«r raotr* mj 

Return .war l# *«*•# fill 

*4 \ 



TuMday, May 28, 1»12 


Ob* g«at a word cacU Inaerllon, 10 par 
c«Kt dlaoount lor aU or mor» cons«cutlv» 
Inaortlooa — oaah with order. No »tlv«rii»«- 
iu«ut »*ic«;>UU tor 1*H than 2» o«nt«. 

BualaoM and PrafeuluuKl CaiOa- -or four 
Unci or undar — »i.09 ;>«>r *»«fc 

No advcrllaement otiarcad on account tor 
lean thiiu t2.«0. 

Phona No. 11. 



111 apariiuuul uu»«v iad rioicl Uoaignms 
and moilcia conairuoUon. tiS baywaro 


A KT GL-MsB — A. F. Ruy, over lliUty yoar»' 
.rV expKrleno* la art (laaa leaded llghn 
lur ciiUrchB», atliooU and pils«.lo d^« uUuiiii>. 
\v brK« and aluie tilS l-'unUuru it., uukl lu 
iKiUuUiii church. I'hone tiV*. 

HAGGAOj: Unlivery — Viclorla Traunter 
Cu,, I, Id. Tel. lis. ^^^ 

But!'' iTlntlnK — lileutriu itluu I'rliii and 
Map Co., m» Langley ht. Ulue piliil- 
inu. niaiin, ar«iu«litliiK; dealera la survey- 
o, b' lii«.n uiiujiita and dravvUiK oCIluc auppllea. 


4 BCHlTKCT—l'laua praparad 

for aparl- 
menl block* and bungAlown. P. O. liux 



KCHITECT— Joaae M. Warran, 414 Say- 
ward BuUdluK. Vliitorla. B. C; phone 

HCHITECT — C. Elwood Walklni. room* 
and 'i, Oraeu Ulk., uuinur Truuiica ave. 
and Broad.. I'honu X1K8; ra*. phone L13'J3. 


Hia.I> M.\NTEIi — ^AlAI'B — (Continued) 

W'.V.NTKU, Uiimcdlamly. iv -^ ualusmfti uf 
>> Kooil c'huractci- and ability for cany 
aeliiiia piuposliluii, iiui ical tKlatL'; salary 
and comii'iiiiHl.iM. Write for parlltudare to 
Hox 1;; i"<iImiiI»i. 

4 T-* '-•?• *■'' 

nt »t., phone 1488. 


HCHITKCT — Thomaa Hooper — In prac- 
C. tor 3t year*. IMans and 
I'lione Vil. 

tice In ti. 
ipecKlcatloni turnUhed on 
ortlp* Naw Knyal Unnk HIdg. 

\:\7.V.\TKD, tt yoUMB liiKn l<-> help in nou»» 
>» paliiUii«. Box ]::J7 1'. O- ^_ 

\\''.\NTKt>— iluyor and deparlinenl niftii- 
' » UBcr for cluthlns and niun'ii furnlahinn* 
1 Ucpariiiieiii. TlvMuUKh vxi"''*'-''"" i-»Mfiitiul. 
Api/ly 111 tlrst Instance by loiter, atatlnB agi-, 
fxppileii<». and aalary e!;,jecled to inunugi-r, 
llundsriuM Bay Company. YaiicOU Vci, li. C- 


haa tlio 
best booUblnd«ry In the province; Ui*- 
r<'fiu1t la equal tu proportion. 

A HCHITECT, Landaoapo — L. K. Uavlck. C. 
.^V !£., dealgna and laya out buautUul 
country humea. landacape sardens, pHrka 
and plcaaure reaurta. 621 Sayvard Block. 

CANAVAN and Mitchell. Civil EiiBhu'e 
Offlcea. 2Z1-'2'1S Pcmbtrton Blouk. 1 

C'^lSll. ICiiKlneei 
J lah Columbli 


uTXLL^tj— All klnda of bottlea wanted. 

.\eeMcy. 1620 Store St.; phone li'iS. 

[JUILUl.VO Movura — Saadham & L,oat'er, 
.3 uuUdlUB movera and conlractore. Falr- 
V 11^ w, \' «iLiicou\ oi', B. C **cs,\*cncu. ' , V J Stu 
Avf. %V, Katlmatoa furniahud on application. 

CA.\KK — Money properly Invoatod leada to 
^ fortune. This result may be attained 
by purchasing thu best 26c meal la the cliy 
;ii the Strana Cafe. .,:... -, 

I I , 1 — ill I I 1,1 , w 

CAAKE and Keataurant — Occidental Cafe 
J Ucstauraiu. corner Wharf and Johnson 
bCH. MealB 16a and up. ballafaction i;uar- 

C^AKRIAGE and Wajon Dealers — Wm. 
> Mabie, importer ot MacL.i ■ - iSBlei, 

traps; cannot ba beaten iijillty. 

Warchouae 717 Johnson atreut. i iiu»n 13211. 

'- ■ 

/ ^.VUi'KNTKR fLtiO. Builderr^Flans,, «peuit|- 
v.> cations and eatiinutcs; John .iutttllMlllr 
mf w, , 1133. 'Fort . St. ■:,4^c?s"~:., 


1399. P. O. Box 30. EAiimlnatlons and Re- 
ports, Irrlgutitin and Urulnaue, Hydro-Elec- 
tric Development. 'Watorworka, aewuruge 
ami fe'owi'Ko Dls^oaal. 

— (jorc & McGregor — Brlt- 
Itt land aurvuyorii. land as- 
enta, timber crulaurs; 1'. A. LJindry, J. H. 
McGregor, J. F. Temiiletoii;. T, A Kelly, 
timber department; Chancery Chambers, 
Langley at., Victoria. B. C. P. O. Box 152; 
phone (>61; McGregor Building, Third St., 
South Fort George, B. C. 

"A.S'TKIJ— Presaleeder. 
,lub Dtipurlniuiil. 

-Ml ply 



^A.\TKU, u boy about lu yeara 
Ploiii-er Coffee and Splco Mi'.la. 


'A.NTED. uahcra at the Crystal Theatre. 
\pply this moriihig. ' 

'.\ N'l'il':!), young man to take atseuey for 
a Kood b1"v.> cleanc-r; small deposit re- 
qulrml; dont call unlesa you're a hustler 
and mean bualneaa. Call Room 322 \\e«t- 
hi>lmp Itolel, between 7 and 8:S0 p m., 
Tuesday and We dnofKlay, 

Apply early. 


U,'ANTKJ.>-l'03ltlon on poultry farm by 
young man. No experience. Box 720, 

Kdward .). 

to r.'; f'M'- 
Miller, 2~-lb Douglas sU 

l\7A.NTKD, position evenhig, 7 
VV merly tlepuiy ahorlff; Al 


V Ml 

rHOTERTV rOK MALU— (l'<EtiDU«d) 

iKiili'ii u« workiiiK luiUKekcepei wIlli 
one or two ueiitleMieii or iiinrrU-d couple; 
good plain cook and bread maker. Box 


C-<APABL,B young widow dealrca poaitlon 
J as working housekeeper or in any light 
buslnesa or pnalllun of ITuat. Box 7ti5 


as moth- 

Ir'NGl./I.^^H gill r.'iiulros situation 
■J ers helji; experienced; sleep in; Box 

t3, ColonlKU 

VA ■'.\NTBD, driver for ivaifon. 
1 > !»wl(t Cnnadlan Co. 

\\-.\NTEl), door ipan 
»' Kmpvp""!! Ihoatre. 

tAlVIL. Engineers — Topp & Co., Qlvll ,En 
J ginsera and land aurvayora, tckmu 31 
Pembertoa block; phone 1998; P. 

101-J. ' - ,- .-: ' - . -. - .■ 

o. ;box 

ami ushers for 

■n and women t6 
1! ai household 
rlglit people. 
•.Jure Brain 
1.^ ;;! 3tr»?'<, 


/CARPENTER — Capital Carpenter' a»^::Jo*-. 
VV bing factory. Alfred Jones, bull^or (Un<t 
contractor. Estlnia: 
ot struoiures, shop' 

fttrtflt. QflUe,j,-:iinai 

V-^ sion carpenter and 

oa all: 

1 \ l:i'lO.S' 

S'TKR 2nd builder,: T. tbtrlMlK 
uites free on bull diaii -. iMti "| %jm W L ' 

fOMU commit' 

given on all kinds of Jr>bblh|;. qiaB Mat out 
by the day. Phone Y16SS. ' , ■ 


Shop and office fittings a spRCi&ttV. Resi- 
dence, lOlS Vancouver St., phone. 1,3490. 

CHlM.NEy Sweep— Uoyd. Chtmnoy Sweep. 
Phone FJ18« __^ _ 

/"CLOTHES Cleaning — Wah Chongr. ladles' 
V-' and genta dry cleaning, pressing and 
repairing op short notice. 17SI> Government 
Ki.. \lctorls, B. C. 

/'tOAL and Wood — Hall & WMlcer, Wel- 
vj llnglon Collieries coal, Coinrx anthracite 
cnal, blrtcksnilth's and nut coal specially 
Phone 83. 1232 Government. 

Rock and Gravel Co. Bunkers Store St.. 
root or Chatham St.; phone 305. Crushed 
rock, waalied sand and gravel delivered by 
teams .it bunkers oi o\ scows at quarry and 

Cia\el lilt «t Royal Bay. 

C-\1VI1., Engineer — George A. Smith, British 
-' Columbia land aurveyor. Office at Al- 
bernl. B, C. . . . 'I .-. , ■ 

.Ku'lL Engineer— P. C. <3£M«"1tfMa»S5!"" 
\J and Pro\iDcial lanA gurveyor. room Si 
Board g£ Trade., 

01V1I.I Engineers — Oraen Bros., 
Co., oi^li engtne«r». Oorolntan 

C*$L IMS cTa. wwmer Am. By.'ttitfR. 

.AViwtMlMv'^ t*«Wllh»Nfltrt* >^|»<i« »;£> 

maimm DiataljTWioii* »««o. 

■ l"ll. , " , lM i - »«i,i»l,. I » l « I I I III "j ' 

▼n^ eoBtiniMri— M. Am. 8oe,< O, K-, see 
' 1. with varied eXMlrt«ace In al> 

\J tt. married, with varied exptJHmaem m all 
lfliff%'r ' Jn«n>eeriKJ r WWM. T W.TM IMt K 
yearn «m9)#«« hy on« of thejwfert JBn«- 
Ilsti contrtoUns Arms air auiMrtntandieiit pt 
ImiMurUuit un3*rt*Mn«ai will bJt/Clfta i« 
toeKP of atw nMtabla. poeltion. KM^y ad- 
dreM TOl Gftlofljiit irtnee. irlvlns u Idea of 
y>lffUoB,i Mid >^»hr o<wed. ^ 

]ntVU. SiaitiMtr— K. M. t: BoAiilion. Aagf 
^-^ Mem. last, of Civil Engliteor* and PrOf 
vinclal Ijand ' Burveyore. Offki»2 f«r* 

Albernl. fl. C. 


rAKTliD Capable »g«nt t"- conduct la- 


through subagents necessary 
tuM»Un« on «l«l&t to automfi 
prfrff . ^ MMMJ S A k.'. Iny asent, coal H only: 
'MDd'fWF'SmrtRflttni aiattns piaii and leiii- 
toi'y^ "WwSlSrr^foJIJiit^lAwiiptom, Measachu- 


traw berry. 

"'"*""'-" •" "^ * cast haa aur «xp*rtMUM,.la JWONflMdt.rMUBir 

jwafembto: nat » w«iijh »MW»«»fB i«» 

., ^ I . -. 1 ■''i'" nil' . '-.j-.^L -^ ^^ 


AWOltAN v«iit«d »t o«w« •• »«>«»r'« 
keip in f»wQyi *»*»» »« JatoawR «. 
iieiweAo 19 a.m. aiMl S p<ln. 

EIs'ilMSH governess wants position In city 
or country; experienced, cxcellpiit reter- 
liiic^s. Box 41 Colonist. Phone 1..2li3ti. ,, 

I.-lXI'ERlE.NClCt), active woman wuiita 
-J liousekeeper or Junllor place; good 
worker; references; has daughter going to 
school: son plumber. Box X.K C olonist, 

KXl'ERlKNlfED teacher, German, French 
and all English aubjects, seeks dally 
leaching-. Miss . tiouthwell, Tlioburn P. O., 



ITiXI'EniEXCKD, . capable Enj,-''-' '-'^'^ 
-i leqUlli'S post H8 lildy-llelp i'- 

kee.per in amaii faiuiiy ; tuo wa^ -, il- 

ary ys. H. P., ll iC Fort. I 'ho iio l.l,jai. 

L" ADIE.S' fine laundering done, hy experi- 
enced laundress at her own borne. Box 

1 ; c I 11 -t 

le, »0 to lUO acrea at Belreat 
Cove, Oaflano Island Retreat Cove Is 
u beautiful little harlMir on the west and 
shelieriid side of (.iallano Island: there are 
several miial! Islands at the cnlrttrict* of the 
cove, making it almost laiid-Jockcd ; there. 
Id a ;o»Biy boach iringcd wlUi (Uapl*, ar- 
buius and fir Irees, makliiK Uils iin Ideal 
building site The government wliHrf Is 
bere, Uie • s. Joan car»yliig tbe iiitM and 
making regular calls There Is also a 

plenlllul supply of spring water at the 

vwVw. Tile Jvi5 MUt c,^ 1 oi anulv giVioji i *rGIlt 

ugc on tills haabor. The land on the shore 
and Irum there to somii distance from the 
shore is bench land very suitable for fruit, 
espedully for apple orchards. it bus been 
abundantly proved by the orchards at 
prcxejit bearing on the Island that lUla 
character of aoU la well suited for apple 
culture. There la sufficient natursl riialn- 
age. the soil Is loose and does not cuke 
readily, and the clinistlc- londillona si'hiii 
to be all that la nei essury for tlie best pro- 
duction of such varletlMi as the King of 
Tlioin.pkliia Co. or ihe Baldwin, where high 
i-oUn- is one of ilie necessiiiy adjuncts In a 
No. 1 grade. '1 best, oichaids urn In evid- 
ence loduy anil a visit to the Island 
jirovo the aUapilblllty of Ihe soil "'"' sull- 
HblUty 01 the climate. The apcclal feature 
ot the propcrle, however. Is a plijce con- 
taining IS acres. This has been a beaver 
nam. The piece is wilhoui a slump, lovely 
deep black loam from 4 to 7 feet deep. An 
open drain runs through the eentre. There 
la absolutely no .more fertile soil anywiicrc 
for small irult growing, market gardening, 
rhubarb, or lor iiay or oats n i» piittli'ulai ly 
adapted. Such land cleared aj» this Is worm 
JlbO per acre al the Jeesl. BecUeit, .Major 
uii.i 1 o Ltd., I»43 Fort al. 

TBOrBRTV KOB M.^Mfr— < Co»tlBued) 

RlCHAHUaON St. — Big lots, 11800 to 
»2000. This is a growing dlaulct so get 
in early JCasy terms. Monk and Monteith 
at CO.. Corner Go.o.umanl an d Biuus""^'] 
OCir"u»y— Choice lot adJolnUig Rock 



I isk Realty Co. <i44 Fort St.; phone 

y hotel »12.0U0. on env '"-■'"',", 

1 al- 


tLleuhoiieif 3u1j 


oiMll with 
X 362 Col- 

uuiux'ipN <w*«(iia, tax 

S house- 
ence. Ad- 
»u. Van- 

work; \Mm' 

y* It t '» 1 1 • 

ifl I III! I IS. 

A young wonto,, 8afHii#, liiMi»«*tateljr 
for g*n«ral Hbtownrk. ApiAy Mt*. V 
■tstHXi '0r«wai^'M.'i|t|K#ipial|t)« WMM>».;.Ql»v,|i»y.. 

■ — ■ — " TfP**'^' " 

■J oppprtf, 
•Aacatlon to 


i:nance oi 

n person _^ _^^^^ 
Telephone ClSilli^lSSf^** 

son SIS. -; ■.,i.^ji:,^'ii,i-t-,>.r 



t. Ap- 

_ Chief, a. 
anthard aad 

t-.- ■■ . 

DR.WMA.N' — Joseph He 
Wharf St.: phone 171 

Heaney, office 65 

DR-l-YMEX— Y!ctOtt2 
Phone 13. 

Truclc . i.. ISray Co. 

DYE Works — PaiilV Steam Dve Works. 318 
Fort St. We clean, -.iress and repair 
ladles' and gentlemen's garments eqiial to 
new. Phone ♦i24. 

T.,"^l.i;CTRlCIANS — Carter & McKenzlo, 
i-^ practical electricians and coittractors. 
Ihone 710; Res. phones 1.2270. R2667. Tolo- 
pliuiit) and motor work a spsclalcy. 1313 
Broad St. 

CONSULTINO EBSliieer — V). O. Winter- 
burn, M. I. N. A„ receives pupils for 
examination for certificates. Stationary and 
Marine. 616 Basti on Square; phona 1631. 

ENTIST— Dr. I.«wls Hall, dental sur- 
geon. Jewell Blk., corner Yates and 
Douglas sts,. Victoria. Phones: Office 667; 
R es. 122. ■ ■ 

W, F, Fraser, D. M. D. Ottlce 
Yates St.. Garesche Blk. Office 
9. SO a.m. to 5 p.m. 



ROBERTSON and Meyerstein, British Col- 
umbia land surveyors. Chancery Cham- 
bers, Victoria, B. C. P. O.' Box 793. Tele- 
phone RSSSi. • ■ • . 

WANNEL, & NOAKES, Dominion and 
B. C I.and, etc, removed to 
Prorais r.lock. lOOS Goverr.jnuut alriut. P. 
/O. Box 842. Telephone 877. 

5;rtod Cr><lk 


sail Slruul. 


Must be 

-7-\Vanied, assWtiints and 
Mrs. 4Stuarl, »«« Mlchi- 


>iM,vK'i\'i! I'^iperlenced skirt and 

I. also juniors and 

o'clock Saturdays. 

TUT'.B Vntcs fS'., 



F, VETERINARY CoUeffo btglns Sept. 

ELECTRICIANS— Fool & Tuson, electrical 
contractors. Motor boats, gasoline en- 
gines. Phone A1446. 736 Fort St. 

I^i^-MPLOYMENT Bureau— Win* On. 1709 
X-i Government St.; phone 28, 

^ a,,^: . : : . ,.; 

GAR.\aE — C'oruna Garage, al! kinds 0( 
Snaollne engines overhauled and re- 
liilred bj experienced meeiianic: prices mod- 
• :aie: live years experience in tJiasgow, 
.-..otlanrt: ^ood recoinmemlatton liy owners 
or au: ■ a in Victoria. Phono R13$3, 

2412 ! -it. 

GARDB.N'ER — Landscape gardener. J'ames 
Hlmpson, 951 Johnson St.. phone R1160. 
t;x.-jert on all garden and orchard ' details. 
Pruning and cleaning from Insects, roses a 
specialty, lawns graded and finished in first, 
•ucund or third quality, according to coo- 

/■< LASS and Glazing — Every description ot 
-.^. e.;i^c, p.^itc, S..CC*, pr.zn^M%.c, crni^nicn: 
tal, leaded, etc The jAelrose Co,, I<td., tilS 

Fort It. " 

tunlty; catalog free. C. Keane,. Pres.. 1818 
Market St., San Francjgoo. ' 


ANCIENT Order of Foresters. Court North 
ern Light. No. 59 35. meets at Forest- 
ers' Hall, Broad > and ith Wednes- 
days. W. F, FuK- 0. 

LO. O. M., Victoria Lodge No. 788 — 
• Meeting will be held every Tuesday for 
initiations until 60 days have expired from 
March 18th. C. Boyle. Secretary. 

ORDER Eastern Star, Queen City Chapter 
No. 6 meets .'Jnd and 4 th Wednesdays, 
K. ot P. Hall. Pandora at. Sojourning 
members are cordially Invited. 

QONS ut England. B. 8. Pride of tiie Is- 
O land I.,odge No, 121 meets Snd and 
' -s In .-v. O. V. hall. Broad St.; 
Weart, 557 Hillside ave.; secr 
1 Trowesdale, 620 Williams St., 

EMPLUV.MENT bureau, Vancouver Island, 
all kinds ot domestic help wanted and 
k u pplled. 1323 Douglas St. 

EXPERIENCED electric sewing machine 
operator tshlrts and overallB>; 8-h6ur 
day; union wages. Apply Turner Beeton 
Co., Ltd.. factory corner ot Wharf and Ba«- 
tlon streets, Victoria. 

7- - ■ ■ ", ■ ■ ■ ^'v 

Vi ;...... .--■-■;; .'■ '■■■■:"■ .„; 

HOUijBMAlD wanted, nt: white 
cook kept; must ha^ . . • nces. Box 
9V4 ColonlsU ',.-.•■ ■ ■ - 

Bnm»M> ybtttt* Jady dealrw jKNdtt9»v>ft 
■ «fl(etac> VAM.^ Box 8 M CtlMU. ^ , 

xl' ptoyBMiat; itou— wttrfc » 

f;? WPBWt 

^^•fan'fd. BOS St, 

1/ Van 

St. — 40 fefef '"•! 
Vancouver St.; r<- 
Patrick Realty Co. b, 

u'uadra and 

arlng, 826,000 

..licet; phone 

•Wtm-mki-' Box 881 Colonist. 

\XTXNtfSjD — Position as companion htfltfioif 

>V;.hoine help oyBngllsh woman; apply 

B. H,. Box 298 NanaJmo, B, C. 

YOUNG English lady, travelled, desires 
Png-n •--'•"'•"■' as governess or compan- 
ion; musi' . violin, French, painting: 
highest r. - from good English fam- 
ilies. Miss Trounce, 1428 Beach avc., Van- 

I.IOUI. Bay rd.. fine erasay lot, 60x120 to 
? lane; close Fortr «nap at 11100; third 
cash. P. O, Box 1867. 

a LBN Like, house, 12 H acres, SOO feet lake 
frshtage, ai^me good bottom land, ideal 
~% ni ik nlip r or du<k inMeii, STi>oo;< 
li^ilif VKH Dt Agency, .us Pemberton 

'.' < <i* jji, .. ^ ■ ' 

II I i wm i j uuLL- 11 .1 i jii jj 1 1 i gv"» r~r- — 1 

\X ^ifMiltittSttmt mnmrn'teaitiM, acra, -|4&oo,: 

(JAA.NJi.'H acreage-Al for subdivision, 30 
O acres of beautiful land partly cleuicd 
and pari viiluable cedur tiees. bounded on 
two aldea by main road. Ulio minute iroiii 
II, (>. Electric atatlon. I'ruc tor one weeiv 
ijniy 110600, one-third caali, balance arrange. 
Would coiiSidc-r oTtcr f.-.r suinHcr _ pv) Hon 
Apply Building and Finance Co., _733 I'ort 


Z^rOTT St. — 1 block of *J lots at 8«6,0!', one 
►O third cash; Patrlcii Realty Co. 616 Fort 

«l., phone 24i0li. , __ 

<l E M a: ^ >ifNK«>S — DOxHO, North Park at., 
quarter mile circle, with B-roomed 
house: iirlce for quick sale, $9000; one-Uilrd 
cash. Balmont Really, opimalte^ Pos t 'Of i^ci . 

IHE city and suburban carllnc will ex- 
tend along Uougli-s, Ardesur and Irma 
to Uurnslde. Along this ruutft I own 65 
hue large sUed lots, drained and cullt- 
vated, with choicest frnli trees In full 
bearing and much umall- fruit. Prices rock- 
bottom. Terms easy. Tajtea almost nil F. 
T. Tapacoli. Ardeater road, plio ne Fl;)33. 

a TWO UOft, lots on Hank »t.. at lal&O; a 
fine chance to aubdlvlde. Howell, 
Payne and Co. Ltd., 1018 Uouglaa St.: phone 


\ BARU.U.N- Uak Bay, new 7-roomcd 
ji\. house, beautifully nnlabed In mlaslon; 
;ol 60x100, Improved; basement and all 
conveniences; cash raqulrvd about !»&«; 
close to cars. -No agents. i'huiio owuei, 


\ NFJW f"ur-rooined bungalow for sale 
XX on Willows car lint, basement; I2S4V, 
)iiOO cash, balauce over 3 yeara Apply P- ^. 

Uo.\ aii i. 

I E.ST houao buy In Hollywood, n^e-room 

ieel from itai- line, two blocks from sea, 
hath paauv. full baaement, i>«i(»ill»d din- 
ing room, piped foe furn«i-«. laallng cun- 
sliucllon. 84000, IIOOO cwih. Uwuer, 123 
Pemberton BIdg. 



■^E.NTli.VLLY loi-aied: 2S-roomed 
dial (lusa, brand new; only 
•rms. Ho.v 943, Colonist. 



. up. Oxendale 


'& Ware, 618 Sayward 

TrANCX:)CVEH Island 

V forty - acre farTns ar 
wo have only got a fi 
this is an" opporluolly i 
let slip by; eecure 
for further partlcu ' 
month; *15 per acre, .^,. 
Alvenalcban.- Ltd.-. Sati :V iaW at, 

TcTORlA West— 52x117 on Wilson street 
Dalton. Investigate this It must be 
sold. G4S Cormorant street. 

Pachena Valley 

..sslbl'-. i-i'ii In 

caah; »10 per 

.venlngs. A, von 


,1J\ E-H<M.).MEI5 bungalow, Robertson si., 
Fiiul Uuv. view of water and Olympl- 
mounialna; eleclrle light, panelled walLi. 
beam .-ellliiK. buffet ; i.rlcc 84500; purchase, 
may assume mortguge of $2000; no che»i. 
work put In Ihia house. UdvUi Irving, ai 
chilecl, 4i « Sayw-ard hidg.; phone 1420. 

IriUR Hale — New extremely pretty and well 
^ ballt bungalow. arllstUally flnlahed in- 
side and out, on (Jorge car line, on lot wliU -- 
fruit bearing and ornameiual treea. flxa.-Wjj^.. 
rooms; price -»3Ni.O; easy leijiis: phone own- h,- - 
er MJJ82, or write Box 8»». 



A i.»ecaln from Owner. lars« 
1 ittage. Spring Tt'i'.'??' 

near ear ai 

$1000 cash. 2lli l- 

-T c-room 

mile circle, saat", 
rnwood road. No agents. 

TTIOR .sijle ^ti-roomed furnished house, 
. oer month, within live ml 

Hill e .p.ij 

Box US, 


t'rif.e ♦TuOO, 55000 cash, hal- 

,„ , month, I per cent. .No agents. 
Colonist. . ; 

A i.V ave., two fine lotirdi* 'J»|«0 

>^ .,._;, Howell, Payne and Co.t £UU- lillS 
Douglas St,; Phone 1780. ' ', 

\ArASHiNayoMi 4 i> a Bnufai!wiJU>t JiibUiaHijCaefc, 


LOOD buy, 10 acres, all cleared with nice 
illdlitgs, all now; cheap for quick 
3ox^«24Colonlsi'. ' ■ . 

IE waterfront lot, inside the city 
limits, contains over 10,000 square feet; 
price, for a few days only, 14900. F. G. , 
Porteous & Co., 707 >i Yalca St. 

lane'af- • 

only. Apply Owner, Box 

flee. ■ ' 

number of foaiy-acre 

I7»OR sale, lovely home. 8 rooro*-. %-acre, 
: 1 on corner, 470 ft. fronltuce. C.^ W. and 
B.. L. basement, living room ixx;.f, tennis 
lawn,. fruUa, lai-K- -"out nou.o, a.j..., 

good apll sad vie ^^ ■■ car ten i.Hnoi.-s 

»«yu ?.w» »M>»,,^,,, ^^ __^_^^ direct b-iUK. payed; 

It price $7750; .:ea»y terms. 
S. Turner si. :ii^_' 

1T|'E have sold a 

VV farms to the young men of thU t-Ity 

GORGE rd. lots for 
$1100. H. Booth, 

room 7, 1007 Govern- 

ment street. 

4lh • 


SONS of England. B. 9, Aiesandra LoSge 
l)i;, meets lat and Srd VVednesdays, 

\/ ^0 o M..)) vr f\ U'ln^ CK«IK,.,,..«» «. 

IMPROVERS to learn high class I^adles' 
Tailoring. Good wages. Apply Quinker, 
t;5i Yates Jitreet. '. 

^ ADY solicitor to work on llneat pro;)osi- 
J tion In the city, guaranteed salary. Ap- 
ply 221 Sa yward building. 

I't'^VNTED, at once, a number of persona 
VV to work for US in their homea; WB 
send thovwork any distance m you and you 
return It when nnish- I'ay good 

prices promptly; our locess <art 

color work is pilcasant a.;... ...>^v to dp; no 

canvassing; our own travelers soil the 
goods; steady employment aU year round 
for people who mean bustness; make ap- 
plication today. Commercial Art Studio, 
2,',7 Collogo 8t„ Toronto. 

TTTX^rKD— Thoroughly experienced and 
\V caimble nurse for twins. Mrs. Vigors, 

Courtenay, V>. V.. .,.,,.:.■.-■ ^ 



ware and agnculiurar implements, cor- 

Prlor & Co., nard- 
ral impleir 
iier Johnson and Govarnment Sts. 

HARDWARE— The Hickman Tye Hard- 
ware Co., Ltd., iron, steel, hardware, 
■.utlcry, 30 and 3t Yates st„ Victoria, B. C. 

J.\MEd jiay window cleaners and , Jani- 
tors. H. Kelway. 344 Coburg St. Phone 

T E WELBRS— A Pe'.ch, 1418 Douglas su 
O Specialty of Engllsb watch repairing. 

JUNK — Wanted, scrap brass, copper, zinc, 
load, cast Iron, aacks, buttles, rubber, 
highest prices paid. \ ictoria JuuK Agency. 
lu.:u .Stole ai.. pnone 133ti. 

—Caldwell's Transier, general ex- 
sale, Itvury and boarding stables, 
,l-»ut kl,, iiiittit ttiiu uajr ; pnone 

L\\ KltV- 


ilVJiitX — Victoria Transtor Co., Lid. Tel. 
J li!). Best service lu the city, 

LITHUURAPHING — Lithographing, en- 
graving ana euiboaaiug. .Sulliliig too 
lUige auu uuluuig luu aiuaii; your at.allun- 
= 1/ lo /oar teuvaitut: tigeiu; our work la un- 
1. west of Turuuio. Th« Colonist 
iiuuiug and I'uullsuiug Co., Ltd. 

IJATE.NTS — Rowland Brlttalu, registered 
X attorney, patents lu all couniriea. Fair- 
iie'U ouildiiig, uppoaiiu P. u., Vancouver. 

j_>urrERi' WARE — Sewer plp», flolu llle, 

1-oiiery Co., Lf, , cor. 
a>v,, V IcturiSL, .>, C. 

i.)roi>a ^a^ x'anuoia 

i/i,i .,ijii.NG — R. Smith, 11142 uak Bay av. ; 
pbiints 3360; (ilovejl snd THngeB !>cn- 


Colbert PluinUng and Heai- 
ig Co., Ltd. For flrai class workiaan- 

snip ui the aouve line gise us a call, 'i'ciii- 
:iuiuiy olilce, 766 Bruughiuii at,, >hone 562. 

jji,UMiilN(j — A, N. Atkinson, plumbing 
-~ atuvo filling. ;:&44 mauchard; pliuiiu 

SCAVENGING — Wing On. 1709 Oovernnicai 

president; Jas. P. Temple, 18 Erie at., sec- 

THE Boy's Brigade, "Sure and Stcdfast," 
28th year. — All ex-mumbers who ara 
willing to help on the "object" are re- 
quested to ' send tlielr name, address and 
record of service to Captain F. V. Long- 
staff, hon. sec. for B. C, suite 30, Mount < 
Edwards, Vancouver st^ 


HOTEL — Alhambra, Mra S, Thompson & 
Sons, proprietors; R. D, 'X'hompaon, 
manager. Cor, Carroll and Water sts., Van- 
couver, B. C, Vancouver's tlrst hotel. Sit- 
uated In the heart ot the city. Moderately 
equipped throughout. Midday lunch a spec- 
ially. European ' ;;ilan. Jlfanied for good 

HOTEL — Blackburn, A. E. Blackburo, pro- 
urio'.or. This well known and popular 
hotel,' entirely rebuilt and relurnlshed, is 
now open to ita patrons. Steam heat, fine 
commodious rooms, il'st ciaas dining room, 
best attention to comfort of guests. .Vinerl- 
cuu plan, $1.60 to f2.UU per day. European 
piiin, 1(1 cunts u;>wards. 218 Weatuiiustur 

WHEN in Vancouver, 8. C, stop at Hotel 
Wiadaor, 7'll> to 752 Urtmvlllu street. 
Strictly iirsi ciasa; all ruuioa coiiuecled with 
bams anu shower oaths; tlrst class cafe in 
cuuaeciion; located la Vancouver's peat busi- 
ness centre, opposite Vanuouvur'a Opera 
House, ugiu (fe j.;urton,' lYoprlutors. 

lliiLl' W.lNTliU— .U.r\LE 

A C.VRRIER wanted at onto lor morning 
^\. paper delivery In Willowa and Cadboru 
Bay district. Apply at Circulation .JJcpari- 
meiit oL Inc Cuiunisi, 

a : ' 

rri)— Telephone 
ii< hotel. 


1.)— At on- 
;! fumlly. 

Apply niiirning.i, o^ 

help for 
• n 10 a. m. 

.nt. one child, 
fiimcoe street. 

must bo 

V'l'.\XTED, good, general help; 

V> to do vla'n cooking. Apply 1510 

; phone L2821. 

I), girl for stor. 
. .as St, 

Apjily 2017 

:i), girl for candy -itorc, not tinder 
Lilly. Apply Matthews Candy Store, 
3 2S Johnson St. 


f.'VNTED, girl for housework, 
c»ss ave. 

730 Prln- 

T1[TANTED, girls to work at Victoria Steam 
V> Laundry Co.. Ltd., 947 .SVirlh Park at. 

I -f -'ANTED, general domestic help for coun- 
\V try home. Cooking, washing; small 
family. $87.60 monthly. Apply Box 804, 

Colon istj — 

•ANTED Immediately, first claea milliner. 
Box 080, colonist. ''■''2_ 


working housekeeper and a»- 
for amal 
)ily P. b. Box 1068, Victoria. 


VV slstanl for small country hotel. -tp- 

YOUNO Englishwoman desl'es dally work. 
Local references If required. Box S84, 

Colonist. ___^ 

Xroi'NG Englishwoman would undertake 
JL care of children, or light housework 
mornings flV afternoons. Box 963 Coloni st. 

~\7"OUNG married woman wants tiouaework, 
JL two mornings il week. Box 50, Col- 

YOUNG woman wants house work; good, 
plain cook; sleep home; address Box 
!)??. Onlnnist. ■ 

OUNG lady seeks post as lady help In 
reOned family In country. Box .S61. 


bargain on Shakespeare street, 3 lots 
60x120, $^U0 eijicb, 1-S cash. Box 43, 
Colonist. . _^ 

A BIG lot, eOxSlh, more than quarter acre. 
Falmouth st., - )ust off .Saanlch rd., Ti 
minutes" walk from Douglas cur; high, level, 
few small trees, lor $«6u; third cash, bal- 
ance 6, 12, and 18 months. APpOy Qwner, 
Box 1 1 Colonist. ■■-.-.' 

Ablg snap— tiOt 60x120, on Beach Drive, 
only $1600 cash. This is below market 
value. Box 874, Colonist. ■ 

AMAG.NIFICBNT waterfront lot, 60x120, 
on Beach Drive, Shoal Bay, In a com- 
manding position, for $1600; quarter cash, 
balance 6, l'^, 18 and 24 months. See Wise 
& Co. at or.ce if you want this, aa this is 
the last lot left in the original subdivision. 
Wise &. Co., 109 Pemberton Bldg.; phone 
2641. - . • ' - 

V NUMBER ot purchasers have been up 
!,, «... !helr holdings at Pachena where 
■r farms are located, and are 
li their purchase; w-e have a 
Uiv<> who is only too pitiaacil to 
\i over the ground; we have only 
' 1 terms iwii , act miiokly if you ~'int 
lo secure one, on the terms, $50 cash, $10 
per month; $16 per acre, A. von Alven- 
sleben, Ltd.. m V' --> f 

A SNAP, corner ' h s rd. and Black- 

Wvod street.; price $3150; good terms. 
J no. R. Bowe s ai^ Co., 848 Fort St. 

I ID corner, 66x120, close to Oak 
Ml, $16^76. Mttohelt St.. 60x120, 

ili'D". ciiumbrrluln St.. 66x140. Al lot. 

$1500. .Mitchell St., 58x200, $2100, F. G. 

Porteou s & Co.. """Vi Yates st, ' 

A LBERNI snap — 8 acres good land, partly 
J^ slashed; big frontage on main road, 1 ?i 
miles from town; adjoining property la 
acre lota selling at IJOO per acre; for quick 
sale, $1200; half cash, balance to suit Ap- 
ply owner. Box 33, Albernl , B, C. 

VSQl'tTH St., cement sidewalks and all 
linpr.-ivemeau; wo have one lot on tills 

mrewl »V «5l/W, |;|\>VU ,i«^...t, .i. *.*.— ,-1...^. 

Howell, J'ayne and Co., Ltd., 1018 Douglas 
St. Phone 1780. -.i 

G10RGB— Magnificent lot on Holland ave,, 
T nearly Vi acre; no rock; a bargain at 
$1260. P. O. Box 18b7. 

HAVE 15 acres hay for sale, 
cutting, what offers, as it stands. 

GRAFTO.N St., Eaqulmail., half a block 
from carllne; a cheap lot, $850. How- 
ell, Payne and Co., Ltd., 1016 Douglas si.; 
phone 1780. . 

H" APPy Valley, twenty acres, fenced, new 
«-roomed house open lircplace. well wa- 
ter frontage on main road, $6000. Overseas 
Investment Agency. 208 Pemberton Bldg. 

HARRIETT R->aJ~ Just off Covgo 
and where nelsh'iorini ints 
rf.y.ff^! frnm 11700 <" $10,000 and ble bulld- 
inK°-estrlctlon. Splendid high corner double 
lot 96x140. beautiful uninterrupted view only 
J2170. This Is an opportunity to make 
handsome profit In a short time as Gorge- 
road Is to be p aved now; P. O. Box 1124 . 

ply Mr.", lloullhiin, Gordon Head. 

HOLLYWOOD Park — Cheapest buy in this 
beautiful subdivision, lot In WlUlwood; 
Close to car; $1300; third cash. P. O. Box 
1867. ' . 

IB' sold this weeH, lot on Flnlayson street, 
$850. cheitpest buy on the si reel from 
Owner, am goins east and want to sell. $300 
cash and ternm, n.i Hg'^ni. K. Moorbead, 
1218 Qua dra. 

UST outalde the "mile and a half circle, 
a large lot, cheap buying at $6,S0. How- 
ell, Payne and Co. Ltd., 1016 Douglas st.; 
p-hone I'xii^ 

LIVE lu a warm, mild climate. The Fra- 
ser Valley of British Columbia, near the 
city of Vancouver. Grasa keeps green all 
winter; fine class of farmers. ' Residents 
have 'running water , bathrooms, and tele- 
phones In their housea. Splendid high 
schools and churches. Fasi electric tram 
Bcrvice Into Vancouver. Railroad stalloa 
only a quarter of a mile away; splendid 
driving ro*iu». t- 6',ri"ici'o -«,.,» v aCfcS ,t.».£G 
from $1600 to $3000 a year clear profit on 
berries, poulti-y and small fruits. 1 can sell 
you a 5 acr» farm for from $oU to $200 
down, the balance $10 to $20 a month. It 
you want lo know Just how they make big 
monev there, write me. W. J. Kerr, Ltd., 
1602 Columbia Street, .New Westminster, B, 

LOOK! — Lot, size 62x117 feet, cornel 
Hampton and .Albion; good buy at the. 
;>rlce, $750. 1-3 takea this. Apply J. G. 
Elliott, 632 Broughton St. 

LOT 60x120, on Constance ave., Esquimau, 
south ot the car line; $1050; one-third 
i-tisli. F. G. Porteous & Co., 707 H Yates st. 

who are holding them as an 

we consider them an exceUent 

aa this land will mirely Increaa.; ... .ulue 

In view of railroads opening up the district; 

the terms are $60 cash: $10 per month; $15 

per acre; oj-i^n evenings. A. von Alven- 

slebcn, Ltd. , 636 View st. 

acres, Gabrlola island, three miles 
from Nanalmu, government road, 
school and steam boot and phone connection. 
30 acres under cultivation. A splendid buy. 
Dniy on terms. $7500. D. Lewis Co., 117 
J'emberton building. 

J. 6-roomed oungalow In James 

Ice location; personal tnapectlon 
1 41 Croft St. . ; 

Salo^-Wlthln "A. mile circle room- 
house, architect's speciat 

yf i^|[jiew^>.nnr«clat« the__ fine oopper 

tM ■!■«»«• panelling, chimney seats 

TlWboards, cosy corners and 

Mi and extra toilet in basement 

a»,4- fining for furnace; ray planner has 

Wf^W^^^-yJWi^ "'been called to England, I must sell at oaee 

Vr,i- i '-'' -""-''•""•'■• : * ■ will ace-; -- r ■; come and make your own 

tep„i«; A iier or call 1134 Empres.-* 

ave., be! 1 '"'k and Chumbera, close lo 
sciiool, park and car. -. ; 




Iprrv acres, Gabrioia Island, Nanalmo; 60 
.OU under cultivation, 5-roomed collage, 
barns, stock and crops now In. Only $126u0. 
D. Lewis & Co.. 117 Pem'oerton building. 

1 inX\ lucres, close to Comox with the main 
XDU road running through the proper- 

ty, 40 acres cleared and under cultivation; 
good house and outbuildings, the Cor. ox 
" - - tiiU A BiilHOdld 
)d terms. W. E. 


e5.icii-"t"n '■'-''!.' Tin 

buy at $65 aa acre oa g 

Pldcock 131 Pemberton block. Phone 2358 

(]Up'»-/i — Good garden lot, Blelhune ave.; 
3pOD'/ cltv water; tour minutes to car; 
JIUO laah. Roo m 3, 606 Yates St. 

(jtt-j ^ i\C\ SAVED — One of the lost water- 
5^lOUU front acres at Gonrales, Shoal 
Bay for sale at a reduction of $1500; 120 
feci frontase, on de'-p water: price for a 
few dH.vs, $4736; one-third cash. Box ?., 

Colonist. __^ . 


BICYCLE for Sale— English Raleigh near- 
ly new. $75; H. Blake P. U. Box 1580. 

ir\V)R S.VLE — T-«-o $1,000 horn..- loan con- 
' tracts, 3 montha paid. WhAt tffers. 
Box 962, - - - 

J/ViOR sale, American typewriter, nearly 
new: $30; Edison "Gem" phonograph, 
$10; B flat cornet, $7.50. Apply G. D. 
Christie, 110 Superior St., between 
o'clock p. in. ^^ 

and a 

IDEAL new 5-roonied "bungalow on beat 
part of Cecil Street; every modern con- 
venience. $3,700. Terms to suit. Apply 
l.lwner, 26 35 Cecil Street. 

JOHNSON St., near Cook, B-roomed mod- 
ern house, renting at $30 per month; 
'-ash $1750, balance $25 per month; price 
$4750. Room 3. 606 Yates St. 

^TEW slx-roomcd residence, with good view 
iN of Ross Bay. Reception hall panelled, 
dining room puaelled. open fireplace and 
built In buffet, bathroom, pantry, etc. All 
large rooniB, tinted, full- sized, cement base- 
ment, 3Bx;i«. with cement washtrays. con- 
crete sidewalks, all fenced ready to occupy, 
$5500, terms. 1707 Ro aa Street. 

■XfEW bungolow, corner Avebury and Haul- 
-A tain streets, wood panelled, bcameii 
ceilings, basement, cement floor, Jjlped for 
furnace, etc. Price $4000, very easy terms. 
Apply, Owne r. Box 36, Colonist. 

ONE ot the cheapest, best situated and 
subatttntlaHy built houses In Fairfield, 
corner ot Moss and George. Only $4650, $850 

cash. A-pply on premises. 

TTTE offer for a few days. Just outside half 
VV jiille circle, northeast corner Camosun 
and Flsguard sts., 120 feet by 120 feet, with 
12-roonied modern house tor $12,500. \. 1. 
Insurance .^sency, 820 Fort st. 

-Room house on Richardson street; close 

one ot 


the best buPt houses In Victoria, 
Easy terms. Box 874. Colonist. 


LOST— Friday, May 24, a gold coin earring, 
tinder return to 1U07 View at, and re- 

ceive reward. 

1rv:)R sale, pair of waders, English make, 
: nea-rJy new; will take $10,00.. Apply 

Box 768 Colonist. ','■ ' ' ~ '■ ' ■'■ 

IrK)R sale, whole or part contents 12-room- 
. ed house: good condition; bouse could 

b.? rrnt'-rt. Box 9?. C-olonJat 

TJ^OR Sale— Old Country furniture van 
A' without Wheels; make garage or -.; room 
shack; apply 62 Hampshir e roa d south. 

1"liOR Sale— ^Second hand clothes, very 
cheap. Box 38, Colonist. 


-'.WTK.D— RrlKhr girl over 18 years for 
xperlcnce not necessary; 
htthti and !»•' qittrk and 
5, 10 and iSc Store. 

churnbermald for 

WTAXTED, experienced ch 

* V city hote l. Box 986 C 

m jrT;^j^"CBI3 — Subscription and tidverllslng 
>>' "solicitors. 421 Central bldg., Tue*dtty 



ELL boy wanted. Weatholme liotol. 


wanted. Apply 644 Fort st. 

^CAVE>G1NG— ^ 
^ HI.; phone 23. 

fcJHoRTiiA.^•D — in thrcB mouUis by the 
7 I'ltioaa's Simplified (Royall byatem. 
Day and evenlag classes. lypewriiing, 

-„^/^n,i w w p,iig and iurci;i;a .*m£U^;;ci. .^ugrtt. 
The Koyal Slenographlu Co., 4aI> Saywaud 
ididg. Phone 2601. 

tlHOKTHAND — Shoithaad School, 1109 
? Broad St., VUtorla, filiiirthand, type- 
writing, bookkeeping, ihurougaiy taugnt, 
Uraduaiea fill good positions, iii. A, Mac- 
.^illlan, principal. 

TjTE.NClL and Seal Engraving — General 
Jo engraver and stencil cutter. Geo. Crow- 
Iber, 8l« Wharf st., l>ehlnd P. O. 

NDErVaKING — B. C. Funeral Furnish- 
ing Co. (Hayward's), 1016 Government 
,{. Prompt attention. Charges reasonable. 
Phones 2336. 2i36. 2237, 2'^38, 2289. Choa. 
Uayward, prealdent: R. Uayward, aacretory; 
1- , liasellon, manager. . 

\T WHOLESALE Dry Goods — Turner, Beeton 
Vv & Co., Ltd., wholesale dry goods Im- 
porters and manufaotu«rs. men"s furnish- 
ings, tenia. "Big Horn-* brahfl shirts, over- 
alls. Mall ord ers attended to. ^ 

W" HOLKSALE "Wlnea and Liquors— Tur- 
ner-Boeton Co., Ltd., Wharf st.. Vic- 
toria—wholesale only. All the leading 
brands ot llquora; direct importers. Write 

for lists and_ prioea 

mnNDOW cleaning — If you want your 
VV windows cleaned ring up th»> Island 
Window Cleaning company, phone 1,1382; 
781 Prlnceaa Ave. 

L<.\PABLE man lo take charge of collec- 
I lions for .Vssurnnce Co.; must be able 
lo invest $250. Salary $100 ti iiionlh. iwt- 
erences required. Box 988 (Colonist, 

ME.\ and women agents make *5 to $10 
per day. Enquire 1126 Empress, near 


Bijiyii^ITORS for the' best iiiiMiey iiiakliig 
proposition in the city; guaranteed sal- 
ary, fan easily mako $10 dally. Apply 221 
Soywnrd building. "^ 

ITTAN'liiJ), men and women to learn the 
VV harbor trade; wages paid while learn- 
ing; $18 to $86 per week ivhen qualified. 
We Issue the only recognized diplomas In 
the world; learn a trade and be Independ- 
ent; the most complete college In the west. 
Call or write for free catalogue. ;yioler 
Barber College, 848 Main St., Vancouver, 
B. C^ 

•ANTED — A young man at onre for dairy 

\'\''ANTKD — Y^oung girl as mother'* help. 
V V Apply 1437 Grant strceL /___ 

VV.'VNTBD, reliable girl to help with small 
VV children and do n»c«'«sary .work In 
summer cottoge, at Cordova Bay, spending 
holidays; state ago, particulars, etc. Box 
909, Colonist. 


reen blk, opposite the Colonist. 


wages given for right miin. Apply Joseph 
Uogers, Burnslde road. ^ 

•arrier ror Colonist route In 
West. Apply at the Dally 
Colonist Circulation Depart ment. 

VV Victoria 

XTTA-N'TCTJ — .Male stenogr.-ipher with exprr- 
VV leni* In lumber ottlce. Apply, Htoiing 
experl>ni-« nnd snUry expected, to The \'lc- 
tnrla Lumlior & MfK. Co., I'hemnlnus. B.'-\ 


\ XT OO D — C or .1 Wood 

And mlllwood. General 
Teaming, Livery. J. C. KIngsetl. l«l« 
Uouglaa street, opposite City Mall, Phone 
>7. ' 

WOOD— Cheep fuel. Try a heading double 
10*4 ef short eut mill-wood, dallvered 
t4 any part of the city at $8 C, O. ». \f 
CamtroB Lvunbor Cfc. W4.. phoM »•«. 

".V.NTED— Subscrlptlmi nnd advertl.qing 
sollcltora; 421 Central liiflldlng. Tne«- 

da.v morning. ___________ 

W'ANTF.I), young man about 20 years of 
VV nge for shop work al th« .Sanllury 
Feather Works, U BS North P ark St . 

llirA.N'TRlT^o young man to take charge of 
'V my omre and look after collecllons: 
must be able to furnish the best of rffer- 
ences. and Inv^dst .a nnall amount of money; 
good sala,'y. Box 037 colonist. ^% 

\\;anTED Someone to wash end Iron 
VV two days a week. Must be experi- 
enced. Apply 1730 Monterey avenue. Oak 
Hay. Phon o 3674. 

\rOUNCr girl wanted. Apply 1106 V\v» st. 


I A DVERTISER sciika situation, three years 
1\. Iti country store In Alberta, also Post 
ofiico experience. Address Hox 3a, Colonial. 

j"^Li5t;TRIC;iAN— .Machinist. lechnlci*], 

English, married. ng>d 33, seeks '.josl- 

tlon; 18 years' experience with first clasJ 

corporal Inns. Box 601 Colonist. 

Englishman (18 
C, ) desires situa- 
tion as bookkeeper or helper In garage or 
LUioninbllc works. Box 31i'2, Col'.niilt. 


and Co. 


\ VEBURY St. and Kings rd., 2 lots, >20x 
J\. 100, at $2100: third CB«h, balance ar- 
ranged. Union Real Estate Co.. Law Cham- 
bulS. Phone 2709, 

V.EBURY St., a good, high ■ . $S00. 

a few days only . llnwcll, Payne 

Ltd.. 1016 Douglas St.: phone 1780. 

LA.VCIIARD St. — 30 feet befn-een Yates 
and View St.; a sound Invpstinent at 
$25,000; Patrick Realty Go., 646 Fort street 
phone 2556. . 

lOWKER Ave. — Double corner, 1 16x126, 
only }35f.0. $1650 casli, hHlani-e ], 2, 
:i years; close to car and sea. (.Theaucs; 
buy In this di strict. Box 87 4, Colonist 

CtEDAR HIII Ilottd, 'rwo lots betwren Haui- 
-' tnia and King's road 83x173 deep; cheap 
at $2400 nstml terms; Pilrlck Realty Co. 646 
Fort St.; phone 2556. 

C-4H.EAPEST buy In Fairfield Estate; beau- 
.'' tltul lot on Woodland road, 60x125; 
price $1600 on good tf-rnis. Jno. R. Bowes 
and Co., 64 3 Fnrt St. 

(■(OI.,WiOOD farm, 50 acres, 18 In hay, 
-' good house and outbuildings. 10 miles 
nut, $16000. Overseas investment Agency, 
i«8 I'emb'-rlon BKIk. 

LOT on Ker ave., 61x140; going for $600; 
only $175 cash, bal. easy. G. S. Leigh- 
ton, 1 13 Governmcni St. 

ERRITT St.. close to Cook; •» cheap lot, 

bound to rise shortly: $725. Howell, 

Payne and Co., Lta., 1018 D»uclas St.; pii=ne 

1 780. 

MO.NTEKEV Ave. — A large lot 60x180, 
with lanw on two sides, only $1460, 
1-3, fi, 12. IS months. This Is a bargain. 
Box S74, C olonist. __^ 

OAK Ttay avj.. a beantifu! building sR». 
wllh three frontagM; fine place for a 
summer hotel; lor 100x185. with uninter- 
rupted view of Ihe sea; one minute from 
car; a snap at $6500. Howell, Payne and 
Co., Ltd.. 1016 Douglas St.; phone 1780. 

OAK Boy — A very nice level grassy lot 50 
xl62 on Is'.and road; 3 minutes from 
hotel and Cii ; price JUOO,'oth<'r lots r-loie to 
at $2000 makes It a highly attractive "buy; 

I'. O. Box 1124. 

\ LIVER sf., one and a half blocks from 

'. car W^' We have n. tine lot at $1150, 

foi- a short time only. Howell, Payne and 

Co. Ltd.. 1016 Douglas St.; Phone 1780. ^ 

N^ rnal good Snap— Prior si. between 

Topnz and Sunimll avi?.. high and level 

good view and no rock; size 50x120; price 

for a few days nnly $1850; this wont lost 

long; Hox 952 Coin nlst. 

a good buy at $900. 
Ltd., 1018 

I.-^OH .^ale — Four room flat In Mt. Edwards, 
at foot of Rockland avenue; brass beils, 
piano, mahogany furnltiire, well Blocked 
kitchen; reasonable payments; 421 Central 

build la g^^ 

almost new. 


4"^OR sale — Velvet Davenport; 
290 Goverameat street. 

Ef^OR sale. Ford car; a bargala; 6 passon- 
' ger; $600. Box 27. Colonist. 

I;^OR sale — Good express wa«on, $86. Ap- 
' ply 1236 Walnut street, Phone 112086. 

IjlOR sa 
. View 

LOST — On 24, a little checked coat with 
IslBck collar and aachor on each sleeve, 
any person returning same will be reward- 
ed. B ox 61, Colonial. 

LijST — Purse on Olenford avenue, contain - 
ink bills. Finder please return to ParK- 
dale meat market and receive reward, or 
c. A. Heal. Heal P. O. 

LOST — At Gorge on May 34, leather 
wrlsled gold watch. Reward Box 67, 

LOST, a circular gold fob., with lnlUal.|| 
,S. .-^ C. ; reward on returning to .Moure 
and John alon, Yates mx~ ^ 

LOST or straved Sunday morning, a white 

'onicninlaa Spitz, lame on right hind 
log .\.nswers name of Tcddle. M. T. Powell, 
111 Clarence street, James Bay, Phono 

L3013. . 

-On May 26, an antique seed peaii 
ter brooch. Reward al Northern Pa- 
dllc otilce. . 

LOST— t 

QST — Between Broughton and View- Sts,. 
i r.n Covernment street, a four-leafed 
wllh small pearls. 

clover K 

ilil brooch set 

Valued by the owner for old asaoclatlona. 
The Under .handsomely t-e warded. Colonist 



Ij'^.N'lCKGETIC young 
-^ ninnilis resident In H. 


("'.M'EHIENCED farm manager warns po- 
iieinnn on farm 
addroos Hox 112 

I -oliinlsl 

good references; 

EXPEIllE.NCED O'.d Country dairy hand 
seeks situation. Call or write C. J. 
Hanks, liruaawlck Hotel, Victoria, B. C. 

Builders' work, ejc. 
grate and tllo ae'.tlng. 

all classes of 
chimneys, mantels. 
Phone 1S7». 

C^ ARDKNBH — I'rartlcBl man wants work 
T by day or month. Roa««s and small 

W'ANTED, at once, good steady man to 
VV drive express truck; apply a«!l Cedar 
Ulll road. 

A Knew, 

specialty. Lawna kept 
Box 212, t. M. f. A. 



/Kii.vviHin — :'n acres, buacalow. pond In 
yj front, 1-2 mile' station. S miles out, 
$8000 Ovarseas Investment Agency. '205 Pem* 
liertnn HIilB. ^_^_^__^________ 

10M0-X, \'ancouvcr Island. cli»nrod farms; 
lands; sea fronta 

agent for K. 


lots for sale. I. oca 

railway land.n, Coinox district, 

H. M. Beadnrll. 

& N. 
Apply H. 

C<OWICU.\.N' Gap, 104 acres, good land 
/* waterfront with two ibelterert roves. 
An Ideal spot, offering best nshing la 
gulf. Adjoining land held ot 
..n lerin.«. $5.',i)fi. -Vpply D ' 
117 Penih»r'oii Inilldlng. 

$100. Price 
Lewis & l.'o.. 

l^HVE acres Improved orchard land, only 
JC four inlles from city hall; 250 fruit trees 
Just come Into bearing, only a short distance 
from new .'^aanlch car line; price tar below 
I.rev.-iilinK prb «-a of adjoining land; this '.vll! 
not lasi rnony days; see owner, 301 Pember- 

ton block. 

I/K)R sale, nicp lot, overlooking 
. Lake; price $060, terms easy. 
Box SIT ''ornnlst. 


ONE lot on Forbes st 
Howell, Pnyne and I'o., 
Douglas St.; phone 1780. 


farms at Pachena are 

from rock with all good »oll and a 

hi •vowih of timber. The land lies on a 

well watered, and a 

OUR forty Bf-" 

T7VOR aale, cheap for cash, one Stedman 
.r & Co. grand piano. .1046 View St. 

ARGEST stock ot Victor Records and 

Gramonhones on the Island at Hlcka 

and Lovlck Piano Co. Ltd.. 809 Government 

aL — - ■ 

L.ATIOST style Victor hornU'ss gramophone 
tor $52"; easy terms If desired. Hlcka 
and Lovlck Piano en., Ltd., opposila Post 

IAIINCH for sale— Length ISft., beam 9ft., 
J R hp. Adaais engine. Price $500. F. H. 

AVarrlngtoa. Sidney, B.C. 

upright grand plann, 
dark walnut case, double 
iheck actlnn, P'.:re Ivory and ei.nny kej». 
full rich lone; easy terms or caah; price 
$'7.1 Fletcher Bros,, 1231 Govwrnment St. 


ONE 40 hoVse. 3 cylinder Union engine for 
BBle cheap; nearly 
to A. A. B., 1042 View 


IOST Heavy gold chain bracelet between 
J Fort and Parliament building; a reward 

1501 B'^Inionl ave. 


.\ leather purse containing a ten- 
dollar bill and small silver, and a ki»y. 
Finder return lo Colonist Box 968, and re- 
ceive re ward. 

L Q.ST— Gold locket with Initials C. F. C 
beiwcen Fort. Douglas or Government ; 
finder rewarded Room 4, 1U07 Government 

Bl. ■ ' 

OST May 24: Gold bracelet, diamond 

shaped. colored stones; no value; 

relic ID owner. $3 reword. 628 HlWsldu 

avenue. ^ 

^I^OliliN or strayed young fox terrier dog, 
io evenly marked head; new Itathai- Collar, 
also while Maltese terrier "poodle;" finder 
ajiply l>r. Leed er, 617 Douglas St. 



PAJ-TY about to leave city will sell new 
furniture of bPautlful four-room apart- 
ment near Empress; everything for house- 
keeping; $245. Immed>.te. Box 985 Coi- 

onlst. _^ _____ 

CpEBD Potatoes— Very cheap. $32 tor 17 
►^ saeks of very choice. Phone 2362 or 
address Beams, 523 Sayward Block, City. 

SIngfer S<»wlng machine; 

sUipe alio 

several gooo sized t-t-eekH, ** rlver ar,.', a 
nnc lake nearby; you cannot wish fol- bet- 
ter climate as It la about the same as Vic- 
toria for shooting and hshlns; this dis- 
trict could not he better; we had 6000 
acres and have about SOii aeres'lftfi; aeoure 
a forty-acre farm before It Is too Hie; ISO 
cash- $10 a month; $15 per acre; open even- 
ings. Alvo von Alvensleben, Ltd,, «3« 
Vlfiw St. 

CJIEV.EN drawer 

^ ...-aeHrnllv n<»w: regular $70: will sell 
I for $50 One genuine York slide trombone 
I and iKather cose: regular $85 for $85. One 

l>aby walker el »1.60. Call at »i« .-rtajron 

at., just off Pandora. 

1>RE-B.MPriONS located — I will locate lo 
any one party a nice levej black loam 
for a pre-empt Ion. bush land, whioh coH- 
tnln.s 160 acres, more or leas, 1 know of 
some good ones In Clayoquot district. Will 
go with any parly to show property. Price 
S50 and expenses on each pre-emption. Ad- 
dress Box 867. Colonist. • • ' 

for aale — We can 

absolute proof that ur« luia 


OR sale — Six acraa. more or less, of good 

aKNTLBMAN with ten years' experience 
cf law In England d*alrea position In 
lawyer's office. Reply, Box .H69, rolonlst. 

"iMODD carpenter wants smalt contracts; 
\J( sharks, fences or Jobbing -Vork; J. Ta^- 

tersall, 1617 Cook St. 

>RA<'TirAL English gardener rcqulref 

sUuaiiou. Rflfsrenrp, Box 26, xrolonlst. 

— . « — _- — . .^ f.- — r^— 

rpwo first class rarpenfers want work out 
-L of oily Apply Boa 10« Colonllt 

track: level and easy 10 lake oul; a grnai 
depth. Hlghesl bidder over $70»0 will 1)« 
rei-elvj-d up till Jane 3ril. Will be giv.-ii 
mil June 4th. Address Box 71. folo-ilsl. 

ij^OR aale — Two corner Edgoa lots, rhea|> 
' for cash, must suli': no agents. Address 
Box 788. C olonist. 

I7%OR cale, well situated on southern 
slope, near car tinr, In "Garden City 
Height*," larg* l^f No. 28, McKensI* ave.: 
price 8480; terms, cosh $25, balance $10 per 
month, interest 7 per cent, Mra H. QruU, 
iS^tiMil-ta, B. (.'1 

givs you 
we oBbr 

Inside the town limits of KdiMm at ♦*• 
encli on easy terms, are',* money-making 
Investment, offered below titeir real value; 
Fdson is a divisional point on the main 
n'ne of the Grand Trurtk Ptclflo W«th a 
monthly pa.vrnll of l«0.«Wl Bdaon ta <ha 
Lctual diVtrlbalIng JofnYW «»«•,«••*•. 
river country, the nra«(*«u ««oaI llelda ahf 
for two bundled miles weat On the (.gtltn 
,linn Northern; Edson (a little mora %hw 
a vea- o!d and already l»aa mora titaii 
twelve huadrrd iifrt»»*neitt re^ldrnla; tt. 
costs you - one cent to obtain lUUWrale* 

ment Ageiey. t«« VtaaMHtflT MMl 

;■;,>,, J 

SNAP sale — S-passenger auto, 1913 model, 
like new, spare tubes, tire, chains, . tools, 
eic Cost I14S0. Will take $950 cash, or 
might take deed to good lot. Box at. CoJ- 
onlat. ^ . 

SPKCIAJ.r— One Gerhard HalatWMaik iilano, 
upright grand, only tteati In ua» a few 
montha. mahogany case: will make terrtHi 
to ,uU. Fletch*r Broa, 12*1 Qov»ram«ntt at. 

OTVINWAT A ^on* P<Mo. baautiftfl UMr> 
CS vary nice action; pHee $150. FJe8rh*r 
Broa, l!8l flovrwme nt at ^ 

rsTl'TTCkABT upright tilano, fall Iron 
PS framfr, ov^r strung acate. chKClt action, 
beautiful walnut case; termg i»a4« to arult; 
^150. r.«>teher Bros., 1*11 aave«y*n"nt "• 

mwiBMfTT dpnarg buya a itfaraililiM. iora. 
L l«M cnuftophoa* at HicKs ajiA Iwvtck 
Pi ano Co,, Lta„ opipoaH* fwat **"«*• 

WAX tKP to «gyT-w<it^,7 

Xfittmtvimt hoaao w«ai«i«> <tal»; «»» j»*«- 
i? torrwi. mmr wat«r: we hAw a Jt»»»rM 

A snap, rooming house, 46 rooaoa; best 
location; long lease; terma Bight- 
roomed house, suitable for board and room, 
close In; cheap for a few days ociyt tertnt. 
See Mettler-Reehllng Co,, 848 JFort atreat, 
i^twjne 3514. 

TEN-ROOM rooming houa* for rent to 
^parties buying furniture; houaa tall up 


eaaonable -terma i,«ood raaaon lor 
Box 934 ColonUll. 

now; any 
hig. 1 

UBIXESS chand*»i— ^rariner ta loof iMty- ■ 


_ %» r«>H(, t-romod 4Io«m. anfWT" 
iM; n4iar lit; bo «kn<^ei ' careful 

ing restaurant, small capital, jU^ofc pre- 
fert id. Call 615 Johwron atroai^ - r ' 

I~iiXPEl{f grower, ' ttuahrwwa,' ..jM^tStoMr 
y c«i-umb<»ra, chry||»nthamiBaHi;'i b»*n 
good position; would t«Mk «iRma«|«l;'«IH«rMi 
In aound concern. Box IM CotoaWk' " 

I II, .1 . .1. I II , I »«■ 

ijmfi «•>•— fitr^lci^ aaodara - - litkhaeUa* 
' rooming Kouae; b«aatH«<If ' farMMM4; 
natting MWO p*r Jf«*r; l»>2iw* <♦•*»: •,*»- 
er Hn^vtat covintry. Bog Vn, Oal««|M.i 

— ■■■;—- ... — I . .t» i ll l.ll .l 10 I S«P 

«MNTfEO-**WMMWh)ttf'i>lf,f«g*««^ tH«- 
\y laurt. arx»(«Mi,V«a««irM" --tMiliilHl' vr 
otHef gultAbl* bualaoMi. U, UftaltjgMk ^t«- . 

torta wa»i r. a * 

\v |iB«M M OT aoar' «iiib*ilM aPVIAwHa; 

Bmt H( C4db«lat. .... '. 

, ' . . ■■'lI ■■■...-- I i,.Jiii | i ■ I i i » .. 

4fcKftft,-«UL.h»»i*le lf-roo«i*« bMwa: a 
^POUv money maltar. JMm *41 Ootao^. 

■ . ^..i- . a.^jU ■■■ . fc -. i * .^.aw M .i i M m wJAwHii P ■« 

<Kf nnn <:ABU wm hawlU « M^riWiMd 
^lUUV boaaa, ««atralhr lM#«tt tbfC 
won't )«bt l4n«. «•* Uwitwviummim C*- 
S4t Fort atraet, Pbi^na Mli. 

IUia4)» a ir»«4 . 

CoiontsTt. -' , f 

,. — r^" 11.11 I iwi Mn i m 'i> a J. ..j,fc.- .. 

«1.0Ulf htittsfi. alatanUV « 

fltoft***; Una l^^-aMiipa: «*m*fe 
R«e«iiinjt Co., «» f<urt,ji^n*t. 

a law 1 1 a ^ iAilfWailJlrtpMIW^M 

■^ V-^.'i..V>li>.?'iJ. wit-V_'*aE^'P^iJj 

Tutaci^Ry. May 28, 191^ 

ViCiUMiA UAiLi COLOi\1j5T 



AARONSON'S pawiishoy iia*' reinoved from 
Broad atract to ItlO Uovarumeul si., 

uiipcutK iho \VesiUolaafc hotal. 

A MEHiCAN Ualr Ureasltis Parlors— (Jhlr- 
•**■ u,)oUy, coin doclois. iltf i'uil. liivii- 
cesaJikX, (ai.« ina8niiH<^, inanlcui uii;, supei- 
1ilU« Ualr lenioiKO Ijy Jiahlert' Uf-iviVir, 
i.ic- ^l.jO; also >'l<-i.'trull>l» iieudle; UtS patn. 
.'i.<idaii> Kviiarmuu. 



NEW fully modern G-room house, nUtjly 

to)o;)honc; jau ycr moiUh lo a careful ten- 
am. 33' Duntdlii at. 

rent — ."Miiiill huuue wlili fine bftru and 



1^C>H rent — ."Miiiill huuue w 
fijiilcTi nr-ii .Jiiblloi; h'Pii^,niil. iwu Li|<."k» 
line. :2U1 l^yUla street. 

ivuiii cjir 

A.NTiyL'Ii Jewelry 
and niciurfa 

A. A. Aaronsuii, ]3t5 tiuveruuieni st. 

,AUU Il<iii — Six roouitd niudorri liouso near 
auoly Room 3. .McCnlh'ni 
dlanuinds, tnsrawna* I ViloiU. Uoiiglaii atretl, next Jlcrolianta' l5anK 
bought and S'jIU .'«n ». | i^honx I'.'.Si. 


fun.."»ncU llal to i«i. tlireu iuuin», kil- 

lU UilllllUUlll, JUUU 1. "ii'.. ItiU- 

isuiun. ' VuticuUNtr sirevi; une luruKii- 
tu ruoin wiin unw ui Uaiiiiuuni. 

\ fun.."»nci 


BAUUAUi'j promptly handled at curreni 
ratea by llie VC'^ria Tranulvr Co.; 
pnone 12v. oniie op«n ni<(n: uiwi uay. 

BKKATlUMi ixciLlnc-a'd nvm Ihu 
iJiciii «;iat>'iiiB lau^nt by i.iiit>il»'>» <^niu>i. 
.-,.% id, c'uiu.iUl. _^ 

A" ..l^jUUKMli'^ and louriaia — Tlio stage for 
i Cowljhau Uake l«a\ci» the CVuir^ii 
i..v<.;-y titablea. Duncan, at i:i.3u UKll^. \\nlo 
Ui phono and wo will reBervu ynur auHia. 

I .11 .iC luS, uUDi-uii. H. C, J. Marsh, I'rop^ 

Braniiity, carpenter and builder, :;715 
yuadra «l.. Vlclorla. U. C. Jobbluii 

II ipKOiaiiy, A post <u rn will do. 

lnT."uh<lei'3lencd will not be responsible for 
any debts contracted by CalUcrlnc CntgS 
-. llhoui my c»naeul. (hlSned.) John CraBg. 
. dv ;T, iwl;;. ^ 

"I I lb t.rishi lo hvipc lor a I'uiuru lilo "t 
i- Joy ind comfort; it Ik also pcrfoflly 
i.«iii. 1(1. tt ever, to s«e that you ^ei a lli- 
t,c of !*. htru and now; 1 will slinw you 
!».•-•« Id clo It «iil at . Iho liama ti.i: 
jour lanilly well provided lor 
iiKve departfd for ihe tuiurc llfi.*; >> 
ii.r full particulars. Box "fS. Colonist, 




i-'urnisn-i or uniuralsn«<d fUi. tioiu 
A|<ai iiiioiiia; phunu iisb; adjaceui cur- 
t4',r Viii en's aiiu Uouuias. 

AKuotl cijrn,.-r to let. "Jill. Kd- 
wuiua," .alicuuver atrcci, 

i MjMFOUTXtiUE turnlsheU room»~Ti 1< 

1^\OU roni — S-room modern house lu James 
Uay, cloae In to town, close lo car, cor- 
ner loi. aenil-buslnons .iropurty. t-'au he 
riiit'f-d partly furnished If dPRired. ♦«« per 
month. Apply Owner, 404 Oswego street, 
I'hone R33S. , -, 

JT^iOXl ItlC.VT — 5-room house. James Day 
- disu-l-i; near farU. J25 per moniU; 
no chlldnn. J-eomlne Bros.) Md., u2\ Fort 
SI reft 

Il^UnS'lTl'hK and Uase of &-toomed room- 
- Int house, one block from diy hall, 
now house; furnace, etc 

Apply S43 Pan- 

HOL'.-'IS for rent on Pandora avenu>'. b»- 
tween Quadra and lilailchard. furnituic 
of same forsule, gas range. »30') eash. Box 
i'O. f'olonlst." , 

H^ UU8E to rent, modern, bath, electric 
light and etc. Uavld street. Uock Uay. 
WISH «i Co.. JOi) Pemb crton Hldg. 

•, $tT per month, furnl- 

price ?:T3 cash. 1:11 

:'ue- ... , . ' 


<OMFOKT.\BLE furnished rooms 16 let; 
Ith uae o: kitchiiu; quite Bijannui 
I,, use on car lli>; iiii.. N-vaikrr, city limilSi 
i.^ft(|Uihtai t roau;.vno.tu Aiib,.i. 

AOSllMjBf 1:; UuusbkceplUK rooino, Z\% Us- 
io at. 

lurnlshtU rooms loi 
lijU-tcKCuiiliiK ; hot anu cold waier aim 
uath; auiiuoiv i^.r o or < m.ii; aiso caniiJ- 
11. « arouuu oh uorno, with ooathouse privi- 
lege I. u. Jiox iv\j, or i'hoiic lil. ■ 

/ AOSllM., 

Ij vJll Ili.A 1' 1 W O 


,1 furnished vnm for two with open grate, 
aV ,.)r would liri married couple. J8ii Feru 
nil Oft, corner ot Keiu and iandoia 

i I. u.iircji^ J AilUi lunilsued from room, 

1 1 .ijB, U la " Noi ih I'ark si. 

A Kl.'rt.'VlfHfciU room for one or two; 
j.'JL modem; phone; near car. 4i0 uswegu. 

Vi< 1 I. . i;4il .'.>> i'.'>»ni vvKn bxtli. i:?.iitl tu 
51.50 a week. b'U-liI .^pHrluicins, ljouij- 
las sirfel. ijorth. I'lioiie 13l>5. 

CIUMKORTAHLB furnished rooms to lei, 
/ righl minulej from cily hall, 12 week; 
4il inuucru com etilr.acvd, u.Aihrooiii, ule. J K- 
Ciifieti SI., oil >jundra. 

Furnished loouin, ('ooU all eel, 


Contractors and Real Estate 
IS Grscn Block, Broad SL Thons t.70». 

i.AuH rem — Fi 
1 oriifr iieai 

cash— Kew 4-Toom bungalow, 
Itoscbury street, oujue foundall' u. 

all convenlenci-s. balauce K'i a month. This 

n eek only. 

cash, lot Waller avenue, Onrne, 
10% el loi, rleured. ilio SlxliK. J760. 

street, size *uk 


flj»»)|rf| cash — J.ot Car 
^wOv i:c, I'ric e ITS 

W^: want your listings. 




ii„ t.l)>il8 »lr el. 


MUlt Ku..^T — 'I'wo lurnUiiod houseaeeplni; 


\i-iiAJrfHfc.U housokOcplOg rooms lo Ui. 
«Jt l-ililsidu u\u 

I.TUUNISUKJU houKCkecplns rooms for mar- 
riou coupie; usu o( kitciieu; on car line. 
±•1 miiiuies iruiii ciiy. iU,r». uiucii, 'liiot(ur.i 
f. o., \ Iciorla. 


l^ua.>ra at. A,<j<iy ai 1 1- 

rooins, 1128 

J ADV '.vislflns- to so to 
1-^ about mill Jun.:. won 

.-1, AiiKlralla., 
r pussugo 
l)::ld, second cliiss, tor ser .iin;)anli.u 

liurie or help wllh children. WrUo A. B. C, 
> leioria club, Fcgt stre et. ■> 

■\rL't-IC — Slgnor ClAUdio, loaelicr of Violin, 
■^x. alandolin. Guitar. iUcuiVuS PUPSIS: at 
iM't t."ook street. 

~VTO iiiuii' 
-»- 'I n o 


ftirure !» abealutcly secure, and 
mao neglects to provide 
1 come when his «arnlnjf 
j...w.-i» 111..-- ujliiie: when li'e has -J. family 
(.. (.■-i-.aent upon hlriv ihia du.y becotnea atlll 
i..ore imperative; if you aesirs this aecur- 
)iy write hn(,;4«ir> Btiptlcuiara. Box 8«0 Col- 




j.Lait, lo now Itetw txoliitivt ., 

I>»ajor & i.;b.. i,td., iintll-ifiu^l,. ,,.,,,„,., 

■■ :— r- • ' . ' ' "' I i < i ' i L ' li<» l UWl! 'I M ' .ii. ' ■ ■ • 

I^lANOFOKTB pupils d«it-e«. WT; ' t»acher, 
vi.>itint any dioiance witliitf car liiuus. 
1.-0X 764. Colonist. ' _ 

r\v;,.,..... -■:, . - :,, ... ■■ ■ ;..;:: 

.oom .J.* triuLitrioii ouiiuiiis- o.lice i'hom; 
: 4l".'. Rtfhltlence Phnne '.'Itil. 

fnn.\rs IT : , i 
J- 731 and 73'. 
i.iniltuie, I'ldsi' 
> .c. I'rlces crjn.i. 

Furnlturo Store. 

1 Stroei. for now 

iO matircsjCi", 

fi^HE best 25c mea:8 In the city from 
jL II a. m. to -S p. ni. King Ouorsb 
crlll, ct.rner Cormerant and Blonoiiard sts. 

ijuit. iJoroiliy Tea noom* lOOtt liroad at.. 
-L J'emoerion block; i-rtakiasi. llBht 
lunchee, aiii.iUL'5,1 leas; opvii u a. m. lu 7 

, 'i». - 

\k'A.Nj.fciu—.V few young men and slrls. 
VV brBiniura, to ' Jofii a prlvatti dineliij,' 
i..ui..s lo! iwu montli-s from tilt nildille oi 
..ufie one eveninj; a we.!k; Ihooo ivaniinis to 
j.'ia a..svvcr lieior^ Juaj' Isl, i: O. Box 

encps; Ini' 
party. Boy. 

— Mc« 6-roomed house to 
. ftii modern coiivetil- 

sslon to reaponslblt ■ 

..'■"Mat. ., .. ..' 

JA month: ' ««I32«* Mr' and sea- Edmonds, 
31S P«mberloi» btoclC Phonil 2669. ■■ ' . "''. 

IVriGB mfl4eri.^*„T«M»m l»<«ii«/ «iW««^ no cniiaren. 

stssion ■ to ■;«««»'* -pam^ ; 1 » 'J"*?-'^Sr9LSSS^' 
V, o.: Ho«31o» A ptfWi, :w BinA^untoU 

, and *ptd W4ii«r, WthslWl #Wwai ■ **■'. 

, "OOOaKKliJ!;i'lNU rooms. Ui. Mmo» St. 

' eve." 

TO wt «.rwm««i n*t; iw»v«mi >»th. ttftU' 
•eik bot Md cold water, etc. A^jtjy. 

■ u»:-g<ffl«<Hin .»*.,- ... ■-■■■■«..- ^:; 

m p ir*iit-- t»r6om»d oott»Ke. Pentbrok e St.. 

bertoa BJdg. 

i , I . ;' .;. . I.. . . I , .'■ I ii ' . Ill ' ;. ".I ! ' '' j 

rno ront^^-^-room hauM, Datlu road. Apply 

IJvCMt renti*"r»5gy*Jtaed 1>o»i*» on ?d%p>*^i 

,&iJJi£^y w.i>.^ : ..aa,tt .- a. .. •muMi'M'--" 'A.<tMi ^^n«3 



M,itisl.iHi!.u llal lo reut; immsdlato 
pob»-:iiiu..; ?3-_' lUuUlh. mtjuir^ SUIIC 

I'ort at. 

;ia'ING room forAwo. 
dor-ji ave. 

O cftfaiv ivii «:'l N W , ru(<i<-.. 
Ijenman si. 

^3 weakly. I-''. 

H~ UUaJiKliJlsmMa riiOpui. well famished, 
sas stove, grate, :ptiune: cIojc in, choice 

Blj iiurdetto 

pLaKlvKl^riNt; room; 
Burdetie avenu.^. 

gas range. 


I' ARaB I«rnlth«di hou»*keej»ln» _ ifoom tpr 
^ i^at. Apply 11 8» North t*arfa ■■;: ;. , 
'-■' ■"'"" ' ■" ■ ' '' ■ ■' • ■ ' - ■■ ■■■■■■ '■':-:J:m 

^ ICKI.X\5»ur|^ho4jV W^.i ,-5^ 

»ai«if'^* ^SwI^W^' 

■■ tor 'cooDiins.. .t»»:a . •Rteh<»<> w«|;.,.a«pif|...i,,:, ., ..- 
'A partmca t«, con talitirnr ftiSMtJrA 


IjMjit loiu— tJunny front room, tyrnlslied, 
central; suit two irlenue or iiiarrica 
eiiii;ile; no children. 578 liay sUeet. 

i.>!jl.' rooms lo let, double or shi- 
JL gle. 60S St. John's street, corner KIuk- 

1.>L'lt.\tSHKU rooms. 431 SImcoe street, 
• iofty rooms, sea view, one minute from 
beacon Hill car. i'iano, prlvnle grounds. 

InL'KNl.SUEU rooms to rent; close li>; 
. terms moderate. 740 Burdclie Av.-. 
I'liono H.t231^ 

I,"IU'r.N'1.SHKD rooina. best, district, reter- 
• ences required, i'hone SOKO. 2:;3 I-om- 
bcrlon building. 

l^tCKXliiaKU bodroom, J253 Denman st. 

IrMJUNl.SilEU bedroom, 522 Hupert street, 
I'hone 1036. 

LAKfrE front room to let; breakfast and 
evening meal If deslrul; would suit 
business people. 1181* Yates St.; phone 2164. 

XT'^W rooming house: charges moderate. 


North Park at.; proprletreaa Mr». 

(Hr furnished r9om; reasonable. 318 

li^iilttQ'a street.- • James Bay- 

;lte*pln»: IS45. 

immediate. Box »«» ,t!af- 

,, t. ' I . I ' II i. ' i II "I III! V I II . -i g iMiJl'TOlM.""." 

JL atean ita»«aO. hot and cold ««M^ f«oba 


Heal Estate and Insurance. Cowlchan and 
Cobble lllll 


ACRES, all cleared, small house, barn. 
orchard, good water; one mile from 
tea and postc.mce; price ?3u00. 

^ ACRKK. 70 ynrds sea front. Cowlchan 
*^ litiy, small cotlaBo. about an acre 
ele.irid; chleke n hoiisis; pri co J20SO. 

k)f\ ACRES. 1 ',4 miles !rom station, all 
— " good land, very Uslit clearlnif. run 


I> O, Box 123S McCallum Blk, Douglas St 
Uerober Real Kstata Exchange. 

CJHAW.SIGAN Lak,?. — 8«veral good water 
O fronts Ifft. We can sell a few small 
lots «nd a couple of good 2 Vi acre blocks, 
near the water, at che ap p rices. 

FOUI. Ray — Owner^ leaving country, good 

new 6-ruonied bunitalow. full basemeni, 

nw>i1«rn. alcclrlc lUlil. uaih. on terms, 


li>ul> lota in oalt Day. 
Foul Bay. 

Falrntid and 

^ sere lilorks, ejtrpl!«iit land near Coivielian 
«J smilon, light clearfaiit. on terms.per 

ning water; price »12.i oer acre. 

40 ■^: 

.fr'RE;?' «n K"K«lli>h river, one liilie 
from Cowlchan station. long rlvrr 

froiii. atrcain ruimlng through . property . 

price »75 per acre. 

rpiJREE or four acres, overlooking Cowl- 
JL Chan station, new bungtilQW^ with din- 
ing room, sitting room, hall, three bed- 
Tooms, kitchen, pantry linen closet, bath- 
room. lavRtory. hot and cdTd water. 800 
gallon tank supplied by engine and pump 
from never fallInK spring, acetylene gas 
with JB lights, stable and 0aW!|M»|*mJi>e, 
good sarden, with .bearing .fruH.;- i*||j^ ;'.^rlce 

16800. :'.,., '. ^5w?,--'«..^:'-., ;. 

t rt i 

mo let----CotttiN|^^i||l9 1^^ inodarit 

.tea^eneay'rtftiylMW*:^ 331 Uichtcati 

lEjT-a— r.-. . „j^ ttovas; .large , panivj..; :^ S■' ^l Wffl |■ ^!Mjl..!^,ly.^te^ ^ ^ ' ' . .", 

SSaUiVoom I nd 2 Urae Sleeping- HM^iJ^mMl&i^Mmi- S<2 Michigan 
taii" Apply V ictiirUl '.v.SK4M,W<t '-"'^•> -» at.;" phone !'•'' 

rpo rent — On 
-Jt- model 
ner \ aiu-i 
.Vp.ily Oil , 

rpo re;ii. 

mile circle, five room 
.V. 1002 li.ty street, cor- 
ner mouth lu advance. 

xv-.vat;:., i >. r 

' » i iiiuiil :i r.lo. 

rent for three men 
m row boat. 74 5. > 


"I r>OK Uc;u — During summer furnlsScd five 
i loiini new bunasiow. or part of it II pr-- 
. .-iou terms liicUdliii; light and t^uphcic; 
1-4 i^umoiiion r-,vatl. ■ 

' X modtrii con 

rent; S rcoins. all 
- three minutos from 
i,oat oince-, T) reiil from middle of June 
lor Ih.'ee months. Appl.v /on premises. 7.13 
\ ictoria Cr.jscint. No , clilldrtn. 

"{."^L'RNl.SllED cotLigo lo let o;i Dall is road. 
J- Anply Mrs. M. K. tmlt:> l I'.l.r. 

1 oad. 

. . , i.i... v.-:H iSlJ iiouso lo Uel'.t — ' rooniel 
■i- liousj with biilh, nli-ely furiilsneci near 
k>^a. cloEd tu car line; ready June> Ist; ap- 
j.iy Gvcreoas Investhicnt Agancy. 20S I'cni-/ 
lei-ton blacU, Fort St., city. 

f no H.'nl— For summer months 4 room bun- 
X gaiow rurnisht'd. modern, 5 33 per 
1 .oiitii; il.') All nteiey ave. 

t^|T'/\ a month tor alx-rooujictl- furnlshedj 
f;.'Ul/ iiuusc, modern, large "binr^inent." 

lum houKC; with garage. 

on ....... ..!.. lit rd Apply 747 Esqui- 

i.snlt rd.. or phone R21u0, 

rpo Rent — Three roomed flat, bath and 
X modern conveniences, gas el'.-.. In brick 
block on car line, close In. $22.50 per month 
apply 1'. H. Fk-ailiis, 634 view street; phone 

-307. ■■■:■.■,■■■,■■, 

' . ' ' ' ' ,. ' . ' 

To let— A house, Jlfi per month; cloae 
Tumping station. Mrs. Morle y. 

To rent— 5-rooni house. Apply 1109 King's 
road. ■ ' ^ 


A GOOD buliditi:. 
ion rci.. co:iier 

***aift!r housekeeping privileges *lth large 

*3r'*flttill«hrd i'lttlns room and double bed- 
room: ■ 1 pfrsons; ceiitrai 
lo cailty: '• 1 203 Pandora. 

rj"MllvEK uiiluii. 

.JL btvihrrtom. 

rpIiHEB furplBhed housekeeping rooms; ap- 
X ply 2>Mt 'Jiiadra at. . • 

ms to let. V»c ot 
St., near Queen's. 

mo lei. 
X 11,, i 

Lilng room, furnished o.r un- 
i.j suit tenant. 1321 Kort 

easy terma. 

/ ^Ay sell 
V ellcnta. 

A. W. 




.'crty If suitable to 
Brldgman. 1007 Govt. 

ftlcn. . 

» 'i'.v.vTED— One or two acres, closs in, i 
» » suitable for chicken ranch, from owner. 
i>ox 21, Colonist. . " , 

ITT-VNTED. lot. for working man; Wlllowa 
• V preferred; easy ■ terms. IJo:. 100 Col- 

» V Vancouver 

acres of good land on 
mcouver Island, sultuble for asrl- 
ci:lture, convenient to transportation. Ijuoto 
fullest Information, iiuality and location, to- 
gether with price and lornis, i'. O. Box 
..•.iV, Victoria. R, C. . ' ■ ■ . ., . 

Y\7ANTt;D. iOvB, houa.-9. ucroage, lu or 
VV ti.-ar VIctoi'la; v.-o have buyers «'ho 
I. red lo pay good pricta U terms are 

1 imperial Ro.tity Co.. 545 Baa- 

\\?ANTB1>— Have clients looking for In- 
> ' ' V. stments. either acreage, houses and 
leant lots. What have you? A. W. 
I . ... 1007 Govt, street. 

iiuce, gjrd-fth, !a>yti, for fourihiintlia, Ini- 

.litir ouv-upailun, cloa.; to cifr" on city 
.nils, .^pply .203 l^emoerton BIo<j}j, 

..1 !, ' '■""■ "■■'■-■■ ■■'■ ■■.■ " ': " ■ ' ■ '- 



a hause. $200 cash, balance 
V month. Hi .s a»l'. t.'olonlst. 

\ ./^■•.>TiOu. to buy or rent. 3 or 4-roomed 
^V cotijisM. Ir.jido On-' mile an-J h»if 
< ; clc, ironi owners; oiity ri'M:"-'M.TM. prices 
; ..'I 'tftr.tia consld.ifcd. 11:>:; ' mIsi. 

\ \"A.NTE/>--A. 7. S, or In 
'V Oik Bay, not to ixcood JiO.OOo and 
i..jL loi^ niar ihi \e.-it.T. Iiccitoit, Alajor 
i. i:on»panA , I.:.: i ■ Telephones 

;..".. 5 and 2"j67. 

. I iJi> — One or* two cheap Tots iii-.-ii line from oivnejs. Room 22. Ver- 
non hotel. 


T.J let III housekeeping rooms, liiv 
/ Hi .' ■ ''.. ■ • 

T" o "ut furnlchcd housckeplng suite, 
kltchenettv, gas ran«e, bath, hot and 

cold; central. cnrlton. 711 Pan dora. 

r\M) Let— Housekeeping rooms SI 9 I'andora 

rp, , ;..i — Three furnished ' hou^ . . . ., 
X. rooms, bathroom, etc.. from iiiiUiie 
June for three months. Call mornings at 
•■(.i.ak Villa," Uurdelte avenue, between Cook 

i>?iil I^lnden. " . ". ' 


TO rent — Sui' ,, , -. k nilcmen or 

married' couple, with or withr.ui board, 
opposite St. Paul's church. B qulmnlt road. 

rpo Rent — Superior furnished rooms; every 
X convenience; 6 inlnutes from P. O. S21 
t'olllnson street. Phone M.3017. 

rpo let, nice 
X 1113 Me: 

•^O let, nicely furnlchcd 
tears at. 

front bedroom. 

rpo I.eL — Pleasant front room, sea view; 
X suitable for two gentlemen, board If de- 
sired: apply 107 fit. Lawrence St., corner 
Unllas road. ^ 

ri"TO Let — Furnished room aultable for work- 
X Ingraan; FInlayaon St.. corner Graham; 
apply between 6 and 9 p.m 

furnished bedrooms to let. Phone 
csidence 113'J Hilda street. 

furnished bedrooms from S3 per 
h every cSiivenicneo; break- 

,, V) KENT— 4-roomed flat, within mllo 
X circle. P. K. FhJhiln*. «34 View at.. 
Phono 2307. 

TWO unfurnished hou»cke«-piiig rooms, one 
t'urnishcd bedroom counectlnjj. suite. 884 

Princess avcntic. 

rpWO furnished rooms, gas, electric light. 
-1 bath. 1410 Pembroke stre et. 
rnii\'7) :i iinturnlshtd rooms, use ot 

JL kill \pply evenings, 1110 North 

Vurk Bl. . 


BLACK Mir.orca tsgs' for hatching i«c. 
t'iu vjo.ernmeiit. - ' , 

XWO furnl 
' LHfil; r 

' * week wit 
fam if liPBlrrd; phon* 2»S1. 148^ F^>rt St. 

WJKLL furnished from room*^ to let, mod- 
V V ern lioard it desired. 706 CooK St., 
oifise to oar line. ^^ _^__ 

prn CENTS per night, $2.00 a week and 
OV up, 1211 Langley st. 



606-607: eayward Block. Phone S7^. 

CORNER of Flortnce and Dominion rds.. 
100ft.x292tt., wllh O-roomcd house, 
beautiful garden and fruit trees; will dJvlde 
into six splendid lots and resell at _twlce 
the purchase pricf-; wfll underdralned: no 
rock and dose to two ear lines; sploiii'id 
locality, built up all round; $6000, easy cms!i 
payment an 1 terme. 


Real Estate, Timber, Mines and Coal Lands 

Phone -iMO. Box 6«« 

1J« Pemberton Building Victor a. B. C. 

Vancouver Oilic — Winch Building 
Membera Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

110RT Hardy— The Jlneat harbor at thu 
norih of Vai.euuver island; directly o.i 
the rouic of all stcjmerJ to Alaska ana 
t'riiico uupert; tha luture noi'tUei-u lormln- 
us ol '.he Vancouver Isluud raiiwaya; lota foiv 
J... ;-2~ ;!!S .j^.wMifia; leruia pne-Lnlrd 
lasii. uaianiu li". 12* and ) if montha'at 7 pe. 
t.jnt, inu-rem; a number of the most m- 
llueiiil.u ijuslntSM iu«ii in Vicloria iiavs i;i- 
veHeU heavily at Port Hardy. 

^ibiitth '>iikS':<:. 

J. rj, vVHITiOivIE" 

Duncan, li- C 

BUSH Land — Under two miles from Dun- 
cans; $75 an a cre In 20 sere lots: 
EA frontage on Cowlchan Bay, with beau- 
tlful'vlew down the bay $250 an acre. 

■^ "*"'?5^ IrnW smalt lots with frontage on Kokr 
JCX sliah river, a quarter of a mile- from 
railway; very suitable for poultry ranohes; 

jioo an acre. ■ 

IriXCELLENT dairy farm 66 acres, about 
■^ one mile from Duncan; 45 aer<.« .-iiiti- 
vsted. good house, water from cre«k; long 
atrjitch ot Wia IroiUiMsa. lifi.QOO; easy 

• tarnrim iV •" "' ' I 'i i-'' • if I 

/llOOi'TO.N', Uiu lormiuus of the Cowlchan 
\J Luke railway, lots irom tluO up; "o 
rock; over hO loia lately sold. , 

W'ATlCUFltoNT. bciwoun l,|uaJlcuiu and 
VV Naiialmo, 60 acres. „ 

\"\T.\TE)<FRONT — X number of Islands 
VV aouih of Xanulmo, from 10 acres to 
200 acres, and from jlaOU to $23,000 each, 
island, .Vlbernl cana!, 223 acres. 

\'\'.\TlCUFP.O.NT, .Macaulay Point, In 
VV proposed breakwater, only JDoOO. 

\TTATIil(FitO.\T lots, two. 

VV bu.-, betv.'ceu oul'jr wharf and l^auie; 

Point. ■ 

VX;aTERFRONT. linrdy Bay, 2i0 acres, 
VV good for subdivision and Joining thu 
town of Port Hardy. 

\\^ATi2RFRONT, Long Beach, Clayorjui 


Victorlii har- 

V..TlSUi!'P.ONT. Ganges harbor, SaJt 
.Spring Jfland. three lots and 10 acre* 
for t3?jO. 

YTTATERFBONX. JSooke. 6-acro blocks and 
VV acroage. 

ATERFRONT, Crotton, -20 acres, part 
cultivated , house, etc.; $12,000. 

WATERPRONT, Deep Bay. Comox, 233 
acres, 80 acree cuUlvaled. SO mora- 
sown in grass, on railway and trunk road: 
suitable for aubdivlsion. 


WATBRFBONT, Lndysmith, on railway; 
flneat brick and pottery clay; niilUlu-. 

7ATERFRONT. lioyai Koads, improv ■ 
small acr eage. : - 

WATERFBpKT. Pedder Bay. US swres 
•kKOtt wmi^.ilW aJso fliu,-.' . -1; quarry. 

■" '- , ... 60x240, 


LJQOKE. 160 acres, $25 per acre. 

ON Bay, waterfront, new house, etc., 
11 acres; $15,750. 

ESTHOLMB, 60 acres, $28 per acre. 

CJII.VW.VIG.\N Lake, SH acres waterfront, 
O east side of lake; $1,500. 

CtORNBB Catherine and Skinner. IL'Oxls:; 
J revenue produclnfr; $13,400; third cash, 
balance 1 and 2 years at 7 ner cent. 


'OXKY to loan on first mortfcaRe at cur- 
rent rate, over residential property, 
farms, and etc. 'Wise & Co., 109 Pemberton 
RldR. • , 

V 1 o.-vk Bay, 

BlUvliFoOT i''arm otiera several extra 
choice young pure brea improved 'iorA.- 
s.uro liouri. iioi.i iiri*c: wiunnig slocK. Alau nu..urea una imy h'S" ct^a pure uvcu 
Vv hite Ltgiiorn ucnd. riuo iaying airuin. ap- 
j)iy (V. ii«rra.p, bUpuriiikCUUuiii, ."OUui 'lu.-, .x>. C' ,-.."'•■ 
~ irilC».JiN6 lOr, aaife, iayirig, ' at ■ >!" aacti. 

\J Box 73 

35, Colonial. 

\\^.\NTEO — House, immedlits pcssesslon, 
' V f oi.i down, $"0 a month Includuig in- 

1 real, Bo.-f 738, tlTolonlst. 

Ufii have sot the buyers lor rooming 
hOHtiCJ. If you giVB us iVici ll«tlnsi<; 
6.B0 any of properly Mlttltr-Keen- 
l,..ii[ to 8*4 Fort s 't. 


\ hlgiily respectihla mlddle-iged woman, 
j.\. uo,.i.i Hue room and boarri for two or 
ij !,,.»ii,,^ i.t tih'*^ ..i.iioi.y i.M.... or i.>y e*H i 
cleanliness ussentlal. Addrtsa terms a, id lo- 
•.-ilioii. No. ','y'', Cjuioiilsl. 

BO.XUlJ ar.d room wanted by lady; cen- 
tral. Reply si;;tlng u.rijiB. 

hi ox 37 


At once, waterfront lots at 
ones wllh oak trees pro- 
ftirt^d. Kindly gl%<; ;tui!iber and c.vact lo- 
cation by first letter, also price , and best 
terms. .\;>ply Bo.\ 30, Coloiiisi. .' •' " ' . 

VXTANTED— 6 to 10 acres with waterfroiu ; 
VV easy roach of Vlciorlrtl will tradj two 
A.b^rt-.t lownsFlto lots, valua $1200. as (irSl 
paynven!; JJo.t '>40 l.'oioiilst. 

\Y713 have a client wanting a loi In Oak 
■ VV Uiy fairly close to car; prefers aamo 
i.i- ing s'ouin; 'i'homas * Domiy, 1303 Blan- 
e li:i;-o si.- 


r >jt. Helen's, S;'8 Courtney street; single 
and douUio bedrooms with ooard to 
Ici; new nouKC, every liioUern convenience, 
.iii;;;!;sn cuuittns. oiv-^'t- catnedral; teriaa 
nioaerute. Phono L2-62. 

BO.VftD and rocm; 10 U .McClure St., oiT 
\uiicouver. I'hoiii; 1.16)7. 

jXjijB iwr haichmg; 
uSi nay St 

1j>GlJB to 

p.. 1. Reds, the besi, 


1,"M!O.M Jvfne 1, lni.-.iii. «t. j, oi..i.i.!.» ulshes 
coiiifoi liiuic ri.'JiU wil'i brtrnHfasL uiid 
o.cnlnii nuBl with private family \vh.>rc 
1 -.ere nVo no other iioard.'ra; rvercnccs It 
1 uulred. l-uU parilculars of location and 
ijii 10 Bo.\ !fss foionist. 

X/'OU.s'O man desires room and sooj board 
X III i.rnute lioiTic. Hox SH, C:olonlni. 

\''ol".N'G man wishes good room and meals 
In nii'dirn liouac; iiima be roasunable 
o..d williln \\;i:klii(, i|i.sla:i.e; give 'jocntlou 
Uilii rules. lio.\ l»;i. Colonial. 

\V.\.M'h.l< — .>ll5iC|£LL.VN EOl S 

fc^Cti.Af Brass, copper, 2lnc, lead, cast ^roo, 
) sacks ana ali Aliidn u: ooiima una ruo- 
Ltr; uiguex: caau prices pj.!.i. \ icturia 
junK Aj^eiicy. ii<2ii Muie 1.1.; i-'iudie ija. 

Tour-IJd stov.-. 

\-\7.V .sTE 
t V Bi,x 



';>.:colid hand 

1 Co!. .nisi. 


1011 McClure si., 
i- niis moderate; phone _Ll.bJ7. 

/ -^AHALAN — Opposlto Beacon IIIU Paik; 
v_> under entirely now iiiaiiugcmenl; ex- 
cellant cuiblu.:; muucraic prices, pnone 31b3. 
a.'b iin'iglas street.^ ..■ 

(tO.Ml-; and »«e uliHt we have got In the 
J way of bo.ird and room; $7.50 a week; 
new and ekan. 130.> .Stanley ave, corn.-i 

F'.l't ^il. 

Ir^HO.VT room on waterfront, •.villi board, 
. LniillKh cooking. 41 ban Juan, 'or James 
i.iiy ; piionc ic.'soii. 

Doaiii to ict at 
ileld; icii minutes 

\.'\jii siie— iwolvo laylnjf hens, two years 
JU oiu, $1,30 each. Apply B.iS l>a'.-lu hi. 

i .lUiia Li5i»4. .. '■ ' ''.' , •■ 

" W. 

•y Jfori.i. clij 

i^OU aale— -Pekln duckllnga. Apply 
. i.eanty, Kaquimaii I'ou.lry 


Oit aaie-— Three VkOod carts, horae and 
.itBs; outnt tiompicle. Ai 
:.iu Oovfc^r.iiii--.. . iii..rtui. 

nar.itBs; outitt tiompicle. Apply li. tun 

aaic, thoroUo.ibrid Eng;ian grey- 
iunu puppj, moniiis oiu. Box «-2 
I. olonikt. 

JC hoi 

i.iurt saie, two nindsuiae puppies, dt. Bcr- 
. iiard Btroin; very i.iteii.geni; $5 eacn. 

i.ux v.'-i toionisi. 

'Dil sale, prize giant raobits with young, 
.vj.ui-.- mornings. 20il Blackwood fi'.. 

I,>0..v sjle, eggsi for selling from good lay- 
X ing strain ulacK Or^'iisions, also roo.iier 
iiom sains sioek. ifcn ut-nA St., OaK t.a.s. 

1,'^OR t-.Al>E — Jersey cow and calf; good 
iotiu and butler cow; very t. li 

i-i.lf. .vppij A'?'?^"'' *" Oilve St.. 1- 

iNOiv aaie, isinaia !■ 
Box 436 colonic.. 

H.\\ li JU.^l recelv 
hurs.>s inciuul.i^ 

:i'ndru xiruin. 

i-eceired a car ot extra heavy 
IS three ma'.i-liea pairs or 
i)ii.cK. and inree malcned paim of greys, 
wulghing from 35u0 10 2>0U lus. p»r leuiii 
(.an bu Seen at our saio' barn-! 


130S Government St. phone ISi 

Next to Empriaa Theatre 


.Members of the Victoria Real Estiifte Ex- 
change. Haynea Building, Fort' St. 

IrvOEiT St, 30 feet, between Vancouver and 
- Cook; revenue prndurlng; price $15,000. 

I,"VAIRFIKT,D Terrace, best residential slto 
In Fiilniekl; commanding tine view; 
good trees: 110x132; ^prlce $5000. 

I.-KiPL Bay rd., south of Oak Bay ave.. 63x 
. 260; price $2760. 

IT^.VIRFJEI.D rd., near car terminus, half 
^ acre. lOSxlSO, facing south; price $3000, 

C1AMBRIIX7E at., lot 50*103: well treed; 
/ h park and sea; $2200; quarter cash. 

t^OME.N'O.S Lake. 44 acres, with half mile 
^J waterfront; $4000, quarter cash. 

JHAWXIGAN district. 70 acres, halt way 
between Koenlg'a and , Cobble Hill; 
Kood Blreani; road frontage; easily cleared: 
only Ji'O per ncre for quick sale; cheape'«t 
Vi'i'ope-ly 111 ihe dlstri'-i. .Who 35 acres in 
Ihe sarne district with ijood house, barn. 
Slock. Implements, furniture, etc., to lie 
sold as going concern for $10,000. ^ , 


■p>ODERICK St. — One minute from Douglaa 
JL* street car, gbOu iot on lenuB, ♦375. 

^j^ELVlN Road— Jllnule from car, 63x173, 
good terms, $1250. 

I \i:PHN Road— Good level lot, $1100. 

JLi. goo 

t ORGE View Park— Two good lots, cash 

100, and $10 per month, $600. 


LOTS In Sunnyvalle from $300 up, cash 
$30 up. $10 up per month. No Interest. 

W, CROW & CO, 

732 Vatci Street. I'hone 07.1. 

JAMES Bay — A large 7-roomcd hnuso prac- 
tically new on lot 65x120. close to Gov- 
«r.-..-iiriit 'iUecl, uii car line; hall. , parlrr. 
with open nrop'.ace. kitchen, pantry and 
one spare room down stairs, 3 betlrooms*' 
upstalra, bath and toilet, full bayement 
and piped for lurnacc. Electric light and 
gas, Prico $5600, on good easy teini.s. .V 

.\P.IvDALE — A few lots left rnngins in 
prices from $500 up, on «asy terms. 

OTANLBY ave.. junl off Fort »t.. 52x124, 
^ and 16-roomod house; $10,000; $1500 
caah, balance 1, 2 and 3 yea rs. 

/"10UNER Cook and Pendorgast, new 7- 
till rci cHSh. 

KIN'lJS rd.. Just off Douglas St.. 110x70; 
revenue producing; $16,500; third cash. 

ITIORT Et.. near Cook. 00x120; J17.000; 
- quarter cash 1 revenue producing. 

r Cook, 35x120: $13,000; 
revenue producing. 

OANDORA, noai 
X tiuarier caah: 


HAZEL streer — Off Island road. Oak Bay, 
One lot left at $S60. Movo quick fur 
thia la a bargain 


AK Bay — Some choice lots at $1050. 



1214 Government St. 

CENTRAL ave., 2 lots. 50x100, corner of 
i"rhurch; 12400. 

"V^'.VTEi,'-'. near Cook. 00x120: $25,000; quar- 
J ter ca..!h; revenue producing. 

C CORNER Government and Michigan, 80.\ 
J 104; $20,000: third cosh. 

IpORT si., four lols; $50,000; $10,000 cash. 
lial.uHo 1, 2, and 3 years at 7 per 

rc!ll. ■ __^ 

V'|.:.\P. ■■iiol,- .St., 12 lota for $2.';, 000; bis; 
-.-> bu\ 111 Victoria. 


Heal Estate and Financial Agent. 

.Malion Building. Oovernmt:nt St., Victoria, 

B. C, Telephone 174!). 


ANK St.. 1 lot 60x140; $1400. 



jurancc. Fire Insurance. 

Mi»mhers Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 
1222 Broad si.. Victoria B. C. 

Pnlrlck El., north of ftaratoga are., 
lots 58x120, each $1760. 


.fcGREGOXt Heights. 1 lot $1500. 

rpWO choice lots, 60x240, Hamilton rU. 
.X.- to Ryan st. ;only $1800; this is a bar- 

rpWO good seven -roomed houses on Que- 

"|j"^01iT St. — Desirable corner lot aultable for 
■S- ^.usines.'! premises or apartment house; 

JlO foci frontage. 

RO>!EBEr.RV at, — New house, 8 rooms, all 
modern Imiirovoments, on lot 50x129; 
price $6000. 

T ADVSMITH St.— House and lot for $3500. 

/'tOI.QUlTZ ave. near Gorge — One acre ot 
V.> land and 6-room house; nice location, 
welt altuatcd. for $7360. 


Real Estate Agenta 



O.NE beat 

J. T. Tunnlcllffe & bon 
1S26 Douglas Si. riio.iB 325': 

Burici::! 1 |ui.l 
park, on Craiif livw cr load. bitp4.«i.».>ii 1« j 
iJcriy, proprietors, ^^ O. Uox 1»J1». ihonts 
it2<i'.i and .\i209. 

NE beat buy In \'ictoMa West. 88 i:. on 
ine si.. opp'jsliA firu hall; the 
!> looii.iiig hiiusti Jiiil Ousincsa .ili: ob- 
l.iliiiiblc; fur a fe* duy.H un.y ."H'. leu; <1o'jO 
cash, bal 1 and 2 yenii; let ud mIU t) la 
hiiup <i\«r wiin you ai once, as U cannot 

Ur.vNTiCD, a lailic for light n etal work. 
.Vdrtiess 'jyj i.'olonlsl. «t.i»liig price. 


^.V.N'TED — showcase, suitable for cakes. 




— • --V 

i.^ANTliU, HlnKPr'a sewlns machine. In 
good order; price niiilniiti . Jtrs, 

t irong, '.'J? North Park st. 

%"l^ANTED, a aeeond-hand gaKdlino marine 
VV lenglne (com-.jletci, « to 8 li.p. Do;; 


117 ANTED — Good aecond hand flvo paaaen- 
Vt ger automobile. Would pay \i <:a'!li. bal- 
ance taken out in maBon work. 605 Govern- 
ment street. 

WANTED — .Motor cycle, must be cheap;' 
Wolf preferred. Colonist Box 7»». 


«1l^ANTED to rrnt, amai! enbin for bntcli- 
VV Ing, clOae to or In city; slate lernis. 
.Vddreaa Box »78 i""oloniat. 

WAfJTED— For a medical man, suitable 
otncea cloae In. Beckett, .Major * t;o.. 
ntd., (41 Fort atreet. Telephones 3615 and 

2*17. ■_ 

WANTKO, for apeclal branch of market 
gardening •'bout half acre on four 
yeara* leaae: rent In advance If doalrcd.. Box 
AB. Colenlat. 

WANT8D, camping alte.. where there Is 
thade, wood and water. Box ?R Col- 
o nlat. ' 

\\;'ANihfcD, deak room In centraUy local'd 
VV orflca. epar:ing, P, O. Bo.x ll». 

INDTVinii.M.. rooms ana 
402 I'hotiler .We., Fair 
irom PoBl Oftlee. 

JAMES Bay Hotel — ijoutu Goverhment St., 
family lioui. ri>:i;niiia Iochi.o.i, irfiinx 
licacon liill pane, four blocks from boat- 
hiiullnga and post office. 100 roomi". moacrn 
ihroUBHoui, or en auiii. .-jp....-lal 
wcCKiy ttiid monthly tm.-. EmiII.'ih 

cuisine. P hon.; 23 01. 

(\ilMlDALE, Just Oiieiud, iois ol room; 
— ' lirat class board and room £7.50. iail2 
Miinloy ave, corner Fort. 

KOO.M and uonrd ir required; aian piece 
of ground /or cajnpins purpose;. .Vp;i:y 
7j7 Pembroke alrecl, off UoUglja. 

"IJiOOM Hiid boi'.rd. Ajiply 2lif:> Uo.i.- .-. 

ROO.M.S Mid t.o.Trd; beautifully altuatcd on 
liolSte; clos.? lu cJl line. Teiilis. iiiuller- 
aie. 1237 Sunn.vslde u'.ciiue, olt CralKflower 
ros.l. Phone R8126. 

SCPEKIOR Lioard residence, every modern 
•.•on.■enl•^nc^, alngle and double rooma. 
1-56 Pandora street; i^ngllsh cooking. Phone 

rpHE Hon .Vccord, 845 Princess ave., ovcr- 
-l looking North Pnrk; first claaa rooma 
Slid lio-ird; phone L-bt7. 


I^'^.X; CHANGE equity of $1200 In Fairfield 
-^ ',01, on iiilda at,, for five paaaenger 
auloinoblie; must b.' good machine. .\pply 
Be-lrnoni Realty, opposite Post Oflfce. 

rALl.VN beea In eight frame Langatroih 
d 512. J, G. Ll^tie, Oak- 
72S Gosworlh road. 

"ITALl.VN bees I 
-*- irises, 5 IV ill. 
l.vnd .Vpiary, 

■,^.\"f ED — Team of mares to foal next 
year for rough farm woikl^ muat be 
St. ady'; aiao wagon and harneas to aull 
team, flox 856. l.'oloiilal. . 


ITT-^^'TED — TWo early hftteheJ blBtk S>an- 
VV Uh male chlcka, pure bred; 1313 Cook 


WHITE l.ce-horn hens tor sale to niak.; 
room for >ou;ig slock of White Wyan- 
riotirs brrti fi'i>i)1 iiilpo4=lr-d ftl.ick; Tnr.<;re.l 
pulkis tor $1.50 cich; \i. T. Ilan.iun airiiin 
f3" 21 It. h^n. L*.. Mr.cHi*.^. liU!^os?*. 


Ci.VMPl.N'G ground iu rent 
■' Enqulie at Photo Kludlo, 

lu rent al Esquimau. 

/tA.Vir'lNii ground lo rent. Foul Bay, near 
>-> tu I'Bl line. I'iione 1,506. 

C401AV001J — Camping ground with illy wa- 
■> ler anil free woou. at a ri>ntal .-< three 
dollar. < per month. Clos.- to sliiion I (•;. & 
N.I lit iBterinaii. Koriiuii) & I'o., 1212 llii.ii.l 
sii eet. 

r.>OR r'lil, -00.. I Siiitiiblc fill docloi', '.111- 

1;jlOIl sale, ehBiter or exihnnge for real 
ejtale. 30 g>i«ollne boat niul 34 foot 
deckeii .■leow. capacity 18. J. Maude. Mayne 
Inland. 11. C. 

IjiCR Exchange — 20 acrea good land, Fraaer 
. 111. er Valle.\. thirty miles east of Van- 
couver. What have you to offer T llo« aig. 

Ij^OR aale or trade. 4-paa«engnr touring 
motor .Br In Mrst-clasa condition. Box 
900 Colonist. 

TRADE— T have \ farm of 160 acres, 
splendid level Irrlganid land, water nl- 
readv on. pio.luelng good revniup will ir!<de 
for Island properly. H. Uulmos, .Straw beriy 
Vale P. O. 

X Joining dentltl 
wiek hold. 

.\pply .Uruna- 


... WV v.*.*.* ti.l.^ .......... V 

I'T'.OVIm Bay Road - il 1001115, fully inodern. 
. $4,200. 






I. lid rooms; 

onis. m.i'Jern. 


A TONT'EnEY Ave.~7-room, 
T» '. V ;-l. — j rooma, modern 



(■^ UOD terms on all lh>i-4. 

DA\1F, St.— !SRxl3ii: I , room I. $3,000 cash. 
ur oftei . -'^ 

HAfl.TAl.V Si -o!.;. <lvl2n. Js.iO; 1 ash 

$1,050. terr 

C'KOFTON townalte — .\r\ Ideal s^ot [0.- 
' • summer hoines or camping, wKli a cer- 
tainty of n large increase in value in the 
next yoar, lots for sale at $Uoi and up- 
wards on e.iay terms; 3 to 10 minutes frum 
atoro. poatolllce. telephone, sehool, sea; goo.i 
hoiel; ruRgninceni \ ivW uf th* fuse. ..In 
raiigtvand Islands; splendid deej. waier li.ti • 
bor; good fishing, boating und !ln.; sands: 
railway connection wUh the li. & _S. rail- 
wai now oi-ing completed. 

t^EAFRONTAGE — Itesldentlnl properly, 
lO about 20 acres, fenced, good house. 10 
rooms; nat-r i»bl or.; splendid vlrw: 
anchorage ; lull particulars ar.d price on np- 

,-rn ACRE;^. all good land, 12 cultivated. 8 
• J\i i^l.»nr*fl. ifon.l sIx-roomed house, water 
b-.- gravity. Isig? barn. 400 2-yeni-old fruit 
lices. one mlk- from i.'rofton, stores, etc.; 
boundeil on two side.' b? five-acre blocks 
held at $350 nil aire; price $10,000. including 
fuinliure and stock; halt cash with splen- 
did t^rms. 

LINWOOD ave., near Tolmio ave.. 3 quar- 
ter aero lots, pinnied In fruit trees; 
each $1050. 

GLADSTONE ave.. 2 beautiful lols: hlph 
ground; splendid viev; 50x138; eai* 


CAMOSUN REALTY Cd Estate. r.ents I'ollccted. Estates 


1000 Douglaa St., Victoria. B. C. 

X bee SI., c'oso to water; $J',000 tor both 


I .1 uu&r: 

GOOD lot c.ose to end of Douglas car; 
only iSOO. 

to rem on rciu., www ■« 


Sooke and Otter Point Real Estate Office 
Suoke, B.C. 

.>,■" aire fiiriii. 4-rooraed house, cleared 
<^0 land, largo barn. two chicken 

housei?. e'c. ; $5000; close in. 

.\ nEAUTIFlTL horns r.t Elk Lake, mod- 
J.A crn «-roomed house wired for etcclrlc j 
light, pipeik for wat.r' a never-fKlllns | 
spring, and ten .icres 01 first-class l.«nd. 
all In crop. a young orchard ot choice 
fruit trees, and a delightful view of the 
amroundlng country; SI 2.000; ihird caah, 
And e?.9v ii,.rT>i3 jv.r ri'Ttinln.ler. 

("rrt Ai.'P.ES at $25 per acre. 

TO rent 
ton. I 

homes, aome furnlshcii. In Crof- 
for the summer. 

•r- /-M « 1 M o /■> /-M 1 M "rnx/ r> p * I T^' 

luvvn Oi L/UuiNini hlali i 

57? Tales Su Phone L213i 



Rooms 1 and 2. McGregor Block. 

Cor. '\"ie>v iiioa ySr*j-idi Opposile D. Fpeiieer's. 

HuUbfi Phone N.\.2123. Phono »28. 

Open .Saturdaya. 8 to 10^ p.m. 

tp.irfU\.' close to Hurnslde car line where 
dovelopments expected. 

#000 nuini'l 

City, $150 caah. $15 
large lot; car tracks run 

cUiSe lo. 

(Ijj-J kU\A — Ni;A!tLY li acre, corner Ken- 
•SP-" «• v7" neih and N. 

Quadra; litird cuai. 

utid teiiiiii. 
nPX—'JU ntid rer 

rms 6, 12 and 18. 


— 50 ft. on Cook next to Bay at.; 
$800 cash and terms. 

(Jh(V"'/\ and $900— Corner and next to cor- 
«IP«J0U coriifi- 128x110; lovely homcalifc 
Willi fine trees $1850; W c.»aii and easy 
i.;-ima for balance; baanlch toad, near Dtius 
laa car. 



:icrcs cleared land, 

nne views, $4000. 

acre farm, 
per act e. 

house, barna, etc, $60 

acres sea front, price $2000; aeven 
acres, .=ooke main road, $2500. 

101. VI I, LK rrt., modern house, 6 rooma; 
11 35x'J0r, nil In fruits and cultlvalcd; 
J29:i': a cheap buy. 

\ 1 1 lor. 

Ht.f I.IIJ.W camp to 11 lU II 
I'vcrythinr for use: sleep 

lit Drefi Cove; 

a»od bn th- 
ing beach. For terms and time. apply 
Owner. Bor. '.i3«, Colonist. 


H.Vt'l.TAIN .Kt. — «:or. ShelbournV, (1x140. 
$1,050, termj. ' " ' 

HAll.TAIN SL-^iirTHhelbourne. 41.-5140. 
«l.'i50, t»rm».' 

"i i\ Xfr.Ki:, all c'.eared, in sight of fh« sea; 

SHOPS to rent — Tnroe new ihopa. corner 
of Government and Dlacovery aireeia. 
^75 iier month. Apply H. .V. Munn. Law 
Chambers. Itaation street, or A. G. Sarglaon, 
Room 4, Promla block. Goveriim»nt street. 

rpo rent, shack tent on willows beach, 
X furnished or unfurnished. P. 



TO rent, slona houae near Sho:il Bay, with 
use of t»r. lota: $10 per monih. Douguil 
A McMorran, 1112 Government street. 

O let — A stable. Apply 1112 North Park 


rpo I 
X at 


"IT'ANTr.D. $)Ort« in a slllrd^rpd ;-nort- 
VV BR^e on fi.tilai id. property; prlsaie 
' parly. Box 901 Colonist. 


.-I.— 50x140. $1,000 terms. 




tVxviv « 

■^^ t# rmr. 

"V'KWPORT. Ave.— 60x120. $1,475, terms. 

"OA.XK .'^^1—60x1 SO. $1,500. terms. «• 

l^E WANT Listing*. ~ 


:;3 Sayward BUIk. Phona 3071. 

ONLY a row lots iRfl In nur Oarbally and 
Gorge Road suhdl. Islr>n al lUfl* Don't 
for.^rt ihi>v arfi within the ml.* A 
moQay makar. 

J lo 


»).J/\ ACRKS. Melchosln. flt $2S per ocre 


O for 


per acre. 

\(.r;Ki'. on main rond. good sea vlii. 
parllj- elnarrd. at $200 per acre. 

" .\NlJ 10 Bcrf. Sola, few miles from town, 
«.) for ante cheap. 

OTEL buslntse !n elty f-»r aaie; go.:>d r?- 
Uirnsi; open to trial. 


Omccs: 213 Pemberton Block ami Sidney. 
D. C, Phone 1531. 
' Eaanlch Laud a Specialty. 

A acres, near Pumping station, nicely treed; 

^ ciiKi- to ivu«i.ii« *M..- I. rii..' Jt.ueir. 

2 acrea on Foul Bay' road. In Section (8. 
Ideal bulldlnc rite. Price $16000. eaay 

i)f* acrrf farm. North Raanlch, overloetiliMI 
<>•" Union Hay ; gooii water, uaeful bullA' 
ingj. Price $16000, eeay terma. 

T>i:A<^ Drive lot, uak Bay, |2«*», V^M. 


.>?'; — $850. McCrae HeiglUa. 
near lllllalde car line. 


(&-J Q/W\- Pretty 4-room, 1 ',4 storey bun- 
tlpXt7Ul' galow, garden, lot 50x112; caah 
S.IOO lakes it and $25 a month; ten raln- 
ules froin Dougltis car. 

JiPwi'U ii- 

:ASH — Tolmla avenue, where atreat 
Improvements doing, cloae to CJug- 
(lr;i: 2 fine lots, one a coiner, fenced and in 
orchard; corner $860, Insldo $S00; good 

<9 /^L^Tl^^aKj^i^^ 



Coal mining rights of the Dowlnlea* la 
Maiiiioba, tjaskaicliewan and Alberta, the 
Vukon Territory, the NortlAve«t Tarrltorica 
una in a portion of the Province of BrtUata 
i_oiai>it)ia, may oe leased tor a term of twenr 
tyona yuura at an annual rental oC $1 an 
acre, .vut mute ihun 3,660 aorea Wilt be 
.eased lu onu applicant. 

Applicatiuu lor a itiB.aa muat be miada by 
ihu .ippiicant in person 10 the Agani or Sua 
Agent of the aiatrlct tu wnlcli lAe rlsbls 
uppuud lur are altuateO. 

jiu surveyed lorrliory the laad muat be 
ucAcriued uy aeclluiia, or lugaU sub-dlviaiona 
ut sectljua, and in uiiaurveyud territory th* 
ti&ci appiieu lor auail u« BUUMd ullt l<y iae 
tLppiicaui himself. / - 

t:;ach appiieuiiun muat oa avcampaoled by 
a Iwe 01 «& wnlcn »lil bt> r«tuxi4«a il Ute 
iigiiis applied 1U4 are uut avaklSkola, but ao( 
uii.tti wiac. A royalty shall ba iMkld ok tlie 
mercnahiabiu ouipui ot luu tuia* a( tita rate 
01 five cisnia pur loo. 

The persou uperaiiug the mlB* ahaUr Mr> 
nisu iii>i Agent wlta sworn ralHroa aas«iuat> 
iug for the lull quantity of aonilwataWa 
couj mined ana pay liirn royaitjr tkaraoa. u 
Lha cual mining righu ara B«t batHc oyer* 
I ateo. Buca return* auwuia ■■ nvumVB M 
i»&st a ysar. 

The leaae wUi tneluOa Ma «mU mlntaa 
rlgbta only, but ttaa laaawt m»f b* yarmitta* 
10 purcbaaa whaiaver «v«U«M« aurUo* 
riKbu may b« «oiiald«i«4 ttMaaauy Mr tk* 
working of the Mit«a M tM r»i« af |at.M 
an aera. 

rar tull taforiBSUeii t^flUotian aluMM hw 

inad4i to../ttw ' »0t%Mir - 1. Um tM- ^■ 

•( tka laOnrtor, OtlMir*. t* t* imw 
Bwb.A«Mt t |»HBtaiMi l«aa«. 

$»J'T|'rn — .New house on large lot, t rooma 
O I 0\f nnd modern Improvamenta. beau- 
liful vIhw, high and dry; near Uouglaa car 
te.rmlnuK; cash $1000 and terma. 

hrf«UMi«iMriHlt Ml 

^^*^W^^*^" ^P* 1 ^^P^Wj-.V 

- |»ii %i |- 


Sooke r4ehl Katata Oa4N. Soofta, q. C 

H I ....IWI, 

MOTOR Btage leave* tH«f HvmP tit 
Mondaya' at • ■.m.; I^i ' 
and 4 ^.m.: WadneaAMrtw't 

and Prlday* • *.!»,( 
1 p.m.. imi fittHKtey^ 

10 *sr.* 

runs, aw-j' 


l\:~'f■<^4-s^^■^ffiyv^ifff^:' r ' 



♦ *»' 


Tu«>day, May ^, 1912 

W« ate going out oi business w STAY OUT 

Glove Day Tomorrow (Wed nesday) 


We had a splendid da> 
the same tomorrow. 

>aturdd\. a wonderful MomUy ycptcJ'tlav 'I'l ^\^'" ''-ivc 


*errin's S.Ik I. isle t'.love;; and fine sutuntc; \voi,i>!r! oa^l^mo'r ' 
tcncrs. . All sizes ftiv! .^^1-m-^ .^f M.-\*k, i.u\ .m.i wlm.- Sj'> • . 


,CI I.C <■ it *.'(' \ 

lUii I Ml 

^'ftWO l>''l' 

Every pair oC IC44 ^hns in -ooi; »tt>w *?« miicH ««^di ,6ttr well iciiQ#n J^ 
OlovQ wMcti is^ wiife^at «ai«ggef«tkHi, wort& $I.IK>» now ISt»rtie<r 4owii «o cl«ar, at. . .55i^ 

Otir regttUi* $t^ p^w which » a «p««l«J »t tluMr ti^w iftiFM 5*«f» *<» <^»' «^. srfM 

Ottf yegtiiar '*iCw»it>itoit** Glove at $i.»s— ^a txtra yoperior gvtaMty, now go lor. . . .f litlll 

v,^ . « >-'.»sr"; s' ,'?=• 




656 Alio 657. 



In tlio Heart o( the Oljmpirs 

You can get It all at Sul Due Hut 
tSurlngS. Hot mineral water at 150 
degrees Falironhelt has been proven a 
positive remedy for rheumatism In 
all forms, VIver, stomach and kidney 
trouble, Jlabetes, blood and skin af- 
^•.•tlons, etc. Thoroughly modern 
'inatorlum in charge o£ a competent 
mcflloar director, mtisseuri?. etc. 

No moB«|ulto3 or Insect pests of any 
kind. Absolutely pure mountain air 
and water; days never too hot or too 
cold and blankets are comfortable 
every night; grand scenery, numerous 
mountain trails, excellent fishing, 
etc.. In the most picturesque soction 
nf the Northwest. 

A magnificently appointed 'hotel, 
thoroughly modern in every respect: 
meals and service are unsurpassed 
anywhere on the American continent. 

Sol Due Hot Springs fthe rnrlshad 
of America) is entirely different frnm 
any other r<'!'f>rtofrrthrT".T"lfte C"" ' 
For detailed Information anrt hnni- 

Flying Merkels 

< H.P, ..$380 

3 H.p. .... — , ....$a4<> 

7 H.F. ^S7i) 


Marconi Bros. 

Successors to F. N". Costlri. 
BloTcIe SpadaUsta 


I How American Women 

May Keep Faces Young 


I'- Wm; W. EARLB8. 

M-. Ileal Superintendent 

Sol Dut. Clallam County, Washington 

Seattle Office: 607 American Bank 


' Annandale ' 

Only 54 Lots 

House Worth 


"The, American smart woman ages 
early, far earlier than the English wo- 
man," says Christian Miller. F. C. I.. 
the fam'ous English health expert She 
Kids that our climate "io exhilarates 
j that you over exert yourselves and 
! prrow old before you know It. That 
-ime exhilarating air driea the akin. 

' The akin that lacks moisture grows 
:^«lfi and withered looking and soon 

, r.iiius wrinkles." 

"The American complexion" Is best 
treated by applying pure mercolized 
wax, which causes the fadeU, lifeieaK 
cultcle to flake off In minute purticlc«i 
a little each day, until the fresh. younR 
skin beneath is wholly in evidence. 
Every druggist has this wax; one 
ounce is aufflclent. . Spread on at 
night tike cold' cream, washing it off 
next morning. 

For wrinkles, dissolve an ounce of 
powdered sixollte in a half pint witch 
hazel; bathe the face in. this. Immedi- 
ately every wrinkle is affected, even 
the deeper lines. Both treatments are 
rcmark.iblo faciaj ro.1uvenators. 

Just Received" 







Prompt Attention to Phone Orders. 


Hickman-Tyc Hardware, Co., Limited 

544-546 Yates Street. Stoi-e Phone 59. Office Phdne 2043 

\Beauiy In 

Have yoar kitchen appoint- 
ments beautiful as well as 
useful. It makes the house- 
work easier and pleaaanter. 

This Chsncellor Range 
would be an ornament to the 
most richly furnished home 
in the country. 

And there is jnst as much 
satisfaction as there ia beauty 
in it. 


is a perfect baker. The di- 
vided flue spread! the heat 
evenly over the whole oven. 
It has broiler top, ash-door 
guard, oven thermometer — 
if wanted,— patent grates and 
beat of all 

The Oxford 

saves you 30% of your coal. 
There's no other range design 
in the country which com- 
bines so much good taste 
with so much good sense and 
good service. 

Let us sliow you this Chan- 
cellor, for your own satis- 
faction. We have a complete 
line of Gurney-Oxford Stoves 
for all purposes and all kinds 
of fuel on display all the time. 
It will give us pleasure to 
show them to you. 

of si^zlin^ 

Evciy Zimmerlcnit g:armcnt is feather- 
light and roomy, yet perfect fitting;. The 
fabrics — soft, skin-pleasing in texture- 
rapidly absorb perspiration and heat. 

Only the finest yarns — the long-fibred kind— arc used in spinning the matchless fabrics of 
which each garment is made. Spring needle knitting is used to give perfect elasticity. 
Seams are finished with the same spring stitch so they cannot sag or stretch out of shape. 

There is a size and width for each kind of figure — not merely the same stock style for 
thin men and fat, short men and long. 

Boih men's and boys' xizes in all staple colora. Pricxs — 
the same as for ordinary underwear — 50c., 75c. and $1.00, 



lligilllUIIM^Iin U I'M ^ l l i r^llMU/MI UI II l l li lM'yillUnriUIMIAlU'nniinniiii i i M i ^iM M i fr TTrrTT 
<in^tiiifiiiifliiiiTiiiiiTini>Tniffiirifliiiiy;iiiflnnTiiiiBriiift77TfSiMWiiif.irTftrTiffi i i> fti tift 




Tender* will b« lecelvad at th« nrric* nf 
Bmplra Realty Company, Sil Fort HlM>el. 
VIetorUt B. C.. on OcQaral Contract ami 
PlamMnt C6ntract for a propond houa* on 
Rockland Avanua, Bliia Print* and Rpacl- 
tieatlons majr'ba obtained *i «4i Fort Ri. 

All tandera must ba aubmlttad befora I 
o'eloek Monday. Jvna Ird. t<ow«n or any 

* —r: 

When President Toft and CoU Roosevelt are through with their mud slinging^ 

they must clean up* 

A 111 

i" Shoe Polish 
is tlie very best thing 
for their boots as all 
good Canadians and 
Americans realize. 

Best by test. WiU »ot 
soil the daintiest |^ai<- 
ments. Quick Willknt, 
lasting. Tno t>t]ier «V«|ft 
half as^gooda n 




Notloa I* h»r«liy glvan that tha Corpora* 
lion of lh» City of Vlotorla, In Ibw rt»- 
vlni'* of Mrlttiih (.Tniumbln, 1* applying to 
11 la Kxoallanuy ttin Uuvernor-Oanaral of 
(lanad* In Council, tar approval o( th* 
aina, plmta, lU* and dovcrlptlon of th* 
work pnipunad to ba runairuotod in VIo- 
toils Ilaibor. In iha City of Victoria, In 
th* i'rovino* ol liritlah Columbia, upon tha 
liind* kiiuatt>. lyinR and batng In to* aald 
City of VktorU, at th* ■but.barlv »airamUi 
of Turnar Htraal. and haa, da^oMtaa .tiM 
ataa and aU* plati and a . u*s«rlptl«in thaa»>. 
o( with tha MInlaier of Public ^ork* at 
Ottawa and a dupllcata ct th* aald plan 
and daaorlpHon with iho RoaUlrar-aauarai 
uf Tlilta in tha I.iind Rcglatry Ottloa In 
the aald City of Victoria, and tha mattar 
ot th* aald application will, b* piooacdad 
with at tha totplratlon of one month trout 
tha tim* of Iha flrat publloatlOn ot ikta 
notica In tha "Capada Oasatt*.'.' 

Datad ttUa JSlk day of Aprtt. ItlB. 
i. V, COFSatAM, 
AMtotaai »»iiai(wr /•#;.(«• 

ii« ii ' ^ii ' iiiiiii 'r I Q i i i i iiiii ;'i i>*«ltliir«ai»»»> 

^ r:. A M S \.. 


•4'Hifi -> 

Tuasday, May 28, 1912 



StdDck Maurkets aumdl 

FmaunKciffll Mews 


Traders Await Decisions of 
Supreme Court — Foreign 
Exchanges Closed Owing to 
Whitsuntide Holiday 

NKW YORK. May 21 .—^or tht greater 
puii ot loiiay's stock market session busl- 
iivsa was almost at a standstill. Traders 
wtru iilaliily disposed to await the outcome 
of events at Washington, where the supreme 
court was holding o;>en sessions. Additional 
i!xrum> waK found In thft I'liming nf all the 
Important exchanges abroad whore the 
Wliilsunlidc holiday was beiuB obstuved. 

General improvement was i-«tlected;tn thai 
reports submitted by western traffic m«n» 
ngers, which told (»( an increased demand 
lur nicrchandiat and liberal buytnsr- 

The bulldInK boom whleh seems to have 
reached the stage of. reaction herqabouts con- 
tinues unabated ,fJUtth«[r,v,„w«ft,' Western 
baiilttTS hiavo lost. tlOMr |« 1R#^ -^jptlmtsm 
and the only dtit«tmm$'1tilf.iimM pros-. 

pcriiy arc unse8Bona.b1e wea'iiiiM>'iiuMt-te1mr 
troubles. Monetary consideratttiai iMHtf'^a- 
changed. In the final boiil^ jOii)' :i(MiMut 
fascd off to low prlces-W^'W* ■•(*%; ■'*ltli 
special ■■» ,Re«dteib%-5?i(fMP'.WIJ8*3ff- 

trnion .i^ipifiiB^. ' i;iiitM::;\«.p«*\;#eM) ''-saA 
_^eciaitiM6 tilt ytyrtHf msift ftT «^M* 

and the total ontptit «t 3t8tM» aliarea waa 

the smallest IB acme .Wfeflka. : 

Bonds were relatively more aetlv».^ than 
stocks and reflected Increased lt«|vto««a. 
Total sales, par Talue. *2.O7M00. 'P|i«|n» 

n's ciiiiijon advanced H ncr cen t pit iBaH*' 

Metal Quofntlone ' - V; 

Ni:vv YORK, May J7. — Standard COP(»r 
firm; Spot J16.00® »16.30; May $18.17>*© 
J16.3.i: June $l«.27^(e»*18.50: July »16.26® 
J16.27S; August »lfi.35i8'»X8.40; September 
Jlii.So® ?1«.15. Owing to the holiday the 
l-.ondon metal exchange was closed end 
there was no cables. I..akc copper 16»i@ 
li;»ic.; Electrolytic 16^4c.: Casting ]6?li-, 
Time, spot, June, $4B. 65® $46.80; .luly J45.35 
iij?45.'0; August IJ44.50'S:?4l,SO; r^tptembcr 
JI4.00@$44..=iO. L.oad firm, iff) $4.25, New 
York. Speller quiet. ,?6.S0@ *6.90. New 
York; $H.S0@$i>.90. Bast St. Louis. Antimony 
c}ulel. Cooksons JX.OO. Iron steady; No. 1 
i^oundry .Vorlhern lfl5.50@?lo.75; No. 2 
?15._'oS'Uo.50; No. J Southern and No. 1 
boulhcrn soft ?1 5 SftiWSlo.To. 

Visible t;raln Supply 

NEW YORK. May 27. — The visible supply 
ol grain In the. U. S. on May 25 as complied 
by the Ncr.- YTk Produce ExchsnKe was as 
follows: Wheat. 32,226,000 bushels; de- 
crease, 2,342,000 bushels: \s"heat. In/) bond, 
5.64 5,000 bnsliels; increase. 281.000 bushels. 
Corn, S,75'J.00O bushels; decrease, TliOOO 
bushels. Oats, 8,690,000 bushels; decrease, 
144.000 bushels. Oats In bond. 4,3Sl»,000 
bushels; increase, B.OOO bushels. Rye. 560,000 
bushels; decrease, S,000 bushels. Barley, 
S4S.OnO liusliels; decrease, 22.000 bushels, 
Ilarlev In bond. iri.OOU busheis; decrease, 
44,00o" !)iishols. The visible supply of wheat 
In CanJirta on Saturday, the 25th, _wa« 
16. 029, 000 bushels, a decrease -of 87,000 
bushels. • 

New York Kates 

NEW YORK, May 27. — Money on call 
steady, 2%®3 per cent: ruling rate. 2% per 
cent; closing bid, 2-V4 per oent; offered at 
3 per cent. Time loans easy, sixty days, 3 
per cent; ninety days, 3ig;3'« per cent; six 
months. 3''<if'4 per cent. Close — Prime mer- 
.anllle ;)aper. 4'5'4',<! per cent. Sterling ex- 
<h«n.<?e firm, with actual business in bank- 
ers' bills at ?4.S4.So tor sixty days, and at 
511 S7 20 for demand. Commercial bills. 
$4.84. Mexican dollars, 48c. Bar silver, 61c. 
Uonds: Government s firm; ra il roads easier. 


cj,„,.u:_ _ Bid. Asked. 

American-Canadian Oil . . . -OB'* -OS 

/•»r,aHi«p North West Ol)., .03 _.04',i 

Can. rac. Oil of B. C 15 -^t,, 

Maricopa Oil ■• ;:, "^ * 

international C. and C. *■' ^" 

Nicola Valley C. and C ■; ^0-J° 

Royal Collieries "- •»*! 

Western Coal and C ■• ■„*■"" 

B C. Packers Com. 90.00 100.00 

C. N. P. Fisheries 2.. 5 *■»" 

i; C Permanent Loan ..... •• M6.00 

Dominion Trust Co ,122.00 1.30.00 

Creal West Perm, (a) .....123...0 12-. 00 

•acHle Loan -4 0" • ^«'>" 

Stewart Land «■_"? f?'' 

H. C. Copper ..•-.• -r:-^-/-- J- '•' ••^' 

or^^ ■:""":. ^:.^"^::":n co.oo 

Coronation flold ■^'l •; 

K'oolcna>- Cold -'" •^■* 

Lucky .lim Zinc 2^ ■-" 

Nugget <;old **/ 

Uamblei- I'arlboo '•■' 

Siandanl Lead c • • l-^o •• 

Tortlaiid Canal " ' - 

Ked CHIT . * 

K-Iuskino Gold "_l 

Snowstorm ■ '" 


.'-..noo rorlland Canal at I'.jc. 

Stock— '^•'"- ■'^'^^^ 

.Mbcrta Coal and Coke ■_ •''2 

Amalgamated Development.. -O^'a -""^ 

.\merlcan Marconi 10.00 _. 

Bank of Vancouver »»■"« 

Balfour Patent ■• l"" 

British Pacific Coal • .-• '" •■ 

(•apHal Furnltuie •• ■>■'"■' 

Canadian Marconi «-0^ ■■ 

Coronation OH ■";• 

CanadiaiiUome Builders I'l'J 

Can. Pugel Sniiiid Lbr _ 

Crov.'s No*' '''"'*' 71' O'l 

Crand Trunk Land •;" 

Ifland Inveslnieui aO.w 

.Maritime Trust ••'' 

McOllllvary Conl •!•' 

Mexican Pacific 20.00 _. 

McDougal .Teirklns '•'' 

Salt .Spring Creamery ..00 

Victoria Phoenix 110.00 ._ 

People's Trust _; 110.00 

Victoria Creamery " »" 

Victoria Steam Laundry 10.00 

fJresl West Fisheries LOO 

West. Farm. & Colonization 30.00 3:>.<yf 

11 C. Motor Truck 55 


(Furnished by F. W. Ste^■en8on & Co.1 

Stock— High. ■ Low. Bid. 

AUIs-Chalmers pfd. ... 3>4 3 3 

Amal. copper " »i, s-:% S2S 

Amn. Agr. Chemical .. I!2", «2 62 
Amn. Beet Sugar ... 72H •21^, i-'i 

Amn. can. pfd llS'i UT%. 117 

Amn. Car. and Fdy f'S'j 

Amn. Cotton Oil '^^'j 

■"Amn. Ico Securllles .. 7VU 2'.' 2SVi 

Amn. Locomotive ^2 

Amn. Smelting *6 "'-H 85 '3 

Amn. Sugar \2f}\ 

Amn. Tel. and Tel. . .. yi5\ U',<-, IL-i'i 

Amn. Wool-n :9'i -•!"(, 2S',i 

AnacondA '-"i ^-'i" <"'» 

Atchison in'I'H. lo«'i )"tt'-i 

n and O losi los»i lOSH 

B T R ""'» ^"'i *'"''» 

^'. p. u 2<;r.'..- 2i;i-, 2rti 'i 

Central leather 25 >4 

Ches. and Ohio 7S»4 

C. and O. W ITH 

do pfd 34ri 

C. .«. and St. V ■■■ lor.% 103 105«4 

t'ol'i. Fuel and Iron 2S'j 

Colo, and Southern .. 4' 

<^on. Oas ^- ■ t*- 

n. and R. G. *■ ■ i« 

do j/fd 'ij 

IHstlllera Sec 32'; 

Krie 36^1 "■■•'» ^''H 

di- let pfd. .......' 5 3 

do 2nd pfd 421; 

fioldfleld Cons 4 

fit. Nor. pfd U2«. 132<. 132 >4 

Ot. Nor.»Ore. ctfi. ... 13 4:«4 42;* 

Ilitnol* Cent 12«V4' 12« 12« 

Inter Metro 

do pfd 

Inter. Har\eaLt:i- .... 
Kaa. city Southern .. 

L. and N 

Lolilgh Valley 

Mackny Co.'s 

du pfd 

M. S. P. and S. S. il. 
do ;»fd. 

M K. and T 

do pfd 

Mo. Pacific 

Nat. Biscuit 

Nat. Lead 

.Nat. Rys. Mex. 1st pfd 
do 2nd pfd 

Nev. Cons. 

N. y. Central 

N. Y. O. and W. ... 

Norfolk and "U'est 

Nor. Pac 

Pacific Mall 

Pennsylvania ........ 

l^eoplc's Gas ......••• 

Pressed Hteel Car .... 

Railway Steel Spg. ... 

Heading . ..•. .. .....,; 

Rep. Iron and Steel ... 
do t>fa. . .. 

Rock Island .... ..i.« 

do pfd. ;..«.«i 

SloBS Sheffield .'....•• 
Sou. -Pacific , . .... . <i 

Sou. Railway » 

,1 .CLo ■ '., p.fA.' » ••• 
Tenn. Cot>i»r ........ 

TexM Pa«ino . . . <. . . . 

Twin Gftjr » . . . . • • '. . » • 

IBnJoBr.lSftcKtc ..vt. ... 

AHi ptd. ... 

II, 9, Itttbber 

do ta4 pfd. 

U. B. jStael ............ 

do Pra. ..... 

Utah Qoppir .......■• 

\fu. Car Cbemteal ... 


do ^ pfd. .......* 

Weatem Union 

2!»i 21 't 
lil>, 8U', 

122 lis 
25 ■» 26 



175 *i 


60 US\ 

39 H 38 >i 


58 H 

riK 22 
XlS\k 118 

120*4 120 
176 172 *i 

«•» ■ 'Is 


tftti in% 





li% U 

ra attugUwi— n 1 1 m » 





26 54 


68 U 



12a »li 


34 ',4 

33 Vi 

: 8T 

— IJ-Vi 


'. «.■;,■ 







Notice Coneerninc Tenders for VIrtuals For 
N'ava! Service 

Wlaeonain Central 

Money on call. 3% par cent 
Yol al >atea. tM.goy 'tw***- 


Maji* ■••..• ^ •* •.« 
July ..... ... I 

Sept. .....^.1 

Dec < 

Corn — 





Oats — 

May ..-: 

July /^' 

Sept. .,...-..., 
Dec. . ......... 

July ..i.....< 
Sept. ........ 

Lard — 
.luly . ♦ ....... 

Sept. ....... 

Short Blba- 
Juiy ...?..... 
Sept. . ... 


. «X14 

. lOBH 

. 100 

. K2^ 
. 76H 
. 78«t 
. 63% 

Htstu I«f^. Ctofa. 

ii»% m% »*H 

IJStt 1«* ll0j4 

106% lOBH 106% 

100% 106H 106* 

.Sealed tendersi addressed to the undor- 
■Ignbr, endorsed "Tenders tor Victuals," wPl 
be received up til! noon on 2l»lh June, 1912, 
for the following commodities, to be de- 
livered at H. M, C. Dockyards at Halifax. 
N. S., and Eequlmalt, B. C. Beans, f haricot) 
Chocolate, Flour. Jam, Marmaladt., Milk 
(condensed). Mustard, Oatmeal. Marrowfat 
I'eas. Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Vinegar, Tea. 
Coffee. nice. Raisins, Currants, Pickles, 
Salmon (tinned) and Corned Beef. 

Forms of tender may be had from the 
undersigned, and from the Naval Store 
Officers at H. M. C. Dockyards, 
N. S., and Esquimau, B. C. 

Unauthorised publication of 
win not be paid for. 

Deputy Minister of ilie Naval Service. 
Uepariment ot the Naval Service, 


this notice 

— 23124. 

Ottawa. -May 15th, 1912. 



Notice is hereby given that Martha Am- 
elia Sophia BarnaM. wife of Frank Stlll- 
luaa Barnard, ul tli-.- City of Victoria. Brit- 
ish Columbia, is applying to His Kxcellenoy 
the Oovernor General ot Canada In Council 
for approval of the area plans, site and de- 
scrlpllun of the works proposed to be con- 
attURMA ^n West Bay Victoria Harbor. Vic- 
Umiy, British CulumoTa, being land altuate, 
^^^«'«id being In the City or Victoria, 
aforesaid, and known, numbered, and <laif> 
ucribcd as L.ots Iff to IS, «0 to 32 and plwt 

«ti»Mt mSk, Victoria, City, 
tWtoa tjtf -UWd Yhown 

rlaiSi««a'|tt. alloy, cv. „. 
tmSTVft. aw. and bay 
aiM atw MMw of ifca 

tbaiawt wiuk;MMr' 

^% also three: 

' ' . plan as 

ot Court 


Ma» kittA tiMt tha 

Bitsttm dt.mib AiMtbi irom tba ttm* of tlia 

•^ieaara. Robertson & ft ala>' 
t Street, victoria. B.O,.'/' 


Teni^crs will be received by the 
undersigned up to 4 p.m. on Fri- 
day, May 31st, for the paving 
and grading of a number of 
streets as per schedule, spccifica 
tions and conditions, which caii 
l)e seen at the Assessor's office. 

The lowest or any tenders not 
necessarily accepted. 


City Assessor. 


Tenders will bo locelvdd by the under- 
signed for the substructures and "Up'j-tlruc- 
turi's of ten (10) bridj5;y the l''raaor, 
Tl ^nipaon and Norih Thompson Hlvers i ii 
that section of the Canadalan Northern Pa- 
cific Itallway between Port Mann and the 
Yellowhead I'mmk I'rovlncij of British Cul- 

Tenders un i.. iiu lude any or all POi I I'li.^ 
of the constructiiin or the delivery of motal- 
work only. 

Detailed drawings, specifications, and 
forms of contract may be obtained on or 
after June 6th, 1912, at the office ot the 
Consulting Knglneers, Waddell & Harrlng- 
ion, Wincii Buiid!iig,V'ttUCuuvui', B.'C, lipuii 
the payment therefor of fifty (50) dojiars. 
This an^tliiMt'W>l>i be refunded to tMlMAtilto 
bid ori i)ii$i^:<m». unon the return ttf.^-Wd- 
.. ---- In ippod condition, ] ^ 

^It; to be completed before, June 

iseX' of 


tn aea*«d oik 
for BrMfo Ciuk 

rand«i» t» 
tha otia*Mlsi 
cosTar, • B." C.; ttot , 
iltlh, till; and to be 


vidopB marked 
atmetian/* , .. 

Vita lowapt or «tM^^ tenilar iwt «a < aw**»y 

M«eptad. ' " ■■'', ' ^.' -..,." 

82, U SIH 

"Oii 7o>f 

74% 78 

63% ■ 63 . 

81 H 






6«H 66% 66% 

61«, 60% 50% 

43% 42% <2% 

44^ 48% 43% 

18:50 18.26 IS. 37 

18.55 18.30 18.42 

10. S2 10.65 10.60 

10.82 l(i.72 10.80 

40. ;o 

10. ss 

10.12 10.20 
10.25 10.32 




Straw, per bale 

Timothy Hay, per toil .. 

Alfalfa Hay. per ton 

Corn, per 100 lbs 

Cracked Corn, per 100 lbs... 
Feed Cornmeal, per 100 lbs. 
Bran, per 100 lbs. ..•.*•••. . 

Shorts, per 100 lbs 

Oat.«, per 100 lbs 

Crushed Oats, per 100 lbs., 



,_. 6 

Feed "Wheat, per 100 lbs.. 1.75 2.00 9 2.26 

-■ ■■ 1.76 



Barley, per 100 lbs. 

Crushed Barley, per 100 lbs. . 

CJhop Feed, per 100 lbs 

Eggs — 
Fresh Island Eggs, per doi. . 


Canadian, per lb 

California Cheese, per lb .:. 
Cream, local, each 

Butter — 

Alberta, per lb 

Best Dairy, per lb 

Victoria Creamery, per lb .. 
Cowichan Creamery, per lb.. 
Coniox Creamery, per ib. ... 
Salt Spring isi. creamery, in. 

B. C. Butter 

New Zealand Butter ...... 


Beef, per Ib 

Mutton, per lb 

Mutton, Australian, per Ib. 

Veal, dressed, per lb 

Chickens .................. 

Fowl ....... 


lloyal Household, bag ..... 

Lake ot Woods, bag 

Itoyal Standard, hag 

"Wild lloae, per sack 

Kobin Hood, per sack ...... 

Calgary, per bag 

Moffat's Best, per bag 

Drifted Snow, per sack .... 

Three Star, per sack 

Snowflake, per bag 










.OT .23 

.OS 9 ,20 
.08 O .18 

.12% (3> .26 

.20 O .35 


2 Oft 


California .Straw ber.'.es, box. 

(Jrangcs, per dozen 

Tangerine do., per dox 

Crape Fruit, each 

Lemons, per dozen 

Uananas, per dozen 

A^jples, per box 

Pineapples, each 

Cherries, California, per lb.. 
Oooseberrles, local, per lb. . 
Sirawbcrrlcs, box 




Fresh Green Peas, per Ib. ... 

iSeiv Potatoes. 4 lbs. , 

ycal Tomatoes, lb. 66 

Florida do., per Ib 

I'arsley, bunch 

Cu'uin i>er», oai-h 

Potatoes, per sack 

Ashcroft Potatoes, per sack.. 

Cabbage, now, per lb 

liarllc, per Ib 

Oregon Onions, 6 lbs 

Australian Onions, 4 Iba .... 
Lettuce, hot house, per hd .. 

Beets, per Ib 

Carrots, per lb 

New Ce.rrnts, 2 bundles . 

Local Cauliflowers, each ... 

Local Khubarb. 6 lbs 

Celery, per stalk, 2 for 

Green Onions. 8 bunches .... 

Curly Kale, per Ib 

Artichokes,- 2 for 

Spinach, par lb 

Australian Onions, 4 lbs. ... 
Spring (Anions. 3 hunches .... 

Uadlshes. 3 bunchfs 

New While Turnips. 3 bunches 

Khubarb. D lbs 

Asparagus, local, lb 

36 .60 
16 .20 
3.50® 4.110 
.3u<ii> .10 










36 "• 


.too. 36 

Notice la hereby given that applica- 
tion "n-iU be made at the next sitting: 
of the Board of Licensing Commls.slon- 
era, after the expiration of 30 days 
from the date hereof, for a transfer of 
the license to sell spirituous and fer- 
mented liquors on the premises known 
as the "Weslholme Hotel, Government 
street. Victoria, B. C, from us, the 
undersigned Sol Cameron and Parker, 
Clarke to Hugh E. Springer. 

Dated at "Victoria. B. C, this 10th day 
of May, 1912. 



Competition for New l.'nlverslty BuUdtngii 
to Be Kreeted »l Point Ore*, near Van- 
cou>er, British Columbia, 

The government of Brf.lah Columbia in- 
vite competitive plans for the general 
scheme and design for the proposed new 
unlvcri;ty, together with more detaJled 
plans lor the buildings to bu erected hrsi 
at un estimated cost of $I,60U,opO. 

PrUes ot »lu,O00 wlU be glvun for the 
Biost successtul designs submitted^. 

Particulars uf the competition and plan 
of site may bu obtained un reiiuast from the 

The designs to be sent In by July 31st, 
1812, ii,ddressed to 

Parliament Uulldinga, 
Victoria. British Columbia. 


Sale by Tender of Steamer 

Sealed trndt'is addrpfsed to the under- 
signed and accompanied by a certified 
chftjue for $500. uli; be received up to 
noon on Wednesday the third day of .luly, 
1!)12. tor the purchase of the <'anadlan Gov- 
ernment steamer "Kestrel," lately employed 
In Fishery Protection duties on the British 
Columbia Coast and now lying at H. M. C. 
Dockyard. Esquimau, B. C. 

Forms of tender, conditions of sale, full 
particulars of the steamer and ;)ermlsslonu 
1.0 inspect hsr may be obtained on appli- 
cation from thi- officer In charge, II. M. C. 
Dockyard, Escjulm.-iM. B. C. 

Unauthori/.t'd publication of this adver- 
tisement will not be paid for. 


Deputy Minister. 
Department of the Naval Service, Ottawa, 
Ma«' 8rd, 101?. 


Notice ix hereby given that the reserve 
existing over Lot 9,>I47, Groun 1. Koolenay 
District, by reason of the notice published In 
the British I'ohiinbia, (Jazetie of the 27lh of 
December, If'07, Is canc»l!ed. 


Deputy Minister of Ijjnds. 
Lands DepartJhent, Victoria, U. C, 18th 
Mav. 1913. 


a vies 

& S 



Tenders wHl be received for that piece of 
land on Store Street known as No 1416 now 
occupied by the W. C. T. U. Mission, com- 
prising property measuring 72 feet frontage 
on Btore Sli«*t with CO fcot depth, ulth a 
two storey brick building and basemenl. 
Tenders must be In by June lOth. Hlghe.>!t 
or any tender not necessarily accepted. Ad- 
dress Tenders Mrs. Wni. Grant, Point Elllce 


>?otlce Is hereby given that James A. 
Van Tassel, the holder of a license to 
«ell Intoxicating liquor upon the ;>rein- 
ises known as the Colonist hotel, sit- 
uate on the corner of Douglas and Slm- 
;oe streets In the City of Victoria, in- 
tends to apply to the board of License 
Commissioners for the said city at llie 
sittings of said board to be held" on 
the 12th day of June, 1912, for a trans- 
fer of said license to John Unsworth. 

Dated this 6th day of May, 1913. 


.*-. 1 I ~ .1.1.. »•.] ~,~fM y.~* 




KaTlgable W«4er Protectlofi Act 

Notice Is hereby given that the Victoria 
Phoenix Brewery Company, Limited, of 
Victoria, British Columbia, is applying to 
His Excellency, the Oovernor-Oeneral of 
Canada In Council for approval of the area^ 
plans, site and description of the works 
proposed to be constructed In West BaMl 
Slctorla Harbor, Victoria, British ColumblsW 
being land situate, lying and being In the ' 
city of Victoria aforesaid, and known and 
numbered and described aa lots One, Two, 
Three and Four, Block "r' of a subdivision 
of Blocks Six and Eight, Vlewfleld, Esqui- 
mau district, Heglstered Plan No. 292, and 
has detioslted the area and site plans ot the 
proposed works and descriptions thereof 
with the Minister of Public Wortta al Ot- 
tawa, and a duplicate thereof with the 
Keglsirar General of Titles at the I<and 
Zlnglsliy ufflce «l the City of Victoria, Brit- 
ish Columbia, and that tho matter w 111 be 
proceeded with at the explratl.)n of ^ne 
month from the time of the first publication 
tf this notice In the Canada Qaseite. 

Dated this 2nd day of May, 1(12. 

CO., LTD. . A I 

By Its solicitors, Robert^n * Boieterman. * 
614 Fort street, Victoria. B. C. 

uqi:oR ACT, 1010. 

NOTICE Is hereby given that, on the 
i6th day of June, next, application will he 
made to the Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for the grant of a licence for the 
sale of liquor by retail In and ui,.>n tha 
premises known as Sooke Harbor hotel, 
situate at Milne's Tyandlng, Sooke, B. C. 
upon the lands described as Section 78. 
Dated this 16th day of May, 1912. 




In the matter of an application for a 
fresh Certificate of Title to portions nf 
Blocks 3, 8, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, IS, 18, 19, 20, 
21 22 2« 27, 28, 29, 30, 81, 32, 88, 84, 35, 
8«,' 37, 89, 40, 41, 42, and 48. Map 319, 
Townaite of Queenstown, said lots as men- 
tioned In Absolute Fee* Book Vol. 26, Fol. 
67, No. 1«88« C. 

Notice I* hereby given of my ;nt»ntion at 
th« expiration of one cal.-ndar month from 
the first publlcaMon h'-reof to i"sue • fresh 
Certlllcate of Title in lieu of tli.' Critincste 
of Title lasued to Rrnest A. Hall and William 
P. Beet on the 16111 day of January, \9ti>, 
and numbered 1«8C C, which ba> been 
lo»t or dealroyed. 

Dated at Land Registry Office, Victoria, 
B.C., thia 17IIY day of May, 1912. 

Heglsirar Oeneral of TItlea 


Duly instructed to sell by 


at o'.ir ifftion mart 

Just below Government Street, a quan- 

' - ity of 

Household Effects, Etc. 
Thursday, 2 p. m. 

Conel/i^nment received to morning, of 

sale. Particulars later. 

H. "W. DAVIBS, M, A. A., Auctionear. 

'rtaona '/4il-V4u; Keaidence IBS'i 

Absolute Clearance 

of Consignment of 

Oriental Rugs 

Me.s.>:rs. Stewart W'illianis 
& Co.. duly iiLStnictcd I)y the 
con.signccs will di.spose of by- 
Public Auction, in one of the Em- 
press Hotel .sample rooms. 


at 2.30 

the remainder of a large consign- 
ment of Oriental rugs, including 
Kasaks, Shirvans, Kilims, Su- 
macs, Bokharas. Feraghans, Cas- 
sabans, Anatolians, Hcrgaiios, 

(~)n view inorning of sale. 

The Auctioneer 



Special Sale of Chickens 

in.ttructcil tvo will Roll at our atock- 
ynf^ls. "2fi View Street, 

TODAY, 2 p. m. 


Riicli aa Rhode"* I si and Uc(l.s, Buff Leg- 
horns and Wlilto Orpingtons, etc. 



LIST, McGregor 

& CO. 


W^kly Auction Sale of Live- 

City Market, P'isguard St. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2 p. m. 

Present entries: 7 horses, 2 

COWS and calves. Irish setter pup, 

poultry of various kinds, wagons, 

buggies, impleincnts, etc. 

J. H. LIST, Auctioneer. 

500 Acres on Salt 
Spring Island 


This property would make a grand estate or 
would subdivide into small tracts. For full informa- 
tion as to price, terms and locations, see 

Western Dominion Land and Invest- 
ment Co., Ltd. 

WitMifsiiiEb, is incorporate 

Bevan, Qm * Eliot, Ltd. 

Corner Fort and Broad Sts. Phone 24702471. 

Under Vi 


r- Ltd, 

Wa fur- 
nish fund* 
tor Incorporation 
and UndiTivrlte 

Shnre» in first clasi 
Companies. 312 Saynard 
Bldg. Ptione 1030. OfClces: 
Vancouver and London. EnK- 

N Sb CO. 



■ ^'y.rC' '.^r.. 

103-106 Pemberton Building, cor. Fort and Broad Streets. 


Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Cotton, Real Estate, Timber, Insurance. 

Private Wires to Chicago, New York, Boston and Montreal. 


Having been appointed t,oan Agents for British Columbia of th« 
Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada, we are prepared to' handle loans of 
$500 and upwards. No unnecessary delay. Charfjes moderate. 


F. J. Hart & Co., Ltd. 

101a Broad at. 

XHtabUshad 1891. 

Stewart Williams & Co. 

Duly ln.structod by Hoy Good. . e, ', 
will .soli, by Public Auction, .it hl.<i lale 
resilience, 1621 Quadra street, corner of 
Cormorant street, on 

Thursday, May 30 th 

at 2 o'clock, a quantity of 

Household Furniture 
and Effects 


iJl.M.N'i! ROOM — .Solid Oak Extfn.sloii 
Tal)lo, Oak Dining Konm Chairs, vt-ry 
iiandsome Carved Oak Sideboard, Oak 
Writing Desk, .Screen, I'^ire Screen, 
Kockors, Mantel Cover, CliUd's Black 
Board, Vacuum Carpet Cleaner, Coal 
Scuttle, Pictures, Ornaments, Brussels 
Carpet, etc. 

PHAWINO ROOM — Handsome flve- 
picio Maliogany Drawlnjf Room Suite, 
up. in brocade; Mahogany Centre Tahle. 
Oak Oc. Table, .lardlnlero and Stand, 
ICa.<;el, Portiers, Window Cushton.s. 
Small Piano, Pianola and Records, Pic- 
tures, Window Shades, etc. 

Table, 6 Chalra, Sideboard, Pictures, 
I..lnoIcum, etc. 

KITCHEN— 'NuKRet" Rftnge, But- 
cher's Block, Kltcheji Tables and Ctialrs, 
ir.-atprs. Flower Pots, Gas Plato r,nd 
good Linoleum. 

BICDROOMS— Hnndpome Oak Bed- 
room .Suite, Brass and Iron Bedsteads, 
Bureau and Washstands, Toilet Ware, 
Mattresses, Fire Screens, CaiBjets, 
Rugs, Pictures, Ornaments, etc. 

HALIj — Hail Stand, Sporting Gun, 
Jardinieres. Child's Cli.Tlr, etc. 
Tha Anotlon««r Btawart WUlUwia 

A Chance for a 

Country Home 

Mes.'^r.';. Stewart ^^'i]lialns ft. 
Co., duly in.'^triicted, wil! .sell by- 
Public Auction at the Conserva- 
tive Room.«, 1208 Government 
street, on 

June 10th 

at 10:30 a. m. 
Forty-two one-third acre lots in 
the thriving and rising townsite 


Al.^o a little acreage suitable for 
small fruit farming. ' 

The property is .situated in 
All)erni District and known a» 
Snmas Park inside the limits ap- 
plied for by the citizen.^ of 
Alberni for incorporation. 

For further particulars apply to 

The Auctioneer 

LA. Harris & Go 

Phone 363}. 

1239 Souffla* St. 


an 1CIX.EB otrr 

92,000 PER ACRE 
Easy terms. 
Situated on CArey road, well sit- 
uated for subdivtslo.i, good aspect. 

Fairfield, near car. new 5-rooni 
bungalow, lot 30x1.32. Terra;-;, 
one-quarter cash, balance 6, 
12 and t8 months ?3,750 




I.,nst T,akr RoimI — West of Ml. DnuR- 
la,i Park, 25 nrrpf". flfpcn acres 
iiiidor ciiltlvatton as a truck (rnr- 
(liM), lialftiire a slnpinR wooded htli- 
plde. T^rlcn Si 000 nor arrn. 

Cedar Hill t'rmm Road — Two and »lx- 
tenlh* arrvif nenr l<o«t Ijake road. 
A pldUKhed flclrt of lh(> finest tilsck 
loam In tho world. You can grow 
nnythlnjf on thin from a dandelion 
to a peach. Price »<o>/. 

IWt. Onuirlait Park: — 100 acros adjoln- 
InK ;)ark, on camt. aide and l.ont L.ako 
road on the west. This can lio 
purcha!?pd at a lower flRUro than 
any acreage offering in this neigh- 
borhood. Tho soil li ot tho best 
anH 111* KJtuntlon I" a VPry flno 
one. The prop .-ty would mako 
an attractive subdivision with larire 
profits certain. 

Near Ko^al Oak — SO acres. JO under 
cultivation, balance easily cleared; 
rallwHys and roada on cither aldo 
and a few minutes from station. 
Price 1170 per acre. 
Trice, per acre f470 

Mptrhoain, Ifapp.T Valley Road — Near 
post office, 10 acres of spVendld land. 
Ettc Is suitable for a general store. 
Price on terms ^IMMMI 

160 Af.rem faclnic on weatarn aide of 
Pedder Bay, 260 pcres (rontlngr on 
sea at Beecher Bay, and other dls- 
trl4?l and Island iaiida at ehuica 

Dallaa lUiad — 615x1 SO, corner of South 
Turner and 100x120, comer of tint- 
zles. These ara the best bura on 
Dallas road. 

L. H. Ellis 

Room 9^ Moody Btodt . 

JPhOM f 4«. ».«. Bw lli, \i 
Uemb*r RmUJ JDitate 



and vou'll soon have 
hundreds. This is the 
modern idea of saving 

Taking care of your 
dollars means a Savings 
Accotmt with us — the 
dollars deposited weekly 
and 4 per cent interest 
added quarterly. 

We're ready to help 
you — are you ready to 
help yourself? 

a vjavings 

Account with us has all 
the advantages also of a 
checking account. You 
may draw freely against 
your balance by check.. 




Tu«ad«y, May at, 1012 


Naturally You Want the Best Possible Values, and This Is the Store 

Victoria's Best Showing of 

Tailor-Made Clothes 

for Young Men 


IN sizes from 32 to 37 and cut in the latest and 
most fasihionable styles^styles that will ap- 
peal to young men who demand quality. 
They are well tailored, just the style that 
you'd expect a custom tailor to make for you, 
hut we don't soak you with the tailor's price, and 
that's something for you to consider. 

They are three-piece suits, made of 
weight fancy tweeds, in- colors brown, greys a.nd 
brown mixtures. They have a long and grace- 
fully shaped lapel, slash po'ckcts,.vSiy«?,;y^at^ 
the cq&t^ are two-button sacquei« ' ' . ,; 

--?'^,%0* these suits is to bt ooiivtitce4 !l;IM^t 
>ilfiiMl<#t'$ai$ ^eMi> foita ar« al^argatn. A dose 
iQiqwe^km or^^ilfctt'^'flMiterkls amd workman^p 
will ca«»? you to be In a hwrryto sort out your 

si«#: .- 

lUfiMsmhef that the pru» isn't $a5-rit'« cut 
dowa to $18. ' 




Fj^bitPS Your Boy Wa nts 
a Ghailge 



A BIGGER assortment than ever before is 
here for you to choose from, and, what 
is of more interest to the careful parent, 
the garments are the pick of t'he world's best. 

We have realized the importance of building 
up the Boys' Department and making it as strong 
as possible. The little fellows arc growing, and 
we want them to remember, when they grow up, 
where they got clothing t?hat pleased them, and 
we are anxious to get them into the habit of com- 
ing to the Spencer store. 

"That's why we have been so careful in mak- 
ing our choice, and prefer to work on a smaller 
profit, supplying nothing that will not stand the 
hardest test and some out smiling. 

Ilerr's some very snecials for Wednesday: 

Two-Pi«co Snlt«, double-breasted style, made of fine light 
weight twe&ds and fancy worsteds. Many new shades 
and patterns are here, end the sizes range from 23 to 
34. Special valuer at $4.75 and ^3.75 

Alpaca CoatB for Boy«. Those are In >irreys and blacks. 
al:so Ki'vvs with fine black .stripes. They are ideal jjar- 
ments for school or university boys, being strong and 
very dressy. Sizes from 28 to 84. Our spocial for 
$2.bu and ..... ..^3.75 

Snap Brim Straw Hata. Only three dozen hats In this lot. 
Tlioy are made of split straw and come in sizes from 
6 3-8 to 6 7-8. They were fine values at 75c. but on 
Wednesday we sell them for 50<^ 

Boys' Wash Sult«. These ar; in crashes and prints and 
repre.sent a really wonderful value. They come in a 

V&rl^ty Ox ulifol'viit OOlOi'tf In the 3uat»i' aiju I\u»£iiijb 

Styles, trimmed with dashes and bands of materials of 
contrasting colors. The sizes are for boys from 2% 
years to 8 years old. Regular value Jl a Bult, but 

Wednesday's price Is only .....75^ 

250 Pairs of Boys' Plain Knlcker«, In tweeds and aergos 
Ko OK .s;iU>>, SVeUnesday. They are made of strong 
tweeds and serges and are to be had in many different 
shades and patterns. Sizes from 24 to 34, and all one 
price ••••••«««•« #.**-* •-..•...... .••...75c^ 

What the Carpet Depart- 
ment Has To Offer You 
on Wednesday 

ALWAYS something fresh and new to 
show you in this department, and you 
are always sure of getting a full value 
for your money. The fact is that you'll find our 
values much better than the average at all times, 
but here's some very specials that almost com- 
pel attention : 

Japanese Jute Mats, especially useful in the bedroom or 
bathroom. The dsslgixa are pleading »p«>ciai«uti of Ori- 
ental art, are strongly woven and are to be had in 
ground shades of fawns, greens, blues and reds. Size 
27 X 54 inches. Price only ...^l.OO 

Enffllsh Tapestry Carpet Bqaajres. These are a new lot 
and are an exceptionally strong weave. Our carpet 
manager says that they are the best he ever handlesd. 
To be had in floral or conventional designs. Have In- 
terwoven borders and have a very h>i.rd finished sur- 
face. Size 2 1-4x3 yards. Price only ^5.00 

Semsants of Drapery asaterlals. These Inol'ide cre- 
tonnes. Madra.s muslln.s, coin spot muslins, scrims and 
casoment olotha. There are many patterns to choose 
from, and they are all marked at HALF PRICE. 

What About Toilet Sets? 


ABOUT 50 sets are here, and we expect 
them to be scattered all Over the town 
by noon on Wednesday. If quality and 
low price is an inducement, this will be the case 
without fail, so shop early or j-ou'll be disap- 

They are made by "Messrs. Grimwade & Co., 
at Stoke-on-Trent, England, and are just as good 
as you'd expect them to be if you were paying 
$3 a set, perhaps even better than that. 

Some very attractive floral designs are here 
to choose from, in colors blues, greens and pink. 
The sets consist of I bowl, i ewer, i chamber and 
cover, I soap slab and i mug. Don't you think 
they are a wonderful bargain? 


That Can Meet All Your Requirements 

BCMISB we^fFve lbr«o maiiyyeatv represented -tiiis cil^Vl^^g[)lftii fl|tftO<i3i^^ d W(>men's wearing a{K 
l^rel, is tio reason yfhy we sltotikl oOw stand still and Ibe sa^i^ed wl^ our achievements. 

ThatWcrtiid never do. In fact, w^ consider t<hat tliis is |i«tctSely iii^ ireason w4iy we slipauild per- 

slsi hi Bulug. ala g july 

We «f e 

tp tie 

1^ lift onr ttandifid of quality higtier than ever, wad at the saime time keeping oar prices 
jQl^y^ 4rs«en in th^ Mantle Pi^MiH^nli^ tliat ia coovincittg* especial^ 

d wo 

llff^iave searcfti^ri^ 


'•"Asa relruff you'll finFft^'Besf products of t&e riiWiiufacttii^ei^ ^f'B^o cotitMe^ to cfioose fironi. 

yitt invite you to look them over with searctona^ritical eyes and satisfy yourself. • ,,..:.„: 

"We feel that words are inadequate to^J^|in|be them creditably, and we prefer that you fort^lJp 
own opinion, rather than accept just what we nave to say. '^^^ . . • "^i--- 

Whip cords, fine serges, English tweeds, handsome worsteds and slnsPiw the main materials, and yoijiMl 
find a pleasing range of colors to choose from. Blacks, blues, light fawns and greys, white and cream are 
here, some plain and others with hair line stripes. 

The styles are the latest and most approved, and there are all sizes to be had. Our prices start at 
$25.00 and range up to $65.00. 

And Many a Woman Who Has Been in the Habit of Wearing Simple Waists is Going to Indulge When 

She Sees These. 

Handsome New Styles for Summer 


IOOK at tfhe View Street windows and you'll see a fine assortment, really the finest assortm< 
smart styles that you ever saw marked at such low prices, and if we attempted to tell you just 
what we think of them you'd be tempted to think us extravagant in our praise. 
Our prices start as low at 75c and range up to $3.75. Of course we have more expensive lines ii you 
desire them, but we haven't included them in this showing. 

"Why, they are far better styles than I expected' to see at these prices," said one of our customers, after y^ 
she had looked over the garments in the department. 

We have certainly spared no pains to make them reach this high standard, and the rapid sale that has 
been the result is very gratifying and a proof positive that they are filling a decided want. Make your 
choice today. There are both plain and fancy styles here to cho 



Are You Looking for Bargains in Suit Cases and Steamer 


IF you are, you'll do well to examine our extensive stock, and althougih we are publishing a long list of details and prices, it's 
hard to do justice to the goods in a word picture. They are all quality goods that you can depend upon to stand the hard- 
est pos'sible wear, and come out smiling. Perhaps the low prices by themselves wouldn't convince you of tliis fact, but that's 
just wfliere you profit by trading with a store that has an enormous buying power. 

Taa ;L*»t)i«r«tta >alt Oass, 24 inches lon/7, fitted 
with strons" ^W^' clasps, lock and key. Tho 
oomera aro reinforced with heavy leather, and 
the inside is well lin«d. Fine value at ^1.50 

Tan Asatliarwtta Suit Oaa*, with metal corners. 
This is well lln«d and fitted with two ahlrt 
straps Inside. Tan color and f'.ttod with hra»s 
sid« clasps, lock and key. Priced at..|(1.6n 

JapMMM XKattlnf Suit Ctaw* with extra strong 
leather comers and leathe ■ handlo. This suit 
ca*e la well lined and fitted with sid« clasps 
and lock. A good cult case for women. 
Price . .K ♦ • • f a.50 

Walrus IiSattasMtte Salt Cases In colors black 
and tan. Those are well made and are fitted 
with two strong leather outside straps. Price, 
each 92.50 

■ult Oass, same as the above but fitted with two 
heavy leather outside straps. Price, each 92. T5 

Japanese Matting- Bolt Case, 24 inches long, and 
admirably suited for women's use. The Inside 
is lined with grey watered moire, has pockets 
and three leather straps for garments. Has 
strong leather comers, two side clasps, locli, 
and the edges ar« fibre bound.,. Price, 
each ". 93.6O 

Tan Iieathsrette ■nit Cases, sires 24 to 26 Inches, 
aomo with and othe-rs without straps on the out- 
side. These are all well made and finished with 
Bhirt straps and flap, heavy leather corners and 
goo<'. locks. Prices start at $6.50 and range up 
to flB.OO 

Xand Bag-n. Many dlffej^nt styles to choose 
from here. Prices start at $1.75 each and range 
up to 9^CK*<^ 

Tmaks aoa BtsamMr Troaks in a variety of slaes 

and styles are hero. Come and pMSk yottrs out. 
Prices from $6.60 to ^SO.QO 

David Spencer, Limited. 

Where Quality and EcoiMffltty 
Are Combined for Voiir Beiidit 



Balbriggan and Lisle 

Underwear for 



YOU can easily satisfy yourself on these 
points, examine the goods and you'll 
agree with us. We have searched the 
markets thoroughly and have come to the con- 
clusion that there isn't a line to be had tha-t is so 
well suited for the' climate of Victoria. 

White Balbriggan Vests. These are an extra tine quality, 
are fuU fashioned, have high necks and may be had with 
ffiniiset <^ -aiMi^vas. AU sizes at» to be liad. At. p«r ^ar- 

■ VMMk^ •> • •'« li^Kf*^ < • • ..»••• • • * ' '^l^^'* ' ■ * ■ *»Wv 

■IKfV^' WOb^tlUfm- ▼«i^ «4tb lov nectajr,"' cftoft or no 
"' «l(l«v«ii «Ba fi»U ftiiUokiet. These are a splendid gar- 
ment for the xuo/fk»y, in ^t th«y are r«ally fWf^A 
much higher psten. P«r <sarroBni ,...>.. «....»«<:^|K^ 
StM BalDrlgjraa ^«i^ TheM casoKmiUi toenk tui^ «|»^ 
cb«t tops. Hav« leir ta^aof ana tmy tta im& wfti» glMHt' 
or BO •\wttm, axA are a remarkable valu» At 9«^ 4Wr- 

ment '. SStjt 

Baibrlffiroa prawen, tight ct the knee and tlnlebed with a 
doiiiUe baiijP at ih* wmiet. Per gannent ..^....60^ 

tiaUtK^ tirttti <witrfc yjde iro ^tarape. P*y^y» * **j*^ 

,|«rbv, IHCM ave triniuM with laoe. Am emm wtm'W 
' -fSttt bMy And are a epeololly good value at .....<.* •MNI;, 
MttMMv^ fto m^ >» 9 g Mm m. These ar« to hm)i,nA with sho^ 

Ilii'iiill^illilitMM^^ or tlirlit «.! the febee. They have 

low iU>dkiti;ml¥i^^n*int\T ttilia\ML~W\r\\ Ifrmu:^ Sizes 36 
to 40. 'Vjlllil^illNJPMlBt .•••»•■••«•. •••••f.iit^i'**. . • .60^ 

An Important Notice To 


NIN^ETY-EIGHT per cent of all flies in our 
'homes are the ordinary house-flies, re- 
cently called "TYPHOID FLIES." 

Dirty homes, dirty people, dirty surroundings, 
and tvphoui flies are alwavs seen together. 

Manure, garbage and filth breed flies and 
death at the same time. Flies eat tubercular 
sputum, and excrete the germs of tuberculosis or 
consumption. Flies produce _ dysentery, diar- 
rhoea, typhoid fever, consumption and other fatal 

Flies are born in indescribable filth, live in 
filth, eat filth, and carry filth. 


The above notice was issued by our City 
Health Department, and although it, at first 
sight, seems rather sensational, it is a positive 
fact and one t'hat is easily proven. 

The one best way to cure the fly evil is to keep 
them out of the home entirely. To poison the 
flies that enter wur home is only half a remedy, 
and even that entails danger lor you. Here youTl 
find the best possible values in screetj doors and 
window screens marked at inviting prices. 

All Door Screens are made of carefully fielected dry 

pine, and are put together with long hardwood dowels. 

The wire cloth is the best possible quality, well japanned 

and securely fastened. The sizes of the doors are 2ft. 

81n. X 6ft. 8in.. 2ft. Sin. x lOln., 3ft. x 7ft. The size of the 

door rhakes no difforcnco to tho price, all ere alike. 

Our Leader, Ho. 1 baa a fine quarter cut oak finish and 
may be had In all sizes at each 95<> 

Our Special, Wo. a, made of good pine, is an attractive style 
and finished aurfaco oak. Price for any siee. . . .^1.35 

Our Xieader, No. 3 made of clear plno finished surface oak, 
is filled and varnished. You coji't get a better value 
for ^1.75 

Our Special Ho. 4. These aro a specially well built and 
iiaiidiiijriic door, ard oaiv gr^.n^i and varn,3-..ccl ana Tin- 
Ished with extra good wire netting. Any size at, 
each ^2.26 

Our Iioader, Ho. 5. These are by far the best door that 
we carry. Of the price is a little higher, but tho 
value is more than worth the difftrcnce. They come In 
all sizes, are a hatKlsome style and aro wall grained 
and varnishtxl. Price each ^^'^^ 


There is such a wido range of sizes that you are sure 
of pettlnK a screen that will fill the bill for you, and the 
outlay is so small you'd sooner buy dozens of sci^ens 
than be bothered with flics for a single week. All are 
made of well seasoned hardwood, slide easily and are fur- 
r.lvshed with tho best of v.'lrs netting. 
Length when Closed Extended HelgTit 

18 inches 
20 Inches 
2* Inches 
15 inohes 
18 lnch;3« 
20 Inchos 
24 Inohoa 
IS Inohes 
20 inchefl 
22 inches 
24 inchea 
26 Inches 
S4 Inobea 

28yi Inches 
32V6 Inches 
40^ Inches 
22^ Inches 
2SVi Inches 
82 H Inohea 
40 H Inchea 
2S^ Inohds 
82 ^ Inohea 
36 id inches 
40^ inchea 
44% Inches 
60 inches 

14 lnch«s 
14 Inchea 
14 inches 
14 InohOB 
14 inohea 
14 Inobea 
14 iDotaea 
It ia^ea 
18 inohm 
18 tiMim 
18 indiiM 
II Inohea 
14 inofiM 





Cloth- Bound Volut|ie$ by 

Popular Authors^ 

Spencers Special at 2$0 

Mr Mmn J. M Mmm I tose Mather. UatgV^ HftUft H^JA- 
niohd, 'Marian OrirV Qovmln MaoasT^'T i a ip — I muTWmi^' 
shtae, The BSntlisfa Otpbana^ ..> . J 

sy aertte A caaar-The atorjT of a wmaj^tftumh Wt$ 
Tbotnt, The mwilUnv BrMfl, A t*img m^it {M'tk ^| 
ftvain'k Darting, SHMlidl Ifjr lunm*'^ 4N»lip 

»t JLUumt^Mt '|hil|)w ;' niB Aon of VMNit^' Ittfl 
mUle. Only a Wirt'* t<*»^ Umi* ChtUUi 4||M|; 

97: ana. a. 'lit, a iiW i ii ii i i i ii r i v Hotoi* hiom^mi^^^ 

arave, HaUttMd; ^^WttMieA^. Bimmr^ BiteM^ 

': :ZOT Rer UtrnmOMUt, Btit ttiUM«.'^irHit.iipf'^ 
Tf«»hr. The- Cli«NM- 'BriM^ HMMtlAa «ia|l%.< "" 
■ Clifton. /■■ .:-.'^':i.''- , ' i" . •' 

•ay CiMMrtaa -tU M rnes ''A '' 'tliur n-^A^ -iM*. M0mtml 
F#.'aEer, Qnlif. '.-KDlltM*! l^iltimMk.